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Best Competition Subwoofers (Reviews & Buying Guide)


Would you like to have a competition subwoofer that offers high sound quality? Well, it’s time to consider the best competition subwoofers which can be placed in your car.

Perhaps, you want a car audio system that provides excellent voice coils or clean and crisp sound as you turn on your high-quality sound device in your car.

So, it would be better to take and consider the best car subwoofer competition in the marketplace. Since there are lots of power-handling competition subwoofers that are available in the marketplace, you might get confused about what to choose and buy.

That’s why this review will help you in picking the right product for you. We have already narrowed down your options to perfectly choose the best and ideal competition subwoofers that offer sound quality.

With this article, you will also be guided on what to select based on its voice coils, power handling capabilities, frequency range, frequency response, and power output.

What to Look for in Best Competition Subwoofers?

If you want to end up choosing the best car competition subwoofer in the marketplace, then you need to consider a powerful bass with excellent audio quality in general.

It’s because this product can provide a great music experience while you’re driving a car. You also need to consider a competition subwoofer that is quite small and lightweight, which you can easily place in tight areas of your car like the passenger’s auto seat or anywhere you want to put it.

A high-quality sound and a premium paper cone must be considered since it doesn’t provide sound distortion at all. In general, it is best to consider a competition-grade sound system offering massive audio for excellent power output.

The key features for a competition dual coils sub must be highly considered and chosen so that you will get the benefits and advantages that you are looking for.

Aside from the overall quality of the car subwoofer, it is good to consider a product that is well-refined, deep bass, and budget-friendly. With all these things and considerations, you will surely pick the best competition subwoofers which are worth an investment.

Top 10 Best Competition Subwoofers For Sound Quality

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
DS18 HOOL-X15.4DHE Auto Competition SubwooferClick Here
JL Audio Competition Subwoofer For Sound QualityClick Here
American Bass Subwoofers With A Huge Power RangeClick Here
Rockville Destroyer 12D1 Car Audio CompetitionClick Here
Power Acoustik MOFO 12 Inch Competition SubwoofersClick Here

For you to pick a car competition subwoofer, then you may take a glimpse at the top-rated products that are listed below.

These best competition subwoofer products are highly picked based on their overall sound competition with not too much bass feature, good quality materials, perfect frequency range, watts RMS power, pear power capacities, and affordability of price suitable for your budget.

#1. Rockville Destroyer 12D1 Car Audio Competition Sub

Rockville Destroyer 12D2 Woofer

This type of 12-inch competition subwoofer offers deep bass and powerful sound in general. It weighs 49.6 lbs., which can handle 8000 watts peak power output and 2000 watts RMS.

As one of the best competition subwoofer products, it is coated with robust and thick layers on the outer cone with 4 layers of high-temperature voice coils. It also offers a silver stitching coin that gives additional reinforcement and extension of its lifespan.

Aside from this voice coil feature, this voice coil competition subwoofer has an additional thick high roll foam, making sure the optimal sound quality contains minimal distortion only.

This Rockville Destroyer competition subwoofer is an ideal option to enhance your overall sound experience while driving a car. In fact, it provides enough balance and power once mounted to its trunk.

One good thing about this car audio competition subwoofer, apart from its voice coil, is that it requires reasonable space for mounting the unit, which makes it perfect for an oversized vehicle.

#2. DS18 EXL-XX.2D Auto Competition Subwoofer

DS18 EXL-XX15.2D Subwoofer

If you’re driving a car, especially if you’re on a long-distant drive, then nothing beats driving while listening to your favorite sounds and music. With a good sound of audio system and dual 2-ohm feature, the feeling while driving gets better.

That’s why this DS18 EXL-XX.2D is the right competition subwoofer for those looking to improve the overall superiority of the car’s sound system. This unit offers extremely loud sounds; so, once you turn this on, then you and your neighbors will surely enjoy listening to your tracklist.

This auto competition subwoofer does not provide any sound distortion at all. That’s why the sound of this product provides you with a great experience when listening to your favorite music and sounds.

Plus, the product is incomparable compared to other types of car subwoofers since the unit is perfectly manufactured based on quality and superiority. One good thing about it is that you can only purchase this product at an affordable price.

#3. AudioPipe BDC4-12D2 Car Subwoofer

AudioPipe BDC4-12D 12 Inch Sub

Another ideal competition subwoofer that you can find in the market is this 12-inch competition subwoofer. This 32-lb. unit provides a clear and crisp sound with an intense punchy bass. With its 2800 watts of peak power and layered dual voice coils, the unit gives a good performance level.

Since it has a 7.88-inch mounting depth with complete bolts and wirings, you can easily install or mount the unit to specific areas you want. This voice coil speaker comes with a simple design with a powdered aluminum basket, protection, and a 10-gauge wire speaker that ensures the durability of the item.

This AudioPipe BDC4-12D2 auto subwoofer has a delicate rubberized surrounding material that generates smoothness, well-refined sounds, and quality sound performance levels.

While most subwoofers or voice coil subwoofers can withstand high volume and powerful amp, planning to fire this unit up to a higher level of volume, reaching its peak power would cause burning this speaker.

#4. DS18 HOOL-X15.4DHE Audio Speaker Car Subwoofer

DS18 HOOL-X15.4DHE Car Subs

This kind of 15-inch competition subwoofer is highly made up of premium-quality polypropylene cone woofer, and high roll foam surround to ensure the finest value of sounds and its durability as well.

Aside from using it in your car, this voice coil unit can also be utilized to improve your complete audio system since it can typically enhance the overall stereo sound.

This voice coil car subwoofer can operate with 6000 watts peak power which is apt for listening to audio or music. If you wish to put this item in your car, then you don’t need to worry anymore since this can be mounted without difficulty due to its perfect size.

In fact, it only offers 13.31 inches depth and 15.56 inches in diameter. Furthermore, this kind of speaker can either be ported enclosure or sealed, based on your budget and preference. In general, DS18 offers a 16 – 500 KHZ range of frequency response, and non pressed paper cone feature.

#5. Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 Car Competition Sub

Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 D2 Subwoofer

If you want huge audio punch subwoofers in upgrading the whole sound system of your car, then you need to consider the ZVX-12v2 type/model that is highly manufactured by Skar Audio.

This Skar Audio 12-inch subwoofer can produce 1,500 watts of RMS power. It also has a real cooling system and a 3-inch voice coil that can blast the music and massive audio for a long period without a problem.

The good thing about this item, apart from its non-pressed paper cone, is that it offers a powerful speaker which produces quality sound waves and sound system, no matter which specific sort of music you are listening to.

As an overall response to the goodness of the unit, ZVX-12v2 by the Skar Audio is one of the best subwoofers in the marketplace because of its numerous attributes. The specifications of this product will surely fit your preferred frequency range.

#6. Orion HCCA Black Coil Auto Competition Subwoofer

Orion HCCA Black Coil Subwoofer

If you wish to have competition-grade subs with a decent price that can be placed in your car, then Orion HCCA is a type of competition subwoofer that can deliver high-powered and low-frequency organ rattling bass notes.

This competition sub-grade pressed paper cone has more power in doing heavy thumping in your automobile. To bring its optimum performance level, it would be better to use this subwoofer with an amp that can consistently supply up to 2500 watts RMS for the sub.

With the pressed paper cone on this competition subwoofer, it can even enhance the deep and rich bass sounds it produces. Another thing that makes it stand out from the other models is that this woofer has a frequency response wide range of 30Hz-400Hz.

It also includes an advanced design for airflow that provides superior cooling. Furthermore, Orion manufacturing company offers a warranty period within 2 years to ensure its good performance level and product’s longevity.

#7. Power Acoustik MOFO 12 Inch Competition Subwoofer

Power Acoustik MOFO-124X MOFO 12-Inch

The Power Acoustik MOFO 12 inch is an entry-level subwoofer containing a patent-awaiting heatsink, which is highly designed to produce excellent sound quality and improve the overall quality of bass sounds.

The 5.35-lb. unit comes with 90 days warranty period that ensures the quality of it. Although it is quite smaller than other types and models out there, this speaker can run up to 5000 watts of peak power.

With this, you can even say that this competition subwoofer is indeed a powerful tool in upgrading the audio and sounds of your speaker. At some point, this item performs with a maximum RMS power of 1,200 watts.

Generally, it could perform better even at lower capacities, which ensures a longer duration. It also has an elegant design with a color combination of blue and black style, which is categorized by a stiff & smooth cone and a firm basket structure.

With this, it can withstand deep vibration and high-frequency response, which provides you a distinct auto audio experience.

#8. Skar Audio EVL- 12 D2 Competition Subwoofer

Skar Audio EVL-12 D2 12 inch Subwoofer

EVL-12 D2 car sub-competition has already been proven and tested by many customers when it comes to good quality and great performance levels.

In fact, it was already considered as the top-leading low-end tool that reproduces good bass quality. All features of this unit come together to make it an ideal subwoofer.

This competition-grade subwoofer is a powerful tool that can be used in improving the sound quality of your car’s speaker since it offers a maximum peak power handling capacity of 2500 watts, including 1250 watts RMS power.

The frequency response of this unit is rated around 25Hz-250Hz. With this RMS power, it is advisable to use ported box against the sealed enclosure. The perfect size for the box would be 28-inch wide, 14-inch height, and 14-inch deep.

#9. American Bass XFL 1244 12-Inch Subwoofer

American Bass USA XFL 1244 2000W Subs

These 12-inch American Bass Subwoofers XFL 1244 is highly designed to execute sound and power, which leaves the competition behind. In fact, XFL series models have already set various world records when it comes to great competitions.

XFL series also reproduces the high-quality car subwoofers having perfect sound quality. With the excellent power output and rock-solid construction, XFL subwoofers are said to be reliable, which makes your car come alive because of great sounds and power.

This product offers 1000 watts RMS power and up to 2000 watts peak power, giving you the chance to experience a powerful or massive audio experience when listening to music.

Additionally, it offers 7.6 inches mounting depth with 3-inch dual voice coils. Another good thing about this item is that it comes with multiple pieces of innovative comex spiders pump motor cooling design, including rubberized magnet boot.

#10. American Bass VFL 8-Inch Competition Subwoofer

American Bass VFL 8 INCH Competition Woofer

This American Bass VFL 8-inch subwoofer is another perfect quality unit that can improve the sound quality of your speaker inside your vehicle.

It refines or polishes the overall sounds of the massive audio; thus, giving you a better experience when listening to your favorite music while driving.

Some of the special specifications of this product include a peak power of around 1200 watts and RMS power of 600 watts. The product is easy simple and can be mounted or installed without any difficulty since the manufacturer designed this for great efficiency.

It is also perfect for any size of the vehicle since the size of this unit is good enough to be anywhere inside the vehicle. In fact, it has 16.2 lbs., which makes it portable and easy to remove from the mounting area once needed.

Best Competition Car Subwoofers Buying Guide

Buying the best subwoofers may seem a little bit tricky. But, everything will be in order if you are aware of the things that you need to consider when buying the best-priced subwoofers for competition in the market.

You should know the exact dimensions of the subwoofer you want to buy before determining one specific model. This is because there are two main styles for this specification: front-mounted and trunk-mounted.

When buying a trunk-mounted subwoofer, it is highly suggested to pick the one with a pre-loaded enclosure; thus, giving you less stress and heavy task in designing or building your own box.

Additionally, it also helps in improving the overall audio system performance, particularly the bass performance.

For those who are going to buy a front-mounted subwoofer, you should know that this type comes with a low-profile design, and it is perfect for those people who have less floor space in their vehicle.

If you do not have a lot of space, consider purchasing an under-seat subwoofer. This will not only give you more space but also gives you the chance to save money since this type is low priced, compared to the other types.

How to Choose A Competition Subwoofer?

To give you some guides, here are the top tips on how to buy the excellent competition subwoofer:

Peak Power Handling

An ideal subwoofer needs to be powerful. It means that you need to choose the powerful one. When choosing a powerful subwoofer, it is a must to check its peak power.

Most people think of the peak power handling of the best and ideal competition subwoofers, and they often consider these considerations like the maximum sub-capacity.

The sub’s peak power slightly affects the overall performance of the subwoofer. This is usually the rating of the maximum voltage the product can manage within a short burst.

Another consideration you need to take when checking its power is the RMS power rating. This RMS power rating measures the capacity of the sub can manage uninterruptedly. As a buyer, you also need to recognize that only the peak power rating of the sub will influence how it will perform after its installation.

A subwoofer requires to be jointed to an ideal amp if you opt to work it perfectly. You should also utilize an amp that has an identical peak power rating to the sub. An excellent amp should produce between seventy-five to one hundred fifty percent of the power rating sub.

The Right Size

As a buyer, you may notice from other reviews about the different sizes of the competition subwoofers. These different sizes greatly affect the performance of the sub. But, you have to take note that a huge sub is also more tricky to install and shift compared to smaller ones.

Say, for instance, if you are planning to buy 12-inch subwoofers, you need to know that this type is not small. However, it can’t take up your whole entire trunk space.

In case you love listening to prevailing bass and opt not to sacrifice the quality of its sounds, then this type can be your best option. Apart from being easy to install, this product also works in dual setups.

Another option you may pick is the 15-inch subwoofers. This type is a huge one, and it will take up tons of trunk space. It can also have a massive sound and make your teeth jangle. This can be observed even if you turn them up to the maximum level.

Though you have options to choose from, it is a must to know what fits your preference. The bigger the sub, the more air it will push. Thus, you need to know that each sub requires bigger boxes to end up accommodating your boot space.

An Affordable Cost

Another thing you need to consider when buying the best and ideal inch subwoofer is its cost. Depending on your choice, you may pick the affordable price over the expensive ones.

Take note that you don’t need to spend a lot of money just to buy its best type of JL Audio with excellent voice coils. All you have to do is to visit your preferred shop and check out its offered products.

Then, simply compare their products and determine your best pick. In case you can’t decide what to choose from, you may simply read reviews online or ask help from your friends about voice coils, and aluminum dust cap fins features.

You may also know more as much bass output information, including the punchiest bass with continuous power.

The more options you have, the more chances of comparing the different advanced cooling system products and getting one like the American bass dual 2-ohm subwoofers at a low cost.

The Best Sound Quality

If sound quality is exactly what you are looking for, then you need to know that buying the best and ideal competition subwoofers should not always be based on size but also its material quality.

Some online products only provide the right look but end up lacking in terms of power and performance. Make sure you seek a product that has an impressive sound and one that can easily fit into your car.

Take note that some competition subwoofers are not that great in terms of producing a powerful bass, making it necessary for you to research the best product brands.

If you want quality and RMS power rating, then it is a must to purchase an amplifier. This will also increase the cost, but the good news is that you can use this amp for the rest of your speakers.

Right Number of Voice Coils

Voice coils are what make the sound. They send electricity to the speaker, and then that makes the sound. If you are looking for sound quality, it is necessary to look for voice coils with high power handling.

You can find this information in the product description or on the manufacturer’s website. Be sure to also look for aluminum dust caps, as this helps to cool the coils and improve sound quality.

When shopping for competition subwoofers, it is important to consider all of the factors above in order to make the best decision for your needs.

Competition vs. Regular Subwoofers

Despite their name, these types of speakers are not just used in competitions. They can be utilized in many ways and may serve purposes other than fulfilling your desire for loud bass.

The big difference is that the regular subwoofers are usually designed with consumer products in mind. On the other hand, competition subwoofers are built to meet the demands of professional users.

Another thing is when it comes to dimensions. Regular subwoofers are typically smaller and can be contained in a small box. On the other hand, competition car subwoofers need space in order to move air efficiently and have a larger frame.

They often have stiff suspensions that can handle more power, larger magnets, bigger coils that can handle more current, and are just generally made of higher-quality components.

These subwoofers are not recommended for new car audio enthusiasts, as they require careful consideration to make sure you don’t damage them or blow a fuse.


Buying the best and ideal competition subwoofers don’t need to be a challenging task. You just need to focus on your preferences and available budget.

If you opt to buy the best and good cooling system or car subwoofers with excellent power range, don’t pick instantly. Try to weigh the pros and cons of one product to another.

Can’t decide what to buy? Then, don’t hesitate to read the different product reviews mentioned above.

Feel free to check each product detail, including the American bass, Power Acoustik models. Verify their maximum power handling and frequency response. Then, expect that you will get a good cooling system when you opt to purchase a competitive subwoofer.

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