Best Plasma Cutter Buyer’s Guide


The world is made up matter. Plasma is among the four fundamental elements of matter. The other three states of matter are solid, liquid and gas, with Plasma being the fourth. Unlike the other three states, plasma has very different properties. Due to its unique properties, it is used for many things including cutting through materials that can conduct electricity. This is where the plasma cutter comes in.

A plasma cutter is an equipment normally used for the cutting of electrically conducive objects like aluminum, copper, brass or steel. There are various industries that use a plasma cutter for their activities. Examples of places that use plasma cutters are: welding shops, industries, automotive industries, and even in metal scrapping and salvaging industries.

Plasma cutting over the years has become a more preferable way of cutting any form of electrically conducive material. It is a very precise method, it is faster than the other methods, and it is also cheaper when compared to the other methods. This research was conducted and reported by the body called, Computer Numeric Control (CNC)
In the market, there are a number of plasma cutters and a buyer needs to beware of what they are buying.

The list below covers some of the best cutters available :

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma CutterClick Here
Hypertherm 088079 Powermax30 XP Building America EditionClick Here
2017 Everlast SuperUltra 206si 200a Tig Stick 50a Plasma Cutter Multi ProcessClick Here
2016 AHP AlphaCut 60 60 Amp plasma cutter 110v Click Here
Hobart 500564 Airforce 12ci Plasma Cutter Click Here

1. Lotos Technology Plasma Cutter

The Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter model is the latest Lotos technology for plasma cutters. It is a 50Amp Non-touch Pilot Arc Plasma cutter with dual voltage of 110V and 220V. Its manufacturer describes it as a 1/2 inch clean cutter.

According to customer reviews, the Lotos technology cutter works best on the latter voltage 220V, but also works quite effectively at 110V. For this product to be used well, a person will need two items: an air hose which has a female connector. With a female connector, one can easily connect and disconnect the air inlet. The other important item is the air compressor.

The Lotos technology is one of the best, but it definitely has its pros and cons.


  • It is a dual voltage cutter with a choice between the 110V and the 220V.
  • Compared to the other cutters, it has a neater cut.
  • Can easily and effectively be used for personal use, other than commercial use
  • It has good value for your money


  • The 110V voltage does not work as well as the 220 Voltage
  • A person needs to buy their own plug for the 110V and the 220V since the cutter does not come with its own plugs
  • As much as the cut is really neat, it is larger compared to other personal cutters

2. Hypertherm Hand Plasma System

The Powermax30 XP has a casing and is an American edition with a two in one edition. It has a capability of cutting thick metallic surfaces as well as delicate metals which need fine precision.

It is well packaged and easily portable. The powermax30comes with consumables such as plugs for both the 120V and the 240V circuits, shaded glass, a carrier case, and a shield mask and even cutting gloves.


  • Has the ability to cut metals with precise accuracy.
  • It is portable and light in weight, with a well-designed carrier
  • Does not require any explosive gases or extra expensive gas.
  • It is a long lasting plasma cutter


  • On the most part, this is a great cutter, but it can be really fast. Because of this, a person has to be really steady to achieve a clean cut with this cutter.

3. Everlast SuperUltra Plasma Cutter

This is a SuperUltra 205 200a Tig stick plasma cutter.

It is a multipurpose Welder with dual voltage, i.e. 110V and 220V.

It is a great tool for portable duties since it is a compact tool. It is also great at repairs.


  • Clean and smooth cut on any metal that comes its way.
  • It has a low electric consumption due to its great inverter design.
  • Has a protection circuit which warns the user when they are using more electricity than required
  • Has a great arc stability which means one is able to have neat cuts


  • According to some users, instruction that come with this plasma cutter do not help much
  • The warranty for this cutter does not cover some countries

4. Eastwood Versa Plasma Cutter

The Versa cut60 plasma is a strong cutter. It has the ability of easily slicing materials that are 7 or even 8 inches thick.

Not only does it cut through the thick heavy metals, it also cuts through thin metals and has a neat cut to it. Its built-in pilot arc allows a user to have stability and precision when cutting. It happens to have an in-built moisture separator which allow only clean air to pass through the torch.


  • Has a build-in arc which makes it more stable while in use
  • Cuts through both thin and thick metals just as easily
  • Its output is 60Amp, which makes it very appropriate to use


  • The one metal which this cutter can cut well is steel. It does an ok job with the rest

5. AHP AlphaCut Plasma cutter

The AHP plasma cutter has a recent 2016 model called AlphaCut 60 60Amp Plasma cutter. This cutter has a dual voltage of 11oV and 220V. It has a good pilot arc which enables a user to cut through objects like rusted metals, painted metals and even expanded metals precisely.


  • Has a dual voltage with a plug that has the ability to quickly switch from the 220V to the 110V and vice versa.
  • Can be used commercially, and if need be, personally
  • Has a built in air separator which enables clean cuts to be formed


  • The 110V is not as adequate as the 220V and can leave one feeling disappointed and frustrated while working with that input

6. Hobart Plasma Cutter

The 500564 Airforce 12i Plasma cutter is the way to go if one needs a cutter that works perfectly at home or in small welding environments. It works perfectly in harsh environments, but is really comfortable to use.


Can work in touch environments with a 35% rated duty cycle at 104F degrees, but has an in built coolant which enables a comfortable working environment

  • It is comfortable to use
  • It is compact and really strong
  • Can be used to cut thick metals of about 4 or 5 inches comfortably


  • Does not have a CNC torch, and is generally not CNC compatible.

Plasma Cutters have revolutionized how metal and electrically compatible objects are cut. Anyone who has not yet embraced this technology is missing out on a great opportunity to save costs, time and energy.

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