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Best Automotive Floor Jack (Review & Guide) 2020

Buying a floor jack is one very essential accessory any vehicle owner should have. If you are trying to figure out one, then here is the list of top floor jacks for the money that can be suitable for you. These jacks may help you in dealing with some minor repairs without the help of the service center. Each of the jacks discussed below comes with the features and capabilities with them. You can find the best automotive floor jack from the list below.

Low profile floor jacks may differ a whole lot in condition of costs, but for the most part, they all perform the same job. They usually arrive with a lift system and also caster wheels, but good level jacks do appear to cost you more. Our top collections of automotive jacks are from all cost range, making it simple for any car proprietor to find an appropriate jack according to your budget.

Top Picks For The Best Auto Floor Jacks on The Market

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service JackClick Here
Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor JackClick Here
Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor JackClick Here
Blackhawk B6350 Blackred Fast Lift Steel Floor JackClick Here
Powerbuilt 620422E – Heavy Duty Triple – Lift Jack Click Here

1. Arcan ALJ3T 3ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

Top automotive floor jack

The Arcan ALJ3T aluminum floor jack is our top pick because it is designed with aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum steel for maximum durability and easy maneuverability. This floor jack features a reinforced padded lift arm, which increases the amount of strength, durability, reduces weight, and improves chassis torsion control. You can find a two-piece handle on the Arcan jack that can be detached for ease of storage. Not all Arcan 3-ton floor jacks are low riders, and not all have an overloaded valve for better protection.

This particular lifting device comes with an incredible three tons of maximum weight capacity. The dual pump pistons that come with this floor jack allows quick raises of the car that is being lifted by the jack. Also, the ALJ3T is specifically designed with a foam handle bumper and a rubber saddle for the protection of your vehicle’s undercarriage. Furthermore, these floor jacks made it to the first top pick because of its features that include a side-mount handle that allows better jack positioning. With over four hundred positive reviews, these jacks are very reliable.

2. Blackhawk B6350 Blackred Fast Lift Steel Floor Jack

Compact aluminum triple lift

The Blackhawk red steel service jack is a 3.5 ton capacity floor jack that is constructed with high-quality, heavy-duty ultra low profile steel that provides safe use and performs with maximum durability. Also, this Blackhawk jack model features a unique fast list technology design to quick lift to the car to the desired jacking point with no extra load time. For extra protection, it comes with a swivel saddle that provides easy jack positioning, and it makes the model more user friendly.

This Blackhawk service jack comes complete with a built-in vent plug and an extra internal safety valve that provides safe operation to the end-user. Also, this service red steel floor jack is our second top pick because it comes with a full one year warranty, which is really good considering the amount of use that the owner is going to have. More so, over-pumping is being controlled by a bypass device that is included in the B6350 jack to prevent any extra damage to the frame of the car.

3. Neiko Pro 20272b Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Aluminum

Perfect lift height lift arm

The Neiko Pro brand built this floor jack model thinking about durability and safety. Therefore, they used a durable industrial-grade aluminum alloy for the design. Also, this floor jack comes with a powerful 3 ton maximum lifting capacity, and the model only weighs fifty-seven pounds in total. The quicker and more efficient dual plunger lifting structure is one of the key features of these jacks. Furthermore, the Neiko Pro 20272B jack has a minimum lifting height of four inches and a maximum lifting height of twenty inches of capacity.

Overloading beyond rated capacity is prevented by the safety valve feature in this jack. The dotted rubber saddle pad is for protecting your car’s chassis and frame from dents and other scratches during the lifting process. Swivel rear casters are included to facilitate easy positioning under some low profile standard vehicles. It also features dual handles for easy portability when you need to lift the unit to carry it. This lifting device is ideal for SUVs, sedans, and other cars that the body is not extremely to close to the floor. Also, this lifting device lots of good positive customer reviews, and the brand is reputable.

4. Torin T83006 Big Red Hydraulic 3 Ton Heavy Duty

The best 3 ton heavy duty jack on the market

The Torin floor jack is built with heavy-duty steel for safety and durability reasons. This fantastic jack has a maximum lifting capacity of 3 tons that can allow the user to lift most of the standard pick up trucks on the market. Also, keep in mind that this Torin jack model features an extra-long neck, which saves time when lifting and makes it easier to lift higher vehicles. However, if you need a car jack that can lift both sedan cars and pick up trucks, then this might not be your best lifting option.

This lifting device’s swivel casters can rotate at a 360-degree angle, which allows the end-user to have easy mobility. Also, the Torin jack lift has a minimum lifting range of 6 inches and a maximum lifting range of 17 inches. Overall this hydraulic trolley jack is best suited for trucks and SUVs that are taller than standard sedan automobiles. Although it has a six thousand lifting capacity, there have been some negative reviews complaints regarding the pivoting wheels, which is something to keep in mind.

5. Liftmaster Hydraulic Trolley 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Floor Jack

Heavy duty quick lifting jack

The Lift Master brand built this floor jack model out with a light-weight and high-grade, low profile aluminum floor jack garage car frame design. This type of aluminum steel design reduces the overall jack’s weight and increases portability when it comes to moving the lifting device to different locations. This jack is equipped with a steel lift arm that is known for its durability according to customer reviews. When it comes to heavy weight lifting, this Lift-master jack can provide enough power and lifting capacity.

Also, the Lift Master floor jack is a 3 ton low profile jack and has a rated lift capacity of 3 ton with a surprising 2.95 inches entry point. The dual pump quick lift system saves time when lifting your vehicle. To help prevent overloading, this floor jack model includes a safety valve that controls the maximum weight capacity. Also, the Lift Master brand has developed a model that lifts the high range of up to 19 inches, which is suitable for big body frame cars. We love the side handle key feature and the versatility of these jacks.

6. Heinwerner HW93642 2 Ton Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

Rapid pump low riders best

The Heinwerner HW93642 top rated service jack is a 2 ton capacity service jack, which is one of the only USA made lifting products on this top picks list. This automotive service jack is equipped with a sturdy cast iron lift arm and a pump base that increases the amount of strength and durability. Also, to improve stability, this service jack was developed with flanged side plates, and for more power, this brand used a particular wide frame design. Remember, this is not the best jack to lift heavy vehicles.

We also love the Hein-Werner service jack tool because it features an in-line pump assembly to ensure easy pumping and to really improve the life span of this tool. It includes one of the latest and unique release mechanism for precise lifting control. The Heinwerner HW93642 also features a built-in sealed hydraulic pump capable of lifting heavy weights and maintaining quality long-lasting service. However, according to some customer reviews, the unit does not come with enough hydraulic fluid.

7. Performance Tool W1627 3.5 Ton Capacity Low Profile

Ultra low profile steel floor

The Performance Tool is a top rated service jack built with a high-quality steel frame that provides extra durability and strength. Also, this service jack is a low profile jack that has a maximum rated capacity of 3.5 tons for heavy loads. The minimum lifting range on this jack is four inches, while the maximum range is around twenty inches. The design consists of an extra-long frame, specially customized for maximum stability during loads.

This model also comes with a bypass valve that offers overload protection and allows mechanics to use this service jack with lots of confidence. The rubber cushioned swivel saddle protects your vehicle’s frame and chassis from dents. Also, swivel wheels are also included in the back of the jack for easy maneuverability. The low profile design and the lifting range makes the Performance Tool service jack suitable for almost any car.

8. PITTSBURGH 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift

Easy to move building quality

The Pittsburgh automotive racing jack is constructed with precision-machined high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum strength and durability. Although this model was constructed for professional race car teams, the racing jack features a dual parallel pump system that lifts most vehicles to an appropriate work height in just three pumps. A foam bumper is included to prevent any damage to your vehicle.

The aluminium construction and design make it light-weight and compact enough to take up less space in your shop. The U-joint release mechanism allows for precision control of load in any position. This racing jack also features a two-piece knurled aluminium handle for sure grip. Keep in mind that the Pittsburgh automotive racing jack has a minimum lift height of 3 ¼ inches and a maximum height of 14 inches.

9. Arcan XL2T – Black-Low Profile Steel – Top Automotive Floor Jack


It is the professional heavy duty low profile steel ultra low-lift jack, which takes consideration of safety before other features. It is made with light and durable aluminum, and it has got chassis of 32 inches. The Arcan XL2T can have a height maximum of 24 inches and support weight to 2 ton capacity. This jack can provide you best control with the join mechanics and rapid lift with the dual pump system. The top-rated Arcan Xl20 black has rapid pump quick lift with an amazingly low profile setting that surpasses rigorous safety tests.

10. Pro-Lift F767 – Low Profile – Auto Floor Jack


The Pro-Lift F767 is the lifting device that is available at very less price and has got excellent value for the money. It is made with solid steel and has got a low profile as well as a maximum lift to about 14 inches. This jack has got the capability for supporting loads to about 2 ton capacity, and bypass device may protect the user from pumping, thus really preventing accidents. It also has got caster wheels, which makes it easier for transporting and moving around.

11. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum & Steel Garage Jack

High quality Jack for your garage

The Powerzone 380044 top rated service jack provides better stability and reliability. It is highly portable. It has got the capability for supporting cars to about 6000 pounds. It even offers a maximum lift to 18 inches. Also, a lightweight aluminum is used for making the frame which makes this portable while a secure hydraulic – piston is used by lifting system. The saddle which is used in the model has got rubber covering it so that jack does not slip.

12. Torin T83006 – 3 Ton Heavy Duty SUV and Truck

Heavy duty powerfull jack

The Torin T83006 is the auto jack that is made in such a way that it may be used for withstanding hefty loads and it is best suitable to be used with SUVs. Also, this lifting device is highly affordable, but the lift range and the building quality of make are appealing. It has got the capability support height to about 21 inches and even supports load to 3 tons. It has got extension adapter and also has got a neck that is extra long so that so much of time can be saved.

13. Blackhawk B6350 Black or Red – Fast Lift

Powefull jack for mechanics

The Blackhawk B6350 is the floor jack that is highly affordable and even handles the heavy load while it is still much stable. It is the one which has got a durable steel frame and also solid caster wheels. This model has got the ability for handling load to a maximum of 3.5 tones and which makes it perfect to be used with sedans, small cars. The saddle is swivel, and the hydraulic lift system is also excellent. For the safety part, it makes use of bypass and lock so that excessive pumping can be prevented.

14. Powerbuilt 620422E – 4 Ton Heavy Duty Triple – Lift Jack

Amazing jack

The Powerbuilt 620422E is the floor jack that can be available in a decent budget and is best suitable for the ones who are looking for a reliable lifting device. It is made with light aluminum and has used the triple lift system. It is light but still can withstand a load to about 4000lb low profile aluminum floor jack. It is much useful for lifting any vehicles which include SUVs and trucks. This model even has got a locking system for better safety. The caster wheels with it make it much easier to transport as well as store in one place.

15. Torin T82751 –  Hydraulic Car Lifter

Really good material with this automotive floor jack

The Torin T82751 is the auto jack that is made for being durable and sturdy. It is majorly made with steel that says that it is a bit heavier compared to the ones made with aluminum. It has got the lifting range between 5 – 9 inches and even support load to about 2.75 tons of maximum weight capacity. It can easily be used for lifting small vans and regular sedans. Because of the wider stance, this lifting device can be much more stable under the heavy loads while caster wheels and the handle makes it much easier to be stored and also moved around.

16. NOS NSJ0101 – 1.5 Ton Low Rider Hydraulic Lifter

Get the top floor jack for your garage

The NOS NSJ0101 is a racing floor jack that is small in size and is also a professional one. It is compact and has undergone solid construction. The jack is made with aluminum which produces it lightly as well as weighs to about 29 pounds. Also, the maximum lifting load with this model is to about 1.5 tons, and it even has got a hydraulic lift –system. The maximum height possible with it is 14.7 inches. It is the model that comes with 3.4 inches as the minimum height, and thus, very easy to move and stored quickly.

17. OTC 1533 Aluminum Racing Jack Kit

High quality aluminum car floor jack for auto

The OTC 1533 floor jack is designed for better and fast fitting. The track record shows that is used very successfully by the professionals as well as regular users. Also, it has got a very low profile which has got a maximum height to about 15 inches and a very low profile to about 3.5 inches. It is built with aluminum and even has got a lifting system of dual pump. Also, it can support a maximum of about 2 ton capacity of maximum weight.

18. JEGS 80006 Professional – Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor – Aluminum Floor Jack

Jegs maximum lifting tool floor jack for cars

The JEGS performance racing floor jack that is one among the expensive models available for the professionals and can even be used by the car owners. It has got a weight of 49 pounds and can support the lifting of the load to about 4000 pounds of maximum weight capacity. Best suitable for small SUVs and regular sedans. The product came in fully assembled form and made out of steel and aluminum. However, It can have a height of about 19 inches and uses the hydraulic lifting system.

19. ROGTZ Allinone 3Ton Bottle Jack Automatic – Scissor Jacks Style

Scissor lift jacks

The Rogtz floor jack features a heavy-duty thickening steel plate, a broad base, and compact triangle design which ensures stability and durability. With a maximum loading capacity of 3 tons, this floor jack takes less than 2 minutes to lift a car to the maximum height. The best floor jack features of this lifting device include two removable raised heads, respectively designed for SUV and sedans. This car jacks are very easy to move and store.

A convenient built-in LED light enables operation at night or dark areas without needing additional light tools. The Rogtz comes with two-way power supply in case of failing to use when one of the power sources is unstuck. All Rogts Electric jacks come complete with a robust, firm suitcase. The suitcase helps keep the jacks’ parts well organized and also acts as a hazard road sign when you are standing behind your car while repairing.

Best Automobile Floor Jack Buying Guide

An automobile floor jack is a vital piece in the armory of a well-versed mechanic’s tool kit. An automobile floor jack is a mechanical device which uses hydraulics and can be manipulated to raise or lower a vehicle off the ground for repair purposes. The best floor jacks on the market are constructed from aluminum and steel as they are both durable, sturdy metals. A good floor jack can be useful in many ways. A floor jack is essential, time-saving equipment when it comes to rotating your tires. A car jack enables you to swap out a flat tire without any roadside assistance; you do not even have to be a professional to get this done. Aside from the vehicle department, a jack lift can be used to lift pretty much any heavy load that you may want to move around.

Different Type of Car Floor Jacks

There are many types of automobile floor jacks, but the most favored and popular ones are the; floor jacks, bottle jacks, scissor jacks, and car ramps.

A. Trolley floor jacks

Floor jacks are the most pricey and robust hydraulically-operated car jacks. These car jacks are heavy-duty and therefore are dependable and fast. Since this jack is intended for garage use, it has been optimized for recurrent use. These jacks have been designed to lift heavy vehicles, including trucks and SUV’s, which weigh up to four tons. Trolley jacks are constructed longer and broader than the bottle, and scissor jacks hence provide a sturdier base when jacking up a car.

B. Bottle floor jack

As its name suggests, the bottle jack is designed with a cylindrical bottle-like shape. These jacks are usually constructed from either steel or aluminum and feature a higher lifting range than scissor jacks. These jacks used a hydraulic system to function. A lever is inserted on the side of the stud and pumped to create pressure and raise the car. Despite their small size, bottle jacks are optimized for large vehicles such as SUV’s and trucks.

C. Scissor floor jacks

Scissor jacks are constructed in the shape of a diamond and are lighter in weight and compact than other floor jacks. These jacks do not use hydraulics for lifting; instead, they are hand-operated. A long screw is used to draw the ‘legs’ of the jack together and lift the vehicle. Scissor jacks are tailored to fit the lifting points in the car, therefore are build for specific models of an automobile. Many manufacturers include this jack in their car.

D. Car ramps

Car ramps can be used to replace jacks when one wishes to raise one end of the car quickly. Ramps provide reliable support and can be used without car jack stands. You should utilize the wheel chocks anytime you use the car ramp. Car ramps are a perfect choice for activities like oil changes. The downside of car ramps is that they don’t allow you the ability to perform specific tasks like rotating your tires or bleeding your brakes.

5 Things to Look For in a Automotive Floor Jack

Your car enthusiast friend might recommend that you purchase the jack he’s been using on his raised car. That particular jack may be worthless to use on your lowered car. You must remember that different floor jacks are designed for different types of vehicles and functions. Below are some crucial factors to consider before getting a car floor jack.

I. Lift capacity

Lift capacity is one of the most vital factors to consider. The lift capacity or weight capacity of a jack is usually measured in tons, with the 2 ton and 3-ton capacity car jacks being the most popular. When checking for the lift capacity, you want to make sure you select the lifting device capacity that exceeds the weight of your automobile. Usually, 2-ton floor jacks are used for small to mid-sized cars, while the 3-ton jacks are used for mid to full-sized vehicles like Vans and SUV’s. In the case of having a heavy automobile, like a fifteen-passenger van, we recommend getting a 4-ton hydraulic floor jack.

II. Construction material

You will use your floor jack to raise your vehicle and do some work under it. This is a dangerous job, and you will need a dependable and robust jack to hold your automobile up while you’re under it. A high building quality constructed floor jack will not only be more durable and longlasting but is also unlikely to crumble and drop the car during repairs. Most quality jacks are built from either steel or aluminum. Steel floor jacks are less expensive and less portable than aluminum jacks. Aluminum floor jacks are sturdier, lighter, and more portable than steel jacks.

III. Lifting speed

Lifting speed is the time it takes for the lifting device to raise your car so that you can start working on it. Some floor jacks require a few pumps to get the car to a required height, while other lifting devices require more time and effort. Some people are willing to wait a few more seconds, so the lift speed doesn’t matter much to them. For other people, time is money, and therefore, they need the lifting tempo to be at its highest.

IV. Ground clearance (Crucial in the search)

The ground clearance refers to the distance between the ground and the jack point of your car. Since not all vehicles have the same ground clearance, knowing the ground clearance of your automobile will enable you to get a more fitting floor jack for it. Because of their large tires, SUV’s tend to have big ground clearance. Sports cars, on the other hand, feature a low profile form factor and therefore have small ground clearance. If you intend on operating on vehicles with random ground clearances, we highly recommend getting a low profile jack.

V. Lifting range

The Lifting range is also a crucial factor to consider. Lifting range refers to the maximum distance the jack can lift your car off the ground. The lifting range should be enough to allow you to make repairs comfortably. A best floor jack should have a maximum elevation of at least 18 inches and a minimum of 5 inches. If you own an off-road vehicle or raised SUV, we recommend getting a specialty jack that is optimized for your type of vehicle.

Tip: Use jack stands in combination with the floor jacks when checking wheel bearing noises.

How to Safely Use a Automotive Car Floor Jack

Tire change with car floor jack on the background
Old Car
Considering the work a lifting jack does, safety must always be top of your mind anytime you use a car jack. An unexpected collapse or descent of the jack could cause severe damages to your vehicle and most importantly could cause severe injuries to you. With that in mind, below is a step-by-step manual on how to safely use a floor jack.
  1. Stop and park your car on a solid surface. Preferably a level surface on the side of the road or in your garage.
  2. You will need to check your vehicle’s wheels at the other end from where the car will be lifted. Chocking the wheels prevent accidental rollbacks of the automobile.
  3. If you intend on working under your car for long periods or you want to leave your vehicle suspended, you will need to use jack stands for added support.
  4. Before jacking up your car, check for any cracks, flaws, or leaks on your lifting device. Test the stud with a light load to see if it raises and lowers as expected.
  5. Locate the lifting points of your car. The designated lifting part ensures safety, using the jack in other random areas of your vehicle may cause damage to the automobile and put you at risk.
  6. Position the floor jack under your car and center the saddle under the car’s lifting point using the handle. Use the lift pad as a guide for the best performance.
  7. Pump and lift your car to the desired height of the job and then set up the jack stands to take the weight of the vehicle.
  8. Start lowering the jack once the jack stands are in position. Once the car is fully sited on the jack stands, you can remove the jack.
  9. Once you are done working on your car, position the lifting device back under the lifting point of your car and jack it until the saddle touches the vehicle.
  10. Remove any person, debris, or tools under or near the car.
  11. Steadily and carefully, remove the automotive jack stands and let the car sit on the lifting device
  12. Slowly and gently turn the handle on the opposite direction to enable a slow descend. Remember that rapidly dropping the car may bring severe damage.

Final Verdict For Car Floor Jacks

Due to technology, floor jacks have evolved a lot in recent years. Today, the market is flooded with many different lifting products. Selecting the perfect floor jack for your car can prove to be a daunting task, but not anymore. With the above information, you can now comfortably go and pick out the best floor jack suited for your specific needs or vehicle.

Hope you enjoyed our buyers guide on the best jacks for the money. You can follow the previous links to if you want to check price on amazon and availability of each product as well. Understand weight capacities for each floor jack before you make a final purchase. Other automotive floor jacks like the Powerbuilt 620479E and Sunex 6602LP are great options as well.

Tip: Read our post for the best portable tire inflator.

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