Best Fifth Wheel Hitch Review

The truck you use for towing will determine what hitch to buy for your fifth wheel trailer. It’s more comfortable to tow a trailer when you have the right kind of hitch. Manufacturers have different styles for different hitches but some basic functions are available. They rate different hitches for specific gross vehicle weight rating. You have to take different considerations when choosing a hitch. These include the road and type of truck you are driving.

Here are best fifth wheel hitch reviews :

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3600 Fifth Wheel HitchClick Here
Pro-Series 30056 Fifth Wheel Hitch 15KClick Here
Curt Manufacturing 16516 Towing WiringClick Here
B&W Trailer Hitches 3200 Patriot Fifth Wheel HitchClick Here
Reese 30081 20K Fifth WheelClick Here

1. B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3600 Fifth Wheel Hitch

Purchase a B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3600 Fifth Wheel Hitch in case you are towing a fifth wheel trailer. A gooseneck trailer is primarily used to haul stock. A companion hitch is attached to the gooseneck hitch ball. The hitch can be attached and detached when not in use. This is because a fifth wheel hitch has external bars that mount it and place it in the truck’s bed. The bars will remain there whether the it is in use or not.

2. Pro-Series 30056 Fifth Wheel Hitch 15K

If you intend to only use the truck for towing the trailer, you can use Pro-Series 30056 Fifth Wheel Hitch 15K. The trailer should have long turning radius hence the need for a long bed truck. You can also mount the hitch without the bed if it will not be of use. Attach the hitch to the two bars that have been mounted permanently in the truck bed. You can remove it when not in use but not the bars.

3. CURT 16516 Fifth Wheel Hitch Head

CURT 16516 Fifth Wheel Hitch Head with R16 Roller is a worthwhile investment for anyone who’s looking to make the most of their fifth wheel trailers. This heavy-duty device lets your hauler maneuver easily through rough terrains without sustaining any damages. And this is directly installed into your fifth wheel trailer’s king pin so as to clear up your towing vehicle’s bed.
You also need to consider how you park your fifth wheel trailers whenever you’re not using them. Normally, fifth wheel trailer owners use stabilizing systems, like the Steadyfast stabilizers, to decrease the shaking movements of their trailers. However, these could also conveniently reattach your towing vehicle and dumping trailers at a faster rate.

4. B&W Trailer Hitches 3200 Patriot Fifth Wheel Hitch

B&W Trailer Hitches 3200 Patriot Fifth Wheel Hitch have been around for quite some time and people tend to favor them often as they are often the most easily attainable and least pricey. So if you’re thinking of taking a break from daily life and considering a long trip, think of acquiring a hitch to make the hauling of your necessities much more convenient. Keep in mind though the capabilities of each style of hitch. Avoid over exerting the hitch by placing more weight on it than it is able to withstand. They can be a much appreciated trailer accessory and the effort you save with transporting your items is worth it.

5. REESE 30081 Fifth Wheel 20000 lb Load Capacity

If the REESE 30081 Fifth Wheel 20000 lb Load Capacity is too pricey for your pocket you can always shop around for a used hitch. Test the working order of the hitch though. It will cost you more money buying a hitch that requires repairs and you have no guarantee of workmanship. So before you think of buying pre owned, consider how much you are willing to splash out on a hitch and check online if their aren’t any hitches that are brand new available within your budget. You’ll only end up saving on upkeep costs by looking out for something with a guarantee on it, if the hitch unfortunately breaks.

6. B&W Trailer Hitches 3050 5th Wheel

B&W Trailer Hitches 3050 5th Wheel Companion Flatbed RV Hitch can also offer you some key advice tips on buying the hitch that’ll get the job you need it to do done effortlessly and easily. The practicality of a hitch shouldn’t go unmentioned as these items can get you out of a lot of car trouble due to its towing facility. Consider that when you’re thinking of whether or not you need a hitch on your vehicle.

Never put off the routine maintenance of the hitch you bought. Retailers may offer a guarantee but it is up to you to ensure that your hitch sustains a working order. This can be done by reducing friction between the fittings of the hitch by keeping it oiled up. This could ultimately save your life in the worst of cases. However, if you want something more heavy weight take a look at the fifth wheel hitches, they can withstand a bit more weight. But if you want something that will suit your basic car towing or trailer towing needs look at buying one of the various models of B&W Trailer Hitches 3050 5th Wheel Companion Flatbed RV Hitch.

7. Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch

Curt Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch are installed on commercial trucks like Uhaul. They are heavy duty and are usually used on large campers/travel trailers, movers and car haulers. They move the weight forward of a pickup truck’s rear axle. Their carrying capacities range from 16,000 to 30,000 pounds. They are easily maneuvered and are able to hold bumps and contours of the road hence are more stable. This is the only type of hitch where the coupling device is part of the hitch and not the trailer.

It vary greatly in features depending on the size and the price. The most basic models will have a small kitchen area with a sink, a refrigerator and a small cook top. They will also have a bathroom area with a toilet and a shower. There may be one or two sleeping areas or possibly a pull out sleeper in a couch or loveseat. The larger more expensive fifth wheels will have more elaborate kitchens with larger appliances, a larger bathroom area which may have a tub, and even a sitting area. They may also have an entertainment system with a TV, DVD player, and a stereo.

8. REESE Titan 30867 Fifth Wheel 20000 lb

The unique shape of REESE Titan 30867 Fifth Wheel 20000 lb Load Capacity allows for a bi-level design for a master bedroom or living room over the truck bed. There is often a picture window at either end for a nice view from the trailer. These RVs also include many of the conveniences of home as well. Many are elegantly furnished and have a variety of features for cooking and just hanging out.

Both trailers are able to be detached from the towing vehicle. This is very handy as it allows you to unhook and use your vehicle freely. Large coach type RVs can be difficult to maneuver around town when you are sightseeing. Travel trailers and fifth wheels allow you to use your vehicle independently of the trailer. With both types of travel trailers it is important to match the weight of the RV to the towing capacity of your towing vehicle. Your dealer will be able to help you determine this. There have also been lightweight fifth wheels that have recently been introduced and may be an option for you as well.

9. CURT 16636 Fifth Wheel Hitch Head

A fifth wheel is easier to drive due to the nature of the CURT 16636 Fifth Wheel Hitch Head with R20 Roller. This also produces smoother, safer, and more stable turns. You can pull heavier weights with this hitch. That is important with a large fifth wheel trailer. The hitch takes up a lot of space in the truck bed, and requires removal of the tailgate on the truck.

10. B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch

If the road you are to tow your fifth wheel trailer is bumpy or rocky, use B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500. The air ride hitch smoothens out the ride by providing an air shock. This will reduce stress to the hitch and truck and also the pressure on your vehicle. It’s a bit expensive, but makes towing so much easier. You mount it just like a standard hitch on a long bed truck.


Make sure you get the best price for your hitch too. To make sure you get variety in style and types, visit different stores or online sites. You can also decide to go for a weight distribution hitch that will evenly distribute the trailer’s weight. To make towing a happy experience make sure your trailer is balanced and that the hitches are adjusted correctly.

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