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Best Tires For Rain & Good Grip [Wet Weather Tires] 2023


Driving in the rain comes along with its own share of challenges. These range from skidding off-road to the loss of controls, to poor visibility, to mention but a few!

You have to confront such a driving condition with some above-average degree of serious to avoid accidents. Acquiring and making do with the best tires for rain driving is definitely a sure way of achieving this end.

These, unlike your ordinary tires, are stronger, more stable, heavily treaded, and appropriately equipped for the otherwise slippery driving conditions. We take a deeper look at them here below in our discussions.

Top 10 Best Tires For Rain On The Market

ImagesNamePrice and More Details
Michellin Pilot tires
Michelin Pilot Sport Rain Tires (Build and Design to Improve Driving in Wet Conditions)Click Here
Bridgeston tires
Bridgestones Potenza Tires For Rain (Ultra High Performance Cars Tire)Click Here
Michelin Pilot Super tires
Michelin Pilot Super Sports Tires (Reasonable Price Sport Performance Tires) Click Here
Goodyear cheap tires
Goodyear Assurance Tires For Rain (Best Wet Traction Tire For Your Money)Click Here
Michelin Primacy tires
Michelin Primacy MXV4 Tires For Rain (Unique Wet and Snow Thread Design Car Tires)Click Here

As of 2020, the following are the top 10 best rain car tires on the market. We accompany each of them with a brief review that looks into just what they have to offer to you.

1. Michelin Pilot Sport (Best Rain Tire)

Michellin wet weather performance tires

Key Features

  • Tire Size: 225/40ZR18/XL 92Y
  • Ultra high performance tire for rainy conditions
  • 6 Years standard defect warranty on all tires
  • Tires were designed to prevent  hydroplaning
  • Very stable and highly under priced tires

The Michelin brand is renowned for its controls and reliability. The tires are indeed stable and highly responsive when engaged. You have this particular set for your taking if you mostly have the racing cars in mind. It does have a distinctive variable contact patch 3.0.

This specific product is the one that distributes the pressure uniformly. In doing so, it enables you to enjoy the benefit of extra grip and overall controls. That aside, the tire itself lasts longer than many of its counterparts.

Thus, you won’t have to be replacing these new tires after a while. You will only have to repair them every now and then if you get a nail in the tire. Also, it comes with a special compound that provides excellent wet traction.

The pilot sport made our top best pick due to the overall long-lasting quality. Among all competitors, the pilot sport has proven to be an ultra high performance product.

Also, the technology shows to work very well in both dry and wet weather conditions. They provide quick recovery and minimal slipping under ice conditions.

  • More traction compared to other tires
  • These tires provide great control on the highway
  • Amazing tire for speed and road stability
  • Good Spring, Fall, and Summer tires
  • Excellent wet and dry conditions tread pattern
  • Tires work ok on driving
  • Some mismatched tire delivery problems

2. Bridgestones Potenza RE980AS (Best Tires For Rain)

Bridgeston tires are a very popular brand

Key Features

  • Tire Size: 225/40R18 92W XL-ply
  • High performance allseason tires
  • Known for good handling under light snow  weather tires
  • Good performance while driving on dry and wet conditions
  • 225 millimeters on section width for 18-inch rim diameter
  • Best tires for rain

If you are looking for a car or truck tire to use in all the four major seasons, this is the one we would recommend that you set your eyes on. It is comprehensive in form and stature. It allows these wet weather performance tires able to take on just about any other environmental condition with absolute reliability.

Though it is suitable for many salon cars, those who have racing cars and other high-speed performances will find it exceptionally relevant to them. That is because it guarantees consistent performances in the most extremes of weather conditions. Hardly does it sway and veer off the road as many other tires do.

The bottom line is that purchasing these winter tires would provide you with outstanding traction, especially on short stopping distances. They are known to work well with those sporty types of cars. Also, these Bridgestone rain tires provide ultra super grip during both winter and summer seasons.

  • Smooth, quiet and stick to the road
  • Traction is great on all road conditions
  • Quiet, smooth ride performance in dry conditions
  • These tires independent tread blocks are excellent
  • Gas mileage is average given the superior traction
  • Rough ride until tires are warmed up
  • These tires do not have snow handling ability

3. Michelin Pilot Super Sports All Terrain Tire

Michelin tires for all kinds of outside conditions

Key Features

  • Tire size: 245/40ZR18 97Y
  • Rubber compounds on the outer shoulder
  • Warranty included with wet weather tires
  • Performs well on wet and dry roads
  • Performance oriented tread pattern design

As the name implies, this is a tire that is mainly designed for racing and sports cars. The tire is comparatively lighter and highly responsive. Then again, its base is wider, not to mention the deep treads that characterize its length and breadth.

The overall performance of these specs provides proven test results of stability to you while driving. They come in handy when negotiating tighter corners while at high speed.

Given the spread of treads and the stability that these tires provide, they provide excellent handling and wet traction. In addition to this, these tires also maintain a good state of balance while traveling from one point to another, especially when your driving in the winter season.

The Michelin pilot super sports tires are an ultra high performance product. They outperform most tire models, especially when it comes to braking under short stopping distances.

Another significant characteristic of the pilot super sports model is that it has a tread compound in the outer shoulder, which makes it the best wet traction tire on the market.

  • It is a great price for high-performance tires
  • Excellent tire although a bit pricey, good tread
  • Comfortable and reliable in rain conditions
  • Tires are sticky providing good traction during wet weather
  • Occasional loss of rear stability on hard takeoff
  • Some drivers found these tires noisy

4. Goodyear Assurance Tripletred All-season Tire

Goodyear tires with great grip

Key Features

  • Tire size: 215/55R17 94H
  • Reduced noise due to design on wet and dry roads
  • Best tread wear indicator that comes with the tires
  • Enhanced handling and improved rolling resistance

Could it be that you are constantly on the move during wet conditions? If you are, the standard all season tire type you pick for the job has to be really suited for all terrains and weather seasons. Look to no other tire than this one.

This Goodyear tire is packed with loads of elegant features that guarantee the attainment of these two ends. Also, it is the cheapest winter tire on our list. It comes about in three main layers. The outer layer is the dry zone that bears the tread reinforcements.

Next comes the wet tread zone that contains the dual Aquachannel grooves. At the last spot is the ice zone that includes a set of interlocking tread compounds. You can’t go wrong with these high performance wet weather tires, especially for the price.

The Goodyear Assurance model comes with a sixty-five thousand miles warranty. The combination of the tread design, handling, and traction makes this particular model proves that they are the best wet traction rain tires for the money.

No matter if you are in summer or cold snow season, they will provide excellent overall performance. Its advanced tread compound and the different tire materials works under cold temperatures.

  • Good grip on the road from these tires
  • Great performance tire even with the noisy ride
  • Cornering performance is better than most
  • Hydroplaning performance is very good
  • Handles well at highway speeds
  • Some drivers found these tires very noisy

5. Michelin Primacy MXV4 (Heavy Rain Tread Pattern)

Michelin high performance tires

Key Features

  • Tire size: 215/55R17 93V SL
  • Tires are optimized for vehicle handling
  • Best Allweather tires especially for heavy rains
  • Fits Honda Accord and Toyota Camry
  • Longer thread life and exceptional ground contact

It is not uncommon for snow drivers to lose control when driving on wet conditions. The situation is often compounded when the driver is continuously driving through harsh wet tracks without proper wet weather tires. If you are such kind of a person, you want a specially designed set of winter tires to be on the safe side.

Pay special attention to this particular tire model because it is designed with durability in mind. Standing tall among its awesome wonders is the amazing MaxTouch handling technology that provides smooth driving performance to all car owners.

This particular all season model is the one that gives the tires some exceptional contact with the ground to allow for smoother cornering, and accelerations. It provides good cornering with no screeching on turns and  a solid tire tread life.

If you live in an area where there is light snow during the winter season, then the Michelin Primacy MXV4 is the perfect winter tire for you. It really offers a quiet and comfortable ride on highways. Also, it has a symmetric design that enhances the grip of the tire to the ground.

The main focus of this model was to eliminate all vibrations caused by tires. Also, the manufacturers concentrated their efforts to provide a long thread life tire. Also, the grip on these wet-weather tires is so good that it feels that the car seats on the road.

  • The grip on wet surfaces is great
  • Great tread, wears very well
  • Stability and steering control performs great
  • Great value for money spent
  • Michelin may be phasing out this tire
  • Some drivers found the tires slipped on wet roads
  • A bit noisy due to the tire’s tread

6. Falken Sincera SN250 Tires For Rain

Falken Sincera SN250 e1592599170245

Key Features

  • Tire size: 185/55R15 82V
  • This all-season tire provides longevity
  • Known for excellent wet weather performance
  • Meets all grandtouring tire specifications

Just in case your get of the most suitable tire is mostly dictated by the need for longevity, we have no better suggestion for you save for this specific all season tire. Of all the tires that exist at the moment, it is this one that is the longest lasting.

You will notice an immediate softer feel when driving on dry and wet roads with these tires. Moreover, it is also suited for use in all four seasons. A 3D Canyon sipe technology is by far the most outstanding aspect of the tire.

This is the one that makes it appropriately suited for use in all the four weather conditions. In all, the tire itself is strong, durable, and long-lasting, especially when you drive on wet snow during the winter season.

Another thing that you will notice after you purchase these tires is an immediate fuel economy. The manufacturer was targeting an even wear when they designed this particular model.

Also, the tread grooves allow the tires to have a firm grip, even under wet conditions during the winter season. Expect an overall amazing wet weather performance from these wet weather tires.

  • Best snow traction on the highway
  • Tires are good in wet conditions
  • Great road grip in heavy crosswinds
  • Softer ride and better fuel economy
  • Some drivers experienced poor cornering performance
  • Tires reported to wear out quickly

7. Yokohama Advance Sport Wet Weather Handling Tire

Yokohoma Advan Tires for rain

Key Features

  • Tire size: 255/40R19 100Y
  • The all-season radial tire provides smooth handling
  • Tires are known for providing great wet traction
  • Manufacturer warranty not specified

Are you planning to tackle some muddy tracks? Well, you have your answer in a grand touring set of summer tires like this one. The tire is generally more reliable, more aggressive, and able to endure the most stringent circumstances of use.

All these make it capable of managing muddy and wet roads with ease. Other than these, the tire itself is able to straddle a whopping 45,000 mile range.

This is besides enjoying a lifetime treadwear backup that sees it accord some safety and overall peace of mind while in the course of an engagement. With them, you may be sure to enjoy some genuinely smooth rides under rainy conditions.

The triple tread design provides a firm grip on the road during wet light snow weather driving. Also, this symmetric tread design has proven test results that reduce the number of road vibrations.

If you are looking for wet weather tires with durability, wet traction, and high performance on light snow, then this can be a good fit for you.

  • Low rolling resistance and great load capacity
  • Great grip on turns and wet roads
  • Driver comfort and superior grip
  • Performed well in heavy snow conditions
  • Smooth ride and better gas mileage
  • Some customers found the tread wore quickly
  • The noise level was the same as previous tires

8. Michelin Premier LTX (Best Tire For Rainy Weather)

Michelin PREMIER LTX e1592599207537

Key Features

  • Tire size: 265/60R18 110T
  • The radial tire provides a great braking performance
  • Suited for bigger size cars like light trucks and SUVs
  • The EverGripTM Technology offers amazing wet weather grip

The Michelin Premier LTX comes with a treadwear warranty for over sixty thousand miles and a sixty-day satisfaction guarantee. It combines a silica compound and emerging rain grooves to provide a firm grip on wet roads. The stopping power makes this an ultra-safe performance tire.

Of all the tire we have under our own review, it is this one that has the most exceptionally responsive braking capability. You have it for your own taking if you want to enjoy uninterrupted braking experiences. Complementing this is the suitability for the four seasons of use.

On the whole, the tire manages to exude some top luxurious comfort when deployed for use. Part of this comfort also includes the excellent wet grip that can tackle the muddy surfaces with absolute ease. You have it for your own consideration if you drive the top-of-the-range cars.

  • Tires perform well in wet conditions
  • Low road noise on the highway
  • Smooth ride compared to other tires
  • Handles well and provides good traction
  • Great value for tires at this price level
  • Michelin Premier improves fuel economy
  • Drivers reported tires wore out quickly
  • Completely worn out after 25k miles

9. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Cold Weather Performance

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Tires for Rain e1592599223917

Key Features

  • Tire size: 215/55R17 94H
  • The winter tires provide ultra high performance on the road
  • Suited for mid-size cars that drive under winter conditions
  • Designed  with technology that resists hydroplaning
  • Can be used for dry roads and wet weather

The microscopic technology and design make the Blizzak from Bridgeston a safe rain tire that provides confidence to all drivers due to its road grip under wet surfaces. With these winter tires, you won’t need to purchase any extra snow chains unless there are extremely heavy snow weather.

Are you looking for a tire to use over the wet, icy conditions? Waste, not your time with any other set of tires but this one. It is the one that contains the mix of features and traits that are optimized and proper for such in extremely slippery and wet road conditions.

Particularly, the all season tire contains the long-wear tread patterns. These do manage to give off excellent traction when in contact with the surfaces and even in the slippery ice or snow. Rounding up its topnotch traits is Anti-hydroplane safety technology. It is this that accords the stopping power to your vehicle.

  • Excellent winter tires for all road conditions
  • Good traction on ice, snow, slush, greasy roads
  • Best traction in heavy snow conditions
  • Drivers report low road noise
  • Performance is much better than all seasons
  • Some drivers found road noise too high
  • Vehicle owners experienced rapid tread wear

10. Michelin Latitude XIce XI2 (Cold Climate Winter Tires)

Michelin Latitude X Ice XI2 Tire For Rain e1592599244459

Key Features

  • Tire size: 235/055R18 100T
  • The winter tires provide excellent wet and dry roads performance
  • Enhanced handling suited for all weather conditions
  • Resists hydroplaning depending on the thread levels
  • One of the best tread pattern for snow traction

Is your riding trail rugged, long and winding? The set of tires you use for the job has to be truly flexible if you nodded to the question in the affirmative. Such terrains are ordinarily difficult to take on, and as such, cannot be tackled using the ordinary set of tires.

This is the tire to pick and use for the job. It bears the special FleX-Ice compound that gives it the flexibility it demands use in the extremely icy and slippery riding conditions. At no time is this tire awesome for your use than the cold weather conditions.

Out of all the tires on this list, the Michelin Latitude X-Ice tires are one of the best for both snow and wet weather conditions. You will notice a significant improvement on the braking performance while driving in the rain. Best wet weather en snow traction winter tires.

  • Performed wonderfully in slippery conditions and ice
  • Customers would purchase another set of tires
  • Great traction, holds the dry roads well
  • Treadwear is average for these winter tires
  • Quiet and low noise in highway conditions
  • Good wet weather tread pattern design
  • Tires allowed some drifting on corners in snow
  • Do not have hydroplaning resistance
  • Not known to be summer tires

Extra Hankook Ventus V12 Ultra-high Performance Summer Radial Tires

Hankook Ventus V12 EVO 2 Rain Tires

Key features

  • Silica compound provides high grip capabilities
  • There is a wide steel belt for support
  • Stiff bead filler for wet and dry roads
  • Single bead wire increases strength

The Hankook Ventus V12 tires are made from silica compound, which provides high grip features. There is also a wide steel belt layer for added support. Also, these tires are designed with a strong single strand bead wire and dense polyester to provide stiffness to the tire for support and performance.

The aspect ratio is 35, rim diameter is 19 inches, and the section width is 25.5 centimeters. The load index is 96, and the speed index is Y. However, these tires are not for sale in the US State of Arkansas. The overall customer review rating for this model is 4.3 out of 5 in most sites.

  • Great tire value for the price
  • Minimal highway noise at highway speeds
  • High dry braking performance
  • Wet and dry grip braking is good
  • Rolling resistance, tread life, and ride are good
  • Good all-round tire but did not distinguish itself in test results
  • Some drivers found higher road contact patch noise on older pavement

Best Tires For Rain Buying Guide

Finding the right tire for the rain is just as good as making use of one. We delve into explaining the factor to look out for when searching for one. Many factors come into place when looking for the best wet weather tires.

Look for wet weather tires that can provide a deeply-treaded pattern to ensure better grip when driving on wet conditions. Also, the materials play an important role when it comes to rain tires.

Keep reading our quick guide to help you understand what to look for when buying the best wet traction tires.

What to Look In Good Tires for Rain

When it comes to tires for rain there are a few important key features to look for. To choose an ultra high performance tire look for the following:


The sizing of the tires no doubt comes in first. You have to pick that tire that blends well with the size of your car, more so, its rims.

Tread Pattern

How the patterns are threaded on the tires also come in handy. You have to prioritize the deeply-treaded tires as they are the most stable.

Hydroplane Resistance

When traveling at high speeds, it is not uncommon for the vehicles to gain some lift off the ground. You want a tire that resists this hydroplaning and remains truly fixed on the ground.

Tip: Check out our best portable air compressor for car summer tires.

Tires for Rain vs Winter vs Summer

Tires come in different kinds and types. Knowing about these differences will definitely expedite the process of finding the best tires for rain while at the same time, let you appreciate them better.

  • All-season Tires: These are tires that are intended for all the four seasons in a typical year. Also, the all season tire has a good grip on summer, winter, fall, and spring.
  • Winter or Snow Tires: As their name implies, the types for winters are meant for the cold, icy, and slippery winter months. They are more stable and flexible enough to prevent your car from falling off.
  • Summer Tires: The summer tires are designed to increase traction when it is too hot and unforgiving. These are conditions that typify the hot and sultry summer months.
  • All-terrain tires: Riding trails come and go. The all-terrain tires are meant for all riding conditions like winding slopes, hills, flat terrains, and the valleys.

There are also mud terrain tires that are designed specifically for off-road tracks. However, mud tires make a lot of road noise and are designed for large trucks or pickups.

F.A.Qs about the best rain tires

It is never wise to exhaust such a serious discussion without looking into some of the frequently asked questions. Hereunder, we examine a couple of the frequently asked questions with regards to them:

What makes a good wet weather tire or rain tire?

The following are some of the traits that make a good wet weather tire:

  • Material Makeup: The kinds of materials that make the tire up are by far the most significant determinant of the suitability of the tires. These materials of necessity ought to be strong, highly stretchy, and stable overall.
  • Tire Pressure: There is a direct correlation between the pressure of the tire and the stability thereof. A good tire has to be strong and higher in pressure to allow for the realization that end.
  • Thickness: Apart from the use of reliable materials, the same ought also to be thick enough to ward off the emergence of punctures and the loss of grip.

What are the benefits of using good rain tires?

A good tire brings about the following potential benefits:

Excellent Traction

They give off excellent traction. This is evidenced by the amount of contact with the wet road or surface. Thanks to this traction, the tires are more stable and easier to steer.

Proper Handling

With some good tires attached to the base of your vehicle, you will enjoy proper handling. This translates to more responsive acceleration, gearing, stopping, and turning.

Fuel Efficiency

Given that such tires reduce the need to use excess fuel to travel around, they manage to give off the benefit of fuel efficiency. Simply put: you spend less but yield greater mileage.

Does tire wear affect wet traction when it comes to rain tires?

YES, it does! As tires wear or grow old, their ability to take on wet braking, resist the menace of hydroplaning, and manage snow traction considerably diminish in capacity and stature. The sum total of these impact the wet traction tires exceptionally. Rain tires are build with a better quality material that tends to wear less than regular tires.

It is hence imperative to maintain the traction in the best shades and forms. Some of the things you might do are retread the grooves, rotate the tires every quite often, and even seal off the punctures. These undertakings have the impacts of lengthening the quality of the tires for a longer duration of time.

How do tires work?

Many car owners take the tires on their car for granted until they experience a flat, poor handling or premature wear and tear. Tires are quite complex and are designed for a variety of conditions, driver needs, and the cars they are installed on.

Tire manufacturers design their tires in conjunction with car manufacturers every vehicle. There are many design considerations. However, footprint, profile, tread type, and rolling resistance are the main factors many consumers are interested in.

The footprint is the amount of tire that has contact with the pavement. This footprint transmits power to the road, affects brake stopping distance, and provides lateral grip for cornering.

The tire profile is the height of the tire in relation to the width of the tire. In recent years’ low profile tires have become popular for their performance and appeal. However, they deliver a rougher ride, better performance vs. high profile tires that deliver a smoother ride.

Tread type designs vary depending on the intended use of the tire. Tread on tires for snow is very different than tires used in summer conditions. All season tires are a blend of tread types that can be used in all conditions – snow, slush, rain, and dry pavement

Car manufactures are looking for tires that minimize the rolling resistance to deliver better gas mileage.

Why do some tires work better on wet roads?

Tread design takes into account the requirements for various road conditions, including rain, snow, slush, as well as dry, dusty, hot conditions. Tires should be purchased to match the conditions your car is typically exposed to. All tires are designed to work in rain conditions, although some perform much better than others.

The tire tread is designed to clear water away from the center of the tire, where it comes in contact with the road to the edge of the tire. By pushing water to the outside, the tire tread can remain in contact with the road, maintaining grip and maneuverability.

Too much water in the center of the tire and the tire begins to hydroplane. At this point, all control is lost, and your ability to steer your car is gone. As tires wear down, their ability to move water away from the center of the tire declines, and the risk of hydro planning increases.

Wrapping It Up for Tires For Rain

There are other two great tires you should consider looking at are the Michelin Defender and the General Altimax RT43 tires. After you decide on what tire to buy, you can order the set online with a prepaid MasterCard or Visa.

Although you receive the tires in the mail when you purchase online, if you know your tire size, it should be no problem. This way, you can purchase an ultra high performance set of tires that have proven real live test results.

In wrapping up, we would wish to reiterate an earlier point. That was finding the most suitable tire for the job is, no doubt, a crucial undertaking. As you may see, these tires are specialized for different purposes.

Picking one randomly may not yield the necessary outcomes. Knowing the right tire size is the first step to choosing the best wet weather performance tire suited for you. Go back to the best tires for rain review.

Last Updated on: January 11, 2023

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