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5 Best Windshield Chip Repair Kit to Fix a Spider Crack


Our windshields take a beating, especially when traveling behind vehicles that throw up small stones from the road. Often small cracks occur, which over time can begin to expand.

Before you know it, cracks have spread across the windshield. Cracks can be fixed quickly and easily with one of the windshield chip repair kits down bellow. Also, make sure you read out guide on how to fix a spider crack with a windshield chip repair kit.

A small chip or crack in the glass can easily be repaired, while long cracks across the windshield can turn into expensive repair jobs replacing the entire windshield. Repair or replace the windshield based on the size of the chip or crack.

Top 6 Best Windshield Chip Repair Kit To Fix a Spider Crack

There are a vast amount of windshield repair kits on the market that can be used to repair chips in your windshield.

Factors such as ease of use, the strength of resin, time to dry, fixing one or two layers of glass, clear instructions, chemicals used, price, mixing, support information, overall results were used to compare these kits. These windshield kits include instructions, resin, applicator, and a razor.

1. Blue Star Windshield Repair Kit

Blue star glass windshield repair kit (Key Star Fix chip on glass)Consumers should find everything they need in this kit, providing excellent value for their money. A free mini-scraper is included, and it should stop cracks from spreading. One possible consideration is that it does not offer a large amount of resin, which some consumers might find a concern if they have large chips or cracks to deal with.

Consumers can make their own repairs, inexpensively compared to a local glass repair shop. The Bluestar windshield repair kit is the most popular when it comes to the different types of laminated windshields crack repair kits.

Hence, It repairs cracks quickly and easily and stops cracks from spreading with its advanced resin formula. Also, This kit comes with five different curing strips for multiple repairs. From a bulls eye crack to a rock chip window crack, this DIY kit is one of the best windshield repair products out there.

2. Mookis Fix Car Cracks and Chips, Bulls Eye and Star

Mookis windshield chip auto glass repair kit (Best Key Quick Chip Kits for Glass)This kit also includes everything that consumers will need in a repair kit at a slightly higher price compared to the previous repair kit. A razor blade is included for scraping excess resin off of your windshield.

Instructions are also available and should be followed to achieve excellent results. The Mookis windshield repair kit or DIY fix car crack product is easy to use and works well for most customers.

3. Permatex Windshield Repair Kit

Permatex fixing auto windshield glass repair kit (Key Effective Glass Chip Fixing)This product has excellent instructions that are easy to follow. It can provide permanent airtight repairs on most laminated glass windshields.

Consumers can purchase the product in a six-pack a single unit and can repair round or irregular shaped chips and cracks. This products is also priced competitively. Allow more time to set if applying during cloudy weather or use a UV light or UV curing light.

4. Rain-X Fix a Windshield Do it Yourself

RainX Glass Windshield Chip Repair Kits (Key Effective Repair a chip auto glass)Consumers found the RainX product easy to use and priced competitively. The manufacturer indicates that the kit works best when repairs are made as quickly as possible before dirt and grime penetrate the crack.

Also, the RainX windshield repair kit also suggests that it will work on cracks and chips up to one single inch in diameter and cracks not longer than twelve inches. It will not repair the damage or crack to more than one layer of glass.

5. J-B Weld 2100 Windshield Saver Repair Kit

J-B Weld Windshield Glass windshield repair fixing kits (Key Repair Kits Chip Fix)The J-B Weld kit repairs bullseye, star, or stone damage to a windshield. There is a single component resin, which is sun activated and cures quickly. According to reviews, it is easy to use and works on laminated windshields.

The manufacturer suggests that chips in excess of one inch can be repaired. The kit does not include a razor or scraping device to remove excess resin. Known as one of amazon bestseller shop products.

6. Clearshield Quality Windshield Repair Kits

Tri Glass Professional Windshield Repair Kit (Key Pro Chip Repair Auto Glass Kit)The instructional DVD included in these kits explains how to use these tools, step-by-step, so the user isn’t left with a tool that they don’t understand how to use. Go to the Clearshield Repair Kits link below if you want to know more information.

To teach users how to do additional tasks, like billing an insurance company, setting up a booking program, or answering windshield repair kit related questions, many retailers also offer Windshield Repair training, for an additional fee. These glass repair tools minimizes the appearance of any chip on the windshield.

How to Fix a Spider Crack with a DIY Windshield Repair Kit

Windshield repair kits are relatively easy to use and inexpensive compared to a professional windshield repair shop. Car owners should repair chips immediately to avoid cracks spreading across the windshield and requiring an expensive full replacement.

All kits come with ample instructions, including online videos, which demonstrate the process to achieve excellent results. Read and follow the manual instructions that come with the kit carefully.

1. Prepare the cracked windshield: Repair your cracked windshield as soon after the chip occurs to prevent the expansion of the crack across the windshield. Place a piece of cardboard on the windshield on the inside to make the chip easier to see.

2. Clean the surface with alcohol: Always clean the glass in the area of the chip before completing any repairs. Use a microfiber cloth and alcohol. Spray the alcohol on the cloth, never on the windshield, and clean the glass thoroughly.

3. Use a safety pin to remove the extra glass: There may be loose particles in the area of the chipped glass. Use a safety pin to gently remove any loose particles. Wipe the area with the microfiber cloth one more time.

4. Place the seal around the spider crack in your windshield: Peel off one side of the seal and place it over the area of the crack with the crack in the middle and the tab facing upwards. Make sure the chipped area is precisely in the middle of the circle.

5. Install the pedestal that comes in the repair kit: Peel off the remaining seal and place the pedestal on the seal. Press down to make sure the pedestal is secured tightly to the seal. Resin repair requires a tight seal to the windshield.

6. Insert 3/4 of the resin tube onto the suction cups: Squeeze ¾ of the resin tube inside the resin chamber of the pedestal. Avoid drops on your windshield.

7. Use the syringe to pull upwards and lock position for a few minutes: Insert the syringe into the pedestal and while holding the syringe in place, draw the plunger upwards and lock it in place. This action removes air, creating a vacuum and draws the air from the break.

8. Knock around the damaged windshield crack: Knock gently with the knuckles of your hand around the pedestal to help any air bubbles migrate away from the crack, allowing the resin to penetrate the crack. Wait 10 minutes for resin curing.

9. Apply downward pressure using the syringe: After waiting 10 minutes, press the plunger in, lock it in place, and wait another 20 minutes for the resin to set and dry thoroughly.

10. Remove the seal and pedestal with a razor blade: Starting at the tab, use the razor blade to pull the tab, pedestal, and seal off your windshield.

12. Drop resin and paste the cured film: Using the remaining resin, place a drop directly on the chip area, use the cured film to spread the resin, and use the razor blade to spread the resin across the chip area uniformly to remove any bubbles.

13. Allow direct sunlight/UV light onto the glass for 20 minutes of curing time: Let the resin cure for 20 minutes in direct sunlight or one hour in the shade or on a cloudy day. Use may also use a UV curing light e.g., UV lamp.

14. Carefully tear off the cured film: Use the razor blade at one corner of the cured film to raise it up, and tear off the cured film carefully.

15. Scrap off the excess resin: Keep the razor blade parallel with the glass to avoid scratching the glass and scrape off the excess resin from the windshield.

Evaluate what type of chip damage occurred

A spider crack or chip that can be fixed with w windshield repair kit keyMany drivers have experienced the inconvenience of a damaged windshield. All it takes is a minimal rock as you drive on the highway or a small tree branch where the vehicle is parked, to turn your windshield into a spider web crack. When this happens, you need to repair or replacement for the damaged windshield immediately.

There are two main reasons why you should get immediate services, and they are vision and safety enhancement. It is crucial to be able to see correctly as you drive, and the slightest damage can affect your vision. The damaged glass compromises the safety of the driver and passengers.

One crucial decision after the damage is whether to get a replacement or if you can repair it. Glass repair is faster and more cost effective, and many drivers choose this option when they want quick results. Several factors will determine whether the repair is an option for your situation.

Location of the damage

Chipped windshield to be repaird with a windshield chip repair kit keyWhere the crack or chip appears will determine if repair is a feasible option. If the damage occurs at the edge of the windscreen, it may require replacement. This is because this type of damage often weakens the structural integrity of the windshield. A weak windshield compromises safety because it is susceptible to further damage.

It would take minimal impact to destroy an already weak glass surface. If the damaged section affects the ability to see by interfering with the driver’s line of vision, experts recommend replacement rather than repair.

Size of the damage

If the damaged section is large, the repair is often not an option. Many auto experts agree that if you cannot cover the damaged area using a business card, you may need entire glass replacement.

Technicians inspect the vehicle before determining how to fix the damage, and the size of the chip or crack will determine the best plan of action. It is, however, essential to note that some auto shops repair larger cracks, and the results that you get depends on where you take your vehicle to quick fix the damage.

Type of damage

Cleaning chip fixed with a repair kit (Key auto repair kits)Many types of windshield damages are caused by different objects like rocks and other debris, branches, or due to impact from an accident. For damage to be repaired, the cracks or chips have to be reasonably small, but they must also be surface cracks. If the damage is through and through penetrating the surface or essentially creating a hole, the entire windshield will need to be replaced. The spider web cracks that usually occur after an accident will also usually warrant replacement.

If you leave the damage for too long before getting the repair, the chances are that you will need replacement. For best results, you need to get repair services immediately the damage occurs, and you can save yourself the considerable cost of windshield replacement.

The longer a crack or chip remains unattended, the worse it becomes because dirt and debris widens or expands the damage. It is imperative to get a professional repair in order to get the best results.

Different types of windshield chips and cracks to repair on a car

There are many types of windshield chips and cracks. These chips and cracks vary based on the speed of the object hitting the glass, the angle, and the size of the object.

  • Bullseye: Often caused by circular objects such as rocks hitting the glass, they cause round damage areas similar to a bullseye on a dartboard.
  • Star Break: These are small cracks leading away from the point of impact on the windshield. They appear in a star burst pattern.
  • Half moon: Similar to a bullseye, caused by a round object hitting the glass, they are round, but only half of a circle. They may not be completely circular.
  • Combination break: These chips and cracks may contain several different types, such as a half-moon and starburst combined. This type of break is considered to be more extensive.
  • Floater crack: A floater crack spreads out from the impact site and often will continue to expand unless repairs are completed soon after the original event.
  • Stress crack: Stress cracks sometimes occur due to sudden dramatic changes in temperature. They are generally not caused by objects hitting the windshield.
  • Stone: Sometimes a hard object hitting the windshield will dislodge small pieces of the glass windshield, leaving a small depression in the glass (small stone chips).
  • Long crack: Long cracks often start from a small impact and gradually spread across the windshield. These cracks may spread within hours or days of the original impact.

Understanding the benefits of repairing your car windshield

Add resin that comes with the repair kitIt is good to know how to clean, repair, or maintain the windshield. Most of the motorists believe that windshield rock chip cannot be repaired. The truth is that this rock chip can be repaired easily if the significant area for the sight of the driver is not damaged.

Your hundreds of dollar expenditure can be saved if the rock chip is fixed, as a substitute for replacement. In some cases, the driver does not need to pay even a single penny for repair.

The glass material is used in windshields; therefore, it is necessary to know the required maintenance process. Keep in mind, glad is made of flimsy material. It can break easily, and technicians will have to drill into windshield glass.

The repair technicians start their job by drilling into the windshield rock chip. They use vacuum pressure and insert a resin in the chip. Actually, the resin is compatible with fragile material and is used to fix windshield.

As soon as the resin is injected, ultraviolet light is used to treat it. The excessive use of resin is scraped, and the glass looks spotless. The task to repair is almost finished as a windshield is free of cracking.

Danger of Breakage

There are possibilities that the rock chip can break while revamping. It is the reason; most companies take the high cost of repair work as there is danger of breakage.

It is not the case that the company wants to earn a significant profit. The margin for income is windswept due to low-cost China windshields, the competitive local market, and the insurance charges. For the user, windshield repairing is a really profitable job that can be completed in 30 minutes.

Luckily, if the windshield lives long after the repair, keep an eye for mark where the windshield was stroked. The fixing work is related to structural revamping instead of cosmetic fixing.

You can make some improvements by changing the appearance. Never gather dust or debris in splinter because it will make the repair work more prominent.

It is suggested to start the repair work as early as possible. The cracks look horrible and give a place to dirt to gather round. It is best to hire a technician and complete the revamp procedure.

The tiny rock chip will provide more effective results than the large one. Moreover, the shine comes out of the cracks, which irritate the motorist.

Precautionary Measures

It is essential to know what to do when the windshield is hit by the rock. The first and foremost safety measure is to cover the area with a tape. The tape will keep away the dirt and trash to collect in the crack. Do not drive in hot temperatures.

When the temperature gets colder, repair the crack and wash the car. The crack becomes more horrifying if preventive measures are ignored. Last but not least, check out the detail of insurance. Usually, insurance companies give the opportunity to repair the windshield.

Tips For Buying a DIY Auto Windshield Repair Kit

Generally speaking, each category offered by a windshield repair kit company is designed to repair a specific kind of damage. For a chip, a basic starter kit will do the trick and fix up to 100 different chipped windshields.

Other kits will fix the same amount of windshields, but more types of damage, like chips and cracks of up to 18-inches in length. Each successive kit increases in price, the amount of damage it fixes, and how many repairs it will do – the big kits will repair up to 500 cracks of up to 36-inches.

Kits offered by different online companies vary slightly but are usually very similar, offering the repair resins, tools, and a DVD to help repair and a windshield.

Tools like razor blades, crack expanders, an impact injector, mirror, injector needles, Dremel drill, a high impact cup, suction cup lubricant, resins, punches, drill bits, and a curing lamp are generally included in a starter windshield repair kit.

Because these are the primary tools required to do an easy job, so it would be a good idea to make sure that they are included in the kit you are considering buying.

A more significant set will, logically, allow you to repair a more extensive array of damages. And anyone that fixes products for a living knows there is nothing worse than being in the middle of a project and finding you don’t have what you need to finish – don’t let that happen to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Readers may find additional information regarding repairs and replacements from reviewing the list of frequently asked questions about windshield damages that follow:

What is a spider crack?

The cracks in your windshield have the appearance of a spider, with a center area of impact and cracks leading out from the center. They are caused by rocks, hail, ice, or debris hitting the windshield.

How much does the Safelite windshield repair cost?

Many insurance companies will pay 100% of the cost of a windshield repair, depending on the insurance coverage purchased. The cost of full replacement of the windshield varies by type and size of the windshield. Windshield repair is much less expensive compared to having your windshield replaced.

Can I repair the crack in my windshield?

Repair kits are relatively inexpensive, and the instructions are easy to follow. Complete the repair as soon as possible after the crack appears to prevent further expansion. Windshield repair system work but it is recommended to replace the complete windshield for a new one at a local shop.

How do you stop a crack in a window from spreading?

The only way to prevent a windshield crack from spreading is to take action fast. Hence, you can quickly repair chip and crack using a windshield repair system. However, larger cracks will result in a glass replacement witch requires to be professionally repaired or replaced.

Complete repairs to the glass and windshield using a glass repair kit as soon as possible. Delays in repairing the windshield increase the risk of the crack spreading, especially if there are temperature variations. Windshield crack repair is relatively easy to do on your own. Don’t delay to repair cracked windshields.

 DIY Auto headlight restoration guide and other tips.

Windshield Chip Repair Kit for Spider Crack Tips

Repairing a spider crack with a windshield chip repair kit is not complicated at all.

However, you might want to use an auto glass professional with experience to get a windshield replacement or to fix the damaged windshield for yours. It is crucial to repair the cracks or chips as soon as possible to prevent them from spreading.

There is not much can do to prevent your cars windshield from getting hit by a rock chip. However, mobile windshield repairers will help you repair the chip at a very affordable price.

Look for a glass windshield repair kit that includes resin and a 6pk package curing strips in the key features.


Lucky, this DIY guide makes fixing the crack an easy task. But, we strongly recommend getting auto glass replacement when your windshield cracks are too big. Also, your line of vision can be affected by chips and cracks, and this can compromise your safety while driving.

If a rock chips your windshield, take action by replacing it, finding a car window repair kit, or taking your car to an auto glass repair shop. You get bet best value for money If you purchase the blue star windshield repair kit or PDR king windshield repair kit.

Last Updated on: June 17, 2024

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Vince Burns
Vince Burns
8 years ago

I didn’t know that if the rock basically put a hole in the windscreen that you basically have to replace the entire window. There isn’t a way that people can get the chip patched up and looking good again? I think it would be a shame to have to replace your windshield because of a 2mm hole in the glass.

Grace Turner
Grace Turner
8 years ago

I’m super disappointed that the edge of the windscreen is the one place that makes the whole thing weaker. My car is literally a month old and when driving down the road the other day a construction vehicle kicked up a rock that hit the edge of my window. I was hoping it would just be a quick repair. Hopefully I can find someone soon to repair it rather than replace it. Do I need to replace it if it is just a little dent on the edge of the window?

David Hawkins
David Hawkins
8 years ago

That’s really cool that there are ways to actually repair chips and dents in your glass. My car recently got a pretty nasty crack in the windshield from driving behind a semi-truck. I’m not sure if this method will work for a crack so big, so I might just take it to a service to be safe. Thanks for the guide!

Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson
8 years ago

I never knew you could repair glass like this. You can’t even see where it was in the video. Normally when I get a crack like this I just replace it, but no longer.

Kody Loveless
Kody Loveless
8 years ago

Thank you for sharing. I did not know you could repair a windshield like this. The video was most helpful. I have a small chip in my window just on the bottom right. It seems like it might be easier since it’s not in the direct line of sight. I will look into this.

Jessie Harrison
Jessie Harrison
7 years ago

They should call that first crack the spider. It looks like a spider was smashed into the window. I’m lucky that mine isn’t that big, but it is starting to spread. It looks like it could be an easy fix at the moment. How big of a chip and crack do you think they can fix?

Braden Bills
Braden Bills
7 years ago

I was driving on the freeway when a big truck’s tire kicked up a stone and it hit my windshield. It left a pretty considerable crack, and I don’t know what to do for it. I didn’t know that you could get tool kits! I’ll make sure my windshield is fixable first. Thanks for sharing!

Wade Joel
Wade Joel
7 years ago

Chipped windshields are the worst. I know that they can get worse and even start to crack if you do not repeat it soon. I did not know that the position of the crack or chip could influence whether you could repair it or replace it.

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