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Best Wheel Locks (Review & Buying Guide) 2020


Vehicle wheel locks are significant pieces of car accessories. They are the ones that maintain the wheels of your cars in the stable state to prevent them from rolling back when the car is packed stationary. We want to help you to make the most informed choice. Our reviews and buying guide here below endeavor to do that, specially when it comes to helping you find the best wheel locks for your situation.

When it comes to wheel locks, you basically have two different options. There are the nut locks and the tire clamps. Many car owners prefer to use the nut locking devices due to their ease of installation, and they are more of a set and forget mechanism. With the tire clamps, you will need to install and uninstall continuously. As far as weight, storage, and ease of use, we recommend starting with nut locks. If your situation requires a more aggressive security system, try combining the nut locking system with a tire claw.

Top 10 Best Wheel Locks on the Market

Rankings Name Price and More Details
Gorilla Automotive Locking System Click Here
Coocheer Heavy Duty Car Wheel Locks Click Here
Toyota Genuine Accessories Locks Click Here
Zone Tech Security Tire Clamp Claw Click Here
Honda Genuine Accessories Locks Click Here

We kick start our discussions with a look at the top 10 best wheel locks on the market as we speak. These are the accessories that have consistently proved to be awesome and reliable. They have also given off better and more reliable services when all factors are considered.

1. Gorilla Automotive Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks

Acorn Gorilla Guard Wheel Locks

The guard locks fasten the wheel locks in such a way as to prevent the same from slipping off unnecessarily. Of all the significant guard lock accessories, it is the Gorilla guard acorn locking wheel locks that are the strongest and most reliable. These locks can fasten the wheels completely to prevent fidgeting of and by the same.

These Gorilla locks, in particular, are longer and heavily threaded. They measure around 12 mm by 1.5 mm. Also accompanying them are the 3/4″ & 13/16″ Dual hex keys, respectively. All the parts and components of the locks are manufactured using hardened steel materials. Some chrome plating adorns the exterior to prevent corrosion.

It is a product that is made in the USA and provides a slick chrome finish. Also, these wheel locks come with a narrow grove design, making it very difficult for the thieves to steal your wheels. With tons of positive reviews, you cannot go wrong by purchasing this anti-theft locking nut lock system. Not bad for an under $30 dollar price tag.

2. Coocheer Heavy-duty Car Tire Wheel Lock

Coocheer Heavy-duty Car Tire Wheel Lock

If you are searching for wheel locks for many kinds of cars, this Coocheer heavy duty car tire wheel lock is the one we would ask you to attempt. It is universal in the sense that it can fit many cars and vehicles. Overall, the lock features some powerful anti-theft characteristics that ward off any intrusions by third parties.

The universal aspect is largely brought about by the adjustable design. All you have to do is to vary the various parameters to line up with the unique dimensions of the cars you have in mind. Only powerful materials have been similarly used to structure its vital components. The Coocheer wheel lock for cars is made of steel construction, and it is easy to operate.

This particular wheel lock is suitable for homeowner associations or other entities that would like to enforce parking rules and regulations. Although it is made out of steel construction, which makes it durable, at the same time, it can damage the allow wheels or rim covers. Also, this lock clamp boot tire is extremely visible with its shiny yellow color design, and it is specially keyed.

3. McGard 24157 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks

McGard 24157 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks

These wheel locks are suited for those who live in an area that experiences frequent burglary and car vandalism. These locks are designed with very strong material, and the mechanism is extremely sophisticated comparing to other wheel locks. We recommend choosing these locks over some random wheel clamps as they have by far the most complicated locking design possible. The slick chrome finish will provide a luxury feel to your wheel.

It makes this largely possible by means of the computer-generated unique key and lock patterns. Aside from its largely sophisticated patterns, this locking wheel nuts mechanism is also safer and more durable. That is primarily because it meets and exceeds the laid-down OEM standards. Adding to this is its ability to pair and blend well with over 30 brands and makes of cars. The key for these wheel locks set can be stored together with spare tires.

4. Toyota Genuine Accessories Wheel Locks

Toyota Genuine Accessories Locking Wheel Locks best of best

Do you ply routes that are generally hot and humid? The lock you pick for the job no doubt has to be strong and highly resistant to corrosion. We ask you to set your eyes on this one. It boasts of a distinctive triple Nickel Chrome plating that is heavily resistant to all forms of corrosion.

Aside from its resistance to corrosion, the locks also allow for the customization of the key patterns to each vehicle in which it is used. That ups the safety and also minimizes the possibilities of security breaches that are rife with items of these kinds. These wheel locks set provides added security to your wheel.

5. Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock best of best

Do you operate a schedule that is somewhat squeezed? If you are, the kind of lock you pick for the job has also to be easier to set up and deploy for eventual use. Installing wheel locks is not an easy task that is why we draw your attention to this one. Over and above its relative ease of engagement, this lock also attaches to many kinds of cars.

The ATVs, boats, cars, trailers and pickups are the core examples of these. Also existing in the gadget is the built-in chick that prevents the possibilities that the trailer might roll away. The locking mechanism proper is truly rich in strength and won’t possibly let you down when engaged. Solid way to protect your wheel.

6. Honda Genuine Wheel Locks for CR-V and Select Models 08W42-SCV-101

Honda Genuine Best Locking Wheel Locks

Do you own a Honda CRV? This could be the wheel lock you have been looking for. The honda genuine accessories bolt lock is manufactured to the highest standard and is hence long-lasting and reliable in the long run. Moreover, it fits as nearly as possible to the Honda wheels when deployed for use in the same.

A heavy-duty Chrome Plating adorns its exterior. This coating does play the role of inhibiting the penetration of water to the interiors of the wheels. Thus, it minimizes corrosion and premature damages to the interior chambers of the gadget. That way, it extends its lifespan considerably. Overall these set of wheel locks are a great antitheft device.

7. DPAccessories Black Wheel Locks

DPAccessories Black Wheel Locks

By its sheer design and makeup, the DPAccessories wheel locks are able to fit those vehicles whose wheel studs measure 1/2-20 thread as well as those wheels that demand a conical 60-degree seat. Though it may not fit just about any other vehicle, it is universal in scope in the sense that it can fit many other vehicles.

In its entirety, the structure is manufactured by the cold-forged and the heat-treated steel. Thanks to this the structure is durable and dependable in equal stature. A high-quality chrome does adorn the entire length and breadth of its exterior to make it highly resistant to premature damages.

8. Zone Tech Security Tire Clamp

Zone Tech Tire Clamp Best for locking the wheels

Just in case you plan to make use the locks in areas of extremely low visibility and illumination, we urge you to attempt this lock that is highly visible. This Zone Tech wheel lock model draws its visibility from the striking red and yellow colors that are similarly bright to the eyes. You can install these wheel clamps easily around your alloy wheels without any damage.

Apart from the clearly visible nature of the wheel lock clamp it is also highly durable. The durability is largely made possible by the use of the premium quality materials to make it up. This premium makeup gives the structure the strength and vitality it requires to take you further. The PVC coating on this alloy wheel lock would not hurt your rims.

9. Gorilla Automotive 96643BDX

Gorilla wheel locks that makes locking the wheels easy

The Gorilla Automotive 96643BDX Black Factory Style Wheel Lock System is for those large and heavy commercial vehicles. It measures a whopping 14 mm by 1. 50 and has a thread size that measures 20. Attached to this is a Dual Hex Lock Key that bear the sizes 13/16″ and 7/8″ respectively.

It works with the factory single lug wrenches to give the wheels the stability they need to stand firm and deter wheel thefts. Like many other wheel locks, this one too is chrome-plated to add some longevity to the exterior. In this way, it also prevents corrosion of the parts and the premature damages thereof.

10. Zone Tech 2-Pack Security Tire Clamp Claw

Zone Tech Claw Locking the wheels without scratches

Never attempted to use these locks before? Lay your hands on this one and usher yourself to the whole world of securing your cars well. That is because it is the easiest to make good use of. This is mainly because it contains the bare minimum parts and components that are needed for the job.

Some two keys also accompany the locks. You use these keys to engage the lock. Being two, they minimize the inconveniences that come along with the loss and damage thereof. On the whole, the locks are highly secure and are less likely to compromise the welfare of your cars. A tire clamp claw is lighter that a boot lock and it provides the same amount of security for your wheel.

Wheel Locks Buying Guide

To find the right lock, there are issues you have to take care of. These are the various metrics and parameters that the gadgets exhibit. Finding the best wheel locks for you depends on the storage space and the use. They also go a long way in determining the one that may most likely suit your own circumstances of use. We explain to them here below:

What to look for

  • Construction of the wheel lock: The construction should, in fact, come first. A good tire lock ought to be strong and tough. Then, its exterior has to be coated and plated to prevent the corrosion and other agents of premature damages. A wheel boot is built with a more durable material, but at the same time it is heavy and tedious for installation.
  • Whee lock Fit: Needless to say, the right lock has to be able to fit the wheels of your car pretty fine. In this way, it will minimize the hassles that come about with the looseness thereof.
  • Tips of the wheel locks: It is not uncommon for the ends of the locks to sustain some scratches in the course of use. As such, the tips of the locks ought to bear some rubber or PVC coating to prevent the same from happening.
  • Wheel Locks Visibility: Given the centrality of these wheel locks, it is important that they be highly visible at any given time. That can only happen if you pick that one which has vivid colors and is also reflective in nature.
  • Finish: Even the way it is finished counts a lot. The lock of choice has to bear some coating that prevents the percolation of water and other agents of deterioration from impacting the structure of the gadget.

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Different type of wheel locks

Locking wheel locks come in diverse shades and forms. Right here, we lay bare some of the major kinds of locks that the market has to offer at the moment:

Nut lock

This is a special kind of wheel lock that is designed to resist loosening even under the most intense torque and vibrations. Thus, it is stronger and more reliable overall. A nice chrome wheel lock will provide security and favors to beautify the exterior of the vehicle.


As its name implies, this is a locking wheel lock that comes in the form of the clamp. It works by attaching to and holding firmly the various parts and constituent components of the wheels.

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How to Install a Wheel Lock

Follow these procedures to install your wheel lock:

  1. Remove the caps from the hub of your wheels
  2. Use the tire iron to remove one lug nut from each of the wheels
  3. Screw the locking nut onto the wheels from which you remove the original lug nuts
  4. Slot the lock key into the locking lug nut
  5. Tighten the nut by use of the tire iron


Having the wheel locks key in your car is not a bad idea if your vehicle suffers from excessive tire wear. We now examine a couple of the questions that are frequently asked with regards to this subject matter:

Can I remove a wheel lock without the key?

YES, it is! To do this, reverse the spiral teeth that are slotted in the wheel lug nut by spinning it off. This is something you do use your hands in a slow and meticulous manner. Take care that you do not harm your fingers in the process of doing that. You can place the locking wheel locks key inside of the glove compartment or near the spare tire. Theses are the most common places to hide them.

What is the best place to hide the wheel lock key?

While at home, put it in your study or storage pouch at a place that is far away for anybody to access. While on the go, be sure to hold it in such a way as to minimize it falling off or getting swayed by the elements of weather. Locking wheel locks need their keys to allow the car owners to change or repair a tire. Remember that the end goal is to protect your wheel from thieves.

Are tire boots or wheel clamps worth your money?

YES, they are! Not only do they deter thieves from stealing but also aid in tracking and identifying cars. They are in fact recommended by the police and the municipalities as a way of enhancing safety and minimizing the spates of burglaries and breaches of the law. Some clamp locks may scratch the wheel covers when you install them. Also, a locking clamp boot is recommended for bigger vehicles that have a truck bed because of size and storage.

Wrapping It Up

A wheel lock is a great anti theft system to protect your rims. We recommend purchasing a chrome finish set to give a luxury look to your vehicle. Back in the 90’s the steering wheel lock kit was extremely popular, but nowadays that is a thing of the past. For better traction when driving in the snow try using a tire chain for snow.

Protecting your wheels should be a priority if you currently frequent the downtown area of your city. Antitheft wheel lock nuts will do just that for you. Clamping wheels is more suited for homeowners associations of gated communities that need to enforce parking.

We conclude our look into the best wheel locks there. We now pass the buck on you to implement the insight we have furnished you. That, of course, cannot mean anything else save for making a purchase of one and devoting it to your use. Best of luck as you set out!

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