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6 Car Touch Screen Not Working After Cleaning Issues Solved


Car touch screen not working after cleaning? You’ve come to the right place. We will help you fix this issue so you can use your touch screen device again.

Most car owners have car stereos to enjoy their favorite songs and listen to their favorite podcasts and other audio sources. With a head unit, you can have an enjoyable ride, whether driving alone or with your loved ones.

With continuous technological innovation, you can level up your listening experience. You can access the fantastic features of a touch screen car stereo. It allows you to get essential information at a glance.

How does a car touch screen work? 

New Apple CarPlay infotainment system

A car touch screen can be your efficient car tool. It is more than just a music tool. You can access it while keeping your eyes on the road. It has convenient features such as GPS navigation, smartphone integration, and a rear camera that will keep you safe while reversing, etc.

However, like other tools, you can also encounter several issues while using them. One problem is when the car touch screen stereo is not working after cleaning. Don’t worry because, in this post, we will discuss why the car touch screen doesn’t work after cleaning.

What are the common problems with car touch screens after cleaning? 

The following are some of the issues you may encounter with your touch screen car stereo after cleaning.


One common issue you can experience with a touchscreen car stereo is an unresponsive touch screen. The screen doesn’t respond when you’re touching the screen or swiping for commands. Remember that the car’s touch screen has fragile components, so it may be damaged.

Software error 

If your car stereo touch screen has no faulty wires or visible damage, the software can be the problem. If you recently updated the latest software on your smart touch screen, the screen may require some time to adjust with it. In addition, if the software is incompatible with the touch screen of your stereo, it will be unresponsive.

Prone to physical damage 

As mentioned earlier, the touch screen of a car stereo is fragile and can be damaged sometimes. Remember that one reason why your car stereo screen is unresponsive is due to a cracked touch screen.

There are some instances in which even minute scratches can result in a faulty touch screen. So, you should avoid using sharp objects on your car stereo touch screen.

Liquid or water damage can also lead to an unresponsive head unit screen. If someone spills a drink on the screen and doesn’t wipe the screen, the liquid can go inside and damage the screen.

Wiring problem 

The touch screen of your stereo is connected to the car’s battery with wires. The wires may get damaged or loose. With this, the screen may be unresponsive since the electricity is not supplied correctly to the touch screen.

Problem with calibration

Another issue you can encounter with your infotainment system is a problem with calibration. It is the process of touchscreen adjustment to make it compatible with your car.

Calibration can be needed if the screen becomes more responsive to a stylus pen than to a finger. You can follow the instructions in the user manual on calibrating the touchscreen.

Problem with overheating 

If the touchscreen stops working and gets too hot, you may experience some problems. Overheating may happen if you play music for longer hours. If the screen becomes unresponsive, turn off the system and wait till it cools down.

If the screen is still not working, you can check whether there is a problem with the cooling system of the car. If not, there can be an issue with the system’s software. Turn it off and turn it on again to try to solve the problem.

Now that you have discovered the common problems with a touchscreen car stereo, you should know how to fix a touch screen.

How to fix an unresponsive car stereo touch screen? 

If your radio has an unresponsive touchscreen, you can follow the steps below to fix it.

Clean your touch screen car stereo properly

Suppose the touchscreen of your car stereo may not work correctly if may accumulate dust and dirt. Cleaning your touchscreen can help to know if it works after you clean it. You can use a clean cloth and spray a screen cleaner on your car stereo screen.

With the soft dry cloth, clean the touch screen gently and cover every possible spot. Take care of the corners and clean them. Finish it with a soft and dry microfiber cloth. Then, wipe the touchscreen clean.

Reboot your touch screen car stereo 

An easy method to fix a touchscreen car stereo is to reboot it. After you reboot the system, it will start fresh, and the screen issue will be fixed. Unplug the power cord from your stereo and cut down the electricity supply.

Wait a few minutes and plug the power back into the radio. Then, turn on the stereo to check if the touchscreen is already working properly.

Conduct a clean factory reset 

Another way to fix the touch screen of your stereo is through a factory reset. It can bring back the system of the stereo to the original factory condition. Sometimes, it can solve if your touchscreen is unresponsive. You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. For a few seconds, long press its power button.
  2. Open the menu tab.
  3. Choose “Factory Reset.”

Once the factory reset is complete, it will turn on the stereo again.

How to fix a broken touchscreen car stereo? 

If you have a cracked or damaged touch screen that stopped working, you can fix it through the following steps:

#1. Remove your car stereo

Get a screwdriver to remove the car stereo component from your car dashboard. Get a magnetic screwdriver for pulling up the smaller screws. Be extra careful as you unscrew each one and then store them in the box.

#2. Disassemble the stereo system 

After removing the stereo, disassemble it. First, remove the faceplate carefully. Then, go to the upper part of the screen panel. Disconnect all the wires connected to the faceplate.

#3. Disconnect the main wires of the screen panel 

You can now go to the main or central wires of the screen panel. Usually, the wires can be found on the back of the touchscreen. If you find fragile and smaller wires, you can use needle-nose pliers to remove them.

#4. Detach the touchscreen 

After removing the wires and faceplate, you can detach the touch screen from your stereo. You can remove it from the component at the bottom of your screen panel. Perform this gently to avoid damaging the touchscreen. Use needle-nose pliers to disconnect the screen gently.

#5. Remove the broken car stereo touchscreen 

After detaching the touch screen, gently remove it without damaging the LCD screen. If it gets damaged, you may need to replace the whole stereo.

#6. Clean the LCD

Once you remove the broken screen, you can clean the car stereo’s original LCD. Take a few drops of distilled water on a soft microfiber and gently clean the screen. Using a dry microfiber cloth, dry the screen carefully. Wait for a few minutes to make it dry completely.

#7. Install a new screen 

Say goodbye to your old touchscreen since you will now install the new screen. Then, make the wires redone. Re-attach the wires in their specific places. Attach each wire properly to prevent them from getting loose. Remember that loose wires and faulty installation can lead to other problems.

#8. Add the screen protector 

Take away the old screen protector and add a new protector. The latest screen protector will help prevent scratches and dirt accumulation.

#9. Carefully reassemble everything 

Connect the wires to the faceplate. Then, connect the faceplate to your stereo component. Lastly, attach it to the car dashboard with the screws carefully.

What will you need to fix a broken car’s touch screen? 

In fixing a broken touch screen stereo, you may need the right tools, which include:

  • Screen cleaning kit
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Panel remover
  • Fathead screwdriver
  • Paper towels
  • Soft microfiber cloth
  • Screen protector
  • Special cleaning solution

To make the best of your car radio touch screen, you should get it fixed immediately if it becomes responsive or gets damaged. There are several ways to repair the touchscreen after cleaning.

Last Few Tips On How To Get Your Radio Screen Clean

Your radio screen can start malfunctioning or even stop working for several reasons. Most repair tips online recommend using a damp cloth to remove any dust particles. However, that should be your last resort if you want to clean the screen of your stereo.

Most electronics stores carry a cleaning solution or kit that will enable you to clean the surface of your device and save money. All you have to do is follow the simple steps provided with the product itself.

With the help of this post, you have already learned about the most common issues with a touchscreen car stereo. You also learned how to repair each screen problem.

Generally, you can repair major problems with your car radio touch screen. If you’re unsure how to solve such an issue, you can have it fixed with the help of a professional or a vehicle shop. Has your stereo been calibrated correctly?

Last Updated on: February 7, 2023

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