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Top 10 Best PDR Tools (Paintless Dent Repair Tools)


Paintless dent repair tools are available in all thinkable sizes and shapes. Each possesses its own unique purpose, which is essential to effective dent repairs. Every PDR kit must have basic tools like glue sticks, gun, and puller, rods and bars, door hooks, wires, DIY dent repair hammer and dollies, window protector, window wedge, knock-down tool, hand tool, dent lights, among others.

Paintless Dent Repair is a repair process for minor dents and dings in your car. The way it works is that you either pull out the dents with glue or a suction cup, or you simply knock them from behind the damaged panel.

Top 10 Best PDR Tools (Paintless Dent Removal Tools)

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
DIY Paintless Dent Repair PDR Kit - Gliston 8pcs Dent Puller Quick KitClick Here
Manelord Auto Body Repair Tool For Car Dent - Best Body Dent RemoverClick Here
WHDZ Paintless Dent Puller Kit - Best for Hail Damage RemovalClick Here
Super PDR 68pcs Auto Dent Puller PDR Kits - Best For Door DentsClick Here
WHDZ 86PCS Paintless Dent - Best PDR Hand Tools SetClick Here

Gliston Paintless Semi-Professional 89 piece – Best Dent Repair Kit

Gliston Semi-Professional 89 piece: Dent Repair Tool Kit

The significant part of this kit is the wide variety of tools that it brings. It makes it easy to repair dents in hard-to-reach areas. All in all, the build quality of the package is excellent. It seems that this kit can last for a very long time. Also, the Gliston paintless DIY dent bridge puller tool really helps when it comes to removing those larger dents.

The Gliston company has gathered almost all the tools needed for paintless dent removal and packed them into this complete repair kit. All of the tools that this kit brings are of high quality, including the tap hammer, PDR reflect board and plastic tabs. In addition, it works wonders for those dents that are located in hard to reach positions.

It is very easy to use, and the crossbar allows for maximum pulling action. The set has a super bonding adhesive and release agent guaranteed to give you the best results. We strongly believe this is one of the most complete PDR hand tools kits available on the market due to its versatility. It can help you achieve amazing results.

  • Materials are of excellent quality
  • Great suction for all auto panel dents
  • Editor’s best dent puller kit choice
  • Additional drill bits for precision
  • Includes a glue removing brace tool
  • Plastic tabs are one-time use
  • Hot glue is hard to remove without hurting car paint

86 Piece Set From WHDZ – Paintless Dent Removal Tools Kit

86 Piece set from WHDZ: Paintless Dent Removal Tools Kit

This set, also from WHDZ, contains a lot of useful tools for paintless dent repair. Particularly the slider is a great addition to the kit. In general, the set is well built, and with it, you should be able to save a few bucks at the repair shop. Fits any professional budget, and it provides excellent tools that can last long periods of time.

Additionally, this kit is paint-friendly, and you are almost guaranteed to get professional results. The PDR rods are super high quality allowing you to get those hard to reach dents caused by hail damage. Also, the carry bag has plenty of space to fit other auto repair devices. If you are a pro looking for reliability, then look no further.

  • Most of the tools are of great quality
  • Many different shapes and sizes, to fix almost all types of dents
  • Some of the tools can be too short for certain tasks
  • Includes hot glue gun for panel repair
  • Works best for hail damage repair

Mookis 77pcs PDR Tool Kit – Best PDR Kits

Mookis 77pcs most complete dent removal tool kit

The kit includes essential tools like a t-puller dent remover, rubber mini hammer, dent removal pens, hot glue gun, glue tabs, and adhesive sticks. This dent repair kit is easy to control, and it offers a comfortable do-it-yourself experience. Some of the drawing gaskets come in different sizes and are used according to the dimensions of the dents.

When looking for a versatile solution, this dent puller kit is ideal for metal processing of refrigerator, auto repair car body as well as washing machines. Also, it offers baking-varnish-free repair and guarantees that there will be no damage to the paintwork. It is not only environmentally friendly, but it also saves you money.

  • Rapid dent repairing with efficiency
  • Reasonably priced PDR Kit for it provides
  • PDR glue pullers included with the kit
  • Full body dent kit that helps with precision pull
  • Easy to remove car dents using these products
  • Works for sheet metal body repair
  • These kits are ideal for small dents
  • The package does not include dent rods

Manelord Auto Body Repair Tool For Car – High-Quality Hand Tools For DIY

Manelord Complete Dent Removal Kit

Manelord offers great quality dent puller handle tools at fairly discounted rates. One amazing feature about this kit is that it uses a LED reflector board to find dents. It offers a quick and easy way to remove dents. Manelord kits are remarkably designed and have a smooth texture feel.

It comes with a hot glue gun that melts the yellow glue sticks in less than 3 minutes, after which it dries up in at most 10 minutes. The package includes a LED reflector board, T-bar tool, trim removal tool, plastic tabs, and tap down kits, among other devices.

Additionally, the package is very eye-catching and matches up to its high-quality standards. You can achieve great results with these kits. The kit brings lots of essential parts needed to pull dents without hurting the car’s paint.

  • Easy do-it-yourself experience
  • Plenty of essential tools with this puller kit
  • Classic car dent removal kit
  • Includes tap down pen and hot melt glue sticks
  • Does not include any PDR lights

Super PDR 68 Pcs – Best Paintless Dent Repair Kit

Super PDR 68 pcs Elite Paintless Dent Tools

The use of this PDR kit requires basically no prior skills. It guarantees a baking-varnish-free clean dent repair without damaging the paint job. This dent pulling tool can be easily controlled and has a silicone bottom that is not harmful to the oil paint and ensures maximum pulling effort is applied.

Additionally, the dent repair kit includes an introduction guide, nylon & metal tap down, LED line board among the best paintless dent removal tools for the price. You can also remove the washing machine door dings with this kit. This is at a super affordable price for the number of tools you are getting.

  • Easy do it yourself exercise
  • Many essential PDR dent puller devices
  • The package comes with a light-board included
  • Glue tabs are included with this kit
  • High carbon steel t bar for larger dents
  • Not ideal for truck and motorcycle dents
  • No rods included when you make this purchase

SuperPDR 51pcs – DIY Paintless Dent Repair Kits

Super-PDR 51pcs DIY Paintless Dent Repair Kit

This kit is made of colorful, stainless steel tools that get the job done with great ease. It is suitable for any kind of flat metal, be it a washing machine or automobile metal plate. Each tool is made with tempered high carbon steel to ensure durable and effective results. This PDR kit includes various drawing gaskets in an array of sizes to suit any dent size.

It comes with a dent lifter that is very easy to control. The Super PDR paintless set is meticulously examined and certified for Rockwell Hardness, which is prevalent in all the tools as you work with them. The package includes a rubber mini hammer, pro tabs, rubber shovel, glue adhesive sticks, different dent size tabs, among others.

  • Well-built from a reliable company
  • 51 essential devices for dent pulling
  • Tbar tool included to fix small dents
  • Different types of tab sizes included
  • May require prior experience with dents and dings
  • Bridge puller tool not included when you buy this kit

Top-Of-The-Line Kit from WHDZ – Dent Puller Kits

Top-Of-The-Line Kit from WHDZ PDR Kits

This toolkit is the most expensive of the bunch, but it is also huge. It contains basically everything you need for a dent repair kit. The tools are made of stainless steel, and some of the tools are made of tempered high carbon stainless. Learning how to use these tools will be very convenient, especially if you want to boost your car’s value.

Also, it includes a body dent tap down pen tool that is paint friendly. These dent repair kits include a bridge puller tool, PDR lights, and all other tools needed for paintless dent removal. These tools are made out of high-quality materials. Don’t waste your time trying to find a better set. If you purchase this one and you are setting yourself for the great success of removing small and large dents.

  • Large discount, compared to buying the pieces individually
  • Lots of tools to get you started to pull dents and dings
  • Strong rods included with the kit for minor dents
  • The grip on the slide hammer could be larger
  • The glue gun seems like nothing out of the ordinary

Great 37 Piece Set from Super PDR Dent Removal Tools

Super PDR 37Pcs Pro Paintless Dent Removal Repair Tool Kits

These PDR repair kits are, in general, known for making outstanding tools. However, on this set, it appears that there may have been skimped on the quality. However, the kit is very well equipped, and you won’t go short of any tools. The combination of the rods and the light-board will allow you to achieve professional results once you learn how to do it properly.

A great addition is the stainless-steel whale tail that makes it easier to repair smaller dents. Also, these kits are easy to operate by one person that has no experience. The products included in these dent puller kits would amaze you. They included a bridge tool that allows you to pull dents with better precision. Overall, the editor considers this particular kit one of the most detailed for the price.

  • Lots of all-around tools at a reasonable price
  • PDR glue included in this package
  • Good for small and medium car dent
  • Many are using it to repair motorcycle body
  • Small size kit to buy from a reliable company
  • Environmentally friendly puller tabs break too easily
  • You get very limited tools when you make this purchase

Rods Kit From WHDZ – Professional Auto Body Paintless Dent Removal Tools

Rods kit from WHDZ - Best PDR Tools

An extensive kit with a lot of different rods, this time from WHDZ company. This kit isn’t advisable to use as a starter kit since a lot of the standers items for dent repair are not included in this kit. However, the tools seem of decent quality and will be an excellent addition to other starting kits. Every single tool in this kit is designed to help any person remove dents.

When it comes to getting reliable tools, these dent repair kits are the best way to go. Using them, you can achieve professional results even if you have no prior experience. You don’t need to do much finish work on the body prior to getting the car into the paint booth. The WHDZ brand has taken its time to put together one of the best professional sets for removing dents.

  • Sturdy tools made out of high-quality materials
  • Lots of different rods for any task according to the vehicle type
  • These tools are corrosion-resistant and they last longer
  • You interchange tips of the tapping tool
  • All rods in this kit come with a ratcheting handle
  • Does not include as many “starter” items as other packs on this list
  • Comes with a flat shaft bar that helps with dents hail
  • Does not bring PDR wire tools

Magnetic Roller Tip Kit – Auto Body PDR Kits for Beginners

Magnetic Roller Tip Kit - Best PDR for Beginners Dent Repair Kits

Stands out from traditional PDR kits as it allows the user to know precisely where the tool’s tip is at all times. Additionally, it will enable novices to remove dents without the need for sanding, filling, painting, or masking. If you are a beginner who does not have any experience removing dents, these mini-sets could be an excellent start for you.

The kit is ideal for everyone, including PDR trainers, car dealers, vehicle valets, body shops, aluminum cup MRT tip tools, smash repairers, etc. The package includes good quality polished stainless steel bars, suction cup, metal shafted hammer, tracer, tool bag, etc. Don’t be afraid to try it, the kit itself is a bit expensive, but anyone can get their car looking like new again.

  • Best PDR tools beginners
  • Has a good value for money
  • Does not bring PDR glue
  • Works well for all dent sizes
  • Good whale tails to buy
  • Mainly for small dents and training purposes
  • No need for glue when using this beginner kit

Anyyion PDR Kits – Paintless Dent Removal Complete Kit

Anyyion PDR Kits (T-Bar Included) Super Dent Repair Kits

The dent puller has a stainless steel adjustment knob and an aluminum car body. The easy to use hand unit allows for controlled leverage as you remove the dents. Additionally, the dent puller has padded feet to help for support and max pulling action. The materials used by the Anyyion company are always of the best quality to ensure your kit last for a long time.

Additionally, this particular dent repair kit was designed ideally for hail damage and door dings. The manufacturer includes glue sticks, a glue gun, a short T-bar, gold-colored lifter, among other accessories. Also, the hard case is one of the best features. It allows you to store the tools safely, and you can bring them to any location to start performing paintless dent removing activities.

  • Easy to use dent tools
  • Well priced dent puller repair kit
  • These repair kits bring a heat gun
  • Lot’s of positive customer reviews
  • Puller tabs not included with these dent pullers
  • Need extra scrapper when using the tabs glue

Super PDR 40 Pcs – Dent Removal Kit

Super PDR 40 pcs: Dent Removal Kit for small dents

The Kit has 40 colorful dent removal tools made from various kinds of stainless steel. The tools are generally very straightforward to use. Use of the PDR set requires little to no skills and delivers good results on small dents as well as value for money. The PDR kit includes dent tools like a plastic shovel, tap downs, pulling bridge, wiper, knock-down tool, USA/UK/AU plug, and hot melt glue gun.

Buying this kit would be way cheaper than getting a professional repair. Comes with a simple to follow directions for quick pull and go results. We are amazed at how quickly any novice can get great results by completing simple processes included with the instructions. However, the package does not come as equipped as other packages in this list.

  • Reasonably priced auto body dent puller
  • Include different size tabs
  • Cheap dent puller for hard to get dents
  • No need to buy a rubber scrapper
  • Ideal for small to medium dents
  • Sometimes it can come with missing parts
  • Does not include PDR wire tools

Super PDR 52pcs – Best Paintless Dent Repair Kits

Super PDR 52pcs Best Paintless Dent Repair Kits

Mainly constitute of the extremely balanced dent lifter that has a silicone bottom that ensures firm support and durability of the tool. The yellow glue stick included in the set has low melting points and very strong stickiness ability ensuring dent repairs on any hard part of the car. The set is designed for sheet metal processing of motorcycles as well as automobiles.

Out of all the tools in this list, this particular auto body repair tool kit only brings a single hand dent pulling tool. Besides working on washing machine doors, these dent pullers work on car’s bodyside doors or fenders, and even refrigerator doors. It comes with a simple, straightforward instruction manual to guide you through your dent pulling experience.

  • Widely used on many vehicle parts
  • Works just like a suction cup
  • Single hand device for body repair
  • Improved quality to make it more durable
  • The tapping tool brings interchange tips
  • Takes some time to achieve desired results
  • Does not work as good for hail storm damages
  • You may need an extra rubber scrapper

When to use PDR tools or dent repair kits on your vehicle?

It is only a viable option if the paint has not been cracked. If the paint has been cracked, you need to get the area or panel resprayed in order to prevent corrosion of the metal. Even if the paint has not been damaged, it may still not be a possibility to use PDR. If, for instance, some dents are too deep, or there have been created sharp edges, the damage may not be suitable for PDR.

Another thing to know about the process is that it may not always have a 100% success rate. When knocking out metal, you are always dealing with a ton of variables. The metal may not behave as you want it to, and the dent might not get straightened out.

However, in the cases where PDR is suitable, and you manage to do it correctly and with success, you could have potentially saved hundreds of dollars by not having to visit a body shop. And with a lot of tools on the market specially designed for paintless dent repair, you can often find a decent kit at an acceptable price (within the 150-300 dollar range).

This could potentially save you for a lot of expenses at the body shop if you have a lot of smaller dents in your car. Now usually, PDR tools are very expensive because they are being used by professionals. We have found a couple of different brands that target regular consumers, and we have added some of these in this article.

Best Paintless Dent Repair Kit Buyer’s Guide

The most important thing when choosing your tools – apart from your budget, is how much energy you want to put into it. Some of the kits on our list today are quite extensive and could seem daunting for some, especially if you don’t really need rods in 10 different lengths and sizes.

What we have found out, however, is that while most of the rods we have seen are made from highly durable steel, there seem to be some weak spots you need to look out for when picking your toolkit.

PDR Tools (Paintless Dent Removal Tools)

Some of you may wonder if you need to be a mechanic to work this sort of equipment – don’t worry, you don’t. Practically anyone can use these tools. However, it is worth mentioning that it should be looked at as a craft, so some may find it easier to knock out the dents on the first try, and some may never be successful with this type of repair.

Either way, you should always try to find a kit that matches your experience and what sort of tools you already have. There’s no reason that you should pay for a tool that you already have, but it would be just as foolish to buy a starter kit without several essential tools.

We have now been through the list, and you have had the chance to see some of our best picks for a dent repair kit. However, if you’re not familiar with the tools we have shown you, let’s just do a quick breakdown of some of the essentials:

PDR Rods

PDR Rods are primarily used for repairing dents in door panels. You slide it through the rubber window seal and push out the dent from the inside. It is important that the flat shaft rods you use are of excellent quality. You don’t want them to break or bend while inside your car door.

Glue Dent Pullers

Glue pulling is a rougher method than using PDR rods and is used on the outside of the panels. This is often used on larger dents. Essentially, you glue a puller tag to the panel, and attach your slide-hammer, and pull out the door dents.

Dent Lifter / Bridge Puller

A dent lifter uses some of the same mechanics as the glue dent puller but is on a much lighter scale. This is used for smaller dings and dents, and instead of hammering out the dings, you mount the lifter to the puller and gently raise it up with the dent lifter. When using this tool, you should be careful of how much you raise the dent since the two “legs” on the tool could damage the panel if you tighten too much.

T-Bar Puller / T-Slide Hammer / Mini Lifter

This is the tool that does the heavy lifting, so to speak. One end of the tool is mounted on a puller, and you use a sliding weighted handle on the bar to hammer away from the dent, which in turn will raise it. This mini lifter tool is going to take a lot of hits, so it is important that this is of high-grade steel so that it won’t break. Check out our dent puller slide hammer review here.

Pump wedge

A pump wedge is an inflatable bag that you put in the door to create a large enough gap for you to use your PDR rods. This is an essential piece of kit, and you should always make sure that this is included in a starting kit – as well as the correct sized spacers needed for the tasks.

Out of all the tools, this is the one that you need to be patient about. Instead of rushing it for a quick solution, removing dents is more about making small tweaks little by little. Whenever you try to rush it, the results will go against your wishes.

PDR Lighting System / PDR Lights

Back in the days, PDR lights used to be made with a fluorescent light bulb, which was modified for PDR purposes. As the industry progressed, they started to make them out of LED through a lens diffuser. We believe that the A1 tools lighting system is one that you should take a look into.

Reflector Board

When it comes to removing dents, a reflector board plays an important role. It is probably included in everyone’s tool carts because it allows you to identify with precision the progress when it comes to removing dents.

Car Dent Repair Kits Summary

The tools that we have listed will help you remove any kind of dents your car has. However, there are other dent pullers in a whole different price range than what we have shown. Have an alcohol spray bottle available to remove the silicone material.

For the most part, most of the previously mentioned tools can you a start when it comes to removing dents. If using these kits look complicated to you, there are plenty of PDR business owners that can help you with removing your dents and dings. These businesses typically use special software from Mobile Tech RX, which facilitate their job.

Our point with this list is to show some toolkit that can work for personal use so that you can save some money on your bills from the body shop. Check out our headlight restoration post here. Please leave an email address and a comment name down below, so we can provide you with more insights if you need them. You can learn to pull your dents by watching PDR training DVDs.

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