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What Your Car Says About You? 10 Busted Car Myths! Not True!


Believe it or not, the type of car you drive says a great deal about the person driving it. There are many theories about why people buy particular types of cars, and lots of myths about why various consumers purchase vehicles.

Some want to save the environment; others want to show off their success; some may be overcompensating by driving vehicles that stand out, and many people tend to pick practical rides that fit with their stage in life.

Perhaps you are driving a mini-van. It is practical and great for taking the family on vacation, getting the kids to sports events, and even helping the odd friend or family member move. We have all seen the bumper stickers that say: (You should see my other car).

The reality is some people buy for practical reasons, some to show off, and even some who are trying to get the best deal possible when purchasing a car that fits their needs.

Reasons Based On The Type of Car You Drive

What can a Pagani luxury car say about you?Consumers buy cars based on their stage of life, affordability, family, and more; however, the type of car you drive can place you in stereotypical categories. Drivers enjoy driving their cars and use their vehicles for both pleasure as well as practical reasons.

Luxury Car

Luxury cars say you have high level of incomeA luxury car is typically driven by individuals that are older, have better educations, and high paying incomes. These folks also tend to drive longer distances and want a car that is comfortable. Luxury car buyers pay attention to interior design attributes. These folks really do not like parking lots.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup Trucks can say that you like to work hard and in outdoorsMany consumers purchase pickup trucks for practical reasons, i.e., construction activities. However, there is a school of thought that suggests drivers driving a pickup truck, are less confident and are looking for attention.

Electric Cars

Electric cars say that you care about the environmentOwners purchasing electric cars tend to be socially conscious. These folks care about the planet and care less about the cost of the automobile and more about reducing the amount of pollution generated by their vehicles.

Muscle Cars

Muscle cars say that you like to show off and be loudMuscle cars are loud and make a statement when driven. These drivers want attention, may lack confidence and are stopped more often for road infractions. The auto tells the world, here I am!

Sports Car

Sports cars say that you like to go fastDrivers of sports vehicles fall into two groups. Someone with money, active and loves to drive fast. The second group are in the middle of a mid-life crisis event and purchase a sports car as a second vehicle. These folks are looking for fun stuff to do.

Are You Selfish or Not??

People driving into oncoming traffic with your headlights on high beam or driving with the ultra-bright LEDs or HID that come with some vehicles may indicate you do not care about other drivers.

These lights are great on dark roads. However, these same lights can also blind drivers coming towards you and pose a potential safety hazard. Driving in the passing lane at the speed limit is considered another selfish activity.

Other drivers traveling faster than you are forced to apply the brakes and slow down quickly. These drivers may need to pull into slower lanes to pass your vehicle. Both activities are potential safety hazards that can cause accidents.

Can Your Car Give Away Your Confidence Level?

Do you lack confidence in some aspects of your life? Driving an expensive tricked out vehicles, muscle car, or a large pickup truck may be a sign that you are overcompensating. People who drive these types of vehicles are trying to attract attention to themselves.

A vehicle that makes a throaty roar as you start from a stop sign screams look at me! It screams I am powerful and can afford this muscle auto, when in fact, you may not have two cents to rub together, and everything you own has been invested in this vehicle.

Can Your Auto tell your Marital Status?

The family van is almost a dead give away that you’re married and have children. Add the traditional stick figures on the back window indicating mom, dad, the kids, and sometimes even the pets. We are pretty sure you are married.

Some folks also opt for an SUV since these vehicles hold more stuff than a traditional autos. These vehicles are considered safer due to the higher profile on the road.

Many folks also drive family sedans, with lots of room in the trunk and the rear seats. While these stereotypes are not 100% accurate, if you operate one of these vehicles, there is a good chance you are married.

Does Your Vehicle Say “My Family Comes First”?

The family van demonstrates that the family comes first. Whether you are a baby boomer or gen xer the van shows family comes first. It is not just the convenience and storage space.

For many people, it is the number of kids that can be accommodated along with their sports gear and other personal items. The room is needed for all of the activities the kids are involved in.

Single or Ready To Settle Down?

While you may not yet ready for the mini-van, opting for an SUV with the latest safety features and high-end new auto extras may indicate most people are ready to settle down and have a family.

There is room for car seats and extra luggage every time you pack up the kids to go somewhere. While it was challenging to give up the sports auto, this is now the right choice for the next phase of your life.

Self-Employed or Not?

Anyone who drives around with their name and phone number on the passenger doors is self-employed. Many utilize pick-up trucks or suvs for the extra space and ability to go almost anywhere. If your vehicle is your office, there is lots of room for whatever is required in your line of work.

The back seat area may also be a mess unless you make an effort to tidy up regularly. Not all self-employed people are employed in doing labor-intensive work. Salespeople need room to transport goods as well as clients from time to time. A large SUV or sedan is sometimes used in these situations.

Can Vehicles Scream You’re The Boss?

Is your Bentley Vehicle saying that you are the boss?Are you running the operation at work? If so, you are probably driving a high-end auto that reflects your position and income. Autos such as BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, or a Porsche are often driven by those in charge.

Driving an SUV model by one of these same automobile manufacturers suggests that not only are you the boss, but you also value safety and your children’s safety. Just to be clear, these folks usually do not display the stick figures on the back window showing the family and pets are riding in the vehicle.

Did You Graduate Or Not?

The type of vehicle you drive may also say a lot about whether you went to college or not. Are you driving a small subcompact auto? Perhaps a pick-up truck? These vehicles are typically driven by lower-paid non-college graduates and blue color workers or self-employed business people.

Students and new graduates tend to drive older vehicles or second-hand autos. These folks do not have a lot of spare cash and may also be repaying student loans. Once students land a good-paying job and pay off a few bills, vehicle upgrades are usually in the future.

Can Vehicles Say That You’re Living With Parent’s Still?

Some people live with their parents to save money to buy a house, while others spend their money on a supped up auto, with spoilers, large tires, and an expensive sound system.

Add custom rims, a loud muffler system, and it is obvious you are spending all the money you have on your automobile while still living at home with your parents.

Now, if you are younger than your mid-twenties, and going to college or university, we can give you a pass. However, if you past the mid-twenties, it is time to get a real job, assess your spending priorities, and move out!!

Minivan or Station Wagons Screams Soccer Moms

There are not many station wagons driven these days, with the minivan replacing the station wagon as the go-to vehicle for soccer moms ferrying their kids and kids friends to after school sports and other activities.

However, if you are driving a station wagon, it sends a clear message that you are in the family mode and need wheels that carry lots of passengers along with the gear that families need at a variety of venues.

What Your Auto Accessories Say?

Auto accessories include fully equipped electronic driver-assist features, high-end radio systems, and all of the standards such as cruise control, electric windows and mirrors, heated steering wheel and seats, and more. You enjoy luxury and convenience.

Vehicles Bumper Stickers

Political statements, sports team logos, stick figure window stickers are examples of items that qualify as bumper stickers. Political stickers suggest that you are outspoken and not afraid to publicly state your opinion and support.

Ultrabright LED Headlights On Cars

Ultrabright LED headlights are great on dark roads, however not so much for the oncoming driver who is blinded by the bright headlights.

These lights can be dangerous to oncoming traffic and make it difficult for other drivers to see. These headlights indicate you are more concerned about your ability to see, and you really do not care about the other oncoming driver.

What Can These Auto Brands Actually Say About Their Owners?

Does Family SUV Range Rover auto says your a soccer mom?Every auto, SUV, and pickup truck conveys a message about the type of driver. How well it is maintained, how clean it is, and how popular it is, also says something about the driver. A clean well-maintained auto maintains its resale value.

  • Toyota – Although Toyota produces many models, it is best known for the Toyota Corolla a combination gas and electric powered vehicle that delivers high miles per gallon, popular with conservationists and those who care about the environment.
  • Range Rover – Rover owners enjoy hiking, DIY and typically are in agriculture, mining, or real estate ventures of some kind. These folks are confident and practical leaders.
  • Mercedes Benz – Typically, a wealthy person who loves quality and luxury coupled with excellent handling and comfort that German cars are known for. You’re a business person, or in engineering or own property.
  • Honda Civic – Honda owners enjoy gardening, bird watching, and baking. These folks typically own property or are in home and garden activities or consulting activities. You can be confident while encouraging and compassionate to those around you.
  • Aston Martin – An Aston Martin was popularized by James Bond in several films, including Casino Royale, Skyfall, and Gold Finger, as well as other popular James Bond movies. Drivers who love speed, intrigue, mystery and making a statement may drive an Aston Martin
  • Land Rover – Similar to the Range rover, hiking and DIY are hobbies you enjoy as well as looking after pets. People follow your leadership gladly. You probably live in the countryside.
  • Alfa Romeo – Alfa Romeo drivers tend to have expensive tastes; these owners like to look good more so than the average person. Alfa Romeo owners enjoy attracting attention and love to stand out compared to the average driver.

What Your Car Says About You

The car you drive says a lot about your personality, education, job as well as your family situation. Next time you purchase a vehicle, give a little bit of thought about the choice of car and the image you want to portray to those around you.

Additionally, your cars color plays an crucial role. For example, according to other experts a gray car says that you don’t want to stand out in the crowed. However, silver cars show that the owners are practical, flashy, and are business savvy. Also, blue cars show that you are an honest and optimistic person.

On the outside world there are people driving cars with different color, shape, and type. Congrats you are now ready to choose you car. Your choice of car should be based on the actual budget and all other criteria’s mentioned above.

Last Updated on: July 27, 2022

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