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Best Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier Review and Guide 2020

Hitch mounted cargo carriers are used to carry or haul things outside your vehicle. These mounted cargos help maximize the space inside your car, giving room for things to be loaded inside. If your family is planning to have a trip in the countryside, and you want to save more space for your family members, you would surely need a hitch mount cargo. However, you have to choose what suits your needs and is cost-effective. Find the best hitch mounted cargo carrier in the market by reviewing the pros and cons of each item bellow.

Top 15 Best Hitch Mounting Cargo Rack or Mounted Cargo Carrier

Ratings Name Price and More Details
ROLA Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier Click Here
Mockins Hitch Mounted Cargo Basket Fits 2inch Receiver Click Here
MaxxHaul Hitch Mount Aluminum Cargo Carrier Click Here
Curt Cargo BasketStyle Cargo Netting 500lbs Carrying Capacity Click Here
ARKSEN Cargo Hauler Carrier Hitch Mounted Luggage Basket Click Here

Could it be that your vehicle has no cargo rack? Worry not! It is still possible for you to attach a cargo rack on your car. The hitch mounting cargo rack exists to help you to accomplish this onerous task.

1. Mockins Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier with Cargo Bag

Mockins hitch mount cargo carrier

This one comes along with a cargo bag as well. On account of this, it guarantees the privacy and protection that your goods require while in transit. At its core is the heavy duty steel structural makeup. Being reliable, this one gives the support and vitality that your cargo needs to remain steadfast.

2. Highland Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

Black heavyduty steel cargo

Unlike your ordinary carrier, this one is mainly suited for outdoor activities. You will find it a genuinely great companion for your home improvement supplies, transportation gardening, camping gears, and sporting paraphernalia. It has the ability to bear a whopping 500 pounds of load firmly. This it does without breaking unnecessarily.

3. ROLA Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier (Basket Style Cargo)

Amazing luxury carries with 500 pounds load capacity

Have plenty of loads to haul and carry around? Why not try your luck on this specific hitch carrier? Its internal capacity is the largest of them all. To add to that, it is also strong enough to be able to endure repeated incidences of use and applications. In doing this, it demands less repair and maintenance spates from you.

This sporty looking cargo carrier has a high system capacity with a rise shank just above the cargo platform. It has more space under, and the rack just levels your car when attached. It has an attachment point where you can relocate your plate number and has a lighting system that is fully functional to suit your needs. The wide space can carry a large capacity for luggage. So if you want to go out for a camp, this carrier is your buddy.

4. Arksen Folding Cargo Carrier (2Inch Receiver Luggage Carrier)

Arksen folding cargo carrier

Is your search for the right cargo carrier determined mainly by transporting loads of an entire household? You would have no better option than this one if you answered back in the affirmative. Indeed, this carrier has the ability to handle camping and household gears by use of the cargo bags.

This mount cargo carrier has an expandable cargo bag that protects your luggage. It is water-resistant, thus protecting your stuff from rain and other weather conditions. The carrier bag included in the cargo basket can expand up to 20″ to 27 “in width that is more space for all your stuff. The cargo box is just a bit smaller than the carrier itself, and so it can cover your stuff entirely without leaving anything behind.

5. Curt BasketStyle Cargo Carrier 500lbs Carrying Capacity

Curt Cargo great to transport your camping gear

Sometimes transporting your gears to the desired location of use is not enough. You have to go a step ahead and secure them all together. To achieve this, you want a carrier that comes equipped with the necessary safety gear. This one has 6-inch high walls apron around the cargo basket for this security.

The CURT aluminum hitch cargo carrier has a 2 inches receiver tubes and has a total load capacity of up to 500 pounds. It is made of lightweight aluminum, and so it is straightforward to attach and assemble. The material, though light, is very much durable and not prone to tarnishing. Its wide space inside can give you better ways of placing your extra luggage. This carrier is easy to attach because of its light material compared to other heavy and bulky hitch racks. This curt basket has all you need, including 500 lb capacity, and ladder racks.

6. KING BIRD Angled Shank Design Trailer Hitch Cargo Carriers

The balck tubular steel makes this a top carrier

To assure yourself maximum convenience, the carrier you pick for the job no doubt has to fold. It is only by folding that you will be able to enjoy unconstrained storage and transportation. This one not only folds but also comprises some real side rails that measure 6 inches. They secure your cargo from falling off.

7. Pro Series Basket Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier Fits 2Inch Receiver

Great cargo carrier that fits 3 inch receiver hitch

Environments that experience the extremes of weather fluctuations come with the added risk of faster deterioration and corrosion. The only way you may counter these side effects is to utilize the carrier that is rich in resilience like this one. Its exterior comprises a durable powder coat finish that stands tall to rust, scratches, and other elements.

8. MaxxHaul Hitch Mount Aluminum Carrier

Solid gray aluminum carrier

With the impressive weight capacity of 500 pounds, no other carrier is better placed to haul huge loads than this one. This being the case, you want to tap into it for your whole family use and transportation. It comes about in a basket-style and is hence convenient to handle and operationalize.

Sometimes, some cargo carriers tend to rust easily when not in use or when exposed to rain and sun. This hitch mounted luggage carrier can undoubtedly last a long time as it is made out of steel and iron, perfectly designed to resist tarnish and corrosion brought by rain and sunny weather. It is not bulky, durable, but lightweight. With its wide inner and outer baskets, this hitch platform can provide more extra space for your stuff.

9. OxGord Heavy Duty Steel Constructed Style Cargo Carriers

Great ground clearance and very easy to clean carrier

If you do happen to own many vehicles in your possession, you ought to cut yourself some hassles by settling on a carrier that has a universal fit like this one. It mounts smoothly atop recreational vehicles, sporting utility vehicles, vans, trucks, and many kinds of cars. A sturdy metal design exists for your strength and support.

10. Tow Tuff TTF-2762KR Steel Cargo Carrier with Bike Rack

This hitch mount cargo will give you more space for your extra luggage. It is constructed and designed for your heavy-duty needs, and so you could expect for its durability. It functions both as a cargo carrier and a bike rack just by removing every hitch pin. It can secure your bike well and other stuff through its secure tie-down holes. So if you are a biking enthusiast or you wish to travel up to the countryside with your bike in tow, this steel cargo carrier with ladder racks can be your best companion.

11. TMS® 60inch x 20inch Hitch Mount Folding Cargo Carrier Basket

If you are looking for a heavy-duty cargo hitch rack, then this is the best option for you. This hitch mount folding cargo carrier is designed to be weather-resistant. That means it does not quickly tarnish when exposed to all kinds of weather. It can be conveniently folded so you can keep it if you like. It comes with a cargo protector that can undoubtedly secure your objects. Because it can be folded, you can keep it away quickly or put it inside your car if you have nothing to do with it.

12. ROLA 59550 Dart Premium Folding Cargo Carrier

This cargo carrier has conveniently placed handles at the sides for secure parking. The ROLA 59550 can carry up to 450 pounds and is sturdy even when carried in long travels. It has license plate relocation and has a built-in functioning lights system. The light system designed to serve as a signal, and compared to other carriers, they are fully functional and reliable.

13. Bumper Hitch Mounted Cargo Basket 500 LB Capacity

This cargo carrier is made out of aluminum, and so you are assured of its tarnish free material. This carrier is designed for heavy duty work and can carry up to 500 pounds of extra luggage capacity. You can easily maneuver this carrier and put any supplies you want, be that firewood, camping stuff, tools, and many more.

14. Goplus® High Lift CAR RV Hitch Mount Luggage Rack 2 Receiver Luggage Basket Hauler New

This hitch mount cargo is reliable for your entire extra luggage. Its material is durable and built for heavy duty travels and cargo. So if you want to go out camping with your family, this carrier will give you better spaces inside your vehicle. It has a total capacity of 500 pounds. It is easy to assemble and attach to your car and promises no hassle while traveling or parking.

15. Reese Explore Rainproof Cargo Carrier Bag

Unique hitchmounted cargo Carrier Bag

Does it intend to haul your gears in the rain? This rainproof cargo carrier is definitely a good one to choose to work with. In total, it gives off a whopping 15 cubic feet of dry cargo storage space. Some six tie-downs also come included to fasten your cargo thoroughly on the roof of your car.

Extra Rooftop Carriers

Besides the base carriers above, some extras also exist. You may wish to attempt them if you find the ones above unsatisfactory. We highlight the most significant one here for you:

1. ROLA Black Powder Coat Rooftop Cargo Carriers

Black powder coat rooftop cargo carriers

All factors considered, this hitch is a good one to look up to for everyday use and applications. That is because it is long-lasting by virtue of the heavy-duty tubular steel construction. Its exterior bears the rough-coat finish that offers adequate protection against scratches and harsh weather elements.

Buying Guide Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

Finding the right hitch-mounted cargo carrier goes beyond merely knowing about the top kinds that are in existence at the moment. It requires that you know the factors to consider for the job. Here we go:

What to Look For In A Carrier?

As highlighted above, there are a few couples of issues you have to care to be able to settle on the right carrier. Below are some of those issues to look for:

Easy to Clean

Needless to say, the best carrier has to be easy to clean. It also, of necessity, has to resist any forms of dirt from smearing its body.

Cargo Bags

It is necessary that the cargo carrier also is accompanied by some cargo bags. This is to facilitate the haulage of smaller items while in transit.

Hitch Receiver

To allow for easy mounting and attachment, the carrier of necessity ought to possess a receiver hitch. It is this accessory that is, in fact, cuts down the mounting time.

Ground Clearance

The ideal carrier ought to leave some comfortable ground clearance between the roof rack of the car and the carrier itself. The purpose of the space is to allow for easy evacuation.

Weight Capacity

This refers to the amount of load that the carrier can bear. A suitable carrier has to be strong enough to bear as much weight as can possibly be.

Easy Storage

Lastly, the best carrier has to be easier to store. To be guaranteed this, the carrier has to fold to take up limited space.

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Different Types Of Cargo Carriers

Like any other kind of appliance, cargo carriers to come in diverse shades and forms. We dedicate this segment of the discussions to look into those kinds:

StrongArm Hitch

As the name suggests, this one is stronger and firmer than your ordinary carrier. It is subsequently better suited for bearing heavier weights and clumsy items.

Basket Hitch

This one is shaped much like a basket is. Its interior is hence deeper and able to bear many items and much weight than most other carriers. Grab it for your groceries.

Folding Hitch

You may well have already guessed the kind of a hitch this is. It folds to take up limited space and allows for smooth transportation to a desired area of use.

Aluminum Hitch

Unlike your ordinary hitch rack, this one is made of the extra light Aluminum material that stands tall to the various elements of weights and hassles.

Heavy-duty Steel Hitch

Rounding the list is the heavy-duty steel hitch. As its name implies, it is wholly made of the steel material, which, as we all know, is tougher and firmer.

What is a Hitch Hauler?

A hitch hauler is a special kind of hitch that attaches to a rope to allow for hauling other vehicles or cargo along the road.

Do you need lights on a carrier?

Though not a must, it is strongly recommended that you install a lighting mechanism on your carrier. It serves the task of enhancing your own safety as you move along. It is always good to have LED lights for extra vision when driving through mesh floors.


In looking for that perfect cargo carrier, make sure it is easy to assemble, made out of durable materials, does not quickly tarnish, can sustain in different weather conditions, and is really built to last. If you are buying a cargo carrier with a bag, make sure that the carrier itself is lifted above your exhaust pipe to prevent fire and accidents.

A good luggage rack can be easily stored, so look for something that is not bulky and can be easily folded and kept at the side. Make sure to consider these conditions before buying a cargo carrier. If you are planning to travel together with your family and friends, make sure to find the best cargo carrier that will suit your needs. Since cargo carriers free’s up the spaces inside your car, you can use the space inside for better purposes.

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