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Best Electric Winches [Top Reviews & Buying Guide] 2023


Whether you need a small electric winch for your ATV, or a heavy duty winch for logging, off-roading, or other applications, there are some specific key features like pull power or pulling capacity, load capacities, rope type, and others that you want to make sure you understand before buying.

Also, If you are buying a recovery winch for a trailer truck, you need to consider pulling rating and also verify if the mounting plate fits your vehicle. When you buy a winch that’s not rated high enough, you run the risk of breakdown or snapping with cable.

If you buy a winch that isn’t weatherproofed and live in an area that’s prone to torrential rain, or you drive through a lot of water or mud, then the winch will rust, degrade, and be unusable when you need it. Keep reading to choose from the best electric winches on the market.

Top 10 Best Electric Winches for the Money

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Smittybilt 97412 XRC Electric Winch For Heavy LoadsClick Here
Offroad Boar Synthetic Rope Waterproof Winches With High Pull CapacityClick Here
Yescom Electric Recovery Electric Winches With Strong MotorClick Here
WARN 90450 ProVantage 4500 Electric WinchesClick Here
mittybilt 97495 XRC 3 Stage Gear System With High Load CapacityClick Here

If you’re looking for an electric winch for your vehicle, the following winches are some great ones for your consideration.

Offroad Boar Synthetic Rope Waterproof Winch With Remote Control

Best Off-Road Vehicle WinchesThe Offroad Boar Winch is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel cable, which makes it resistant to harsh weather. It is a good electric winch that comes with a powerful and efficient series-wound motor that comes in handy when lifting heavy-duty objects.

Furthermore, this high-quality winch is waterproof and comes with both wired control and wireless remote controller. The Offroad Boar winch features a three-stage Planetary Gear Trains System and has a rated line weight pulling capacity of 13000lbs. Overall the best electric winch to pull those heavy duty vehicles.

=> Click here for pricing of Offroad Boar Synthetic Rope Winch on Amazon.

Champion Power Equipment ATV/UTV Winch Kits

Champiom 4,000 pounds Winches for carsThe Champion ATV/UTV winch comes complete with a remote controller, an antenna, high pulling capacity with roller fairlead, mini-rocker handlebar switch, and a wiring kit. This wireless winch combines high performance and power to work best with your snowmobile, boat, ATV, Trailer, or any other heavy object.

Additionally, the Champion ATV winch is convenient as its wireless capabilities allow you to operate it from anywhere within a 50-foot radius. The amazing high pulling capacity of 4500lb is the rated line pull on this winch. Overall it is a very reliable winch that comes at an affordable price.

=> Click here for pricing of Champion ATVUTV Wireless Winch Kit on Amazon.

Master Lock 2953AT 12volt DC Electric Winch

Mini Winches for CarsThe Master-Lock steel cable electric winch is constructed to withstand up to 2000 pounds of pulling capacity and comes complete with a hook and galvanized single-line steel cable. Because of its rated line pull capacity, this winch model is best used for SUVs, cars, or trailers.

It can either be permanently or temporarily mounted on a flat surface or a ball mount. This electric winch is equipped with a 20-foot cable and remote for wireless functions, as well as a feature that allows it to shut down when overloaded automatically.

=> Click here for pricing of Master-Lock 2953AT Winch on Amazon.

Yescom Electric Recovery Winch

Yescom Electric Recovery ModelThe Yescom electric recovery winch is efficient, coming complete with a three-stage planetary gear system for added horsepower. A four-way spooling clutch is featured in the winch to allow the wire to be pulled out without using electronic means. Plus, the corded remote control is best used to pull heavy loads.

Moreover, the Yescom electric winch also comes with a 5.5hp motor and an automatic braking in the drum that stops and locks the wire when you let go of the button on the switch. The best part about this model is that the strong cable is constructed completely to avoid corrosion and out of a heavy duty material.

=> Click here for pricing of Yescom Electric Recovery Winch on Amazon.

XBULL 12v Steel Cable Heavy Duty Electric Winch

ATV Electric Winch Review and ComparisonThe X-Bull steel cable winch comes with a 26-meter stainless steel cable and two pcs wireless remote control. This winch also features a free spooling clutch for fast wire payout. It has a super-long power cable that allows you to connect to your vehicle’s battery.

Furthermore, the power in and power out motor allows for positive load control. This electric winch also has a three-stage planetary gear system. Also, the X-Bull is a good winch that is built with corrosion resistant and waterproof materials, and it is efficient and quiet when running.

=> Click here for pricing and availability of XBULL 12v Steel Cable Winches on Amazon.

Smittybilt XRC Winch 97412 With 12,000 LB Load Capacity

Smittybilt XRC 97412 With 12,000 LB

This equipment is easy to install, is rated for up to 6 tons, and works like a dream. Whether you’ve slid off the road because of ice or gotten yourself stuck in a mud pit off-roading, this winch will get you out. The remote and the strong motor make this good equipment.

Furthermore, the waterproofing is excellent for storms and muddy situations, but it is recommended you don’t submerge it. It’s not that expensive compared to other winches with similar, or sometimes even lower, power ratings. A great buy that won’t let you down in a pinch. This is the right winch for those looking to pull a truck or other heavy duty vehicles.

=> Click here for pricing and availability of  Smittybilt 97412 XRC Winches on Amazon.

WARN 26502 M8000 8000 LB Electric Winch

WARN 26502 M8000 8000 LB

At roughly half the cost of Warn’s 6-ton electric power winch, the 4 ton can do almost everything you’ll need. Whether it’s towing a car out of a ditch or a tree out of the road (or lake), this is a heavy duty work, play, or emergency device. It has an easy installation waterproof and is rated for operations at temperatures below 20 degrees F.

It is also available with either synthetic rope or steel rope, so you can choose whether you’d like the weight savings of synthetic or that extra durability of steel. This is the home-use, self-rescue version of their more massive duty winches. Plus, this device has enough power to overcome those heavy duty tasks.

=> Click here to view pricing for the WARN 26502 M8000 Winch on Amazon.

Warn 90450 Provantage 4500S Winch

71fj0Rg4vpL. SL1500 tc8n6dtujAn excellent option for ATV/UTV and other small cars, this will get you out of the muddy roads even if you’re in deep. It’s also suitable for necessary utility to work with stumps, trees, or lightweight cars. The control box is waterproof and designed with anti-corrosion materials.

For safety, it comes with remote control, so you can still steer while helping yourself out of the mud. It comes with the Warn name and guarantee, and it’s made in the U.S.A. It has a mounting plate included that makes it super easy to install.

=> Click here to view pricing for Warn 90450 ProVantage 4500 Winches on Amazon.

Smittybilt (98510) X2O Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch

Amazing tool that can pull trailer, car or truck with the strongest cablesRated for 5 tons, this Smittybilt comes with remote control, allowing for a lot of flexibility in the use. It’s also a lot cheaper than the Warn winches with the same ratings and has the same quality. The mounting system is very reliable, and it comes with an included mounting plate.

Waterproofed against weather, and Smittybilt has excellent customer service if anything does go wrong. Installation is tricky if you’re not mechanically inclined, but a great winch for the price. The unit has an overload protector that shuts off after 15,500 LBS.

=> Click here to view pricing for the Smittybilt (98510) X2O Winches on Amazon.

Warn 89040 Vantage 4000 Electric Winch

Warn Electric Winches lots of electric power in placeA 2-ton hydraulic winch perfect for small vehicles, ATVs, and other lightweight applications. Whether you’re towing stumps out of the ground or friends out of the muddy tracks, this lightweight winch can handle heavy duty work. It comes with 50 feet of cable length.

Additionally, the winch itself winds quickly, even with weight on it, so you spend less time winching and more time on the things you want to be doing. The redesigned, powder-coated hawse roller fairlead reduces rope wear and protects the device for longevity.

=> Click here to view pricing for the Warn 89040 Vantage 4000 Winches on Amazon.

Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45

Unique electric winches strong cable and engineRated for 4,500lbs, this is a great utility winch. It’s quiet compared to other winches and works excellent for ATVs and other small vehicles, but it can also be used with a snatch block to do heavier duty work. Provides the user with a sealed solenoid with circuit breaker somewhat waterproof, and the cable is easy to handle.

It’s also very cost-effective compared to other winches with similar ratings and capabilities. This winch with a snatch block will replace a cheap foreign import rated at 5 tons with no problems. One of the features that we love is the free spooling clutch which is perfect for towing your car when it gets stuck, or you slide off the road at night.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the 1145220 Terra 45 Winches on Amazon.

Warn 90260 ZEON 8 Multi-Mount Winch

Solid electric winches tons of pulling power capacityMade in the U.S.A., right to 6 tons, and waterproofed. Keep in mind, most winches that say waterproof doesn’t mean they can handle prolonged submersion. Still, this winch-kit is a beast. Carrying the Warn name has a high price tag, but it will last for years.

One of the winch cons is that you need to be reasonably mechanically savvy to install your kit or modify your vehicle to fit it. Still, this winch is intended for larger rigs and heavy duty applications. If you’re looking at roadside assistance, this is a great option. Easy to install to the mounting base.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the Warn 90260 ZEON Winch on Amazon.

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch 3 Stage Planetary Gear System

Top winches on the market wireless remoteWith a powerful motor, this 9,500lb rated recovery winch is your best bet for those wet applications. Whether you’re logging or just hauling a friend when they get stuck, this winch will stand up to the weather and the task. It’s also very affordable (under $300 at the time of this review) and won’t back down from working or playing as hard you do.

Most other 12v electric winches are not fully rated for submersion, so if you know you’ll be seeing a lot of water, this is your best bet. The Smittybilt winch comes with a single-line corded remote control and a limited lifetime warranty on stainless steel products. Also, the Smittybilt XRC winch features a three-stage planetary gear train system and a 6.6 hp amphibious motor.

This winch is entirely waterproof with a state-of-the-art 5000amp solenoid. The Smittybilt XRC has a rated line pull of 12000 pounds single-line, with a drum size diameter of 2.5 inches, and steel cable diameter of 0.37, and a length of 79 feet. Remote control is included with this powerful equipment.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winches on Amazon.

Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC winch

SuperWinch for the moneyIf you’re looking for a lightweight utility winch for a bargain price with good quality, this is the winch for you. Rated at 3,000lbs at a bargain price, it is perfect for an ATV or other small applications. It is also extremely quiet and has excellent power.

The company also has excellent customer service, coming through for customers even if the break is their fault (burnt out a motor). Overall, an excellent option for off-roading and utility work around the house or in the woods.

=> Click here to view pricing for the Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV Car Electric Winch on Amazon.

WARN 86260 VR12000 12,000 LBS Load Capacity

Warn products for trucks with lots of pulling powerThis is Warn’s economy 6-ton recovery winch, and they don’t build it in the house; they import it and put their logo on it. Still, they have made an effort to source quality, and it does what it says it will.

If you’re big on Made in the U.S.A., this is not the winch for you. The biggest downside is a lack of proper weatherproofing, especially if you live in an area with salt on the roads in winter. Overall, it is a powerful winch for towed cars with a low price tag.

=> Click here to view pricing for WARN 86260 VR12000 Winches on Amazon.

Best Electric Winches For Trucks Buying Guide

It’s a mechanical instrument that winds up/out a wire rope. It has a rotating part that is used for hauling/lifting heavy materials. Robes or cables are used to turn around the rotating elements, which are cranked on a pulley.

Usually, people use a winch used for adjusting the tension of synthetic winch ropes or a wire or a cable. People over the world also use wrenches in different types of applications. Ordinarily, it consists of an attached hand crank and a spool.

An electrical winch is a heavy-duty mechanical device used for lifting or pulling an off-road vehicle or other heavy objects, like fallen trees. A winch works by using an electric motor that powers a steel drum and winding steel attached to steel hooks on the winding steel’s leading end.

You can use a winch to get your vehicle out of a difficult situation, for example, when stuck in the mud. A winch can also be used to help other cars out of difficult situations as well as drag other heavy objects like logs and fallen trees where without the winch, you would’ve been unable.

Due to the wide variety of winches, selecting the best winch for you can be a daunting task. Below we have chosen and detailed the top 6 electric winches in the market to help you with your selection.

How to Buy Electric Winches for Trucks

If you own a trailer truck or jeep and you like to go riding mud for fun, a truck winch is a must-have. Many people enjoy driving off-road for fun, but to an extent, this fun can be toned when your truck gets stuck in the mud.

For this purpose, you should get an electric truck winch to rescue you out. The units are directly mounted in front of the bumper and sometimes on your truck bed.

You should prefer electric winches on your trailer truck. The first one is to get you out of trouble (when stuck). The other purpose is for pulling some vehicles that are stuck or objects such as logs and whole trees.

The pulling capacity of winches ranges from 100lbs to 10000lbs. As a result, the cost will also vary from winch to winch. This means that if you wish to get a super recovery winch to withstand the load force, then you have to spend more.

Different Type of Winches

Hydraulic Winches: The hydraulic winch mainly consists of a hydraulic motor (that is low profile or high-speed motor), gearbox, brake, frame, drum, rope device (optional), support shaft, etc. But the planetary gearbox, brake, and hydraulic pump of the YSYJ Series are installed and hidden in the drum, so the overall length is kept to a minimum. The compatibility design is more suitable for applications under limited room for installation.

Electric Power Winch: It is operated by a powerful motor. Electric Power Winch is used for launching, lifting, or pulling operations. This is to means that it’s designed for equipment and materials driven by electricity in lifting and dragging different materials and equipment. It allows adjustments to fit different working needs and requirements. Rated capacity is increased for massive tones.

Waterproof Winch: It is a High-powered motor driven with a steady and strong pull. Has metal gearing that is durable, smooth, and 3-stage planetary gear train. Please confirm that the mounting plate is fit before buying. The sensitivity of remote control lightning-fast line speeds.

Exclusive brake designed for superior control, Waterproof, and anti-sediment 4-Way roller fairlead for guiding the wire rope to the drum evenly. Attractive with long lifetime & super protection packaging.

Trailer Winch: Trailers are used for hauling goods that are very heavy. Trailer winches are typically equipped with a steel cable that is designed for loading & unloading commodities easier and smoother. When buying a boat electric trailer winch, it is possible to load and unload boats with ease.

Also, an electric trailer winch prevents boats from damages. The damage may be caused by mishandling of the ship or dropping due to heaviness. Using the winch increases the durability of the boat. Hence the reduction of maintenance coast by the owner.

Portable Winch: The Portable Winch comes in different sizes to ensure a perfect combination of pulling power and capacity anywhere you want to apply. The gas-powered winch models work with low-profile double-braid on capstan drum.

How to Use an Electric Winch

Connect the rope to the load, wind it 3 or 4 times around on the capstan drum, then start the engine. Electric Winch gets engaged and moves the load with a lot of power. Original winch models do a perfect job in vehicle retrieval, skidding logs, pulling down trees that hung up, and more. It’s powered by a 4-stroke GXH-50cc engine of Honda and weighing 35 lb. It can provide 2,200 LB pulling power.

You will also get benefit from 2-speed options accompanied with interchangeable capstan drums. Use the included 57mm drum line pull that runs 39 feet/minute when you go for power. For more speed application requirements, select optional 85mm drum pulling at a rate of 59 feet/minute!

The electric Winch maybe uses 0.5″ low-stretch double-braid rope. Hook or tie the rope onto the object you want to be moved and then wound it 3 to 4 times around the capstan drum before turning the engine on. The friction is created by pulling the rope, and the friction is created by pulling on the rope then pulls the object in the direction of the winch.

Key Features to Look For In a Winch

Winch features differ concerning their application. They consist of a winch drum or a spool and a hand crank. Also, some of the winches applications are for tow cars, steam shovels, and elevators.

Many winches possess gears. Their power is gained through electricity, hydraulic, or internal combustion. To prevent the unwinding of the winch, the maker consists of a solenoid brake/ratchet to its winch.

When selecting a winch, some factors must be considered. Below are key features to look for in a winch.

Load Capacities: It is an important feature to consider. Depending on the part that is mounted, if it is heavy, then it can cause off balance on your vehicle, creating a problem. If you got a portable one, store it at a low position for easier reachability.

Pull power and pulling force: The Pulling capacity of a winch will be dependent on how you plan on using it. The higher the pulling power, the heavier the objects the winch can move. The 12000lb rated line pull is the most popular, being able to pull SUVs out of tricky scenarios with ease.

Type of controller: Winches can either use a corded remote or a wireless remote. A wireless remote allows you to operate the winch from anywhere within a given proximity. A corded remote restricts you from using the winch at specific spots only.

Type of wire/rope: The type of wire rope your winch uses is vital. Electric winches can use either synthetic ropes or steel cable, both having their pros and cons. The synthetic rope weighs less than steel, will not stroke kinetic energy making it safer, and is easily repaired.

On the dark side, synthetic ropes are fragile, cost a lot, and are high-maintenance. Steel cables are easy to maintain & use and are great at heat dispersal. They also have a higher max load capacity and better carry handle than a synthetic rope.

Steps for Operating the Winch

  • Plug winch remote control.
  • Make sure the braking system is functioning correctly.
  • Attach the other end of the plug to a corresponding receptacle outside the winch.
  • Run the control cord from the winch towards the driver’s seat, then place the remote in your vehicle.
  • Protect yourself with gloves to prevent cables from cutting your hands.
  • Anchor your car to any object in front of your vehicle, like a tree trunk or a car.
  • Week object may break hence causing extra damage to you and your vehicle.
  • Use the disengage lever in releasing the winch cable. It should be located outside the winch.
  • The lever should have a disengaged or free spool option. Turn the lever towards the opinion.
  • The cable will be released and be able to line pull it out manually.
  • Pull winch cable to the anchor. Avoid pulling many wires as you will create unnecessary slack.
  • Set the cable’s end down near the anchor.
  • Wrap a tree-trunk protector at the bottom of your anchor.
  • Wrap the protector around the anchor to ensure the two end-loops are facing you.
  • Now hold the two end-loops in your hand.
  • Hook D-shackle through the two loops on that protector.
  • By Removing the pin from D-shackle, put the curved part of the D-shackle through the loops on the tree trunk protector.
  • Twisting the pin to tighten to place after reinstating it.
  • Hook winch hook to D-shackle with its tip facing up.
  • Turn disengage lever to “engaged.” This will prevent the coming out of excess cables of the winch.
  • Use winch remote to line pull the winch cable taut slowly.
  • Start pulling winch by pressing the button on the remote.

Tips To Use The Electric Winch Effectively

Whatever you need a utility winch for, one of these should do the trick. Whether you need a lightweight winch to go hunting or mudding, or if you need a tiger shark heavy duty winch to offer roadside assistance, there is something here that is perfect for you. There are a lot of great winches on the market now, and this list shows you a wide selection to choose from.

We strongly recommend stainless steel rope winches over synthetic rope electric winches because they can provide durable dependability and reliable, steady power. Also, make sure the winch mount plate fits your vehicle. Another critical feature to decide upon is whether you want a handheld remote or wireless remote control. Use a floor jack if you need to lift your truck.


A steel cable electric winch is a crucial tool to have. A good model may come at a steep price, but that does not mean it is the best suited for your vehicle or purpose. It is vital to know your vehicle’s weight and use of the winch before buying one.

The products recommended in this article are all suitable for a range of pulling power requirements and budgets for a rolling load. Having a winch might be the best improvement made on your vehicle yet.

I hope you enjoy our buyer’s guide on heavy duty recovery winches and general road winches. Always remember to check your car battery and braking system before using your winch.

Depending on the amount of pull power that you need, any gear system should be able to pull you out if it meats the rolling load capacities. You can find the recovery winches in the exterior accessories category of any local auto care store. Also, consider having a portable jump starter available in your TRUCK/SUB for car battery emergencies.

Last Updated on: January 11, 2023

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