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Best Tire Chains For Snow (Reviews & Guide) 2020

It is always challenging to drive in the winter or rainy season. Anytime, your vehicle can be damaged due to the bad weather or snowfalls. To make it easier, you need to keep the extra tire snow chains all the times. Now you will find different types of vehicle tire chain in the current market, and some of them are very easy to put on and can increase your efficiency and safety. As the options will be many, you might find it challenging to choose the right one. If you want to make a choice easy and straightforward, then go through the following best tire chains for snow review.

Fitting snow chains to a vehicle requires compatibility checkup. First thing you must do is read the owners manual. Once you know if your car is compatible to use, then the next step is to find out what is your cars tire size. Also, If your vehicle does not have winter tires, then you should consider replacing your current tires for better snow traction. Don’t forget to read our buyers guide down bellow.

Top Tire Traction Chains for Snow On the Market

Rankings Name Price and More Details
KONIG CB12 Snow Chains for Passenger Cars Click Here
Security Chain Company ZT735 LT Light Truck and SUV Click Here
KONIG XG12 PRO 245 Snow Tire Chains Click Here
TerraKing TerraGrips Tire Chains For Snow Click Here
Security Chain Company ZT729 Super Car Snow Chains Click Here

We did some research and brought you the top 15 best tire chains in the market.

1. Security Chain Company ZT729 Super Z LT Chains

Best quality tire chains for snow on the market see starsThe Super Z LT tire chains is one of few chains to meet the Class “S” clearance requirements for vehicles with low or limited clearance. The ABS, all-wheel drives, 4×4’s and anti-lock brakes make this tire chain the most effective product available for SUV and pick-up trucks. Also, the Super Z LT chains features a built-in rubber tensioner designed to eliminate the need to stop the vehicle and retighten the chain after installation.

These chains for snow comes with one of the easiest and fastest installations of any traction device. Also, it is constructed with high-quality material for added durability. This tire chain also has a low potential for damage to your vehicle and mechanical components.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For ZT729 SUPER Z LT Tire Chains for Snow

2. Konig XG12 PRO 245 Snow Chain

Passenger cars pickups tire chains for snow see starsThe Konig XG-12 tire chain is constructed with a unique pattern chain design with welded double-traction plates for increased grip and performance on snow. The patented self-tensioning chain system on this tire chain means you only have to tighten the tire chains once and the will automatically retighten during tire movement.

This Konig XG-12 brand model brings a patented micro-regulation system which allows for a perfect tensioning of the chain increasing traction aids and effectiveness of the tires on snow. The featured anti-scratch nylon bumpers protect your vehicle’s wheels from damage. Overall the Konig XG-12 is best suited snow chains for SUV.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For KONIG XG12 PRO Tire Chains for Snow

3. Security Chain Company SC1032 Radial Chain Cable

Light trucks and suvs radial tire chains for snow see starsThe SC1032 radial chain cable sports has an all-steel construction for longer service life. This tire cable for snow meets SAE Class “S” clearance requirements for vehicles with limited or low clearance. Furthermore,  this SC1032 is designed to allow low-operating space requirements around drive tires.

This SC1032 tire cable is constructed with Peerless Industrial Group Inc.’s traction coils instead of traditional steel rollers which flatten quickly. This chain is also designed to install and remove easily. The SC1032 tire cable is suitable for a wide range of vehicles including SUV’s, passenger cars, pick-up trucks, and minivans.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For SC1032 RADIAL CHAIN For Snow

4. Konig CB-12 090 Snow Chain For Tires

Best for snow traction control tire chains for snow see starsThe Konig CB-12 chains for snow was designed to easily fit with the simple installation procedure and color-coding on the links. This chains were designed to be highly durable and offer maximum traction. The Konig CB-12 sports a manual tensioning system which means you will have to retighten the chains after driving a given distance.

This D-shackle chains enable the Konig CB-12 to perform exceptionally well in the harshest weather conditions. The Konig CB-12 is fitted with closed shortening hooks and a locking device with wheel protections. These tire chains comes complete with a 5-year warranty.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For KONIG CB12 090

5. Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Tire Chain

Easy installation for truck tire snow chains for cars see starsThe Super Z6 chains is designed for pick-ups, SUV’s, and passenger cars with minimal operating clearance around the drive tires. This tire chain is easily and quickly install with no need to move the vehicle. The Super Z6 tire chain is designed with a built-in rubber tightener which removes the need to stop your car and retighten the chains after traveling for some time.

This tire chain is constructed to provide better all-round traction performance than conventional tire chains or cables. The Super Z6 also sports better compatibility with traction control, anti-lock, all-wheel drive and other electronically monitored control systems.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For SZ143 SUPER Z6

6. Konig XB16 245 Snow Chain

Good purchase if you need tire snow chains for snow see starsThe Konig XB16 is constructed with high-quality hardened manganese nickel alloy steel for long term service. This tire chain sports dual-sided D-shaped links which are designed to provide exceptional traction and extend the life of the product.

All of the Konig XB-16 has a a patented self-centering and auto-tensioning systems which automatically adjust the chain for a perfect fit. The 16mm D-link chain in the Konig XB-16 bites deeply into ice and snow, giving large commercial vehicles unsurpassed traction control and safety. The quick-adjust tension control and color-coded assembly points allow for hassle-free installation.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For KONIG XB-16 245

7. Security Chain Company ZT735 Super Z LT Chains

Truck and suv with rubber tire snow chains for snow see starsThe Zt735 tire chain is designed to provide better all-round traction performance than other competitor tire chains or cables. This tire chain comes with color-coded assembly points and quick-adjust tension control for a faster and easier installation. Also, the ZT735 tire chain is constructed with high-quality material for more exceptional durability and long-term service. Meeting the Class “S” clearance requirements means this tire chain is suitable for vehicles with low or limited clearance.

The ZT735 is designed to ensure the low potential for damage to your cars mechanical components and body. Remember that this tire chain has better compatibility with all-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, winter traction control, and other electronically monitored control systems. The ZT735 comes complete with a built-in rubber tensioner which eliminates the need for re-tightening the chains ever so often.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For ZT735 SUPER Z

8. Dolloly GT Snow Tire Chain

Wiath a builtin rubber for better traction tire chains for snow see starsThe Dolloly Snow tire chain is constructed with high-quality wear-resistant non-slip nails and 100% gum-rubber material for durability and added safety. The build quality makes this tire chain friction resistant, wear-resistant, and resistant to low temperatures of minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Also, the Dolloly Snow tire chain is a universal model and can be applied to all the models of the tire width from 6.5 inches to 10.4 inches. The sturdy construction ensures you experience a comfortable drive with minimal vibration and noise. The Dolly Snow tire chain is designed to provide maximum traction with minimum brake distance and skidding.

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9. Terra Grips Tire Chains for Snow

Allwheel drive or heavy duty chains for snow see starsThe Terra Grips tire chains are constructed with high-quality plated steel components which makes them durable and suitable for harsh weather conditions. This tire chains for snow are designed to install and remove easily with no need for tools.

The Terra Grips chains feature rubber slats which protect the road surface from damage and provide better traction on the road. The Size of this tire chain makes it suitable for ATV’s, tractors, or any other industrial vehicles. The rubber slats are soft enough to allow the Terra Grip to be driven in snow, gravel, mud, ice and any other surface.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For TERRA GRIPS

10. Quality Chain 1665 Cobra Light Chain for Passenger Cars Pickups

Great spider chain for light trucks and suvs snow tire chainsThe Quality Chain is constructed with high-quality, sturdy light-weight carbon steel rollers for durability and improved traction. The Sturdy build quality makes this quality chain rust-resistant and also weather resistant. This tire chains for snow passed the Class “S” clearance requirements making them great for low clearance cars while increasing the car’s tire to road contact.

The Quality Chain 1665 Cobra Light is designed to emit minimal vibration and noise while the vehicle is in motion. This tire chain for snow works with a wide range of tire sizes and is also relatively low cost as compared to other chains with the same capabilities.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For COBRA LIGHT

11. Thule Super Premium – Best Traction Tire Chain For Snow and Ice

Lots of positive reviews and good price with key features see starsThule Super Premium tire chain comes with easy installation and removal system. This particular product is made in Italy and comes with five years warranty. It is made of the super quality steel that makes the driving easy and comfortable. It has color-coded assembly points that make it easy for installation and removal.

You can remove the chain in a couple of seconds without any difficulty. Some of the key specs of this car snow chain are easy installation, easy removal, ample traction, self-tensioning, and self-centering install. These chains can be safely used for the alloy drive wheels and ABS/ESP systems.


  • It comes with superior engineering and the latest designs. It has the most innovative way to install and remove in a couple of seconds.
  • This chain offers ample traction.
  • Once installed, it performs well for a long time.
  • It has an excellent grip.


  • The product is expensive.
  • You might find it challenging to understand the instructions given in the manual.
  • As some customers say, it is not durable.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For Thule Super Premium

12. Thule Cross Over Pro Deluxe Snow Chain for Light Trucks and SUVs

Super secure cable design and easy to be installed productThule Cross over Pro Deluxe Snow Chain comes with many developed and advanced specs. It comes with five years warranty. It has an improved design with double traction plates to offer a proper grip and to increase efficiency and performance.

The chain comes with a micro-regulation system that provides great tensioning. Some of the key features of this chain are on-the-thread clearance, quick removal, easy to put on, self-centering removal, double traction plates, and self-tensioning. Besides, it comes with an innovative and unique color-coded touch design.


  • It is easy to install and remove.
  • Works beautifully and works for a long time.
  • It is lightweight and offers an excellent fit.
  • This chain offers great traction.
  • It is worth the extra money.
  • The selftightening ratchets are brilliant.


  • It does not have a quick external release.
  • This product is expensive.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For Thule Cross Over Pro SUV Tire Traction Chain

13. Security Chain with Quik Grip Light Truck Tire Chain for Snow

Lots of security features with these cable stratpsSecurity Chain with Quick Grip Tire Traction Chain is one of the best selling products. It comes with some developed features that include quick grip, base link chain, durability, and off and on-road use. If you want to buy a chain for multiple purposes, then this light Truck snow chain will be an ideal option for you.

It comes in a CAM style, and it is specially designed for every type of use. You can use it for passenger cars, airport transports, Garden tractor, forklift machines, snow blowers, and ATVs. This product has received appreciation for the proper grip, easy put on and removal system, and multi-uses.


  • It is a good heavy duty chain.
  • Easy to install and easy to tighten as well.
  • It offers a great fit and a perfect grip.
  • Will work great in winter.
  • This product offers great traction.


  • Some vibration might come while driving.
  • These are too small and might not fit all tires. Hence, make sure that you are aware of the size before buying one.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For Security Chain Quik Grip

14. Thule Low-Profile Traction Car Snow Chains for Passenger Vehicles

Automobile chains for your vehicleThule Low-Profile cars tire Snow Chain comes with five years warranty period. It is made of the superior high-quality steel that helps in comfortable riding and also improves the performance. It comes with the color-coded assembly points that make it easy for the installation.

Some of the key features that this Thule product have are an easy installation, easy removal, great traction, self-centering install, and self-tensioning. It is specifically designed to ride on the external surfaces of your tire. You need to lay the chain on the tire and attach the chain to a bolt and then activate the ratchet.


  • The Thule comes with a superior design and the latest engineering technology.
  • It can go well in all the weather conditions that you cannot expect from others.
  • Offers excellent ice and snow traction.
  • It actually self-adjusts with your tires after the proper fitting.
  • Easy to install and remove.


  • The ratchet mechanism is not that good, and it can easily break if you do not handle it carefully.
  • It is easier to put on but difficult to keep on.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For Thule Low-Profile Traction Tire Chain

15. Peerless AutoTrac Light TruckSUV Tire Chain for Snow

Key Truck tire chains for snowThe AutoTrac tire radial chain cable tire chain is received much appreciation from the users for some of its advanced features. As it comes with the self-tightening system, you will not have to make any effort for the proper fitting, adjustment, and the tightening.

Some of the key features of this chain are automatic tightening, centering, easy put on and easy removal within a couple of minutes, superior traction mat, cross-chain for a smooth ride, and meets the S clearance requirements as well. It comes with an easy to use and a convenient nylon carrying case.


  • It is easy to install and remove.
  • Worth buying as it meets all your requirements.
  • The radial tires traction is tremendous.
  • It offers a perfect grip on the ice and snows.
  • Comes with the self-tightening system.
  • It comes with a beautiful design.
  • Designed for Truck Tires


  • It does not come with an excellent mechanism as the ratchet stops working for no reason.
  • The size might not be proper for all the tires. Hence, make sure that you have a decent idea about the size of your vehicle’s tire and the traction chain. Otherwise, it will not fit well.
  • Very expensive.

=> Check Latest Price on Amazon For Peerless AutoTrac LT Traction Chain

Tire Chains For Snow Buying Guide

In some places where there is heavy snow during winter, the braking system might not be enough to get to a complete stop. Finding an alternative traction control or a quality chain for your car tires is a must during this extreme driving conditions. We have put together these excellent buyers guide to help make a better selection when it comes to snow chains.

Frequent drivers know the difficulty in navigating icy roads and heavy snow during the winter. During these conditions, one of the best ways of safely and efficiently driving is by installing snow chains on your vehicle’s tires.

Tip: Tire chains for snow are designed to increase tire traction in the most server road conditions.

What is a tire chain?

A lot of snow gets accumulated on several roads and freeways in winter, which soon turns into hardened ice over the days. This brings several problems for drivers as their vehicles either get stuck in snow or skid on icy, slippery surfaces. Tire chains are used to cover tires of cars while driving on ice-laden roads. Use of tire chains assists in traction mat of wheels and stops vehicles from skidding.

What to look for in tire chains for snow?

With so many options to choose from, selecting the right tire chain for you may prove to be a bit overwhelming. We conducted extensive research to make sure you have all the information to help you pick out the top tire chains for snow.

Before getting a tire chain for snow, there are some few considerations to take into account. Self-tensioning is one factor to consider. Self-tensioning tire chains utilize a ratchet to tighten the chains when the vehicle’s tires are in motion. You should also check for tire chains with an automatic release feature for easy removal.

The classification of tire chains is also an essential factor to consider. Some chains for snow are classified into alternative, standard, premium, and entry-level traction. Choose according to the level of traction you want. Other vital factors to consider may include your tire size, the material used to construct the chain, the weight of the chain, and installation process.

Which is better snow chains or snow cables?

Snow chains sport a mesh that is created with interconnected metal chain links. Snow cables, on the other hand, feature webbing that is formed by pieces of steel cable.
Snow chains are better. Snow chains are better than snow cables because they offer more traction, are more durable and can be frequently used as opposed to snow cables.

Do you need to put snow chains on all four tires?

For rear-wheel-drive car, you must install the tire chains on the rear tires. On front-wheel-drive cars, you must install the tire chains on the front tires. It is highly recommended, however, that you install snow chains on all four of your vehicle’s tires for maximum traction and safety.

How Tire Chains Work

Installing tire chains doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Almost all sets of tire chains come with installation instructions, and often manuals for a four-wheel drive, and similar features will specify which tires should be tired chain clad for maximum efficiency when operating in a given mode. Additionally, online tutorials offer brief videos and step-by-step advice which can be useful for first-time tire chain users.

Before installation, it’s essential to verify that the chains are indeed the right size for the tire. Make sure the sidewall of the tires are marked and they indicate the size with a combination of numbers and letters.One or two letters may come first and refer to the kind of vehicle-P for passenger, LT for light truck and the other three numbers that follow can refer to the tire’s width in millimeters.

The numbers which follow tire width refer to the tire’s width to height ratio. Then, the letter R will seem, to indicate radial-ply tires. Lastly, two numbers will refer to the rim diameter. Based on the plethora of information imprinted on the tire, selecting the correct size chain should be much more comfortable.

Advantages of Tire Chains For Snow

Whether you are driving in mud, snow, ice, or rain, tire chains are an excellent way to give your extra vehicle traction, providing additional safety for the most valuable cargo you have – yourself, other passengers, and your kids.

Before purchasing tire chains, ensure it is legal to apply them in your state. Once you have gotten which chains will get you to safety and the ones that will get you a ticket, drivers must then consult their owner’s manual to discover which kinds of chains can be utilized on their vehicle. The purchaser should also have in mind how he plans to use the chains (in mud or snow, etc…).

Different Types Of Tire Chains for Your Vehicle in Snow

Winter top tire chains for snowDrivers have several options to original. Some of the initial designs include diamond tire chains, cable tire chains, ladder tire chains, and V-Bar tire chains. Cable tire chains are economical, lightweight, and ideal for carriers with low fender clearance.

Every car owner should own snow chains for their autos. You might not use them often, but when snow weather comes around, they can make your driving much safer. Even if you own winter tires, it’s not a bad idea at all to keep a set to use when heavy snow storms. If you are to buy a new set, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different types available.

Cable Chains

Cable tire chains are the most common types of chains sold for personal vehicles. They are lightweight, and you can easily put them on without much effort. Some of the chains are constructed of metal strips that you can place directly onto the tires. These are secured using a rubber tightener, making them very simple to use on most types of tires. These may bring a little more, but cable traction chains typically last longer than other types of chains.

Ladder Chains

Ladder chains are considered to be an old design, but they can be very effective for truck traction control. These were an extremely popular type of chain during the last decade. While they have fallen from being the number one most preferred product, they are still popular in the marketplace. This ladder design goes directly over the tire’s tread. Their only disadvantage is that small spaces between the crossbars allow the tire to contact the road. We recommend these types of chains for individuals who only require driving short distances.

Diamond patterned

Diamond pattern chains are recommended for people that require to travel long distances frequently. These products use strands that interlock using a diamond pattern. Also, the chains cross the tread at angles allowing more coverage over a bigger surface. Another nice feature of the diamond-patterned chains is there is less vibration from them while driving.

Zig-zag patterned

Zig-zag pattern chains are commonly used on vehicles that have anti-lock brakes. The cables come with a zig-zag pattern that crosses the tire tread for better traction control. This creates what experts called “maximum contact with the road,” and it is known to offer better traction than other types of chains on the market.

How to Install Tire Chains for Snow

Keep your snow chains in your trunk during wintertime. Obviously, you have to learn how to put them efficiently. You do not want to wait to learn until you need them. Just keep in mind that the first time you try to put the chains on, it is going to require more time than usual. Don’t try to do this for the first time when it is freezing outside. 

Make sure that your automobile is parked away and far from traffic. Try using your garage or a parking lot just to be safe. Ensure that the chains haven’t tangled or twisted. It is important that the side that has the cleats of the chain should be facing up when installed. Start placing the chains over the top of the tire. Keep the chain as straight as possible and evenly distribute them over both sides. Make sure that the chain is secured around the tire. 

Use the latches that comes with the chains to secure them as tightly as you can to the sidewall. Drive a moderate distance, and get out and check to ensure the chains are secured. The wide array of tire chains enables drivers of all varieties of vehicles to guard themselves against dangerous driving conditions. While tire chains are meant to give more protection by providing better traction, drivers must make sure to follow all directions precisely to limit the chains from becoming a risk instead of aid.

Snow Chains Conclusion

Finding traction devices that fits your vehicle is not an easy task. Even though snow chains are designed to work with most of the vehicles antilocking braking systems, always check your car owners manual to make sure they are compatible. Winter driving is dangerous; therefore, you should always drive at speeds under 30 miles per hour. One of the key features on the premium products that we suggest to look for is the builtin rubber tensioners. Having a rubber tightener as a feature will allow you to have an easy installation and a practical manual tensioning system.

Truck tire chains work great for road surface snow mud or mud sand terrains. Most times a cable chain is suggested for truck and SUV tire use because of its durability. A snow chain cable can be used when you run out of gift ideas. Also, other gifts like a snow blower or a leaf blower will come in handy for anyone that owns a house. Snow chains are among the best traction control systems for car tires, but you have to make sure you drive al low speeds.

A combination of allwheel drive, winter tires, and snow chains can keep you safe during winter driving. Don’t forget to wear snow socks. Some chains are a must-have during the snow season, and are a simple device that may help save your life while driving on snow. With so many manufacturers and options to choose from, selecting a good tire chain is usually not easy. With this  information provided, you are now able to pick out the best snow chain for your needs easily.

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