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Best Remote Car Starter & Keyless Entry System [2023 Review]

Searching for the right starter for your job? Well, you have come to the right article, we must admit. Indeed, our reviews here endeavor to shed more light on these items. We have sampled ten of the best remote car starter systems that money can buy at the moment.

These we shall review and follow up by examining some of the factors to consider when on the hunt for one. We believe that at the tail end of our discussions, it will be possible for you to find out the one system that will most likely do you some good.

We are so exited to present the remote car starters review after months of research. When it comes to remote car start there are several key features that you should check for. Adding an extra alarm system to your car can give you more control. Below is a complete list of the top car remote starters on the market.

Best Remote Car Starter For The Money

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Viper 5906V Remote Car Starter Security System (Best Remote Car Starters)Click Here
Compustar CS800S Remote Starter SystemClick Here
Crimestoppers RS7G5 Car Remote Starting SystemClick Here
Directed Electronics Python 4806P Remote StartersClick Here
Avitals 4103LX Remote Car StartersClick Here

1. Viper 5906V LCD 2way Remote Car Starter System

Viper 5906V LCD two-way communication

A two way remote vehicle system that is generally prone to security breaches and other issues that compromise the safety of your vehicle. To prevent the issues from catching up with you, it is imperative that you lay your hands on a starter that is similarly reinforced.

Also, the viper smart-start remote control system kit is the best remote starter and security control system that you choose. Over and above its secure nature, this model also has a pretty large range that measures 1 mile or 5280 feet away. On its OLED screen is a custom animation.

The screen also displays the interior temperatures and is hence multi-functional. Due to its wireless nature, it provides the benefit of zero clutter, and your car is appropriately secured from all forms of harms. Best LCD 2way remote start system and controller on the market for cars.

  • Allows you to start remotely
  • Has a pretty long-range (one mile)
  • Comes with two remotes with long ranges
  • Custom animation on OLED screen
  • Display interior temperature of car
  • Two-way communication operation
  • Lacks a couple of vital key features
  • May not serve you longer or further

2. Compustar CS800S 1-way Remote Start and Keyless Entry

Compustar CS800S 1-way Remote Start

This CS800S model kit is a one-way remote starter in that it can only channel the signals in one direction. Nonetheless, it contains 4 buttons which give you the leeway to operate the gadget smoothly. On the strength of the four buttons, it does not require keys to work.

Furthermore, overall the CS800S remote start alarm system is one of the best options if you need a 1way remote start to get your vehicle locked from distance. An LED indicator also forms part of the remote start controler. As you may have guessed, the indicator will let you know about the state and progress of the starting exercise.

In all, it does have an impressive range of around 1,000 feet. Also, this translates to a more comfortable operational range for buyers. This remote start system kit also comes with two key-fobs for better control, and a dual stage shock sensor to improve buyers protection.

  • Works from afar off and is hence adequately convenient
  • Allows for keyless entry into the premises
  • Operates in the hot and cold conditions smoothly
  • Range: 1000 ft. for a remote start
  • Cold/Hot automatic start auto switch
  • Quite sophisticated to get the remote starter installed
  • Highly affected by signal interferences

3. Viper 5706V 2way Remote Car Starter

Viper 5706V two-way transmitter

The Viper 5706V kit is a 2way starter with remote car start kit that is dominating competition based on quality. They number five in total and accord you freedom of use. Complementing the buttons is an LCD transmitter that basically keeps you in tow insofar as the operations of the gadget is concerned.

Furthermore, the viper remote control is insane, and it has an excellent features. On top of its numerous and diverse operations, this best car starter also boasts of a one-mile range radius. On the strength of this width, the apparatus is able to allow for smooth and more convenient operations.

Some door and trunk triggers also exist for your added peace of mind. We loved the LCD remote display that comes with the controller of this remote start system. Overall its signal transmission apparatus is quite strong, and it relays signals to around one mile.

  • Enables you to start from afar off
  • Suitable for the doors and the trunks alike
  • Start your vehicle from 5280 feet away
  • A 4-channel vehicle remote start system
  • Door and trunk triggers car alarm
  • Slightly delicate to damages
  • Requires constant and in-depth monitoring

4. Avitals 4103LX Two 4-Button Remote Car Starter With Keyless Entry

Avitals 4103LX Best Two 4-Button Remote Starter

Want a remote car start system that is easier and convenient to configure? This is the one we would recommend that you pick and use for the job. It also has an extendable time frame that lets you engage it within a defined duration of time.

Great simple, complete, and cheap auto theft system (remote start system kit) to improve any vehicle safety quick in minutes. Owing to its relative complexity, it similarly requires a professional approach during the installation process.

Thanks to its versatility, the remote car starting system is able to accommodate many accessories. Also, the arrangement definitely allows you to handle many relevant access. In this way, you get to enjoy a fairer degree of convenience that others cannot give.

  • Contains many modes for varying roles
  • Notifies you of the progress of operations
  • Programmable for simplified configurations
  • Runs your vehicle for a specified duration of time
  • Remote start vehicle system for your engine
  • D2D compatible factory remote start system
  • Includes (2) remote transmitters smart-start
  • Demands a BYPASS Module to set up
  • These remote starters for car cannot fit some car models

5. Crimestoppers RS7G5 Two-way Remote Starters

Crimestoppers RS7G5 Two-way Communication Remote Starter

Do you have many makes or models of vehicles in your possession? Well, we invite you to attempt this specific car starter. That is because it does come about in universal design. Also, it is this design that gives it the ability to shuffle in between many cars and operate them well.

Of all the car starters we have here, it is this one whose operational bypass modules are the most efficient. You will find it especially suitable for those vehicles that possess high current ignition switches and larger wires.

Further to that, these remote starters for cars are also great at tackling the dome light supervisions, manual transmission operations, and is also compatible with the diesel engines. This remote starter kit works on almost all vehicles with an average of 3000 feet of range.

  • Hooks up easily via the 2-way data port
  • Starts remotely courtesy of the mobile start
  • Works well with manual transmissions
  • Brushed metal and two long distant controllers
  • 2000 ft. operating range car alarm electronics
  • 31 programmable options for vehicles
  • Allows for only one button entry
  • Unsuitable for evacuations and emergencies

6. Python 5706P Responder LC3 Car Remote Starter Systems

Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2way Starter System

Want to leverage the benefit of maximum performance? Well, you have this particular remote car start system for your own leverage and handling. It is able to accept commands and inputs in a variety of ways and means. The icon displays, texts, vibrations, and tones are but a few of them.

It comes with an five button user interface module. Buyers will not regret adding this remote start kit to their vehicles. Its impressive one-mile range enables it to take its impacts to areas that are far beyond the reach of the many starters on the market at the moment.

Moreover, it also comprises your cars alarm that alerts you on the progress of the task at hand. The Python 5706p LC3 SST remote starter kit yields forth utmost protection to you. Its four auxiliary ports allow for seamless attachments and pairing.

Also, it is a quick and easy alarm system installation for your vehicle in minutes. The remote comes with LCD screen or LCD display with a modern system installed. It will allow you to start your car from far away. Due to its complexity it may require professional installation.

  • Clearly legible owing to the HD Color quality
  • Has a shock sensor for added attention and follow-up
  • Pretty great for evacuations and emergencies
  • Start your car with ease from a long distance
  • Comes with 4 Auxiliary Outputs
  • Neo Revenger Soft-Chirp 6-Tone Siren
  • LED command confirmation
  • Demands excess expertise to install
  • These remote car starters may confuse an inexperienced user

7. Avital 4105L Two 4-button Remote Car Starter

Avital 4105L Two 4-button Remote Controls Starter

Over and above starting your car, the gadget of choice has to similarly be able to handle a host of other chores. This one plays the role of a tachometer and is hence a good one to make use of. It does possess the D2D serial data port that connects quickly to your Avital system and remote car starters.

This remote starter brings a OEM keyless entry feature for your vehicle. It blends with the dedicated A-to-D converter that works to samples your vehicle’s voltage. It does this a couple of times per second, and also possesses a mini USB charging port for IOS smartphone.

Aside from that, these car alarm systems also allow for programming and configuration to make for simplified and highly affordable. Also, the Avital’s remote controller kit is straightforward to use, and eliminates the need of a tachometer wire connection. It is an all-in-one budget remote starter for trucks and cars.

  • Confirms the prompts in several ways and means
  • Priority user interface & icon map
  • Powerful Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Integrated text display for good pricing
  • Priority 5-button user interface
  • These remote car starters are not as affordable than others
  • Its maintenance costs are also too high

8. Directed Electronics Inc. Python 4806P Car Alarm

Directed Python Remote Starters

You can never hope to achieve maximum performance without invoking advantages of a 2-way remote control of this kind. Its also manages a two-way communication or transmission of signals. A host of key features also exist for your own benefit and advantage.

The Python 4806P kit comes with four auxiliary outputs in the control features. It features an LED command confirmation, adjustable shock sensor, and a 6-tone siren are examples of these. Experts love the trunk release functionality because it is easy to install.

Additionally, they work hand in hand to allow you to have the easiest time while out on the trail. Moreover, the directed electronics python 4806P also displays the outputs in various shades like text, vibrations, and tones. Great starter kit for your vehicle engine. One of the best key features of this starter is the anti-grind output.

  • Very long-range (one and a half miles)
  • Handles all kinds operates ‘under one roof’
  • Remote start systems that can sense impacts
  • Dedicated AUX outputs
  • Optional Horn and Starter Kill/Anti-Grind relays
  • Remote start relays onboard transmitters
  • Timer Mode, Directed Smart-start Compatible
  • Quite bulky and demands plenty of space
  • May inconvenience a remote start

9. Compustar CS4900S Remote Car Starter

Compustar CS4900S

Desperately searching for maximum reach and peace of mind? We invite you to try out this all-in-one remote start and keyless entry option. It does have some two remotes that contain four buttons each. These remotes perform all the tasks that pertain to starting your car.

The 4900S remote starter module kit has a 2 way communication smartphone control. These include the locking, unlocking, releasing the trunk, and engaging the start/stop buttons on the Compustar remote controller options. Plus, its brushed aluminum and titanium finish confer some aesthetics.

It  also has the added benefit of being safe enough for the diesel engine. On the flip side, it is also useful for automatic transmission vehicles only. In all, these remotes are pretty reliable car alarm system kit  for your own use. Last, it comes with an OEM remote compatible with most manual transmission vehicles.

  • Works on all kinds of vehicles
  • Guarantees seamless data transfers
  • Universal on all types of vehicles
  • Rapid response 2-way and one-way transmitters
  • 2-way twin data ports included
  • Out-of-range notification on LCD pager
  • Cannot work at certain temperatures
  • May be difficult to pair with certain vehicles

10. Crimestopper RS4G5 1way Keyless Entry System

Crimestopper RS4G5 Best 1way Remote Starter System

Wishing to enjoy a fairly exalted level of convenience on your part? Choose this start that is able to accept inputs and signals from mobile devices. As part of this acceptability, it also makes for easier connections and engagements from afar off. A range of benefits ordinarily come along.

Overall the Crimestopper RS4G5 1way remote car starter kit comes with a lock and unlock feature. Chief of these is the 2,000-feet radius that extends its operational range. The Crimestopper remote starter comes at an incredible price and it comes with 31 programmable options.

You use these to determine the state and progress of your own opening and closing of the doors of cars. At its core is the brushed metal 5-button sidekick remote transmitter. The RS4-G5 remote security system kit is a 1 way communication module with a wide range system.

  • Manages a whopping 3,000-feet range
  • Allows for two-way start and operations
  • All-in-one remote start & keyless entry system
  • Comes with two Four-Button remotes
  • Diesel-engine safe remote vehicle starter
  • Impacts automatic transmissions only
  • Yields reduced returns on investments
  • These remote vehicle starters are difficult to install

Best Remote Car Starters Buyers Guide

Finding the top remote starter kit is definitely a sure way of going about the issue of enjoying the benefits that the remote starters potentially have to bring along. Doing that entails incorporating a couple of strategies.

We devote this segment of our discussion to review in those key elements. The fact is that most most remote car starters work better that any factory remote starter if it is properly installed.

How Much Does the Remote Car Starter Installation Cost in a Vehicle?

The exact cost of installing the starters is not a standard. That is because it varies significantly from type to type. Some of the things that determine the costs of installations are the kind of remote car starter, the make or model of vehicle, and the degree of sophistication. Also, in summary installing an alarm remote car starter control requires knowledge, and patience.

In all, be prepared to spend around $200 to $330 for a job done by a professional installer. Some may go as high as $800. Also, be prepared accordingly hence to prevent spending too much of your cash in putting in place the relevant remote start systems in place. You definitely do not want to spend too much, do you?

What To Look For In A Remote Car Starter?

The following are some of the features to be on the lookout for while searching for the best remote starters. You will notice that these things are mainly measurable or quantitative. They are subsequently in and of itself not enough.

Also, you might also have to check out such factors as reviews of past clients. A remote car starter says a lot about the owner, check for these features:

Type of Key fob

The Key Fob is a small and often programmable piece of hardware that grants you access to some physical objects. They mainly furnish on-device and 1-factor authentication to the objects like doors or automobiles. Three of them mainly exist for your own consideration. They include the following:

1-way remote

A one-way remote will only start the car, and nothing more than that. It is the bare minimum that the keys have to offer to anyone. Owing to this stature, these remotes are easier to engage and are for a large part suitable for those who lack an excessively high degree of expertise in vehicle repair.

2-way remote

Next comes the two-way remote start systems. These ones will go beyond merely starting your engines. They will also confirm whether the engine has truly started or not. In light of this, the remote vehicle starter is more secure and affordable. Also, it is a good system to use in order to prevent accidents from arising.

Universal remote

Many remotes are designed for specific cars or make of cars. A universal remote system  is able to work across many kinds, types, models, and makes of cars. As such, it cuts down the hassles and at the same time manages to give off more reliable system operations for your vehicle.

Features For Security To Keep An Eye For

It is also worth looking into the security features of the starter you have in mind. We have already explained that these starters are prone to security breaches that may compromise their efficacy and predispose you to harm. Below are some of the ‘must-have’ security features you must identify in a system.

Panic mode

This is a portable gadget that comprises the main button that gives you the leeway to set off an alarm. In doing so, it lets you alert the users of any impending danger. That gives the user ample time to scamper for safety in a location that is afar off. Also, you can identify the remote panic mode option in the smartphone control options in the app of the remote car starter.

Code alarm for cars

This is a protection that is accorded to your vehicle. It mainly comes in the form of an alarm system that rings to notify you of any impending thefts or attempted breaches of burglary. Also, these systems contain buttons to lock, unlock, release trunk and locate the vehicle, among other vital chores.

Some car remote starters system come with a valet mode and wheel locks as an extra security feature. Other specs to look for in car remote starter is the trunk release, and  LED displays.

LCD Displays

To showcase the status or progress of the starting process and the entire operations, these remote car starters have some LCD display units. Also, some of these units are highly interactive and hence help you to engage the starters more effectively. You can never go wrong or miss out on an issue. LCD screens is a deciding factor for choosing your car remote starting system.

Keyless Entry System

In summary, this is an opening system that does not employ the keys to do the trick. Instead, it uses predetermined numeric codes to do the opening and closing. Also, at its core is a powered motor that generates the power needed to close and open the engines.

It comes as a standard on many vehicles these days. The reason behind this is that it is effortless and also highly precise. Also, many can store the prompts and favorite settings automatically. They thereafter execute those prompts single-handedly without much input on your part. Find them useful for heavier vehicles.

How to Use a Remote Car Starter?

To use the remote car starter, complete the procedures below:

  1. Insert the key in the ignition mechanism of the car
  2. Locate the valet button in the remote starter control system
  3. Turn on the vehicle to enter the programming modes
  4. Reprogram the car to start when it gets to a certain temperatures
  5. Use the remote car starter within the set range or parameter of use
  6. Avoid using the starter on vehicles that are parked in built-up spaces

Tip: Read our best car battery complete reviews.


There you have them! As a summary we have truly labored to showcase the best remote car starter that money can buy at the moment. All that is now left for you is to use the information we have provided to narrow to a specific alarm system.

Do not even waste your time looking elsewhere. Starting your vehicle with a remote car starter from your house can be practical if you live in cold weather conditions.

Remote car starters like the Python 5706P Responder LC3 remote starter system kit has an incredible 1 mile range. Also, this remote starter comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Make sure you verify all features before you buy your remote car starter kit. In our guide above you can review the difference between one way communication and two way communication system features.

Just start out with the ones we have already looked into as they have consistently proved to be great and marvelous in their own regards. Read the explanations we have provided as the yardstick of determining the most desirable one for you.

New electric car models might come with this security remote system option to open your vehicle. Best of luck as you move into finding a remote way of how your car starts. You are now ready to choose from this best remote car starters list.

Last Updated on: January 11, 2023

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