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Best Truck Tonneau Cover (Top Reviews & Buying Guide) 2022


When you want a hard or soft cover for your pickup truck, there is no better choice than a folding tonneau cover because it is the number one choice of most truck owners everywhere.

Choosing the best truck tonneau cover for your needs is an investment you should consider. The tonneau covers are elaborated to fit just about any make and model of pickup trucks. This will keep your pickup truck’s bed secure.

The main idea behind truck bed covers is that it secures your stuff with a locking mechanism. Some even come with additional storage space for items like luggage, tools, groceries, or anything else you need to transport in the bed of your pickup truck.

A pre-assembled tonneau cover can be an excellent asset to your pickup truck. It will keep your cargo safe from thieves and harsh weather conditions. If you are on a budget, these tonneau cover brands are definitely the best choices for you.

Top 15 Best Tonneau Cover With Added Security

OptionsNamePrice and More Details
Tyger Auto T3 Trifold Truck Tonneau CoversClick Here
Maxmate Trifold Secure Tonneau CoverClick Here
Truxedo Truxport Soft Roll Up Tonneau CoversClick Here
Bak Industries Bakflip mx4 Hard Folding CoverClick Here
Tonno Pro Tri-Fold Tonneau Truck Bed CoverClick Here

1. MaxMate Trifold Soft Tonneau Covers

Easy installation flush mount soft coverThe MaxMate brand has a great variety of truck bed covers, here is a resume of their best overall by the types of trucks:

Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 2014-2019 Classic (5.8 feet)

It comes with a Free LED Light, US Patented clips, and a warranty of 10-years . Its design is customized, thus saving your gas from 10% to 13%. During installation, you don’t have to drill it since it comes with secure four thumbscrews.

The Tri-Fold Tonneau cover comes at a low price. I bought these tri-fold covers for my wife’s pickup truck. It was quite easy to buy. It arrived within a few days, and I had it installed in seconds. Instructions were easy to follow, and all went on well.

Dodge Ram 2009-2019 Classic (5.7 feet)

It’s a fashionable accessory for truck owners as well as drivers who regularly use the pickup truck for transporting loads or sensitive cargos. It’s created to fit Dodge 5.8 Feet truck. It’s advisable to measure your open truck bed before ordering. It comes with a warranty, very easy to install, looks great, and is watertight.

I purchased this Tonneau cover for my 2015 Dodge crew cab. It is very well-made, and the price was quite reasonable. It came with plastic caps on the tops of the sides of the full bed access, which gives it a perfect finish.

GMC Sierra/Chevy Silverado 2014-2019 Classic (6.5 feet)

It has an powder coated frame giving more strength than the rivals while still being lighter than other covers mentioned in this review. It’s one of the best-patented features elaborated in a unique way to fold upright against the cab if you need full access to the whole truck bed. It’s fast and straightforward to assemble since no drilling is required during installation.

The truck cover can be set up in minutes without any tools being used. It comes with a warranty, and it can’t relate this Tonneau cover to any other tonneau covers. It is great, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this product. It gave me more than I expected, and I am delighted.

GMC Sierra/Chevy Silverado 2007-2014 HD (6.5 feet)

It is a very affordable Tonneau cover that comes with a tailgate seal. It’s coated with aluminum to meet high standards. It’s easy to install, it is compatible with most Silverado’s, and does not rust or freeze at all.

It also holds up well during hot and dry weather, thus keeping the heat and humidity away. You can customize your cover to match your pickup truck. It fits well on my 2011 GMC Sierra extended 6ft standard bed and is easily opened.

GMC Sierra/Chevy Silverado 2007-2014 HD (5.8 feet)

This is a protective cover that is utilized onto the truck bed. It comes with US patent clamps hence making it easy to install, it’s affordable, and it’s an all-weather cover, thus its protects your luggage from moisture & dirt. It comes with a limited warranty and is dual coated.

It fits best in Sierra truck body. You can be able to customize your cover to match your pickup truck 5.8 Feet entire bed perfectly. I bought this cover last year for my pickup truck, and it served me well during a torrential rainstorm. I have taken it to car washers severally, and there are no leaks at all. These folding covers come at a pocket-friendly price.

2. Tonno Pro Tri-Fold Truck Bed Cover

Tonno Pro soft covers for your truck bed

Ford F-150 2009 – 2014 (5.7 feet)

The first choice when it comes to folding cover options. It’s made of polyester fabric which is capable of withstanding harsh climate, thus protecting the load i.e., it keeps moisture out. You don’t need to have tools, and no drilling is required when installing the product.

The cover is a tri-fold design that is easy to install in 5 minutes or less. It is the best folding truck bed cover I ever used. It keeps cargo dry, its fast to install, and its on a affordable price point. I have had other folding Tonneau covers, but this one I would recommend to everyone who owns a pickup truck.

3. Tyger Autos T3 Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Tyger t3 soft soft roll up tonneau covers

Dodge Ram 2500 2003-2021 (6.4 feet)

It has a heavy-duty powder coating that the cover from damage. i.e., it keeps water or snow from accumulating. The clamps are US patented, making installation very fast. It’s also created in such way that it saves gas from 10% to 13%. It comes completely assembled.

I ordered the Tonneau last year. It was delivered in time and in excellent condition. I used it during my vacation on our Dodge vehicle, and it performed well for the whole rainy camping trip. I have no complaints about the gas mileage, which was quite an issue before.

4. MaxMate Trifold Truck Bed Cover

Best tonneau covers for Ford F150

Ford-150 2009-2014 (5.5 feet)

It is a one Tonneau Cover that comes with one free LED Light. It works well without modification. It’s advisable to measure the length of your truck bed before getting one. It can fit most truck beds and it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Due to the high quality, it increases the value of your pickup truck. It’s made from lightweight hi-tech materials giving a good quality folding cover that shuts and opens in a secure way. I purchased a 2011 Ford F150 5.5 foot bed, and it fits very well.

This is the third Tonneau I have purchased, and I am happy with this purchase. It’s durable, and you can’t beat this price comparing to other dealers. I would definitely recommend this to anyone if you are looking for something worth your money.

5. Truxedo Truxport Soft Folding Tonneau Covers

Luxury dodge soft roll up cover

Dodge RAM 1500 2019-2021 (5.7 feet)

It has a twill fabric for a luxury look with a black coat. It is water and mildew resistant. Secondly, it does not get damaged by the sun’s UV rays. It gives better protection and enhanced security with the loop fasteners that allow quick and easy access to your truck bed.

Furthermore, it does not allow dirt or any other foreign matter to penetrate it. I bought the first one for my son’s 2019 Dodge vehicle and liked it so much that I have ended up getting one for my pickup truck. It’s so much less expensive compared to the others, not forgetting it’s made of high-quality materials.

6. Tyger Auto T1 Soft Folding Tonneau Covers

Fits most hinged tonneau bed liners

Ford F-150 2015-2019 (5.5 feet)

It is compatible with the 2015-2019 Ford F-150, its economical, easy-to-use and can be installed or removed in minutes. An amazing cover that comes wholly pre-assembled with a TYGER limited lifetime warranty.

The truck bed cover is designed to keep your cargo out of sight and out of the weather. It also gives your pickup truck a sportier appearance. Also, this is an excellent product, as well as one of the best purchases I have ever made for my trucks.

7. Bak Industries Bakflip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Covers

Ideal for toyota tundra truck owners

Toyota Tundra 2007- 2019 (5.7 feet)

This hard tonneau cover is meant to give you unobstructed access to the whole of your truck bed. Indeed, when stretched out, it does not impede the third brake light, as is the case with the other tonneau covers. Being large and spacious, it is able to cover the most considerable load fully and unobstructed.

And when you are done with it, simply fold to uncover. In all, this cover is strong, durable, and genuinely resilient to the common agents of deterioration. They’re durable, which means that they last longer than cheap alternatives, and they fit good on trucks, especially if they match the vehicle’s paint job!

The tri-fold hard cover has a locking tailgate that is manufactured to prevent the tailgate from being opened while driving. It uses a cable or chain connected from the handle of the gate to an anchor point such as the tie-rod, frame rail, or trailer hitch ball.

8. Truxedo Truxport Roll up Tonneau Cover

Protective hinge caps for your truck's bed

Chevy Sierra/Silverado 2014-2019 (6.7 Feet)

If you are looking for the best functional tonneau cover, this is the one we would recommend that you select. It is packed with tons of elegant features that are geared towards your own convenience. Moreover, it also deploys and retracts faster than many other tonneau covers.

Thanks to its distinctively awesome looks, this hard folding cover also serves to enhance your own aesthetics, looks, and beauty. These roll up tonneau covers have a softer top that stands guard against the elements of harsh weather.

9. Bak Industries MX4 Hard Truck Bed Cover

Best hard tonneau covers for Ford Super Duty

Ford Super Duty 2017-2019

If your area of operations is replete with extremely harsh weather conditions, you have to pick and use a cover that is extremely strong and durable. Of all the tonneau covers we have on our radar, it is this one that comes close to that very trait.

The aluminum panels are lightweight and are often made with a texture that makes them waterproof when it comes to weather protection. This makes it very easy to keep any items inside the truck bed safe from rain or snow.

Its switch panels feature the aircraft-grade aluminum slats covered construction. These ones confer the outstandingly tough makeup. In turn, it accords exceptional performance in rainy, snowy, dirty, and misty conditions.

10. Gator ETX Soft Trifold Truck Bed Cover

Smooth installation process for this trifold soft cover

Ford F150 2015-2019

Do you operate on a schedule that is too squeezed? If you do, then we ask that you place your bet on. It is indeed straightforward, easier to make do with, and deploys faster. In fact, you will not really have to make use of any tool to engage it.

Coming along this cover is some superior tailgate sealing. This soft top cover is one way to safeguard the interiors of your bed from the external elements of rain, dust, and snow. I was surprise with its simple installation process.

11. Bak Industries Revolver X2 Tonneau Covers

Baks industries hard rollup cover with stainless steel clamps

Toyota Tacoma 2016-2019

A good tonneau cover should go beyond merely shielding your cargo from external weather elements. This will indeed take you further than that. Thanks to its patented locking rails, this cover is indeed capable of securing the full length of the bed, keeping your cargo safe.

It does come along with an easy-to-use automatic slam latch which regulates the opening and closing. This one is so simple to make do with that it allows for an all-round or Omni-directional approach.

12. Tonno Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers

Good quality soft trifolding cover

Dodge RAM 2003-2018

Do you operate on a schedule that is slightly tight? The cover you pick has indeed been able to deploy and set up faster. Unlike the many other alternative covers, this one does not require any form of drilling and is hence quicker to deploy.

Moreover, its three constituent segments fold together to occupy limited space. Additionally, you will enjoy faster and interrupted deployment and use. Considering its cheaper nature, obtaining it is not so daunting a feat.

13. Tyger Auto T5 Alloy Hard Folding Tonneau Covers

Includes aluminum frames track system

Ford F150 2009-2015

Many covers are weaker and easily prone to all manner of damages. To shield your belongings from theft, you want one which is strong enough indeed. This is the one we would ask that you pick and utilize. It is appropriately manufactured to ward off unnecessary intrusion and access.

The powder-coated metal is durable and anti-theft. Coming along with it is the unique clamping system. These two work hand in hand to fasten your cargo in such a way as to minimize thefts.

14. Pace Edwards Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Quality retractable tonneau covers

This Pace Edwards Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is made of Aluminum, which is light and sturdy indeed. Given its simplistic nature, the cover does not require any drilling before installation and use. Moreover, it is compatible with many 5th wheel hitches and is hence easily manipulated.

It retracts after deployment and use. This is made possible by a set of continuous tension spring. Its full-width handle and pull straps, on the other hand, make for smooth and easy usability.

15. Bak Industries Vortrak Retractable Covers

Unique Vortrak Retractable bed rails

Never attempted to utilize the tonneau cover before? The one you use has definitely got to be simple and more comfortable to comprehend. We are pleased to inform you of this cover. It comprises the ½-inch thick Aluminum slats which glide effortlessly along the bed rails.

Some two added locking positions also exist for your added safety and well-being. Though simple, this cover is safer by reason of comprising simple release cables for your added peace of mind.

Best Tonneau Covers Buyers Guide

We now want to discuss those factors to consider when purchasing a tonneau cover. To start with, we shall look into the different kinds of tonneau covers. Then, we shall explore the factors that make a tonneau cover awesome. All these are geared towards building an awesome choice.

Different types of the tonneau cover

Then tonneau cover comes in diverse shades and forms. It is indispensable to know about these differences to be able to arrive at the best purchasing decision possible. The proceeding segment of the discussions endeavors to look into these different factors. It also examines how suitable each could be to you.

1. Vinyl soft trifold tonneau cover

Vinyl is a synthetic material that is extensively used to adorn many materials and items. The soft vinyl tonneau covers are one of those. Generally speaking, this material pretty much resembles a plastic as we know it. It is nonetheless stronger and longer-lasting. Overall these soft covers are more reliable.

2. Hard aluminum frames covers

As the name suggests, this truck bed cover is made of the hard aluminum material. This metal, which is strengthened to make it stronger than usual. With this construction, the cover is thus stronger and more resilient to harsh impacts and adverse weather elements.

3. Fiberglass tonneau cover

Fiberglass is a piece of plastic that is reinforced by the use of fiber. It is hence lighter yet tougher than many of the common materials which are in vogue. With this construction, therefore, the cover is stronger and longer-lasting. It is also unlikely to break apart and deteriorate when engaged repeatedly.

4. Rollup tonneau covers

The “rolled up covers” are truck bed covers that rolls back and forth. This arrangement is fantastic, indeed. It basically enables you easy installation and uninstall the cover pretty easily. As opposed to similar tonneau covers, it is operable manually. On account of this rolled up cover, it is simpler and more convenient to engage.

5. Retractable tonneau cover

Rounding up the list of the truck bed covers is the retractable cover. The retractable covers rolls up on its own, and it requires no effort to do so. You will find it a pretty impressive gadget to make use of if you lack the muscle power necessary to install and uninstall the cover from the back of a pickup truck.

Things to look for before choosing a cover

To be able to arrive at the best tonneau cover for the job, you have to take care of several factors. We have dedicated this second-last segment of our discussions to these very factors. In pursuance of this, we shall look into the things to look out for and the contribution they make in your choice.

  • Installation Process: You may have noted by now that different covers require different installation processes. It is hence, an excellent thing to consider the kind of installation approach that the cover of your liking has to contend with. As a general rule, you have to pick that one which you are comfortable with absolutely.
  • Security: As stated earlier, a good tonneau cover for truck ought to be able to secure your cargo as well. In light of this, the cover has to possess tons of security features. Among these are the latches, straps, and other mechanisms that hold your cargo firmly in place.
  • Weather resistance: Considering that these truck bed covers are heavily used in outdoor environments, it is absolutely essential that they be resistant to adverse weather conditions. This type of covers should resist the corrosion and other forms of damages that come along with external exposure.
  • Shipping: Obtaining the cover at your premises is yet another thing altogether. It is also worthy of considering the shipping of the cover you have in mind. It has to be more comfortable and convenient to bring over to where you reside.
  • Weight: Lastly, you have to consider the weight also. The best covers for your truck definitely has to be light enough to carry around and deploy for future use. You should hence see to it that the one you desire has the precise and evenly distributed weight possible. This might mean ascertaining just how heavy your muscles can accommodate.

The FAQ for Tonneau Covers

In this last segment of our buyer’s guide, we are going to look into the questions which are mostly asked with regards to these covers and their applications.

  • Q1. Do tonneau covers keep water out? A. YES, they do! They are on the whole structured to cover your cargo and shield it from external weather elements like rain, dew, frost, fog, snow, and mist. In fact, the best cover has to be extremely waterproof. Look for one that is 100% watertight as a matter of priority.
  • Q2. What is the best type of material to choose from on a tonneau cover? A. The hard Aluminum frame material is by far the best. That is because it embodies the dual benefits of toughness and lightness at the same time. By placing your bet on it, you will be able to make use of yours for an extended duration of time and suffer minimal spates of inconveniences.
  • Q3. How long do tonneau covers last? A. With proper care and maintenance, a tonneau cover should last you no less than five years. This is assuming moderate use and applications. To ensure prolonged and reliable applications, you are strongly advised to inspect, repair, and upgrade yours from time to time. This might the only way to keep it properly functional.


Know you understand how the different aspects of how to choose a good quality tonneau cover for your truck. Pick a cover that has a lifetime warranty if you live in a place where there is harsh weather all year around.

A hard folding tonneau cover is going to be more substantial than a soft folding tonneau cover. Weight is an essential element when it comes to choosing a truck cover. Feel free to look for our latest post on the best bike rack for your truck.

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