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Best Single Din Head Units (Top Reviews & Guide)


If you are an audio enthusiast, you will always look forward to upgrading the stereo head unit of your car. This means you need to ensure that you are familiar with the industry’s best single din head units. Besides, you must also consider crucial buying elements to settle on the best product.

Otherwise, a wrong device will just cost you cash and time with absolutely no functionality. Basic skills in installing the single Din Head Unit in your car are also vital. This review will inform you of the top 10 best high end single din single head units on the market, which will help you find a car stereo that efficiently matches your demands.

Top 10 Best Single Din Head Units On the Market

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Pioneer Single Din Bluetooth Car Stereo Head UnitClick Here
Boss Audio BV9986BI Singledin Car Stereo With Smartphone IntegrationClick Here
Sony DSXGS80 GS Series Single Din Car DVD PlayersClick Here
Alpine CDE172BT Bluetooth Car Audio Video Head UnitsClick Here
JVC KDX560BT Car Radios With Bluetooth Audio and Backup CameraClick Here

1. Boss Audio BV9986BI Single Din Head Unit Receiver

BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI Car DVD Player - Single Din Bluetooth Audio and Hands-Free Calling

This product has been in the industry for decades. It is affordable and has outstanding features as well as specifications. Bear in mind that single Din generates both marine and car audio equipment. Boss audio bv9986bi incorporates four channels up to 85 watts, which functions with its in-built graphic equalizer and R.D.S. tuner. This will make you enjoy music and have a whole new experience.

With this device, you can confidently music stored on your S.D. card. This is a feature that you are not likely to find on other models in the industry currently. Furthermore, this feature makes it a convenient device because it does not rely on your phone signal to stream music.

It is a Bluetooth-enabled product; hence you can make and answer calls hand-freely. Furthermore, you can comfortably play audio from your machine through a Bluetooth connection. It contains W.M.A. and MP3 features, which allows you to enjoy music in all formats. Choose this device today and experience incredible performance.

2. Pioneer DEH150mp Single Din Car Stereo Head Unit

Pioneer Single Din In-Dash Arc Support Car Stereo Receiver Detachable Face Plate

Most car owners love this device because it features numerous suitable characteristics. It incorporates one of the best features, which is a compressed audio enhancement. This restores compressed music files to their maximum quality whenever you play them. Consider this device in your search because it is compatible with the entire music file format.

On the other hand, Pioneer deh150mp single din car stereo head unit slightly standard in its functions and appearance. It features a CD player, AM/ FM capability, and with this device, you can confidently play W.M.A., W.A.V., and MP3 media files. This feature has made it famous in the market.

You must know that this product has an auxiliary input jack situated on the front. Remember, this unique feature is not easily found in other models out there. Its faceplate is detachable to prevent thieves from stealing this product without controls. It has 50 watts’ peak power output for over four channels and 14 watts R.M.S. for over four channels.

3. Boss Audio Systems 616UAB In-dash Car Stereo Systems

BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB Multimedia Car Stereo - Single Din Bluetooth Audio

The Boss audio systems 616UAB in-dash car stereo systems feature a dimmable illumination for LCD and buttons display. It also has an updated Dancing L.E.D. Lights and an extra mute function. Additionally, it is a Bluetooth-enabled device, and you can make and answer your calls hand-freely without any distractions. It also enables you to enjoy your music via a Bluetooth connection.

Moreover, it contains digital media support, such as W.M.A. and MP3 file formats. It allows you to tune into FM OR AM radio station to enjoy current music, sports, and music, among many more things you wish to listen to. This device features an auxiliary, making it compatible with the audio output from the smartphone and MP3 players.

This device incorporates inputs, which makes it convenient for you to hook up your MP3 player. Besides, the USB ports guarantee you numerous library of audio files at the fingertips. It offers 50 watts’ x 4 max power to energize your speakers. Therefore, consider it on your search list and make an explicit change in your stereo head unit.

4. Sony DSXGS80 CD Car Stereo Receiver Single Head Unit

Sony DSX-GS80 GS Series High Power 45W X 4 Rms Digital Media Receiver

It stands out to be the best device on the market since it has many excellent features. Furthermore, it delivers fantastic sound, which has the potential to transform your vehicle into an entertainment relaxation point. On the other hand, it features a 2-volt R.C.A. preamp output, specifically for subwoofers and external front amplifiers. This enables you to increase the quality of your audio at any given time.

Most users consider it a warehouse for the entire audio options, such as A.A.C., W.A.V., W.M.A., MP3. Sony dsxgs80 cd car stereo receiver single head unit supports Sirius satellite and Pandora radio, making your audio experience remarkable. It also allows you to use a voice command to acquire direction, chat, and play music on your phone.

Additionally, it features USB and auxiliary ports, which allow you to connect it to multiple devices. Likewise, it has Bluetooth 3.0, which enables you to connect two devices at a go. It also allows you to make and answer calls hand-freely without distractions. Bear in mind that it also contains a sound synchronization feature.

5. Kenwood Excelon KDC-X304 Android Auto Digital Media Receiver

Kenwood Excelon KDC-X304 CD Receiver with Bluetooth

In search of the best single din head units on the market, search no more and opt for Kenwood Excelon KDC-X304 digital media receiver with an in-built Alexa. With this product, you can confidently play your music, find parking, get directions, manage smart home devices, check the weather, hear the news, listen to audiobooks and make the call without using your hands. This keeps you safe since you will concentrate on driving.

You must understand that this product features a front panel connection compatible with the USB enabled-devices. These devices include USB flash drives, smartphones, and iPods. Besides, the USB input will enable you to charge and manage music playback on any of your selected devices.

Kenwood Excelon KDC-X304 digital media receiver allows you to connect your Android and iPhone to allow you to access and manage famous music application sources, such as the Pandora or eve Spotify app on any of your devices. You can comfortably connect this device on Bluetooth and enjoy music playback from any of your devices.

6. Pyle Single Din Head Unit Multimedia Car Stereo

Pyle Single DIN Head Unit Receiver - In-Dash Car Stereo Touchscreen Display

If you need a single din head unit with numerous connection models, choose this device since it contains many connection interfaces. These interfaces enable you to link your multimedia services with much ease. It features a 320-watt stereo to enable you to have complete control over your visual entertainment.

This device is compatible because it has a dashing deck console unit to allow you to connect multiple devices, such as M.P.S., MP4, MP3, Tablet, Android mobile, and iPhone. It also comes packaged with remote control. Bear in mind that this device guarantees you a hand-free operation because it features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming.

It has a 7″ touchscreen monitor and several color LCDs, which makes listening to music and watching videos convenient and fun. Similarly, it features a rear camera to offer you protection. Therefore, make it your priority and experience remarkable performance.

7. Alpine CDE-175BT Single Din Car Audio System & CD Receiver

Alpine CDE-175BT Single-Din CD Car Stereo W:Bluetooth USB & Auxiliary Input

When looking for Bluetooth-enabled single din head units on the market, consider the Alpine CDE-175BT car audio system & cd receiver, which has zero disappointment. It incorporates faceplate controls, making it easy for you to control music and make this device convenient for you and other users.

Alpine CDE-175BT car audio system has six rear R.C.A. jacks to enable you to connect it to an external amplifier anytime. It features an easily adjustable subwoofer output, which means you will not require any other external component. This product has five sound settings to choose what sound suits you excellently.

This product has MP3 and W.M.A., enabling you to play your music in your favorite format as it displays artist information, title, and song time. Furthermore, the stereo also entails playback and fast forward features, which is convenient. It features Bluetooth for hand-free audio streaming and calling.

8. Pioneer SPH-10BT Next Generation Single Din Car Head Unit Receiver

Pioneer SPH-10BT Next Generation 1-DIN Receiver with Bluetooth USB and Spotify

The Pioneer SPH-10BT has a design that allows it to quickly and safely access your smartphone app. It also has a dedicated key, making it easier to access safety features, like recognition support safer driving. Connecting it with your new pioneer smart sync app gives you numerous colors and sound adjustments with a remarkable sound experience.

You only need to connect the smartphone to the in-built strong cradle then synch it with this device to enjoy a connected and smart driving experience. Bear in mind that whatever you do with this product guarantees you sufficient protection. This product is also easy to use.

Pioneer SPH-10BT Next Generation car head unit receiver guarantees you perfect sound quality, playability, enhanced accessibility, and remarkable smartphone connectivity. Thus, thanks to its extraordinary features for making this product remarkable and famous globally. In case you require the best product, consider it in your search and experience maximum performance.

9. Alpine UTE-73BT Single Din Unit Audio Systems

Alpine UTE-73BT Advanced Bluetooth Mech-Less Digital Media Receiver

If you usually store music in your smartphone and you want to enjoy it in your car, worry less because Alpine UTE-73BT single din unit audio systems have you covered. This product can play multiple files streamed from the digital player, USB drive, Pandora account, or even your smartphone.

This device only requires you to dial play and let the advanced Bluetooth wireless technology handle the rest. Additionally, it delivers incredible playback and phone calls of many digital music files to allow you to stay in tune and in touch. It is compatible with the W.M.A., MP3, and Flak via the USB.

It is specifically made for iPhone and iPod. This product has grown popular because it delivers an excellent audio experience, which leaves you longing to drive for longer durations. Therefore, you can always consider it in your list whenever you are trying to find one.

10. JVC – KD-X560BT – Single Din Digital Media Car & Marine Audio Receiver

JVC - KD-X560BT - Digital Media Car & Marine Bluetooth Receiver iPhone and Android Audio

This product gives you an excellent combination of navigation and sound features. Additionally, it contains three preamp outputs set to enable you to customize the system with extra subs and amps. It has a time alignment and 13-Band E.Q. to enable you to get excellent sound depending on your acoustic buds’ taste.

Likewise, it has a conformal coating on the circuitry to 100% protect it against dust and moisture. Ideally, this feature makes it an outstanding receiver unit for marine vehicles as well as boats. The installation of this product is hassle-free because it comes with a shallow chassis.

It has a rearview camera-ready configuration. Once you link this head unit at the back gear, it switches its display automatically to give you a clear view from the rear camera, especially when you reverse your vehicle. Remember, the panel has a camera button for a single-touch switch between the camera view and your stereo display.

Best Single Din Head Unit Complete Buying Guide

Knowing the best single din units does not mean choosing the perfect one for you can be easier. You have to venture into several aspects to settle on the best devices that are 100% satisfactory. This means you should look deeper into the product than just knowing them.

What to look for in A Single Din Head

Wireless remote control

With advanced technology, it is essential that you buy a din car stereo with wireless remote controls. The wireless controls are easy to use, and they should be positioned strategically to allow you easily change the configurations. It also helps you not divert your attention from driving, hence keeping you safe.

Built-in Bluetooth connectivity

A single Din Head Unit with in-built Bluetooth connectivity allows you to answer and make calls hand-freely since it is compatible with your smartphone. Furthermore, it enables you to stream your audios without any distraction. It is an excellent feature that your device should not miss.

Power ratings

The power rating gives a clear idea f how the device you want to buy functions. They are certain things you need to understand when it comes to power rating. The maximum power output/peak, which stands for the amount of energy a stereo can generate in a small duration.

On the other hand, you should understand R.M.S. Power Output, which indicates the energy generated continuously. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the power rating of the device before buying it.

Front USB connectivity

Many in-dash receivers usually feature front USB connectivity so that you can access music in your car at any given time from either any model of mass storage device or your thumb drive. A single din head unit with a front USB connectivity allows you to listen to audio from several devices.

Auxiliary input

The auxiliary input allows you to connect the non-USB devices and enjoy your audio. Therefore, buying a din head unit with an auxiliary input puts you in a better position to enjoy music because it is compatible with the audio output from your smartphone and MP 3 player.

DVD player/CD player

Buying a device that features a DVD player is vital because it allows you to play MP3, W.M.A., and W.A.V. media files confidently. This means before you purchase this device, ensure that it either features a DVD player or a CD player. If you have discs that you find interesting, you must consider this factor.

SD card connectivity

You must ensure that your buy a product that allows you to play music from your S.D. card comfortably. This means it should also feature an S.D. card connectivity; with this, you can easily enjoy music that you have stored in your S.D.

Thus, it would help if you did not rush to buy the device but take sufficient time to examine whether it has an S.D. card connectivity not to limit you in the future.

Detachable faceplate

The detachable faceplate is essential because it prevents thieves who are likely to access your car from stealing the single din head unit without controls. Besides, it guarantees you the safety of your product. It would be better to consider this factor before proceeding with your purchase.

Touchscreen display

A touch screen has an in-built aspect that enables you to have easier viewability. Furthermore, it allows you to have access to controls to enable your product to function efficiently. Ensure that you consider this feature in your search for the best device.

Single Din Head Units Vs. Double Din Head Units

The din size stands for your stereo’s chassis, and it comes in two primary sizes, the single din head units, and the double din head units. Therefore, single-din stands for stereos that are dual seven inches wide and two inches tall, while double-din refers to stereos seven inches wide and four inches wide.

Different Ways To Play Music On Your Single Din Head Unit

  • Satellite radio – It functions by transmitting signals from ground-based stations to more or even a single satellite. When your single din has this unit, you will comfortably play your favorite music in the car.
  • AM/FM radio – You can play music on your single din head unit on am/fm radio receiver. Besides, FM radio with maximum-quality automatically searches channels fully. It gives you access to site visitors, information, and music at any place and anytime.
  • Stream music – In case your device is Bluetooth enabled, you can comfortably stream music without any distraction.
  • Play MP3 audio files – If your single din head unit has an auxiliary, you can enjoy playing the MP3 audio files excellently with audio output from your smartphone.
  • HD radio – The radio stations which broadcast digital signals are becoming more famous. Moreover, they enable you to get a static-free reception and a remarkable sound quality. However, the stereos must have an H.D. tuner.


Will a single din stereo improve the sound quality of my car speakers?

The single din stereo boosts the sound quality of your vehicle. Besides, they generate cleaner sounds, unlike the stock head units. With this device, you also get an enhanced driving experience. On the other hand, it allows you to enjoy the full advantages of wireless connectivity without using any effort.

How do I know if the single ding unit is compatible with my car?

The universal car stereo can fit any given car. However, you must understand the difference between double din and single din car stereos. Ensure that you also have the ideal fascia panel, enabling you to install the universal car stereo to almost all vehicles.

Does my single din come with Apple CarPlay?

Yes, single din usually features Apple CarPlay. You can utilize it for taking calls with a simple voice command. You can also use it for sending text and GPS navigation, especially when you have an iPhone. Once it connects, you can immediately hear the sound of your phone through the speakers.


For the most part, most of these units come with a USB and Aux input allowing a dual phone connection. This compatibility makes music streaming and GPS navigation a simple task. Some of these single din radio units have voice control and handsfree calls compatibility, which you can control with the steering wheel controls.

This comprehensive review will guide you on the best single din head units. You must know that choosing the best single din head unit is not easy. Thus, ensure that you through this review before selecting the best that suits your needs efficiently. Grab the best from the nearest store and upgrade your music experience to an advanced level.


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