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A lot of the newer higher end cars come with a built in reversing camera system. The camera shows the driver an image from the rear of the car, making reversing into small spaces much easier, and shown obstructions that may not be visible in the mirrors. Reversing Camera are now available for vehicles that did not come with a reversing camera fitted as standard. This guide will help you to understand some of the options available, and how they can be fitted to your car, van or truck.

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1. Podofo Foldable Wireless Backup Camera

They come in extremely handy especially for drivers of large sized vehicles. Reversing cameras do not only help you while parking your vehicle but they also come in handy when changing lanes.

The latest line of reversing camera systems has a host of beneficial features to offer. Most of the cameras are developed with a universal clip on style that allows you to fit the camera on the rear view mirrors of all types of cars. The cameras feature a two way video input with a DVD or VCD player.

One of the most beneficial features is the auto switch option. This allows you to set your reversing camera in such a way that as soon as you put your car in the reverse gear the display automatically comes on to give you a view of the back. Some of the most advanced reversing camera designs are such that can be used as normal rear view mirrors when not powered on. They will give you a broadened view of the back with an anti glare treatment the whole time your monitor is powered off. You also have the option to go for Bluetooth function in order to reap additional benefits.

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2. AUTO-VOX HD Car Rear View Backup Camera

This new model has the largest display screen that you will be able to find is seven inches wide. A screen wider than this would not be practical to fit in passenger vehicles. At times the display monitor could be larger in case of larger vehicles.

Since the reversing camera is mounted on the rear end of the exterior of the car it needs to be built in such a manner that it can sustain extreme weather changes. You will find the top of the line cameras to be waterproof with the ability to function in extreme climatic conditions.

You have an option to go for black and white or colored reversing cameras. Although the black and white camera suffices to give a comprehensive view of the rear, the colored camera will be able to give you a far clearer picture. Furthermore you need to ensure that the camera you go for has night vision capability. This is because it is far more difficult to sight small objects at night and this is the time when you need the reversing camera most.

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3. Backup Camera and Monitor Kit For Car

Reversing cameras incorporate the use of infrared technology to give you crystal clear vision during night time and in this way you can make sure you don’t cause any damage to your vehicle as well as other people’s property.

You will be able to find reversing cameras in a variety of mounting styles ranging from the flush mounted to row mounted styles. Furthermore you can make use of color coded reversing cameras that will blend in with the color of your car. This will make almost unnoticeable from the outside while they will give you a clear rear view on the inside.

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4. LeeKooLuu reverse camera

They come with a display monitor installed on the dashboard so the driver can see what is behind his car. This way, reversing is safer and easier. It means no more bumping into shopping carts at the parking lot or into other vehicles.

It is easy to fit a reverse camera on your car. It is, however, wiser to leave the job to the professionals. This is especially true when the camera requires some cutting in the bodywork of your car. It must also be placed on the right position so you can get the best view of what is behind your vehicle. While most monitors are installed on the car’s dashboard, some models are placed over your existing rear view mirror. The wiring that connects the camera to the monitor also needs proper installation. You may avoid issues with messy wirings when you go for a wireless set.

It may not be safe to switch on the system only when backing up. To fully avoid accidents, you may go for a set that automatically switches on when on reverse mode.

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5. Esky Car Rear View Camera

Another common cause of road accidents is the irresponsible use of mobile phones while driving. Texting or dialling up numbers may cause the driver lose focus. This is why traffic authorities are prohibiting the use of phones and other gadgets while driving. Sadly, many people today are highly dependent on their mobile phones, especially those who use them for business calls.

Bluetooth car kits are possibly the best solution to this. These kits provide drivers with a hand-free use of mobile phone while driving.

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6. Chasoon backup camera

Chasoon backup camera is one of the top choices among car owners. This system connects with your phone’s Bluetooth giving you instant access to your gadget’s data. Voice recognition is one of its best features, as it allows you to search and dial a number from your phonebook without even touching your phone. The Bluetooth kit also synchronizes with the phonebook to copy contacts for future calls.

This kit comes in smooth and stylish system that will fit your car efficiently. It also comes in small units so it won’t eat up significant space inside your car.

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7. Bellehome

These tools will not only provide ease while driving; they will also provide additional level of safety while on the road. The good news is you can now buy a backup camera and Parrot Bluetooth kit online. All you have to do is find a reliable online store and you are on your way to buying these excellent car accessories.

They allow the driver to monitor the rear bumper and beyond. Most vehicles tested that do not have cameras have obvious reversing blind spots.Test results indicate that cars with reversing cameras can vastly improve rear visibility.

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8. Pioneer Back-up Camera

This system comes in two basic units; the camera (mounted on near the plate license), and the monitor or LCD, which depends on the camera for its signals or feeds. There are two main models popularly used by car owners; these are made up of the hard-wired, and the wireless sensor.

Designed for Everyone

Regardless of your driving experience, you still need an auto backup camera; and the same thing goes for every other driver out there. That is the only way you can avoid all those tight spots in your car park. Accidents can be avoided as long as the right steps are taken towards preventing them.


Remember,The type of your vehicle should not affect your buying decision as most people believe that they can reverse well even in the absence of reversing cameras because their car is not too big. You must consider installing a camera irrespective of your car type as you will know its benefits only after installing. So, get a reversing camera and install it today.

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