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Top 10 Best Ski Racks For Car (Review & Guides)


Ski Racks are a place to stash ski gear. They can be helpful during the winter, which is when people like to go skiing. Ski racks are also crucial because they allow people to keep their gear safe while they are not using it.

The winter season is the best time to coast down a snowy hill, and you need rack. The type of rack that’s right for your needs depends on how much gear you want to carry with you, whether or not it fits in the trunk of your car.

Plus, the various ski roof racks are manufactured for the various functionalities tailor to different customers. You should select the best rack that is appropriate for your requirements.

Most ski racks should be easy to use and install. They should have the proper security systems that can protect your gear. The following ski rack review is a rundown of some of the best of this gear available.

Top 10 Best Ski Racks for Cars On the Market

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Yakima Fatcat Ski Racks and Snowboard Car Roof RackClick Here
Thule Snowpack Ski/Snowboard CarrierClick Here
SportRack Groomer Deluxe Ski CarrierClick Here
HandiRack Rakapak Inflatable Ski and Snowboard Car RackClick Here
Innos Gravity Roof Mounted Ski/Snowboard CarrierClick Here

1. Thule Universal Pull Top Snow Sport Carrier

Thule roof rack accessories universal fits

Key Features

  • Weight: 15.8 pounds
  • Mount up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards
  • Arm pull system that allows ski to pull in and out of roof
  • Easy to open with ski gloves

This Thule ski rack has a wide loading platform for four snowboards or six pairs of skis. It has telescoping arms that can be used for sliding the skis and snowboards from the roof to the side of the vehicle. It is long-lasting, and it has a black metal finish which also looks very good when mounted on your car.

The Thule 92726 snowboard and ski racks are the best way to get all your gear on top of your car. The telescoping pull tabs make loading bulky items simple, while the SpeedLink mounting system ensures it will stay in place through even the bumpiest terrain!

It’s easy to load and unload from the outside of your car with this roof rack. The locking mechanisms are great for security, although sliding it in and out can be tedious. It can adjust on both racks or a snowboard as well. It has a nice design which looks very good on the racks.

Moreover, it is one of the most popular roof rack systems available today. It’s easy to install, has flexible options for carrying skis and boards, comes with a no-hassle warranty, and looks great. The fit is not 100% perfect, but with little effort, you’ll have it fitted in just minutes. This model is created for fitting 4 pairs of skis or two pairs of snowboards at the same time in your car without any hassle.

2. Yakimas Skybox Carbonite – Best Cargo Box

Best universal Case Cover for roof cargo

Key Features

  • Weight: 64 pounds
  • Mount fat skis and snowboards up to 180 cm
  • The best roof box comes with a SKS lock system
  • Easy access to open from both sides of the rack

For those who are serious about their skiing, it pays to invest in a ski rack that is designed for your own safety. One wrong move with the skis could result in painful injuries, and you don’t want anything messing up your trip right when everything has been planned out so well.

Furthermore, the Carbonite textured lid is the sleekest way to pack your items in style. It has a aerodynamic design for easy loading and unloading, while its durability ensures that you’ll have it for a long time. It is constructed from high-density polyethylene for strength, while its aluminum construction ensures stability.

These cargo boxes are made of a durable material that is resistant to wear and tear. The internal lid stiffener allows easy opening, closing, and extended use, while the tapered design reduces hatch interference so it won’t happen again.

Moreover, the Yakima Skybox Carbonite is the best way to ensure that your gear will be where you left it. It features a sleek design that reduces drag, and its scratching resistant gel coat lets you continue with your plans without having to stress about any damage.

3. Yakima Fatcat Ski and Snowboard Carrier

Snowboard roof racks for cars

Key Features

  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Best roof carrier for up to four pairs of skis
  • Design includes a special clamp attachment
  • Easy to install with ease in just a breeze with gloves

Your maximum comfort is a priority, and you don’t want to deal with the noise of roadways. For your benefit, invest in an easy-to-install ski roof carrier that will keep you quiet while passing through bumpy roads. This rack can be acquired at a very reasonable price. It has a unique design that can accommodate all types of skis and snowboards.

Its sleek universal mounting system is not only stylish, but the aerodynamics also contribute to quieter rides. It offers a distinctive dynamic design that yields less noise when driving on the roadways. It comes with an understated yet modern appeal; while at its core, this vehicle was made for performance as well as everyday utility purposes.

With the OverHang clamp-mounting position, you can easily access your skis and boards. It comes with a load capacity of 165 pounds that is more than enough to load all types of gear, including snowboards. It also has an enhanced set of clamps for stability while providing optimal performance in terms of speed and durability overall.

With Yakima’s most recent design, this unit outperforms even its own products in many aspects. It is easy to use and durable. While some users find it hard to work with because of the long straps (shortening them can remedy that), there do not appear to be any major faults, according to most of their users.

4. Thules Snowpack Extender Snowboard Roof Rack

Thules best snow racks for car's roof screws well

Key Features

  • Weight: 11.24 pounds
  • Travel with up to six pairs of skis or four boards
  • Designed with special spring system to reduce height
  • Push button allows to open even with ski gloves on

The Thule SnowPack rack has been engineered with a low profile that will improve aerodynamics. Moreover, the smart vertical spring system enables the possibility of accommodating skis of all thicknesses firmly on top. It has a sleek design that looks good on most cars.

Plus, the Thule T-track feet are a great way to protect your vehicle’s roof and raise carriers. They can be used with all different types of racks, and they’re designed in such a sleek and solid manner with heavy-duty rubber inserts that will stack all of their gear safely.

The rack comes with integrated key locking mechanism that prevent theft, and the fast release makes it easy enough for anyone to offload their gear. If you are having difficulty finding a place to stash your skis in the winter season, then this rack is exactly what you are looking for.

Furthermore, the Thule SnowPack is a fantastic ski rack that has rubber arms to keep your car from getting scratched. It also comes with an in-built locking mechanism for extra security and safety, which is why it one of the best racks for the price.

5. Apex Ski4 Ski and Snowboard Rack Carriers

Apex Ski 4 amazing car roof carriers well design

Key Features

  • Weight: 14.8 pounds
  • Fits up to four skis or two boards
  • Easy to install on existing vehicle crossbar
  • Factory push buttons are large for a better grip

Your snowboard collection is worth more than just a pretty penny. But what if you’re transporting your gear to the slopes on those icy days or riding in that cramped car with other people? These rubber grips are here for exactly this reason. They hold onto all of your gear without causing any scratches at all.

The carrier is large enough to accommodate up to four pairs of skis and a further two snowboards, leaving your board feeling perfectly secure. The sturdy construction keeps the height firmly in place up until you need it, and that’s when this model excels.

A large button exists to allow the cargo carriers and racks to open easily. Its heavy-duty plastic and aluminum construction makes these ski roof racks last longer, perform better, and be more durable. This type of rack is designed to be lightweight and can carry up to 80 lbs. It’s incredibly simple to install on your vehicle.

With this easy-to-use rack, you will be able to leave your car with plenty of space available. With the quick-release mounting system, it can slide right on and off in just a few seconds which is incredibly convenient if you are ever running late or have trouble unlocking the door.

6. RockyMounts LiftOp Skis and Boards Roof Rack For a Car

Reliable Vehicle roof rack for powder skis

Key Features

  • Weight: 14.2 pounds
  • Rubberized racks fits 5 fat skis or 4 snowboards
  • The aerodynamic design improves gas mileage
  • Compatible with most European cars crossbar
  • Includes a T-track and the cable straps

These RockyMounts ski and snowboard racks make it easy to carry up to four pairs of skis or snowboards, and the process is as quiet and fuel-efficient. The one-touch loading/unloading button makes getting in and out quickly with no need for any extra tools.

More so, the plush padding on these racks helps to hold the snowboard securely in place. There are locks for added security, so you don’t have to concern about anyone stealing your gear! Well-designed flat top holders that mount onto any car, including Audi, Volvo BMWs, and more.

This rack is perfect for all your binding needs. The price point won’t break the bank, and installation couldn’t be easier with its simple instructions! You can use these racks in two ways, either as a small tower of tall bindings or one large central that will hold up to up to six pairs of skis.

With this option, security isn’t really an issue, but if there are worries about safety, then just make sure it’s locked away when not in use because thieves could easily cut through most cables within seconds. The oversized push button rapid-load system makes loading your skis and snowboards as easy as possible.

7. Thule Project Tram Hitch Mounted Ski and Boards Rack

Hitch mounted racks for car on the back of vehicle

Key Features

  • Weight: 29.6 pounds
  • The Thule Snowpack fits up to six pairs
  • Soft rubber arms to protect the products
  • Great option for those looking to save on gas mileage
  • Can be attached to any hitch receiver

These Thule racks are perfect for any car. They can be fit on just about any vehicle and make transportation easy when you need to take them with you or store them at home. Also, the rack is versatile enough that it holds up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards.

The new Project Tram Hitch Mounted Rack is here to make your days of carrying skis and snowboards more convenient. With its adjustable width, this rack can be used as a bike rack also! Buy one today for yourself or give it as the perfect gift idea for a friend. For its versatility, it is considered the best ski rack that attaches to the hitch receiver.

Some of the benefits of using this Thule hitch-mounted gear include the diversity, foldable model, and space to fit hiking gear. It is easy to install with quick installation techniques that keep your safety precautions intact such as leaving boots or goggles unused on brackets for the potential misuse by others.

These modern ski racks are typically installed in the rear of your vehicle, so it is hard to open and close your trunk. With this rack, it is very easy to access your vehicle’s back compartment with its foldable pattern that allows for a quick release when you are ready to go skiing yourself or need your stuff.

8. SPORTRACK Groomer Ski and Snowboard Racks

Sportrack vehicle roof racks well design for trucks

Key Features

  • Weight: 7.48 pounds
  • Mount is compatible with the SportRack rack system
  • The roof cargo comes with a lock system for extra security
  • Easy release buttons for skiers with gloves

This is a versatile ski and snowboard rack that allows the user to place six pairs of skis or four snowboards. It’s perfect for when you’re adventuring with friends and family members in winter! It is simple to use and can be installed in seconds.

The SportTrack ski racks are perfect for those who want a solution to their storage problems. With the installation done in a flash and instructions that anyone can follow, you’ll never have to concern about your gear being lost or damaged again.

Furthermore, the universal racks are made to open with a single push of the button, and rubber arms help ensure your skis don’t slip off. In addition, locks can supply higher levels of security for those concerned about their gear. It  attaches to any car when you needed to travel all weekend long for skiing events.

They also come with the same key system lock, which ensures no one but yourself is able to access it as well as attachments so any exterior accessories will fit right on without issue. These are a great rack to have if you want to travel with winter gear and other items. I couldn’t find any other rack that performed as well as the SportTrack racks.

9. Yakima Powderhound 6 Ski Rack Roof Cargo For Your Car

Easy to install roof racks for your vehicle

Key Features

  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Mount is compatible with most factory crossbar
  • The roof cargo rack comes with SKS locks
  • Yakima brand provides great solutions for skiers

Are you not a good skier or snowboarder? Don’t worry! This carrier helps you transport your gear without the burden of extra weight. This is cost-efficient, durable, and has universal mounting hardware so that you can use it on any crossbar with ease. There are soft rubber edges designed to protect the gear from scratches.

The button access point is a lifesaver for those who have cold fingers and wet hands because it allows them to get inside without having to take off the materials that cover both their feet and hand-coverings. Yakima went above and beyond with these ski and snowboard racks models to provide affordable, safe gear to the general public.

Also, the Yakima racks are known to be developed with high-quality materials. In this industry of snowboard racks, you need to provide quality products when it comes to exterior accessories. It has a powder-coated finish that makes it resistant to corrosion and rust. This feature will be great for people who use their vehicles in places where there might be salt and/or acid on the roads.

There are many other brands that don’t have this kind of coating, and they start to rust rather fast, causing you to replace your snowboard racks sooner than expected. In addition to this, Yakima Powderhound comes with rubber weather stripping, which helps prevent noise caused by wind resistance while cruising on the road.

10. Inno Racks Gravity Snow Rack and Ski Rack For Car

Well design Inno Gravitive Racks for your roof

Key Features

  • Weight: 15.9 pounds
  • Can transport up to 2 snowboards or 3 fat skis
  • The gravity universal mount is easy to install
  • Compatible with most factory bars

Do you have a lot of skis to take with you? This is the rack we like for our own use. It can hold three pairs or snowboards at once! The Innos gravity was made possible by its extra-wide cradle jaws that accommodate many gears, and it’s expedited by our bindings on the system as well.

This rack is fantastic for those looking to transport their gear on a long hike. It’s narrow and slimmer, making it easier than ever before! The dual-opening ensures that you can access your gear from all angles of the vehicle, no matter how much snow has accumulated in front or behind it this winter season.

More so, the snowboard rack is a great choice for vehicles that have high roof rails. It doesn’t need an additional booster system because it can be attached directly to the factory railings. What’s more, its versatile dual angle system that allows easy loading and ensures maximum capacity.

The Inno racks are a good option for anyone who has a home with limited space. It can be installed in less than an hour on any standard wall or ceiling, and it offers two adjustable-length arms to accommodate both shorter skis as well as longer boards like those used by longboarders. The arm features rounded edges so that you won’t have to worry about your gear getting damaged when loading up and unloading.

SportRack Roof Ski & Snowboard Rack

SportRack Roof Racks and well done accessories

This SportRack rack can be easily attacked to any vehicle rack system while it includes raiser blocks for support. There are locks which add to the layers of to protect your gear. The pros of this rack are that it performs well.

It is a versatile ski rack for your skiing requirements. However, the cons are that there are problems with the locking systems. Also it can hold only 2 skis which limit its efficacy. Not all racks comes with a secure installation system.

Here is where the SportRack roof rack excels by bringing an extra lock feature that secures your snowboard and skis. Also, before you make the final purchase confirm if these ski and snowboard racks fits your car. Although, there are know for being an universal fit for most standard vehicles racks, some users have had issues with size.

Rhino Rack Ski Carrier & Snowboard Universal Racks

Roof racks that can fit thicker skis

The Rhino rack carriers are a unique roof rack that allows the user to carry 2 skis, which is ideal for those looking for an extra treat or in an eventuality. It is safe and secure for skis or snowboards. There is extra security through the key locking system.

Moreover, it has a soft rubber molding that can be used to protect the gear that is mounted. The Rhino ski roof rack comes with a lifetime warranty while it also has a fit kit that enables the user to attach any cross bar.

One advantage of this Rhino rack carrier is that it can be fit perfectly while it helps to make it easy for traveling. Also, it comes with great quality mounting system that can hold up too four snowboards and 6 pair of skis.

TMS Jbar Racks Locking Ski and Snowboard

Top Ski rack adapter for universal equiptment for car ski

Traveling with your skis ought never to be a life and death affair. It is indeed possible for you to enjoy the highest level of comfort in the course of doing so. That, unfortunately, can only happen if you choose to work with this one that is equipped with adjustable padding.

Keep in mind that this is a roof rack for other exterior accessories such as Canoe Boat, and long surf boards. Apart from the comfort, the gear also provides awesome strength and adequate protection. The extra-wide mouth J bar makes for easier loading and unloading of the cargo.

All these attach to the quick on/off hardware that manages faster installations and removals. That way, they also cut short the operations time. Great well design gear to buy for canoe transportation.

Best Ski Rack For Cars Prime Buying Guide

Finding the right car ski racks is definitely a significant step you ought to take. That is primarily because the one you choose to work with has the impacts of making or breaking the situation. To make the most suitable choice, you have to care for a number of factors.

How to Choose a Ski Rack for Car

We dedicate the proceeding segments of our discussions to the finer details of these factors. It can be complicated picking the right ski roof rack for your specifications. Listed and explained below are some of the factors that you must look into before buying a ski rack:


This refers to the manner in which the boards conjoin and work with the skis. It is necessary that you choose tools that have the capability to fit and work without undue hassles.


It is not uncommon for you to sustain injuries and scratches in the course of the use of these pieces of gear. To be on the safe side, you have to select that one which contains many security apparatus. Pick a ski and snowboard carrier that enforces security grip.

Racks Capacity

Different racks have different capacities. You should settle on that one that is sufficiently spacious enough to handle all of your hauling needs at one go. Depending on how much weight your ski rack may vary. Look into the car ski and snowboard racks specs for more precise cargo capacity.

Roof Rack Gear Looks

As a bonus, it is always recommended that the rack of choice be able to add some beauty and elegance to you. That is why you have to emphasize the roof rack looks and structural appeals.

Different Type of Car Ski Racks

Like any other piece of equipment, these car racks also come in varied shades and forms. These variations have a role in determining their functionality and relevance. That is why it pays to get to know more about them. Find the top types of racks identified and explained here below.

  • Cargo Boxes: As their names imply, these ones are shaped in the form of a box. They subsequently provide extra space for your own consideration and subsequent use. Roof cargo boxes offer limited carrying capacity.
  • Roof Racks: These ones are attached to the roofs of cars. They are subsequently mainly used for long haul applications that entail driving for far too long. With the open concept the ski and snowboard racks have wider space to carry longer skis and snowboards.
  • Hitch Racks: To make use of these, you will have to mount them using a hitch or any other accessory. They are easier to transport as they do not require that you dedicate whole portions of your cars to their handling. A hitch rack is versatile because you can carry a bike, skis, or snowboard in most cases.

Ski Racks for Car F.A.Q.

Ski equipment with boots and ski poles perfect to fit on a ski rackWe now round up our discussions here by examining some of the frequently asked questions that surround the rooftop racks topic of study:

How do you use a skis rack?

After the ski rack is installed, then using the equipment is not as hard as you think. Follow these procedures to actualize that:

  1. Select the most suitable size for your task
  2. Mount it appropriately on your vehicle
  3. Fit it appropriately
  4. Deploy it for your use

This is because we are assuming that the roof rack is already installed. If you haven’t installed the ski rack yest, then the following video can help you on installing a Thule ski rack:

Can I tie a snowboard with my ski rack?

YES, you can! There is a catch though. For this to happen, you have to pad the roof of the rack to make it softer and scratch-free. Then tighten the two items firmly using a chain to see to it that they do not fidget at all while on the move. Make sure the rack fits your snowboard mount. Also, both hitch mounted racks and roof racks come with support for snowboard and skis.

Do I need a professional to install my rooftop ski rack?

Not necessarily! All you have to do is carry out a few practice sessions and you will be sorted out. In case you have no expertise, consider bringing in an expert though. Aluminum universal roof carrier are simple to install, and they are lighter weight so it improves gas mileage. Brands like Yakima and Thule are known for producing easy installation products.

Should I get a roof mounted rack or a cargo box?

If you can afford cargo boxes like the Yakima Skybox, go with this option. Cargo boxes allows you to transport more gear, and they are overall more secure than a regular rack. Keep in mind that the cargo box will have more weight than a regular rack.

So if you don’t want to carry ski and snowboard without covers then this is your best bet. On the other hand, a regular rack will allow you to carry more pairs of skis that a box. Note: You can also use bike racks to carry skis.

A mounted ski rack is known to provide better gas performance. You’re sacrificing the benefits of extra storage for ease of installation. For example, the FatCat mounted ski rack is way easier to install than the Yakima Cargo Box.


Our look into the top ski racks for cars comes to an end there. We now pass the buck to you to implement the recommendations thereof. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you prioritize the ones we have reviewed above. They are the best ones that money can buy at the moment.

Some AA products ski and snowboard carriers can also be used as a bike rack. Remember to pick a roof rack that has outstanding ratings like the Thule Ski Roof Racks and Yakima Ski Roof Rack brands. Now you are an expert on how to choose a ski rack, pick a rack that fits your budget and needs.

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