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Best HID Headlights (Review & Buying Guide)


Many people having the standard halogen bulbs in their cars complained about the throw and brightness of these to be very low. As going through bright street lights or passing by a different vehicle, his lights are more effective than yours, and people cannot see a thing on the road due to the dimness of the halogen bulbs. Then an HID Conversion kit was introducing that promised to be brighter and effective than the halogen bulbs. Keep reading if you want to find out how to choose the best HID headlights for your vehicle.

Halogen bulbs are made more colorful, but then at the beginning of their use, the purpose was to change the color of lights. However, as HID Kit is introduced, HID means the High-Intensity Discharge that solved those complaints.

Top 10 Best HID Xenon Kits and Bulb Replacements On the Market

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Opt7 Boltzen Innovited AC 55w Canbus HID KitClick Here
Innovited Premium AC Canbus HID Conversion KitClick Here
Kensun HID Xenon Headlights Conversion KitClick Here
XtremeVision HID Headlight Conversion Kit Slim BallastsClick Here
SDX HID Xenon GasDC Headlight Replacement BulbsClick Here

We spend a few months doing research to provide you with the best of the best when it comes to HID replacement bulbs and full kits. Bellow you can find the top HID conversion kits available on the market:

1. H11 Morimoto Elite HID Kit System

Plug and play led fog lights for dodge ram trucks

Look for a set of headlights for prolonged use and applications? Search no further than this one. It is heavy duty and as such, well able to stand tall to extreme weather elements. This also makes the headlights pretty suited for use in rough times or environmental circumstances.

A heavy-duty double relay harness also comes along to aid with the protection of the item altogether. The Morimoto Elite Hid kit light output of the bulb further makes it suitable to use in moments of extremely low visibility. Compared to many other lightnings, this one yields cleaner energy that is less likely to imperil you.

2. Opt7 Bolt AC 55w Slim HID Conversion Kit

Xenon lights with relay harness

The typical outdoor environment is prone to all kinds of problems and issues. You cannot use the ordinary light bulb you pick at random. That is why we ask that you choose and use this one, which is specially designed for the outdoor environment. All its traits make this possible.

Examples of these are the durable Aluminum casing, rumble resistant sealing, and the waterproof seal are chief examples of these. In all, the bulb manages 5,000 lifetime hours, consumes 35% less power, and yields 5x more light than your ordinary halogen bulb. It hence gives off higher returns on investments.

3. Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs 55w HID System Conversion Kits

Dual beam lights with ease of installation

Could it be that your applications demand extreme power? Try this Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs 55w HID System Conversion Kits. In all, the apparatus has the ability to give off the cool white 6,000K of light output. This gives off a massive 200% brighter than the stock Halogen headlights.

Though powerful, the lighting apparatus is still more cooling than your ordinary bulb. It is enclosed in an Aluminum headlight housing that is equipped with the 7,000 revolutions-per-minute Powerful TurboCool fans. Together, they suppress the heat output to keep you cool and comfortable. With this apparatus, you are sure to accrue over 50,000 hours of brilliant continuous light output.

4. SEALIGHT H11/H8/H9 LED Xenon Bulb Conversion Kit

Led headlight bulbs replacement xenon

Want to add some elegance to your vehicle? Choose this lighting kit as it is the one that is noted to produce stunning illuminations. The color output it gives off is generally white and very brilliant. You will find it particularly impressive in those times and places that are too dark for the standard bulbs.

Though brighter and clearly legible, the light output is still comfortable enough not to inflict any blindness or excessive glares. It also has the ability to eliminate the dark spots, which have been noted to be somewhat ambiguous. Use it to enhance your distance view and color option.

5. Xentec HID Conversion Kit Digital Slim Ballast

Best slim hid conversion kit

When looking for a HID conversion kit the Xentec HID provides a wide variety of as color option and brightness. Although if you are searching for a plug and play solution this might not be the answer. Manufacture recommends professional installation and also to check compatibility before making a final purchase. The xenon HID bulb comes with 35w and fits typical HB3 and H12 ports.

Most users love the directions included on this product and even though manufacturer recommends professional installation it is fairly easy to install. The xenon bulbs comes with warranty in case you encounter a problem. Great option among the different types of HID lights.

6. Aukee HID Headlight Kit System and Replacement Bulb

Aukee HID headlight kit conversion

The new Aukee HID lighting kit comes with everything you require to upgrade halogen lights to HID. This conversion kit provides you with the brightest visibility and safety for the road. Each and every plug is plug-and-play. It is straightforward and quick to install. Newer car models may require canceller cable or battery harness.

Aukee lighting kit provides you with the most reliable, safest, and durable HID by using the latest technology. Even though there are imitators of HID out there, they cannot match the original in terms of efficiency and performance.

Below are the features and pros of Aukee lighting kit:

  • Has 110W AC Power Xenon Headlight bulb with Aukee tech. It eliminates most errors codes associated with HID Kits
  • They are better, brighter, and durable. They are long-lasting. They give you a service for an extended period of time.
  • Easy to install. They are plug and play installation.
  • It comes with a comprehensive HID Kit that includes capacitors and relay harness. Everything you require is included
  • Two-year warranty HID Conversion Kit

7. Innovited Premium AC Canbus HID Conversion Kit

Innovited premium ac canbus hid headlight

This conversion kit also provides drivers with greater and clear visibility. It is one of the best conversion kits. It is durable and very efficient. Innovited HID Xenon Headlight consumes 35% less power and also generates less heat during operation.

HID headlights are known for providing longer service life. HID bulbs last longer than halogen bulbs since they have no filament to vibrate and fatigue.

Below are the features and pros:

  • Has power voltage of 12V
  • Has average and maximum of 4.2A and 8.2A respectfully
  • Has an operating temperature of 40 to 105
  • Service life 5500 hours or about 229 days
  • Has two time 55w AC ballast Xenon Headlight bulbs
  • HID conversion kit that comes with a twoyear warranty

8. Kensun HID Xenon Headlights Conversion Kit Dual Beam

Hensun hid xenon lights

This Kensun 55W HID lights has a gas chamber made of glass. It replaces the filament of a traditional halogen bulb. The gas is ignited with about 23000. It is one of the best HID lights bulbs. Just like the rest of the HID lights, it is able to provide more celebrated and precise light output.

The best thing with this bulb is that it produces enough light with less power consumption. This bulb produces three times as much light compared to the 55W halogen bulb. It is an efficient and durable xenon conversion kit.

Below are the features and pros of 55W HID light bulbs:

  • It offers excellent customer service and quality. Has two years warranty
  • It is straightforward and simple to install. It will take you less than 25 minutes to install. It is a plug and play for most cars with clear and easy to follow instructions. Some vehicles, and especially the newest models, may need particular or professional installation.
  • The manufacturer provides free and full technical support.
  • This Xenon Headlight Bulbs come with a smart aluminum carry case.

9. Apex HID Xenon Kit with Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Apex life span is among the best

Apex Xenon HID comes with everything you require to upgrade your vehicle. As soon as it is installed, you will note a lot of difference in terms of visibility while you are driving at night. Increased visibility increases your safety since you’re now able to see well and clearly.

Below are the pros and features of Apex HID Xenon conversion kit:

  • Easy to install. It is a plug and play installation
  • Quick installation in less than 20 minutes. No skills required.
  • It is 100% dustproof, shockproof and waterproof
  • Produces 3-times as much light as a halogen bulb
  • Xenon Headlight Bulbs Has two years warranty

10. SDK Hid Headlights Kit with H13 LED Headlight Bulbs

SDK low beams with wide range

These HID lights have a glass chamber. They not only provide enough light but actually more excellent light with less power consumption. They are among the best headlamp. They provide longer service. These lights are reliable and always bright.

Below are the features and pros:

  • Efficient customer service and good quality HID conversion kit
  • Very easy and straightforward to install. Plug and play for most vehicles.
  • You don’t require more than 20 minutes to install. The procedure is simple to follow.
  • Waterproof and shockproof Xenon Headlight Bulbs.

Other Extra 3 Important Conversion Kits and Bulbs

11. XtremeVision HID Xenon Conversion Kit Slim Ballasts

Xtremevision hid conversion kit

This product comes with everything you require to upgrade halogen lights to HID. This conversion kit provides you with the brightest visibility and safety for the road. Each and every plug is plug-and-play. It is effortless and quick to install. Newer car models may require canceller cable or battery harness.

XtremeVision xenon gas provides you with the most reliable, safest, and durable HID by using the latest technology. Even though there are imitators of HID out there, they cannot match the original in terms of efficiency and performance.

Below are the features and pros of XtremeVision 35W HID:

  • Easy to install. It is a 100% plug and play installation. There is absolutely no modification required.
  • 100% waterproof and shockproof. This product is of good quality. Its quality and service are guaranteed.
  • 35W premium slim ballast HID conversion kit
  • Has two years warranty and live tech support via email, phone, or both.

12. Opt7 Blitz HID Headlight Bulbs Replacement

Best replacement bulbs on the market

Do you have visibility issues? This is the light bulb to choose for your use if your answer to the question has been a firm yes. In all, the light bulb yields ultra-bright outputs. Then again, it is able to last around 4,500 hours in its lifetime. The quality of the light is the legendary brilliant Xenon light.

On account of this quality, the bulb is capable of retaining its brightness indefinitely. It is on the whole rated up to 3,200 lumens. The lighting mechanism is further compatible with the OPT7 BLITZ HID Kits, as well as some other DC HID Kits.

13. HID Warehouse HID Replacement Bulbs

Xenon conversion kit

Want a headlight to use in many environments? You have this specific one for your consideration and choice. It is compatible with a host of ballast wires and aftermarket AC HID Kits. With this bulb, you are more likely to enjoy unimpeded progress and operations.

Unlike the other light bulbs, this one requires no assembly prior to deployment and use. That is because it comes about in a plug-and-play form and is hence ready for use. On the whole, it exudes light output that is thrice as bright as the normal halogen bulbs. This HID Xenon conversion kit bulbs is besides lasting five times longer.

Best HID Headlights & HID Conversion Kit Buying Guide

Having known about the top HID headlights on the market, we now move on to determine how to arrive at a suitable purchase. In this segment, we shall look into those factors that inform the best choice as well as how those factors determine their performances and of course, your expectations.

Things to Look for in Xenon HID Kits

Below are the things to look for in the Xenon HID conversion kits:

Bulb Size

The size of the bulb is definitely a topmost consideration. It is necessary that you find an excellent bulb that is able to fit the holder you have in mind. You do not want any hassles or mismatches to arise, really in the process of use and installations. Check the manual of your car to find out more about this.

Life Span

This refers to the total amount of time that the light bulb may discharge the light output. It is designated in hours. The top HID headlights on the basis of this consideration have to be capable of generating the light output for the longest possible duration of time.

Ease of Installations

Before you can make use of these light bulbs, you will have to install them. You hence have to factor your own expertise as you go about this. After knowing about your own knowledge, you have to go ahead and pick the plug and play bulb, which is easily comprehensible by you.

Power Consumption

All the bulbs do consume some amount of electrical energy to operate. This notwithstanding, the consumptions need not really be too high as this might inflict higher utility bills on your part. On the contrary, you may want one that has the least realistic levels of power consumption.

Type of Beam

The light output of the headlights is definitely the primary use for which they are employed. It hence goes that the type of beam that the equipment produces has to be given topmost consideration. There are three main kinds of beams. These are:

Low beams

As the name implies, they shine less intensely. For this reason, the beams are useful in those times or moments which do not require intense light. The day time or early evenings are great examples of these.

Single beam

The single beam is one shot of light ray which runs from a source to a target. It is mainly excellent for search and rescue missions as it directs the rays of light to specific objectives at any given time.

Dual beam

Lastly comes the dual beams. This is the one you use to illuminate your roads and paths, as you usually drive. Be sure to find one that is very bright if you plan to drive in pitch darkness.

Type of HID Lighting

Nissan canbus hid twoyear warrantyLike any other kind of lighting mechanism, the HID lighting is similarly available in many kinds, shades, and forms. Having a firm knowledge of these forms will definitely go a long way in making your choice better and greatly expedited. We devote this segment of the discussion to just that.

LED Headlight Bulb

This kind of light bulb is an electric light source that employs the light-emitting diode technology. The bulb generates the light output promptly without any warm-up delay and unnecessary downturns. It also emits brighter colors, which are subsequently more legible even when the intensity is low.

Halogen Headlight Bulb

Next comes the halogen headlight bulbs. These ones are those that are mainly found in the typical vehicle. Unlike your ordinary light bulb, however, the halogen bulbs employ halogen gases rather than filaments to emit the light output. In the course of lighting your home, the bulbs also produce some heat.

Xenon Headlights Bulbs

Also known as the high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, xenon headlights bulbs generate brighter lights than the LED and the halogen lights. Their light output mainly bears the blue-white colors. Many people have complained that the light that is emitted is too strong and potentially blinding. These are the light bulbs to use in moments of pitch darkness.

Headlight Comparison

Throughout time everything takes on its evolution course. One of those things is a cars headlights. You can imagine that it would be quite challenging to drive a vehicle without those present and ON. Of course, back in the old days, when technology was not evolving at a rapid rate, there were times when people drove in the night without any lights. The first introduction to them was in the 1880s.

By the way check our post on how many miles is too many for an old car before you make a car purchase.

At first, they became a luxury thing to have on a vehicle. Later on, they would then divide into types of headlights as time progressed, such as HIDs, LEDs, Halogens and etc. As safety measures advance, they became a must-have in a vehicle.

The characteristics of a motorized vehicle began to build. To be considered a car that you can drive on the road nowadays must have working lights, turn signals, four wheels, mirrors, and exhaust before lights would run on acetylene and oil. They were soon replaced by electric lights due to the high cost of oil and acetylene. So then began the new era of making the most advanced technology vehicle headlights. Dealers and companies started to build the car headlight industry.

HID vs. Halogen vs. LED

Most HID’s are known to be brighter than any other light by double the amount. But, the HID duration and lifespan is unfortunately short. To make everyone happy, they come in a wide range of different colors. They are creating a more significant customer pool. They are as well adaptable to be used in any application.

The LED’s in comparison, last about ten times longer than the usual HID’s. If we start the contrast of what is more advanced, then the LED’s are known to be the newer technology. The appearance is much more modern, and they are energetically more economical. They are drawing only a 1/10th of the energy to operate.

In addition, the LED’s are brighter than the stock ones that come with the vehicle. Unlike the full range of compatibility applications that the HID’s offer, these have a narrow range. These lights are also mostly not bright enough to be safe. Making you think of which ones can be safety approved on the road.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing HID Headlights

Before purchasing any headlights, there are a few things that you should pay attention to always. Most importantly, it is doing your research beforehand or asking around to hear multiple opinions. That is how you get correct products when you can speak facts directly with the person or company that you are purchasing from.

First and foremost, always research the HID’s manufacturer’s history and feedback. That can tell you a lot about how they have developed and what quality of the product they make. Quality is always a priority over quantity.

Second is that you should always ensure yourself on where the kits are made from. Just like anything else, there is a lot of knock offs and fake products floating around on the market. You do not want to get ripped off and lose your money.

The third factor is analyzing the feedback that the customers left if there are any. Most people who have a thing or two to say about the product will address it on the selling page. Try to look for the history behind the product. Over time you can only tell if the products have left a mark on its clients.

Fourth is ensuring that you are getting a great deal. Always look around of what the others are selling for. Research what MSRP it’s averaging at doesn’t get ripped off for something that you know the price of.

The amazing five is making sure that the guy or girl that you are purchasing the lights from knowing what they are talking about. In regard to anything that a person sells, most of the time, focus on your money and not the satisfaction that you should be getting.

Last but not least is making sure that your lights fit the weather, which means that they are waterproof with an easy plug and play set up. Otherwise, you will get something that will shorten the electricity and to some damage to your car.

HID Color Chart

Colorsuh6r5e4dryjthgjtyfjMany of the HID kits are offered in the 3000K-20000K color ranges. Of those mentioned, the most popular ones are between 6000K and 8000K. The average and ideal range for a driver is within 4300k and 6000k. This range gives a great appearance to the vehicle but is not the most effective.

Warm Colors vs. Cool Colors

The red to the white range, including yellow and orange, tends to be the warm consideration of colors. Most warm colors are known to have a lower K rating vs. the cooler ones. 4300K give’s off a light result of white/yellow, which is agreed to be a warm color option. Of course, you can’t conclude that HID lamps with warm undertones will be less bright.

As to the warm color option, they include in themselves bluish whites, blues, and indigo shades. Of course, that means that they have higher Kelvin ratings compared to the warm ones. 10000, for example, is a much more cool color and give off less light than the warmer tones.

Basically, if you want the brightest light, you can possibly find, get the 4300k or 6000k kit.

Tip: Replacing your headlights should not be a factor when purchasing old used cars.

FAQs for HID Headlights Xenon Kit

Bmw LED lightsIt is always necessary to examine some of the issues which people out there ask with regards to these light bulbs. To realize this end, we now identify and answer some of the top questions which others have concerning these bulbs.

What brand of HID headlights is the best?

Though many manufacturers engage in the making and distribution of these lights, Philips, Sylvan, Kensun, and Cougar are the top and most reliable brands. They have been noted to do a better job than the other ordinary brands. Do prioritize each LED light bar or bulbs in your search for the right kind for your automobile. You are more likely to obtain higher returns on your investments.

Which HID kit is better 35w or 55w?

Most people consider that the 35W rated bulbs are the better. Not only do they consume less electrical energy, but also do they emit limited heat output. That means they are more efficient as they waste the least possible amounts of electrical energy possible.

Considering that these bulbs are cheaper, you will part with less money but at the same time enjoy a higher level of satisfaction. This is not to mention that they are safer for your eyes as they do not at all blind it as others ordinarily do.

Are HID or LED lights better?

For all practical purposes, the LED fog lights is better than the HID counterparts. Several reasons account for this. For one, they do not emit too bright lights that have the potential to blind those who behold them. Then, their energy consumption is also lower and quite affordable.

Lastly, they also take a shorter duration of time to light up when compared to the HID bulb. In this way, you will not have to wait for too long to be able to enjoy the benefits that ordinarily come along. You now know whether to train your guns when looking for a suitable one.

How to choose HID headlights?

There will always be competition in the automobile world. The abundance and variety of cars shall always find its perfect owner. With technology advancing, the industry of vehicles will still be taking more significant turns. Each vehicle before purchase becomes a separate case for all individuals. Therefore the selection of characteristics of everyone differs. On the road, there are things to be cautious of.

It is resulting in us always to pay attention to the road. With the proper lighting of the road ahead, it makes it easier for the mind and eyesight to notice obstacles that are head. Safety is the number one priority of all the passengers, including the driver. It is safe to say that with a better vision, we can prevent inevitable accidents from happening.

Along with the light comes to style. Each automaker is advancing they’re car designs and technology to make the ultimate vehicle. The newest addition of the headlights is the movement of them as you make your turn. So it makes us wonder what is next?

What makes HID headlights so especial?

HID Kits are innovative and designed by experts so that consumers are able to get the best possible benefits. When you are using the kit, you should make sure that enough room is available, which can be occupied due to installation of the headlight housing. According to experts, when you are purchasing car safety is of paramount importance because, during accidents, people lose their car and lives as well.

Tip for Installing HID Headlights

It is essential to install HID Ballasts that will go a long way in seeing clearly through the fogs and hazy environment. You can use HID Conversion Kits, which are renowned for quality and would go a long way in making you healthy. If you are driving, you would need lights that are devoid of glare which would help you to view objects clearly at night.

Wrapping Up

When looking for the best led light bar or HID headlight conversion kit you need to make sure it fits your desires and color option. Our links can help you check the latest price on Amazon. If you have dirty fog shelves you might want to clean them up before replacing your headlights.


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