Best Automotive Floor Jacks

Buying an automotive floor jack is one very essential accessory any vehicle owner should have. If you are trying to figure out one then here is the list of top 10 automotive floor jacks that can be suitable for you. These jacks may help you in dealing with some minor repairs without the help of the service center. Each of the jacks discussed below come with the features and capabilities with them.

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service JackClick Here
Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor JackClick Here
Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor JackClick Here

Arcan XL2T – Black-Low Profile Steel – Service Jack

It is the professional ultra low-lift jack which takes consideration of safety prior to other features. It is made with light and durable aluminum and it has got chassis of 32 inches.

It can have height of maximum 24 inches and support weight to 2 tons. This jack can provide you best control with the join mechanics and rapid lift with the dual pump system.

Pro Lift F767 – Low Profile – Floor Jack

It is the floor jack that is available with very less price and has got really excellent value for the money we spent on it. It is made with solid steel and has got low profile as well as maximum lift to about 14 inches. This jack has got the capability for supporting loads to about 2 tons and bypass device may protect user from pumping thus really preventing accidents. It also has got caster wheels which makes it easier for transporting and moving around.

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum & Steel Garage Jack

It provides with better stability and reliability. It is highly portable. It has got the capability for supporting cars to about 6000 pounds. It even provides maximum lift to 18 inches. Lightweight aluminum is used for making the frame which makes this portable while a secure hydraulic – piston is used by lifting system. Saddle which is used in the model has got rubber covering it so that jack do not actually slip.

Torin T83006 – 3 Ton SUV – Service Jack

It is the jack that is made in such a way that it may be used for withstanding very heavy loads and it is best suitable to be used with SUVs. It is the floor jack that is highly affordable but the lift range and the quality of make are really appealing. It has got the capability support height to about 21 inches and even support load to 3 tons. It has got extension adapter and even has got a neck that is extra long so that so much of time can be saved.

Blackhawk B6350 Black or Red – Fast Lift – Service Jack

It is the floor jack that is highly affordable and even handle the heavy load while it is still much stable. It is the one which has got durable steel frame and also caster wheels that are solid. This model has got the ability for handling load to the maximum of 3.5 tones and which makes it perfect to be used with sedans, small cars. The saddle is swivel and the hydraulic lift system is also excellent. For the safety part it makes use of bypass and lock so that excessive pumping can be prevented.

Powerbuilt 620422E – Heavy Duty Triple – Lift Jack

It is the floor jack that can be available in a decent budget and is best suitable for the ones who are looking for a floor jack that is reliable. It is made with light aluminum and has used the triple lift system. It is light but still has got the ability for withstanding load to about 4000 pounds. It is much useful for lifting any kind of the vehicles which include SUVs and trucks. This model even has got locking system for better safety. The caster wheels with it makes it much easier to transport as well as store in one place.

Torin T82751 – Hydraulic Car Jack

jfhmkuw56w3thw5sIt is the jack that is made for being durable and sturdy. It is majorly made with steel that syas that it is bit heavier compared to the ones made with aluminum. It has got the lifting range between 5 – 9 inches and even support load to about 2.75 tons. It can easily be used for lifting small vans and regular sedans. Because of wider stance, this floor jack can be much more stable under the heavy loads while caster wheels and handle makes it much easier to be stored and also moved around.

NOS NSJ0101 – Small Hydraulic Jack

rgtw46try54tghjrtIt is a floor jack that is small in size and is also a professional one. It is compact and has undergone solid construction. The jack is made with aluminum which produces it really light as well as weigh to about 29 pounds. The maximum lifting load with this model is to about 1.5 tons and it even has got hydraulic lift –system. The maximum height possible with it is 14.7 inches. It is the model that comes with 3.4 inches as the minimum height and thus it can be made small and stored very easily.

OTC 1533 Aluminum Racing Jack Kit

htyeryhhf4536teIt is the floor jack that is designed for better and fast fitting. It is used very successfully by the professionals as well as regular users. It has got very low profile which has got maximum height to about 15 inches and very low profile to about 3.5 inches. It is built with aluminum and even has got lifting system of dual pump. It can support maximum of about 2 tons.

JEGS 80006 Professional – Low Profile – Aluminum Floor Jack

ury7j3465juhjIt is the floor jack that is one among the expensive models available for the professionals and can even be used by the car owners. It has got the weight of 49 pounds and can support lifting of the load to about 4000 pounds. It is best suitable for small SUVs and regular sedans. It comes in fully assembled form and made out of steel and aluminum. It can have height to about 19 inches and uses the hydraulic lifting system.

Auto floor jacks may differ a whole lot in condition of costs but for the majority of part they all perform the job. They normally arrives with a lift system and also caster wheels but good level jacks do appear to cost you more. Out top 10 collections automotive floor jacks from all cost ranges making it simple for any car proprietor to find an appropriate jack however of the offered budget.

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