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How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amp? [7 Ways]


It is no more than a piece of a challenge to get to know exactly how to make car speakers louder without amp.

And if you happen to find out the whole process and know the real tits and bits of it, you possess so much of the information about how the speakers’ thingies work.

The easiest way found to increase the speaker’s volume to unbearable levels is by hooking in the good workable amp in your car.

Happens to be a costly solution to add the increment in your speaker’s sound to go skyrocketing, the amp (to the most) has many burdens to make on one’s wallet.

Well, it is not just one way around to make it possible but a lot of different aspects and the processes to get it happened with your car speaker to emit a louder volume than EVER without actually requiring an amp.

So, stay tuned, and let’s find ’em out!

How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without An Amplifier

How to Make Car Speakers Louder Without Amp

As said earlier, we got a few workable tips to get rid of requiring the amp to add to your car.

Let’s sneak a peek at the tips that would make your speakers throw out the music super loud! :)

  1. Opt for higher-quality of music
  2. Play up with EQ parameters
  3. Install the sound deadening
  4. Add in the subwoofer
  5. Install the dampers to deal with the noise coming in
  6. Add the tweeters
  7. Change up the entire wiring and re-set the connections

1. Opt for higher-quality of music

It seems to be unrealistic of the step in order to have the speakers beating louder, but frankly speaking, that should be your FIRST-MOST step before creeping into the next.

When stuffing the USBs and the mobile phones with the countless amounts of music having .mp4 video songs and .mp3 ones for audio, what we really miss out on downloading them with the least quality.

Many would opt for downloading the music from YouTube and other online sources at the quality levels of 144 or 240, and in rare cases, 360, then you are doing it all wrong.

Downloading them on such low-end levels would have the built-in quality compressed. What if the uploader had it recorded to match the best results for at least 720p, or even higher?

So, we cannot confirm the download quality that the music file would best run with. And, when you cannot, why not opt for the higher quality? For this, we would urge you to at least select 720p to get the music downloaded to enjoy the difference to hear out of your speakers.

2. Play up with EQ parameters

Sounds interesting to take a snap on it; the EQ parameters are sometimes required to play up a bit to make sure if something needs to be adjusted AND fixed to have the speakers work louder than ever.

And in most of the cases, these settings ARE real worth playing with from time to time. If you happen to find yourself being an avid pop-backed music listener, the settings (even the predefined ones that work with pop) would be a go-to change to let the speakers make the best sound!

NOT comfortable to set through the EQ settings you find off the stereo speaker, do not do that then. Just pick the predefined EQ settings based on the level of music (Pop, Jazz, Classic, or any other) you are hearing AND make your life good!

Playing with the car audio system EQ settings will allow you to improve the sound quality of your car stereo.

3. Install the sound deadening

And that too directly goes behind the speaker.

Why? When packed into the driveway, a little bit of volume would make the way to enter deep into your ear, but as soon you are out and on the road, you would find the inclination to turn up the volume a little louder.

Found in the middle of traffic, BAAAM! No sound to be heard at all, AND then let’s crank up the volume a little more and more.

Driving the car at a super-fast speed that brings no volume to ear, and it would be hard to mitigate what’s been playing upon the song. So, take the volume to around 70 to 80 percent.

The more you repeat that thing, the music will lose its crisp edge by a good percentage, AND all you would be hearing is the louder noise bashing through your ears.

So, then comes the need to install the sound deadening right behind the speakers to eliminate the volume to get lost between the traffic congestion without having you to baffle with the excessive sound to keep knocking all the time on the road.

4. Add in the subwoofer

JL Audio ACP110LG TW1

Oh yes! Quite a good idea! A real mighty piece of car subwoofer would be a great addition to literally volume up your car speakers to hear the music loudly and with the increased bass to love it more.

The subwoofers tend to support the bass-lovers with the built-in functionalities to find their best setting to enjoy the next level of bass to piercing outta the subwoofer.

Without increasing the volume at all, the subwoofer’s built-in bass intensity would add the bass even on the relatively lower volume that fixes your everyday worries to a greater extent.

In addition, if you are interested in buying a subwoofer for your car or thinking of upgrading your old one, then do not forget to visit Speakers Hunter. This particular website has covered a wide range of car audio equipment that can help you to become a better audiophile.

5. Install the dampers to deal with the noise coming in

Okay, there are countless ways that external noise comes in, and it includes doors, floor, engine, boot, and more.

Getting them fixed up by applying the proper dampening would ultimately reduce the external noise to spill inside.

Get the dampers installed on the door. For the engine to stop making a lot of noise, install the Dynamat on the hood’s bottom area (that sits above the engine) and see the noise evaporating.

Add the dampening material on the floor and under the rear seats and muffles, which heavily contributes to reducing the vibration caused by multiple factors that impact heavily on causing the noise to generate.

And the boot area, where most of your car tools and other items remain loose, could create unbearable noise anytime the car hits the bumps. Get it adequately dampened to ensure it kills all the noise coming out of that area to enjoy the immersive music on the long drive.

6. Add the tweeters

Besides the subwoofers, the other significant investment towards adding the tweeters in your car would be a wise move for sure.

As you would know, with what right the tweeters can bring, they are meant to help enhance the audio system to emit out the louder bass while keeping the music clear and distortion-free.

Pretty simple to install, the tweeters would bring a noticeable change in how the music plays up in your car, added with the fact you already got the latest stereo system and the subwoofer installed.

Pro Tip: Adjust the phase feature of your head unit to obtain a high quality sound.

7. Change up the entire wiring and re-set the connections

Another of the wise moves would be to actually figure out if you have been using the outdated and underperforming wiring and still complaining why the heck you could not listen to the great music on the go?

Believe me, and you need to change your way of thought for GOD’s sake! I meant it’s 2020, AND you got the outdated wiring done when? 2015? Or way before that?

Seriously, it is the step you should take now. And I would not say to CONSIDER it. It is time to change the wiring now.

IT is not a good sign to keep using the wires and upgrading all other peripherals without investigating if the wires used up would be able to support and provide enough current flowing in to keep them running at the optimal levels.

Take it as an example; you cannot run up a microwave on a thin wire. And it is not at all suggested to get an excellent and fatty piece of wire to charge your smartphone.

It has to be gradually upgraded by the time and by the requirement.

So, if you have not EVEN thought to change the wiring in all of these years, do it now.

Have them changed with the good one at all costs and then re-set the connection (soldered in the new ones) for the greater grip.

Pro Tip: Fine tune the high band tone controls to get the best sound out of your car audio system.


Exceptionally, investing in the amp would still be an unwise move if you do not happen to follow these steps. Any sound system or car stereo needs to be tweaked to achieve the best sound quality.

Yes, having an amp would drastically improve the sound quality but letting the noise coming in from all these areas and not upgrading the system at all would still feel like missing on something despite having the amp installed adequately.

And believe me, after checking in with all those 7 tips marked entirely in order to how to make car speakers louder without an amplifier, then you would seriously not require having an AMP at all, bet it!

With these tips you can make your car speakers louder. Do it and forget about ever thinking of purchasing an amp for your car! :)

Last Updated on: February 17, 2023

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