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Best Double Din Head Units (Top Reviews & Guide)


Ensure that you boost the sound quality of your car by purchasing an excellent double din head unit. Nothing is interesting like your vehicle featuring an audio system that works perfectly. This is only achievable through upgrading your entire vehicle’s head unit.

Furthermore, you will find various models of double din head units in the industry, and choosing the best may not be such an easy task. This in-depth review will guide you through the best double din head units currently.

Top 10 Best Double Din Head Units For The Money

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Pioneer Double Din Bluetooth Car Audio SystemsClick Here
Alpine ILX207 Android Car Digital Multimedia ReceiverClick Here
Pioneer AVH-1400NEX Double Dins Radio TunersClick Here
Boss Audio Systems BV9364B Android Auto Car Radio UnitsClick Here
Sony XAVAX5000 Digital Media Receivers With Remote ControlsClick Here

1. Boss Audio BV9364B – Best Double Din Head Unit For Sound Quality

BOSS Audio Systems BV9364B Car Stereo Double Din Bluetooth Audio

Suppose you need a product that can allow you to control everything via the wireless remote and give you a fine-tuned music. Worry no more because Boss audio bv9364b has you covered. It features an in-built Bluetooth functionality, which enables you to make hands-free calls and stream music.

With this device, you can reverse your car confidently because its steering wheel has a lot to be admired. Furthermore, its steering wheel controls and rear camera are very easy to control. A press of a control button on your steering wheel powers the rear camera automatically for safe parking and reversing.

It has a digital touchscreen panel, which comes with graphic interphase that is innovative. This makes it easier for you to touch this device. On the other hand, it displays 64 character messages for updates with traffic songs, news, station, genre, and artist, among many more updates.

2. Pioneer AVHW4500NEX Double Din Android Auto and Apple Carplay

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX Double Din Wireless Mirroring Android Auto and Apple Carplay

The pioneer avhw4500nex double has an in-built Bluetooth, which enhances hand-free audio streaming. In addition, it also allows you to make and answer calls freely. Furthermore, it works excellently with Android auto and wired and wireless Apple CarPlay. Most car owners opt for this product because it delivers maximum performance.

Using this product, you can comfortably connect your two phones and enjoy its functioning system. Therefore, you can easily connect your iOS and Android devices anytime you want to listen to quality audios using either Apple CarPlay or even android auto.

This product enables you to listen to music from various sources, ensure that you connect the H.U. to your smartphone using either Bluetooth or USB to enjoy your favorite audios. You can also choose to play C.D.s using your DVD player to enjoy your memorable tunes. Besides, you do not need to invest in sound amplification since the CD/DVD receiver has a 14W-RMS amp.

3. Alpine ILX207 Android Car Digital Multimedia Receiver

Alpine iLX-207 7-Inch Mech-less for Apple Car Play Android Auto Audio

If you need a device with Free Losses Audio Codec (FLAC) compatibility, worry no more and opt for this product. You can comfortably play FLAC files on this device through the USB, and it will offer you a genuine listening experience. Making it your priority guarantees you zero disappointments.

It contains an H.D. radio technology, which features an in-built H.D. receiver freely. Furthermore, it offers you a crystal clear digital sound from over 2,000 AM and F.M. stations, which broadcast using the H.D. radio technology. Likewise, it has independent dual zone video control, specifically for separate rear and front video sources.

Bear in mind that this unit is compatible with CarPlay android auto to allow you to navigate and enjoy your music easily, unlike the other times. This device also comes packaged with the Sirius XM tuner. Thus, thanks to these fantastic features for making this product gain popularity globally.

4. Pioneer AVH2500NEX Apple Carplay and Android Auto Head Unit

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX In-Dash 2-Din Touchscreen Display DVD MP3 Stereo Receiver

This product is not easy to find in the industry, and it delivers maximum performance. Bear in mind that you can never go wrong with this brand because it is a reliable fabricator in the market. It covers you from all angles that you even do not expect. Moreover, it suits the touchscreen/smartphone rule.

It features a display of 7′ WVGA (480 x 800), which is significantly larger than many other players within this particular range. The touchscreen is extremely responsive and guarantees you the facilitation that you require as a driver without distraction. It also adds safety to your destination since it is a hassle-free product.

Pioneer avh2500nex is compatible with various devices; hence you will not have a problem accessing your iPhone via this system. Remember, its Android Auto attribute helps sort the timely information into your cards, but only when necessary. It also has a Bluetooth-connectivity, which offers you hands-free texting as well as calling.

5. Sony XAVAX5000 Car Radio Digital Media Receivers

Sony XAV-AX5000 7Inch Apple Car Play Android Auto Media Receiver with Bluetooth

Sony devices have always nailed it, and they are unbeatable among all the products. As a result, Sony xavax5000 car radio digital media receivers guarantee you more than what you would expect from the device. This double din head unit is far much from its counterparts in performance as well as functionality.

This device is expensive, but it is worth the investment. Similarly, it can come with a top touchscreen auto stereo, and the screen includes several strategic buttons. Additionally, this unit functions under 20 watts R.M.S./55 peak x 4 channels. It delivers top-quality sound, which makes it perfect for any given car audio system.

It harbors a responsive and clean interface. Therefore, thanks to WebLink, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay for granting access to the entire smartphone features, such as the navigation apps for Waze, Google, and Apple. This device gifts its users’ voice control, making your car convenient whenever you are driving.

6. Pioneer AVH-1400NEX Double Din Car Stereo Android Head Units

Pioneer AVH-1400NEX Double-Din in-Dash Nex DVD Receiver with Bluetooth Apple Carplay

The Pioneers avhx390bs comprises features, which makes it more than a basic radio. Moreover, it optimizes your music depending on how your car is situated. This product is usually used when necessary since it comes with a standby mode and an off-display off mode.

You must know that this product guarantees you numerous languages. Therefore, it is upon you to choose which language suits you best. However, this rolls down to a personal preference. Besides, it supports many media formats, such as MPEG-4, A.B.I., W.M.A., and MP3. Most users love it because it is not a limited device.

Pioneers avhx390bs double din car stereo android head units are advantageous because they allow you to use Sirius, iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify. Consider it in your search and experience an incredible audio experience. Thanks to its features for making everything about this product amazingly outstanding. It has zero disappointments.

7. Alpine ILXW650 Double Din Radio Car Audio Stereo Receivers

Alpine iLX-W650 Receiver Compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto

Whether you are using the Apple hone or Android, Alpine ilxw650 doubled-in radio car audio stereo receivers guarantee you a seamless experience. It incorporates seven displays, enabling you to use your phone without any interference since it is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Many car owners love this device. After all, it is quite easy to install because it features a shallow chassis. Furthermore, it has an in-built amp power with several music support formats. It has the maximum potential to play W.A.V., W.M.A., A.A.C., and MP3. Besides, it can also play FLAC music files, which feature many details, unlike the regular music file formats.

You must know that it boasts a dual camera input, which you can confidently use to link up the rearview and front camera stream to your infotainment system. With this device, you can tune satellite radio stations because it is compatible with SiriusXM. Make it your priority and experience maximum performance.

8. Kenwood Excelon DPX-5200BT – Best Head Unit for The Money

Kenwood Car Audio DPX-5200BT Double Din Head Unit

This product offers you a safe way to utilize your smartphone whenever you are in your car. It comes packaged with Android Auto and CarPlay, which allows you to connect your iPhone to enable apps such as Messages, Apple Maps, and apple music. This lets you enjoy your favorite music in the car.

If you are an Android user, Android auto allows you to connect your phone to a media receiver built. And as a result, you can use Google Assistant to know directions, make or answer calls hand-freely and send texts. This device also supports Waze and Map. It has an in- Bluetooth that allows you and your passengers to control music to connect up to five devices.

Similarly, it allows you to enjoy satellite radio stations. You can also choose to listen to your favorite music through USB devices. It incorporates a three-way crossover, 13-band graphic equalizer, and a maximum resolution audio playback, which guarantees you the best frequencies in all your favorite music.

9. Alpine Halo9 ILXF309 Double Din Stereos Units for Toyota Tundra

Alpine Electronics iLX-F309TND Alpine Electronics System for 4-Door Toyota Tundra

If you need a large screen in your Toyota Tundra, look no more and consider buying Alpine halo9 ilxf309 double din stereos units with a 9″ mech- less system in-dash. It contains the Ilx-F309 Alpine and video system plus a nine touchscreen capacitive with a matching dash kit, specifically for 2014 to 2019 Toyota Tundra.

Alpine halo9 ilxf309 double din stereos units feature Bluetooth wireless technology, an HDMI input, H.D. radio, AM/FM, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. Its 9″ screen comes pre-positioned at a viewing angle, depth, and height that is optimal for your Tundra. This product also has Maestro modules to ensure that it retains your car’s information.

Therefore, thanks to these product’s features for making it outstanding in the industry. Consider this device in your search if you need the best double din head unit for your car. It delivers superb performance that you will live to love and long to drive your car.

10. Atoto A6s Wireless Android Auto Double Ding Head Unit

ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PRB Double DIN Android Car GPS Navigation Stereo

The Atoto A6s wireless android auto double ding head unit guarantees you 100% performance. This product offers its users all they require from their head unit for enjoyable, comfortable, and safer commutes. It has a factory steering wheel control to maximize your safety whenever you are driving. Thus upgrade your vehicle stereo unit today and enjoy these tremendous controls.

Remember, it comprises a stable android marshmallow O.S., which easily connects to your entire android devices. Moreover, this device makes your car convenient to access everything you require from a large maximum definition display. Consider it when looking for the best double din head unit, and you will get a remarkable audio experience.

It offers you a seamless reception of Atoto Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Besides, you do not have to shout to your car receiver whenever you make or answer calls. This product is Bluetooth-enabled, and it features an in-built microphone and Wi-Fi reception. Therefore, you can make hands-free calls. It also guarantees you file-sharing abilities, internet access and generates your incredible media streaming.

Best Double Din Head Unit Buying Guide

Most people long to find the best double din head unit, which can enhance their driving experience. No one wants to settle on a device that does not deliver outstanding performance. Therefore, before you buy your double din head unit, there are several factors you need to consider. These factors will determine whether the product you want to purchase meets your need competently.

What to look for when buying double din head units?

Touchscreen display

A touch screen interface for the double din head unit is similar to that of a modern tablet or even smartphones. Therefore, you must consider it when buying your product since it enhances an easier operation, unlike the analog panels and dials. With advanced technology, almost every product has a touchscreen display.

Preamp outputs

An outstanding double din head unit must have maximum potential to transmit a signal to any given car’s upgraded speaker system.

Therefore, when searching for the best device, ensure you consider the preamp output because it is a determinant factor towards the signal that affects your sound quality.

Examine whether your product has multiple preamp outputs plus maximum signal voltage, which allows you to expand the sound system.

Built-in Bluetooth connectivity

Ensure that you buy a double din head unit with in-built Bluetooth connectivity. If it a Bluetooth-enabled device, you are likely to use it with your computers, tablets, and smartphones. Bluetooth is an excellent feature because it allows wireless audio playback and hands-free calling.

Smartphone integration

Choosing a device with a smartphone device will allow you to connect with many more devices. With this feature, you will confidently enjoy your favorite music in your car.

DVD player/CD receiver

Before you purchase this device, try and find out whether it has a DVD player/ CD receiver. This will make your vehicle an entertainment center. Most drivers with young passengers should consider this aspect. DVD player and CD player sometimes support payback on the primary screen. On the other hand, some entail integration plus O.E.M. rear seat screens.

Navigation system

Currently, some double din head units are usually sold with the internal G.P.S. systems. If you drive vehicles with no in-built GPS navigation systems, this is a great feature you should always consider.

Rear camera or Backup camera

This is an excellent aspect that you must consider when purchasing your device because it allows you to see behind the entire blind spot. There are some aftermarket units, which feature a backup or rear camera. Therefore, if you need to preserve a backup camera functionality, ensure that you go through your device’s manual script.

Difference Between Single Din Unit vs. Double Din Unit

In the automotive industry, a single din unit stands for a standard opening measuring approximately 7 x 2 inches, where your stereo can comfortably fit. Likewise, the measurement for the double din unit has an opening measurement of 7 x 4 inches.

Ways You Can Play Music On A Double Din Head Unit

  • Audio streaming – You can comfortably play music on a double din head unit via audio streaming. This is achievable only if your double din head unit is Bluetooth enabled. With Bluetooth, you can stream music from your smartphone or computer without any distraction.
  • HD radio – Radio stations using digital signals are growing rapidly and becoming famous each day. Besides, they offer you an incredible sound quality, but you have to ensure that their stereos feature the H.D TUNER.
  • Satellite radios – Bear in mind that you can play music on your double din head unit via satellite radio, which transmits signals from the ground-based stations to more satellites. With the double din head unit, you can confidently listen to satellite radios because it is also compatible with SiriusXM.
  • AM/FM radios – With a double din head unit, you can listen to your favorite audios. Furthermore, a maximum quality F.M. radio has 100% potential to search for various channels automatically. This happens at any given time and any place.
  • Video via DVD or YouTube – This device allows you to play music on YouTube or even via the DVD. However, you have to ensure that it has a DVD receiver, which will allow you to play your music from your smartphone and other devices.


How do I know which doubled din unit fits my car?

You can determine which double din unit fits your car depending on your car and which unit it features. However, to find the correct measurement for a doubled din unit that fits your car appropriately, you need to consider doing some measuring before you buy your device.

Can you control a double din unit with the steering wheel controls?

Yes, you can control the double din unit with steering wheel controls because some units are compatible with audio controls on your steering wheel. This entails volume down as well as volume up. Moreover, the H.U. has a steering wheel connection via the iDatalink Maestro. However, all these depend on your vehicle.

What are the benefits of using a double din head unit?

This product allows you to make and answer calls hand-freely. Moreover, it also enhances your driving experience, especially if you drive for long distances. It has a navigation system with an in-built G.P.S. to help you reach your destination. With this device, you can stream your music from your smartphone without any distraction.

Can you still make hands-free calls if you install a double din unit?

Yes, you can because it is a Bluetooth-enabled device, which advocates for hand-free calling and wireless audio playback. This enables you to also focus on driving safely to your destination.


Most of the above-mentioned car radios are compatible with your steering wheel audio controls. We always recommend having a professional install anything to do with the wiring harness and electrical components of your vehicle.

This review has given you an insight into the best double din head units. To settle on the best product, you need to concentrate on the crucial features of this product. With the guide above, you can comfortably grab your best product from the nearest store and give your car a whole new experience.

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