Best LED Headlights Buyers Guide

What are LED headlights?

These are light emitting diodes {LED} assembled into a bulb for use in a vehicle. The lifespan of a normal LED headlight outlasts that of the normal halogen and HID ones. These light emitting diodes are two – lead semiconductor light sources and when connected a source, emit an effect called electroluminescence.

LED bulbs have gradually taken over the headlights market since their inception in automobiles in year 2004. The first automobile to integrate these bulbs into its headlight was the Audi A8 W12. The use of LED headlights was encouraged by several environmental agencies to reduce pollution. Apart from their use as headlights, they can also be found in traffic lights and as light fixtures in homes.

LED Headlights Buyer’s Guide

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
OPT7 FluxBeam H11 LED Headlight Kit Click Here
BROVIEW V8 LED Headlight Bulbs w/Clear Arc-Beam Kit 72WClick Here
VK-G8 9005 H10 9145 12000LM LED Headlight Conversion KitClick Here
HOSHI H7 LED Headlights bulb - 6K 6000k 30W Bright White headlight Click Here
JDM ASTAR 8th Generation 8000 lumens ZES chips fanlessClick Here

Lighting is an important fixture of a motor vehicle and it serves as a source of illumination when the driver is maneuvering dark areas. The importance of headlights cannot be over emphasized due to this. Selection of the right type not only depends on the use of the bulbs but in its functionality.

Having to constantly replace the bulbs of a headlight cannot only be time wasting but budget draining. LED bulbs are popular as choice of lightning fixtures as their beams are ultralight and there than being used as headlights, they can be found in tail lights and floodlights. When purchasing headlights, buyers should always put safety first before anything else even cost.

Headlights can be bought online or by walking into a dealership and even department stores. When products are bought online, it is hard to establish the quality of the material so it is better for consumers to walk into a dealership or store to get one.

Contrary to other bulbs where wattage is an indication of brightness, the same is not the case for LEDs. In the case of LEDs, wattage is an indication of energy consumed. Therefore, before purchase, knowledge of lumens should be gotten so conversion can be done as to brightness range.

The next thing to consider is color! LED lights along with being diverse in size also come with unique colors ranging from different spectrums of white right down to purple. For driving purposes, it is essential that a bright yet not glaring color be chosen.

LED lights do not come cheap but one thing they guarantee is lengthy life spans. Some cars come with the options of adjusting the brightness of the headlights or have sensitivity features which enables them know when to increase or dim the brightness. LED lights are preferred for use in cars like this as they are more susceptible to adjustments.

Best led headlamps reviews

OPT7 Crystal clear 6000K white light

OPT7 has been my chosen headlight spares manufacturer for a long time. Their LED lighting solutions for automobiles is one of the best in the industry. The size of the LED bulbs is H11 so do confirm the same for your vehicle before purchasing. The light temperature is a very cool 6000K which provides bright and brilliant illumination in even the most dark and wet roads. The power rating is 60W per bulb and provides illumination of 3500 Lm per bulb.

FluxBeam uses a unique arc beam technology that provides uniform illumination without any dark spots or beam scattering. The unit also comes with an integrated heat dissipation unit and cooling fans to keep it operating under optimum conditions without needing to install any additional equipment. The LEDs are rated at 50000 hours of continuous illumination so it is more than likely that you will replace your car before you need to replace these headlights.

The housing is rated IP67 water resistant so you need not worry about water leaking into the lamp housing and creating shorts or corrosion. OPT7 products do not use proprietary platforms and are perfectly compatible with exiting CanBUS systems. You can install them yourself in under fifteen minutes. Finally, the product also comes with a two year warranty to provide you with complete peace of mind and security. This is a quality product that I can recommend wholeheartedly with no reservations.

BROVIEW V8 Crystal Clear 6000K-6500K Light

Broview has been making automobile illumination for a long time and the new V8 is one of the best purchases I have ever made for my car. The H4 size lamps are rated at 36W per bulb and have rated illumination of 6000LM per bulb. This is astounding brightness and is a must have for safety and security, especially in regions with storms, snow, or rain. The strong and bright beam throw ensures best visibility even on the darkest roads.

The lamps as IP68 water resistant and can even work underwater, so the typical rain and snow is absolutely not a problem for this product. The rated lifespan is 50000 hours operating continuously which is certainly more than enough for a car headlight.

It also has integrated active cooling unit with separate fans to keep temperatures in check and does not require warm up time or ballast to operate efficiently. I have been using mine for a month now and it works perfectly with no issues at all. If you are looking for an aftermarket headlight for your car, this is the perfect choice.

VK-G8 LED Headlight Conversion Kit

VK-G8 is a great product that I have been using for three weeks now. Combined illumination is 12000LM which really helps out in rural areas where there is no street lighting or during snow and rain. It uses a CREE HP50 chip to control beam pattern which helps create a strong and focused beam. After installing this, I have driven in wet conditions with no trouble spotting obstacles on the dark asphalt.

Lamp size is H10 and life span is specified to be 30000 hours at full brightness. Colour temperature is a very pleasant 6500K which looks very nice and modern unlike the old tungsten bulbs. With stated light angle 360 degrees, the lamps give very nice and uniform lighting which is a boon for driving in all conditions. Connections are all non-proprietary meaning you do not need any additional connectors to use it. Just plug it in the usual headlamp connector and you are good to go.

I had some minor problems with my ECU causing it to flicker when turned on but the vouke decoder fixed this problem very easily and after that it has been performing perfectly. The product is also CE and ROHS certified so it is perfect from safety standards. Highly recommended if you are looking to replace your headlamps with this absolutely 5 star product.

HOSHI LED 6K 6000k 30W White Ligh

Hoshi is a well-known Japanese brand when it comes to automotive electronics and its LED headlights are no exception. The product is rated at 30W per lamp and provides luminous intensity of 7600LM for a combined 15200LM of light. This is five times brighter than conventional halogen lamps and can deal with any kind of scenario. The product is dust resistant and actively cooled using internal fan.

Product also has integrated CanBUS controller and has in built drivers. Therefore, there is no need to use external ballast or other attachments for operation. Headlamp size is H7 so please confirm your car is of the same size before buying but otherwise this is an extremely good product. I have used Hoshi products for a long time and I am very pleased with their headlights as well. Lighting is extremely uniform with no dark spots or beam focus issues. Even in snow and wet conditions it performs very well. Hoshi products also have lifetime warranty so you can use this with peace of mind. I highly recommend this product.


These H11 size headlamps have worked very well for me. Total illumination is at 7000LM with 3500LM per bulb. Power rating is at 25W per bulb which is quite lower than other units available at the same price. The ZES LED chips used in this system work very well in real life providing good strong beam in all road conditions. The system also has adjustable light angle which gives you versatility about mounting and beam throw.

The anti-glare feature ensures that oncoming drivers are not blinded by the bright light generated by this product. This is backed up with dual CE and ROHS certification, so you know that it has passed all safety regulations with flying colours. The product also comes with one year manufacturer warranty so you do not need to worry about any defects or problems out of the box. This unit is designed to mimic the throw pattern of traditional halogen bulbs for a very classic and yet very modern look. The lamps are rated for 20000 hours of constant illumination which is average for the course and light temperature is 6500K, similar to xenon lamps. This is a very good product and you can rest assured you will not be disappointed by its performance.

RAZER AUTO RZJHL-6507 headlights for 07-16 Jeep Wrangler

Razer Auto Extreme Skull are some of the best off road-ing headlamps in the market and you cannot go wrong with this product. It is an LED system that is extremely lightweight, with low power consumption and immune to damage from physical shock. There are no filaments or gas enclosures, meaning that the system is very sturdy and can withstand large vibrations and still keep on functioning. The metallic reflector is also optimised to provide a clear and wide beam throw. Optics are specially designed to offer the best illumination possible.

Light output is very bright and crisp, improving visibility and performance in all scenarios. Designed for the Jeep Wrangler you can install it on any off-road vehicle and it will look very cool and sexy regardless. This is a very functional and good looking product that you will not regret purchasing. 5 stars rating is well deserved. I give it my full recommendation.

What Distinguishes the LED Headlights from the frequently used HID headlights?

  1. Durability – LED Headlights are known to last longer than HID with lesser moving parts and components, the LED headlights are known for their ability to withstand shock of any kind.
  2. Light Emission – the HID headlights are known for their low energy efficiency while that lf LED headlights are high.
  3. Duration – the life span of a normal LED headlight is 25,000-30,000 hours. HID lasts for 5000 hours.
  4. Heat Emission – if the bulb of a HID light is touched, there would most likely be a recoil due to the pain caused by the heat emitted. LED bulbs hardly cause heat to be emitted.
  5. Brightness – LED bulbs fall short in the brightness area as HID bulbs shine brighter.

Comparison of LED lighting and Halogens

  1. Efficiency – less power is needed to operate LED than it is to warmup halogens.
  2. Use of Energy – To create illuminations, LED headlights require less energy when compared to Halogens.
  3. Cost – in the area of price, LED cost more than Halogens.
  4. Reliability – LED lasts longer than halogens.

Conversion of Headlight Bulbs To LED

If you are worried about the suitability of LED headlights in your vehicle, all vehicles with halogen lightbulbs are suited for LED conversion. The first step in the conversion process is to search for the type of your lightbulb and it could be the single beam bulb or dual.

The next step is getting a conversion kit. There are a lot of available kits currently being sold by companies for conversion purposes. The conversion kits come in different forms like the CREE LED type and the Clear Arc Beam Kit. Ensure that the kit comprises of all necessary components needed for the conversion {2 ballasts, 2 LED bulbs, Wiring}.

Document the image of the halogen bulbs before removal so that a basis of comparison can be formed after installation. After ensuring safety first, the hood of the vehicle should be opened and the headlights located. In most cases, if the bulb happens to be halogen, then a metal clip would have to be removed first before the bulb can be ejected.

Installation of the LED bulbs can commence but beware of touching the LED with bare hands. To ensure the bulb is placed right , twist it so that it does not become loose. The wiring that was in the conversion kit should be the next thing installed. It should be connected to the original wiring harness in one end and the other end to the bulb.

The ballasts have to be secured with tapes so as to prevent them from disconnecting . A test run can be done to ensure the bulbs have been properly placed and are working right. Every car has its own specification and limits to the space available for bulb installation so it is essential that the right size be gotten.


LED lights are Eco – friendly as they reduce carbon emissions into the ozone layer thereby cutting down the rate of pollution in the environment. Even when the lights have to be replaced, the user is still guaranteed lengthy usage of the lights as the ability for them to be adjusted not only saves energy but extends the life span. One thing a buyer should always put in mind when buying LED headlights is that they are an investment of which the reward can be spread over its lifetime.

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