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Best Waterproof Car Covers (Top Picks & Guide)


After acquiring your car, a waterproof cover is among the most essential accessories that you should seek to purchase. The best waterproof car covers offer optimum protection for your car from adverse effects of the rain that include corrosion, among others.

Not only will it save you from the unnecessary expense of undertaking a new paint job, but as well enables you to maintain the car’s original paint and its shine. You to park your car outside the house during the rainy season without the need to seek to hire a garage that would be an added expense to your expenditure.

Why waterproof covers for your car? In summer times, rain is frequent. This comes with corrosive elements that wear out the paint job on your car. During the rainy season, debris, leaves, and flowers settle on the vehicle and start rotting if the vehicle is parked for prolonged periods.

All of these above mentioned topics will cause harm to the the car’s paint and may also corrode the metalwork on the car. Eventually this results in incurring exposes that would otherwise have been avoided.

Best Waterproof Car Covers for Automobiles

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Autsop 6 Layer Waterproof All Weather Mid Size Sedan Car CoverClick Here
Leader Accessories Platinum Guard Gray 7 Layer Super Soft Car CoverClick Here
OxGord Signature Car Cover 5 LayerPly Duty with Fleece Inner LiningClick Here
Audew Car Cover Breathable Outdoor Indoor Covers For SedanClick Here
Classic Accessories Overdrive Polypro Car CoverClick Here

Planning to a ply a rainy area or road? You must acquire and make use of waterproof covers. These are items that shield your car from the intrusion of ambient moisture and precipitation.

Being waterproof, they also resist the water damages and other harms that ordinarily come along. Our reviews here endeavor to pay more attention to them. Here are a few of the leading cover for cars available.

1. Autsop 6 Layer Waterproof All Weather Mid Size Sedan

Autsop 6 foto with UV waterproof car covers

Is yours a mid-size sedan car? This is the ideal cover for cars. Its size is moderate enough to be in the position to cover such cars entirely. Further to that, it also comprises all the trappings necessary to cover your car entirely. The reflective strip stands out of all these trappings.

They see to it that your car is clearly visible even during the times of low illumination. That way, it is possible for your car to be noticed in the dark and in the moments of emergencies. Door zippers exists on the side of the driver. This one fits your vehicle and provides outdoor UV protection.

2. Kaymes Car Cover UV Protection With Zipper

Kaymes waterproof car covers

If you frequent an area that experiences excessive levels of sunshine, you want a cover that is able to guard against the harmful ultraviolet radiation as well. Place your bet on this kayme four layers waterproof cover as it is the one that is designed for that. Several other factors combine to make it elegant.

A zippered door, reflective strip, windproof buckle, and elastic character are these. Together, they allow for easy entry and exit, clear visibility even when in the dark, ability to stretch and accommodate larger items, and tighter fastening. The double stitch seams are of good quality in this weatherproof car covers.

3. Leader Accessories Xtreme Guard Waterproof Car Cover

Nice breathable waterproof car cover

Obviously, it is not the water alone that may pose some damages to your vehicle. There are other pollutants that may also damage your car if not well-taken care of. Harmful ultraviolet radiation, dirt, snow, dust, industrial pollutants, and ice are top examples of these. Also, the leader accessories car cover are scratch resistant.

For your utmost peace of mind, you want a cover that is universal. Pick this one and have all of your problems sorted out completely. It protects your car from all the agents of pollution we have looked into. Some intense makeup also exists to lengthen its lifespan and exude maximum convenience.

4. Oxgord Executive Stormproof 4-layer Car Covers

Amazing universal fit waterproof car covers

Do you have many cars in your home or possession? You definitely want a cover that adjusts to respond to the unique sizes of the cars you have in mind. It is only then that you will be able to enjoy some peace of mind. Great outdoor protection, and scratch resistant with the different layers car cover.

Look up to this Oxgord car cover as it is the one that enables that feat to be realized. Its flagship trait is the ability to stretch using incremental sizing. This sizing is what makes it capable of covering different kinds of vehicles. To add to these, the cover itself confers seven different layers of protection to your vehicles.

This is a top class and eco-friendly cover. Made from biodegradable and eco-friendly materials, the cover offers maximum protection for the car. The covers come with customizable options to allow for a tight fit for the car and offer maximum protection. For safe storage after use, the cover comes with a beautiful storage bag.

5. Audew Car Cover Breathable Outdoor Indoor Covers

Best SUV suns uv rays waterproof car cover

This heavy duty covers for your vehicle can efficiently prevent damages in the interior of your car without the use of a windshield dash cover. The silver reflecting UV protective design can not only protect your car from UV rays but also prevents scratches on your paint job from friction. Also, a simple strap and buckle lock in system that allows easy installation when you are trying to cover your vehicle in windy situations.

The Audew is not a universal car cover, but it comes in various sizes (L, XL, XXL). The Large (L) size cover fits a sedan car with a range from 177 to 191 inch in length. The Extra Large (XL) size cover fits an SUV car with a range from 191 to 201 inch in length. Also, the Double Extra Large (XXL) size SUV cover can fit larger vehicles with a range of 201 to 212. This particular cover fits sedans, but once you click on the link, you would be able to select other options.

6. Kapsco Moto’s True-Superior Waterproof Car Cover

Kapsco Waterproof Car covers

This water resistant car cover is ideal when storing your car for extended periods of time. The cover comes in dimensions of 210” x 70” x 47”. Created of strong material, the cover has the ability to withstand effects of frost, snow, and other wet conditions that might affect your car. It forms an ideal choice for the underground storage of the car.

Also, its large size also allows for coverage of large car models, including sedans, among others. It’s designed with inner ultra-soft cotton to protect the car from scratches and abrasion. This cover also comes with a handy bag that allows for easy storage when not in use.

7. Leader Accessories Waterproof Car Cover

Leader accessories waterproof covers for cars

Among the top waterproof car covers available for this season, it offers more than just protection from the rain. The cover is designed with a soft fabric which enables the car to remain scratch free while in the parking. Also, it comes with an advanced feature that includes antenna reinforced patch that ensures the car’s antenna remains in place and safe during the storage.

The bottom elastic hems of the cover give a perfect fit for the cover and ensure it cannot be blown away by harsh winds. It comes with a snug fit storage bag that is used to store the cover safely after use. Although it does not come with mirror pocket space, the reinforced seams do a great job on these breathable dust prevention car covers.

8. Rain-X Beige All Weather Waterproof Car Covers

Rainx Waterproof Covers For Cars

This is high quality and among the top waterproof car covers. Its extra-large creation with soft fabric makes it an ideal choice for car protection against adverse weather-shield hp effects. The soft fabric of the cover ensures the car remains safe from scratches. Removal and attachment of the cover are easy and swift, a factor enhanced by tie-down straps and an elasticized hem. An antenna pitch offers extra protection during the period of storage.

9. Coverking Stormproof American Made Waterproof Car Covers

Coverking Waterproof Covers For Cars

A product from a leading brand manufacturer Cover-king, it is made of thick polypropylene material. The material is ultra-soft on the car, ensuring the utmost safety for the car from the scratches. The material used in the creation of this product ensures any external moisture is repelled while any wetness on the inner part is expelled, leaving no room for the formation of molds and mildew. Its manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on the purchase of the product to cater for any defects that may arise.

10. Budge Lite Car Cover and SUV Waterproof Car Covers

Budge Waterproof Cover For cars

Created for use with large cars, this cover is created as an exclusive feature for SUVs owing to its spacious size. It measures in dimensions of 210” x 68” x 60” inch in length. Also, it is created of a triple-layer material that is capable of withstanding high-intensity rainfall. This is alongside its soft inner that will keeps your car safe from scratches.

The model UB-2 Budge Lite was designed with elastic hems that protects your vehicle in windy conditions. Also, the dual layer material is UV resistant and water resistant. Also, it contains polypropylene to protect your SUV car from the harmful UV rays. If you recently got a new vehicle paint job on your SUV, then the Budge B2 satin stretch cover system will provide indoor storage protection.

11. OxGord Signature Car Cover Waterproof with 5 Layers

Oxgord waterproof car covers

Created of polypropylene material, this is an ideal car protection cover for outdoor parking. It is designed with a PVC coating that makes it totally impossible to be penetrated by rainwater. The inner parts of the cover are lined with soft fleece for protection against scratches.

The most outstanding feature of this cover is the grommet holes that allow to provision for locks, ropes, and strings to secure the cover. On purchase, the Oxgords executive cover is provided with a great storage bag that allows for easy storage when not in use.

Nevertheless, the OxGords company is trusted in the automotive industry. Their signature product has lots of resistance, especially if you want to protect your car against strong wind gusts. It was designed with breathable fabric that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Also, the snugly fit five-layer car cover fits cars up to 204 inches of length.

12. Duck Covers Weather Defender Outdoor Truck Covers

Waterproof car covers best of the best for SUV's

This is a waterproof all-weather protection car cover, and it comes large enough to cater for SUVs as well as medium-sized cars. For optimum protection, the cover is created of a 4-layer fabric that makes an adverse effect of the weather to penetrate and harm the car. Also, the snugly fit protects both the front and rear bumper of your truck from the suns UV rays. Look for door zippers in this model that allows a better cover secure.

13. GUNHYI Automobiles Waterproof Car Cover

Waterproof covers for car Protects your paint job

The GUNHYI cover is one of the most unique and user-friendly pieces, and this cover is made from oxford materials that are secure enough to withstand any effects of extreme weather. It is made of protective clothing layers alongside a soft inner material. Either than extreme weather conditions, it also protects the car from scratches and any other harm. It is one of the most durable cover outdoor auto protector in the modern market.

14. FH Group C501M Umbrella Fabric Covers

Waterproof car covers that protects your car

A product from the renown FH brand, this is a long-lasting piece that offers excellent value for its cost. The cover is made of a specially treated polyester material that comes with a silver lining. The inner fabric consists of soft and durable material to offer protection against scratches. The edges of this protection cover are double stitched to make it stronger and provide maximum protection.

15. Classic Accessories Overdrive Polypro WaterCar Cover

Best rv trailer waterproof car cover

This weather car cover is appropriately suited for the trailers as it is lengthier and larger in size. When stretched out, the cover spans 22-24 feet long and a whopping 118 inches high from the ground to the roof. At its front and rear are some adjustable tension panels.

These ones change their sizes to confer maximum coverage to the trailer. They work hand in hand with an elasticized hem corners to confer snugly fits. A vent also exists to reduce the lofting of the wind and penetration of exterior moisture into the tent. These two make for complete protection from water.


New Patented Hail Cover System

Hailstorms often strike without warning. As a matter of fact, they arise while at work, at home, or when stuck in traffic. It is only a fair thing to find a cover that is compact and mobile enough to carry around wherever the need may so dictate.

This is the cover to rely on. Not only is it agile but also sturdy enough. One distinctive aspect of this cover is its highly breathable nature. By virtue of comprising numerous pores and perforations, the cover allows for the smooth exchange of gases.

Other than water, the cars may also often suffer hail damages. This one calls for the use of covers that are also stronger to be able to counter the heavy impounds. Here is the best hail protector cover system you may want to bank your hopes on.

Best Waterproof Car Covers Buying Guide

Finding the right waterproof cover is just as good as the cover itself. That is why we have now seen it necessary to provide the guidance and insight you need to go about the issue well. A good cover has to fall within your budget space, be sufficiently large to impact the entire vehicle, and thick enough to accord wholesome protection, to name but a few!

How to Choose Your Waterproof Cover?

Your car is a pricey possession. It requires to be protected at all costs to ensure it is in a position to offer the services for which it was acquired. Choosing the top waterproof car covers is one of the most important steps to ensure the car is protected and in such a way, avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

 How to keep cats off your car to prevent scratches.

Different Types of Customer Waterproof Car Cover

Mostly, there are two basic types of car covers: indoor and outdoor. Each of these covers has a different role and offers excellent protection to your car under various conditions. Many people think that a garage is a safe place for your car, but even in there, it may be subject to minor bumps and scratches.

The indoor covers help to protect your car from these damages and also shield the paint finish from the dust that takes their toll on the shine of your car. On the other hand, if you are going to park your car outside in the open, an outdoor cover will come in handy to protect your car from the harsh weather, falling branches, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays.

Depending upon the planned use of a car cover, it is essential to choose the right type. An indoor cover will not offer the kind of protection needed for a car parked outside. Likewise, an outdoor cover may not offer the protection needed indoors. This is primarily due to the materials used in the manufacture of these extremely different cover types.

  • Indoor Car Cover: So, what type of fabric offers indoor vehicle protection? If you are going to be parking your vehicle indoors, it is best to buy covers made out of heavy flannel. This material provides excellent protection against dents and dings, as well as dirt and dust. This type of indoor car cover is unique to show cars.
  • Outdoor Car Cover: So, what is the best outdoor cover material? Though relatively expensive, outdoor covers made with acrylic fibers offer superior weather protection. This fabric is especially suitable for intense sunlight areas such as in Arizona. The acrylic fiber car covers are durable, long-lasting, fade-resistant, and waterproof.

Some cheaper variety of car covers, ones that are made of polyester and cotton, can also be used to offer fundamental protection indoors. Additionally, poly-cotton material is suitable for indoor use and is 100 percent breathable, which will prevent condensation from building up underneath the cover. Some of these materials will even protect your car from harmful UV rays and are water resistant.

What to Look For in a Waterproof Car Cover

Here are the key features to look for on the latest popular covers:

Materials and Styles

Buying a Van cover is often given very little research before purchase. Some even buy cheaper quality covers and expect great results. The value of a good cover can oftentimes only be appreciated by someone whose car wasn’t damaged because they used the right type of cover – or by someone who regrets buying a cheap car cover because their vehicle did get damaged!

Car covers come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Choosing which one will fit your needs will depend on certain factors such as where you live and what is the purpose of the cover. There are three basic types of car covers, and they are waterproof, water resistant, and not water resistant. You will have to decide which will work best for your situation.

Plastic coated

The waterproof all weather car covers are usually made of plastic film or plastic coated fabric. These types of covers will keep the rain off of your vehicle. However, the downside to this type is that it can trap condensation between the cover and your vehicle. The moisture that is trapped can attack the car’s finish and cause more damage than if you had left the car uncovered.

The plastic type of cover can be useful if you store your car over the winter months inside a garage. If you use a flannel cloth cover against the car’s surface and then use a plastic one as an outer protective shield. The flannel cover will keep moisture off of the car, and the outer plastic cover adds a tough protective layer to help keep out the cold and any small critters who want to get inside the car.

Breathable Materials

This is a water resistant car cover and is also referred to as a breathable type of cover that is one of the most common covers used today. You can find water resistant covers in a variety of colors, weights, and types. These types of covers repel most of the water and also allow air to circulate, which prevents condensation. They will protect your car’s paint job from the harmful rays of the sun. Most of these types of covers have ultraviolet screens woven into the mesh and are usually mildew resistant.

Cotton and polyester

Car covers that are made of cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester are available in a flannel style. These types of covers are not usually waterproof and should not be used outside for long periods of time. The flannel covers are made for indoor use and are gentle on the paint of your car. If you store your car over on a storage place during the winter or only use it occasionally, an indoor flannel cover is a right choice.


These items are definitely not without their fair share of contentions. It is hence, a wise thing to explore some of the frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.

Do car covers trap moisture?

Not really! For a large part, these covers are water-resistant. On account of this makeup, they only channel away from the water that falls on them rather than absorbing the same. It is noteworthy, though, that not all of them are able to do so. Some, in fact, have the ability to trap the moisture.

Should car covers be waterproof windproof?

Ideally, they should! That arrangement sees to it that all the surface moisture is channeled away and prevented from seeping into the fabrics that make the cover-up.

At the same time, it guarantees the dryness of the item that is covered underneath. Lastly, the waterproof stature also guards against the growth of molds and mildew, as well as the adverse weather conditions.

Which is the best ideal fabric to cover your cars paint?

There are many different types of car covers available in a variety of fabrics. If you park your car on a quiet street or in your driveway, you will probably want lightweight outdoor weather protection.

If you cover and uncover your car frequently, a light weight cover is more comfortable to remove. It is also will fold up quickly and can be stored in a small space. Also, If you park your car in crowded parking lots or on busy streets with a lot of traffic, a heavyweight outdoor cover will be the right choice for you.

A thicker cover will offer some dent and ding protection. No matter what type of vehicle you have, you will be able to find a custom fitted cover that will protect your unique pride and joy. Polyester works excellent to protect your paint from bird droppings.


Outdoor car covers are made for open-air cars, and indoor covers are made for indoor cars. Whereas the former is designed to protect the vehicle from water that will cause corrosion, an indoor cover is designed not only to keep fine dust out but also to allow the heat from the engine to escape.

No matter why your car is indoors, even if for prolonged storage, an indoor cover is essential to protect against dust dirt accumulation on the driver door, and rain snow. We did not include any motorcycle covers or windshield covers on this guide.

We focused our attention on covers that can protect your car from indoor and outdoor situations. We added a weather hail protector car cover system to this post. If you have an older car model, look for the antenna patch feature.

Our post allows to check latest price on Amazon by following our links. Another reputable brand is the Motor Trends, they have great products like the motor trend 4-layer 4-season cover, or the other car breathable covers. Make sure you check out our tonneau covers guide.

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Johnathan Smith
Johnathan Smith
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Among the Top 10 Best waterproof car covers in 2016 of your list, I did try OxGord’s Waterproof 5-Layer car cover. It is quite wonderful with the long durability.

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