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Best Coilovers For Honda Civic [Top Reviews & Guide] 2023

The Honda Civic is a car that’s been on the market for a long time. It’s been around so long that there have been several generations already, and all that time has allowed owners to get creative with how they build their cars.

One of the most popular modifications people do to their Civics is fitting them with coilovers. An adjustable coilover or suspension allows you to lower your car much easier than the typical lowering springs. If you’ve never lowered or raised your Honda Civic before, this can be an extremely daunting task.

Purchasing coilovers with height adjustability gives you the best of both worlds. You can lower your Honda Civic enough to give it a sportier look, but then raise it up a bit so that you have more ground clearance if necessary.

We have put together a list of the best coilovers that are available for Honda Civics. We’ve tried to make this list as detailed and comprehensive as possible in order to give you an idea of what each type of coilover is like before you buy them. In the end, there will also be a buying guide discussing all the vital information regarding the best coilovers for Honda Civic.

Top 5 Best Coilover Kit For Honda Civic

Best Coilovers For Street Driving

#1 MaXpeedingrods Height Adjustable Coilovers for Honda Civic 2000-2005

Coilovers for Honda Civic 2000-2005

MaXpeenfingrods company has spent over 15 years focusing on manufacturing and selling automotive parts. All their products are quality guaranteed, and their main focus is to provide a better driving experience.

So, do you want to get even more enjoyment out of your car? These coil overs are arranged in a way that makes for a comfortable ride while still maintaining the sporty feel. The damper stroke length is not shortened by the height adjustment.

Don’t be concerned! The ride height may be adjusted without having to remove the suspension. With this height adjustment feature, you will be able to fine-tune the springs for excellent performance. The springs have been put to the test under a 600,000 cycle compression test and had less than 0.04 percent spring distortion.

Installation of these coilovers becomes a breeze after removing the stock suspension. During the process, you only have to remove a few bolts that hold the different parts in place. The pillow ball top mount was designed to provide a nice steering feel while maintaining stability.

Once you have installed these springs, you may feel as if you’re driving a custom-built and handcrafted car. The front’s spring rate is 10kg/mm (556 lbs/in), while the rear’s is 6kg/mm (336 lbs/in). For best performance, you can combine them with sway bars. Overall, these springs are known to be the best coilovers for daily driving.

#2 BC Racing Coils BR Series Suspension Upgrade For Honda Civic

BC Racing Coilovers BR Series

BC Racing is known to be one of the companies to deliver different setups when it comes to coilovers. They do so by utilizing many tests to ensure that each car is thoroughly evaluated before the coilover characteristics are adjusted as frequently as required.

If you want custom spring rates and swift springs, these bad boys have your back. The coilover kit comes with adjustable camber plates, which are ideal for routine drives and for those who want more performance without sacrificing ride quality. When they’re combined with a sway bar, you’ll have the ideal suspension setup.

The BR series is known to be the best coilovers for those looking for an entry-level suspension upgrade. Their damping adjustments are quite extensive, with 30 clicks of compression/rebound control at the same time. It’s a great choice for street driving and light road course duty.

One of the benefits of owning these coilovers is that the components are fully rebuildable and highly customizable. All you need to do is contact the company to order the replacement part without the need to purchase a new suspension. The damping and ride height adjustability on this coilover will satisfy both the daily driver and the race enthusiast.

#3 MaXpeedingrods Coilover System For 1996-2000 Honda Civic

MaXpeedingrods Coilover System For 1996-2000 Honda Civic

MaXpeedingrods is known to produce quality products for Honda Civics. You could say that they have a keen eye on the sport compact industry. As an example, their coilover system contains many features that one needs in order to obtain adjustable ride height and ground clearance.

The ability to adjust suspension ride height is an important feature. It’s also great if you want a custom look because it allows for a lower or higher stance depending upon your preference. The suspension geometry may be adjusted to suit your preferences and allow you to lower your car by up to three inches.

With these one-way coilovers, you’ll be able to enjoy a long-lasting performance even after being highly stressed from hours of riding under different weather conditions and climates. Even while traveling at high speeds, everything from windy city traffic to hot summer days spent on the track will operate well.

With an adjustable front spring rate of 8kg/448lbs and a rear spring rate of 5kg/280 lbs, it’s ideal for street driving and light track duty. The twin-tube damper has an adjustment knob at the top and bottom of the springs to allow you to adjust your suspension height and corner weight (to achieve a lower stance) if desired.

#4 Buddy Club BC02-SSHFB2 Sport Coilover Kit For Honda Civic 2012-2015

Buddy Club Coilover For Honda Civic

The Buddy Club coilovers are designed to give you the best performance, and quality money can buy. This is why they’ve also been known as racing components since 1991. They were created for those who want a sporty and aggressive ride and thus utilized many features and components that allow for this type of handling.

One such feature is their remote reservoirs which allow for excellent cooling before, during, and after your drive. With this feature, overheating isn’t an issue that you’ll have to worry about when performing competition laps as frequently as possible as well as commuting into the city every day.

The only drawback we found these Buddy Clubs was the lack of changeability. It only has a 19-way damping adjustment which can be limiting for some, but it does come with the advantage of hiding the external reservoir, which is more aesthetically pleasing. The rear spring rates are extremely stiff to keep the car from shifting weight to the back wheels.

With Buddy Club coilovers, you’ll enjoy faster acceleration onto the track, better braking capabilities (due to less weight transfer), and more accurate steering without compromising on ride quality. Plus, they look fantastic if you want to show off your Honda Civic at local shows and exhibitions. Overall these are the best coilovers for ground control.

#5 Tein Flex Street Advance Z Honda Civic Coilover Kit

Tein Street Advance Z Honda Civic Coilover Kit

Tein Super Streets are one of the most popular choices for Honda Civic owners who are looking for an affordable performance coilover kit. This is because they’re compatible with both stock and aftermarket lower arms which means that you’ll have more options to choose from when it comes to installing them on your car.

Plus, they also contain many adjustments similar to those found in other high-end suspension systems, which makes fine-tuning or dialing in easy. You’ll need a swaying bar if you want consistent results each time since the Tein Super Street features a corner weight adjustability feature.

The damping force can be adjusted infinitely between full hard and full soft ride quality settings depending upon road conditions, or track conditions (e.g., changing weather). Similar to the GC Koni setup but with an adjustable damping feature that allows you to track your car’s time attack.

Once the stock shocks are removed, it provides you with more than enough room for your installation. The Tein Street Advance Z Honda Civic Coilover Kit comes with adjustable pillow ball mounts, which can be adjusted in twenty different ways. Plus, they’re also made of an oil and spring composite to give you both durability and comfort.

Extra Skunk2 Pro-S II Coilover Spring for 1996-2000 Honda Civic

Skunk2 Coilovers for 2001-2005 Honda Civic

Last but not least, we have a full set of four high-quality coilovers from Shrunk2 Pro. Like most other products in this category, its main purpose is to give you a sporty experience while accelerating at high speed.

You’ll be able to adjust the spring height by changing the coilover spring preload in order to track your car’s time. They ride great and are pretty simple to adjust on the fly, but they are designed for street driving. If you are looking for a coilover kit that improves ride quality, then look no further.

These coilovers are known for their durability and quality, even though they may lack the adjustability feature found on other coilovers. Still, these are high-performance pieces that won’t disappoint those who want to take their car from stock height to as low as possible, thanks to their long stroke capability.

Best Honda Civic Coilovers Buying Guide

What is a Coilover Suspension? There are many different types of suspension systems that you can install on your car to improve its handling and performance. Each one of these setups has its own unique features, advantages, and disadvantages which is why we recommend doing a bit of research to determine what will work best for your situation before making a purchase.

Coilovers happen to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to suspension setups since they allow you to adjust ride height and also tune your suspension system for improved performance without compromising on comfort during both daily driving as well as extreme track conditions. Let’s take a look at how this type of setup works.

Will coilovers improve ride quality?

YES! Even if they are not adjustable, you will definitely notice a difference in terms of ride quality with the right coilovers. You might experience stiffer springs which will result in a bit more wear and tear on your car’s suspension components, but it is always recommended to upgrade these parts if necessary before installing any new suspension system.

How many miles do coilovers last?

A high-quality coil over can last a long time if it is installed properly. Typically, coilovers last over 150,000 miles or more. This largely depends on how you drive and the road conditions, though. If you put a lot of miles on your vehicle, then go with high-quality coilovers.

What to look for in coilovers for Honda Civic

The Honda Civic Suspension systems are essentially made up of three main components: springs, dampers, and shock absorbers.

Coilovers, on the other hand, comes with all three features combined into a single system so that you can tweak your ride height while also adjusting spring stiffness and damper rates to tune your car’s performance.

Here are some of the features you should look for when purchasing coilvers:


Coilovers need to be compatible with your car. For example, the kits featured in this article are compatible with the 1996-2015 Honda Civic Generation models.

However, you will need to do some research on other cars. Most kits are compatible with multiple vehicles, so you don’t have to worry too much about finding the right setup.

Dampening adjustment

Not all coilovers have dampening adjustment. This means that the dampening force will stay consistent throughout your car’s spring travel. It is important to have this feature since it allows you to set the suspension stiffness according to how you drive and/or road conditions.

Spring rates

Most coilovers feature a variety of spring rates, from soft to hard. This is most certainly a key aspect you should consider before deciding since it will dictate how the car handles. If you go with a stiffer setup, then you’ll have better stability at high speeds and less body roll.

However, it will also make for a harsher ride on both regular roads as well as extreme track conditions. A softer setup will result in a more comfortable ride, but it won’t perform as well during aggressive accelerations or inclement weather.

Spring and Valving Adjustability

Height adjustment is just one of the many things that coilovers allow you to tweak. They usually come with low-pressure nitrogen gas shocks, which are well known for their durability and performance.

Since the initial installation won’t require any further changes, there is no need for a specialized tool either, which makes this type of suspension great for enthusiasts who don’t want to pay for a professional to install their setup.

Adding coilovers with this feature is way better than getting lowering springs. What’s the use of lowering your car if it doesn’t look good? This gives you more control over how your car handles on both the road as well as the track.


Adding coilovers to your car is a great way to improve the ride quality and handling of your vehicle without having to upgrade the entire suspension. The only drawback we found with these products is that they can be quite expensive depending upon how high-end or low-end you want them to be.

It is important to understand the difference between twin-tube or monotube dampers before making the final choice. We provide lots of information on how to improve your car’s performance. Feel free to check the search menu navigation or let us know what you’re looking for in the comments section if you aren’t finding what you need!

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