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How to Keep Cats Off Your Car


Cats love to bask in the sun, on warm surfaces, and in places where they can observe their surroundings. You probably noticed many cats sitting in a sunny window looking out on the world from a safe location. Stray cats, as well as neighborhood cats, also love to sit on your car, especially when the engine is still warm. If you are noticing paw prints all over your car, it is probably a neighbor cat or a stray that was enjoying a little R&R. How to keep cats off your car? In this article, you can find the answer.

Best Ways to Keep Any Cat off Car

There are several cat repelling products available to stop cats from jumping onto your car. Many pet stores carry these products.

Natural cat repellent spray

Natural Cat Repellent SprayThere are natural cat replant sprays and powders that can be purchased, which do not harm the cat. These sprays may deter most cats from around your car. Every cat is different, and while sprays work for some cats, these sprays may not work for others.

Start by spraying the cat repellant around the car. If spraying around the car not work, you may need to spray the repellant on the hood of your car. Make sure you purchase one that does not harm the paint or wax job on the car. If you are concerned about spots on your car, you may want to try another solution.

Motion activated sprinklers

Motion activated sprinklersCats hate water, and a motion activated sprinkler sprays water whenever motion is detected. Cats and other animals, as well as humans, can trigger the sprinkler. The water sprays out suddenly and scares off the offending animal. Motion-controlled sprinklers work well unless you are concerned about water spots on the hood of your car or getting the neighbors accidentally wet when walking up the driveway to say hello. As soon as the sprinkler turns on the cat leaves, the only problem is that this method can increase your water bill.

Ultrasonic animal repellent motion sensor sound devices

Ultrasonic animal repellent motion sensor sound devicesThese ultrasonic sound devices turn on whenever motion is sensed. These devices emit a high-frequency sound which cats are susceptible to and make it unpleasant to hang around in the area. These devices drive away from most cats in the area and only operate when some kind of motion is detected. The frequency of the sound is beyond the level of human hearing and does not bother you or the neighbors. These ultrasonic animal repellent units can be purchased online or at your local pet store.

Scarecrow motion activated lights

Scarecrow motion activated lightsIf your problem with cats on your car is mainly at night when it is dark, a scarecrow with motion-activated lights may do the job for you. The lights come on suddenly and may scare the cat, causing it to go elsewhere. One concern many people have with this approach is that the activation of the lights may bother your own family or your neighbors if the device is being activated often. Cats, dogs, birds, and other animals can trigger the lights during the night. The cat behavior changes with this product, especially if the animal likes to sit on cars.

Orange essential oil spray bottle

Orange essential oil spray bottleIn general, cats do not like the smell of citrus. You can either make your own or purchase essential orange sprays in a bottle to use to deter cats from the area of your car, as well as your garden. Citrus is also acidic and should not be sprayed on your vehicle to avoid potentially damaging the paint and wax of your vehicle. Water droplets containing citrus may leave water spots on your vehicle that can be difficult to remove. Orang essential is an effective method to keep cat off car.

Repel cats with a training mat

Trainning mat for catsTraining mats that provide static noise beeps, and some consumers are using even shocks at various levels. According to reviews, these mats do an excellent job of keeping cats away from specific areas. The mats are powered by a battery and could be placed on your car’s hood to keep the cats away. Another advantage is the mat can be used indoors if there are areas your pet needs to stay away from, e.g., countertops. Cat’s like to sit on cars, with a training mat you car avoid cat scratches from the paint on your car.

Duranom outdoor solar powered motion detector repellent devices

Solar powered repellent devicesSolar-powered motion detector devices such as the Duranom work with many animals in addition to cats. When the motion sensor picks something up, an ultrasound pet alarm is emitted. Some products can withstand light rain, while others are not waterproof. In addition to keeping cats off of your car, the unit also dispels other animals that may be in the area. The unit can cover a wide area with proper orientation.

Dry herbs cayenne pepper or chili flakes

Cayenne pepper or chili flakesCats do not like the odor from dried herbs, cayenne pepper, or chili flakes. Sprinkling these around the car should keep the cats away from your car and the area. Treatments should be repeated after rain and also after windy conditions, which may have scattered the herbs. A few flakes could even be placed in the windshield wiper blade well of your car. Avoid flakes getting on your paint due to potential damage to the paint in wet conditions. If the cats on your car scare, apply the dry herbs around the car to protect your cars paint.

Use car covers to protect your car

While car covers can be cumbersome, car covers are useful. These covers protect your cars finish from dirt and rain as well as scratches on your car from cats. Cats may still climb onto your car. However, there is no damage with the cover in place. An additional advantage of the cover is that it keeps dirt and grime off of your car while it is parked. If your automobile is going to sit for a week or longer, a car cover can be an effective solution.

Place a Loraffe animal repeller under the hood of your car

Animal repeller under the hood of your carA Loraffe animal repeller emits an ultrasonic sound along with LED strobe lights to repel animals from under your car. Manufacturers advertise these devices repelling mice, rats, chipmunks, and squirrels. However, these devices work in the same manner as other tools that repel larger animals. These devices are connected to your car’s battery and shut off if the battery falls below a specified voltage. There should be no danger of draining your battery. Installation is straight forward.

Ask neighbors to train the cats

If your neighbor cat climbs your car, you can always ask your neighbors to keep their cats inside or train their cats to stay off your car. Many people would be offended. The cat’s owner might also indicate that the cat in question cannot be controlled while it is outside. Most people find it is better deploying some of the solutions mentioned in this post compared to creating friction with neighbors. Cats are very independent and challenging to train, especially if the neighbor is not motivated. You may also threaten to call animal control. However, this step carries the risk of creating added conflict with your neighbor.


How do I stop my cat from jumping on my car?

There are multiple solutions that can work for consumers to keep cats from jumping onto your car hood or the roof of your car. Herbs, essential oils, ultrasonic devices, motion-sensitive water sprinklers are among some of the solutions for short term requirements. Owners may also use car covers to protect their car from cats and other rodents damaging their car. Some owners use their keyless entry FOBS to scare cats with the horn. This may also annoy the neighbors. Cat scratches on car hoods leave an unsightly mess, which can be challenging to repair.

What is the best product to keep cats off my roof?

Cats are very independent. There is no one product that works in every situation. Consumers may need to experiment with various products before finding something that works. We suggest that starting with inexpensive herbs or citrus products before deploying more expensive motion sensor ultrasonic and LED flashing devices. Cats leave scratches, especially if their claws are not trimmed. Avoid damaging your car and try these solutions until you find something that works.

Tips to Protect Your car from cats

No one wants to see footprints all over the hood of their car from cats or other animals. Their claws may also scratch the car damaging the car’s paint in addition to leaving these footprints. You may want to cover your car or keep the car inside. Herbs and citrus work with some cats, while flashing LEDs with ultrasonic sound emitters also work.

Keep cats away from your car and home, so you do not have to smell the cat’s urine as well. Try various approaches until you find the right one to keep cats off my car. You can always leave your car inside your garage that is proven to be cheap and easy. An ultrasound pet alarm would be the most efficient way to keep the “smell cat” of your car.


A motion activated sprinkler will get rid of cats, but it can increase your water bill. A cheap and easy method is to cover your car or to leave your car inside. Now you know many ways to avoid damage paint from cats that are climbing onto your vehicle. Repellent devices are an effective method that cats hate. As soon as you see paw prints near your automobile, you immediately purchase any of the above mention solutions on how to keep cats off your car.

You can also ask your neighbors a free way to train cats. It is cheaper to pay a trainer to get a complete paint job on your car. Now you know multiple ways of preventing cats from climbing onto your automobile. The cat behavior will determine what the most effective method is. Also, an ultrasonic animal repellent is a cheap and natural product that can be applied around the car.

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