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Best Budget Mono Car Amplifier [Top 10 Reviews & Guide] 2023


One of the significant purposes of a mono car amplifier is to boost the bass of the subwoofers. Most often, it takes more power to develop low-sounding notes. That is the reason why picking the right mono car amplifier is important if you want to project excellent high-quality audio on your car’s subwoofers.

There are particular types of amplifiers intended to play low frequencies without making any buckle and twist and can provide clean power to fill your auto with the powerful and best bass beats you want.

In this guide, we will give you the reviews on the top 10 best budget mono car amplifiers available on the market to make it easier for you to pick the finest among the best.

Some units are only market hype and do not offer high-quality sound, and it will be hard for you to distinguish between them, or although you can, it will be a nuisance.

What to look for in a Best Budget Mono Car Amplifier?

There are factors to consider in the best budget mono amps. How much emphasis you put on these points may differ depending on what you are looking for.

However, these are some good things to remember always if you want to buy the best tone.

You must never purchase a mono car amplifier prior to checking some essential details, and it might be a smart idea to meet with a professional car audio man prior to settling on the purchase.

Maximum Power Output

Maximum power output is an essential feature in an amplifier. You totally cannot afford to take this for granted. Your amplifier wattage determines how much power supply is going to be delivered to the speakers.

If speakers don’t have sufficient power, it will produce a weak sound that wastes a mono car amplifier. Getting a car amp with a high-quality max power output is good for the overall performance of the amp.

Quality of Sound

Sound quality might or might not be vital to you. If you’re just going for raw volume, then you might not be as worried about this one.

However, if you are an audiophile intention of preserving equilibrium in the speakers, quality of sound will be vital.

Frequency response

Frequency response refers to your capability to customize the mix of the amplifier, subtracting or adding decibels from bass boost by calculating the frequency.

This alters the tonal features of the bass notes and the reverberation as well. Your car stereo must already have the capability to adjust the levels by channel. However, most mono amplifiers that have this feature are more precise when it comes to bass boost.


This refers to the resistance the electric current faces while going through the amplifier. Your amplifier impedance directly bears the amount of current needed to make a specific degree of power.

Mosfet Power Supply

MOSFET power supply makes use of a metal-oxide silicon transistor connected in the common source configuration. It is a low-cost, high-efficiency, and fast switching device.

It is also known as a “smart” amplifier as it has the capability to protect itself from damages and overload.

Remote Bass Control

Remote bass control is also a factor that you have to consider when buying mono amps. Having a remote subwoofer control allows you to adjust the amount of bass with ease on your car audio device.

Now that you know the things to look for in mono amps. Lets us show you the best products available.

 Top 10 Best Budget Mono Car Amplifier

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Boss Audio Systems Mono AmpClick Here
Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D Mono AmplifiersClick Here
Pioneer GM-D9701 Class D AmplifierClick Here
Planet Audio Mono AmplifiersClick Here
Kenwood KAC-9106D Car AmpsClick Here

So, without further a due, here are the top best budget mono car amplifiers available.

Always keep in mind that price shouldn’t only be your basis in finding a high-quality amplifier. Although these  amplifiers are available for a fraction of the cost, you will be amazed by their performance.

#1 Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D Budget Mono Car Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D Prime Amplifier

If you are searching for a budget-friendly mono car amplifier that can suitably power up your subwoofer for an awesome experience, then Rockford Fostgate R1200-1D is the best choice.

With this newly improved mono amplifier, you will experience a different level of music entertainment right at the comfort of your auto.

This very effective amplifier is integrated with state-of-the-art features, which are assured to boost your car audio. This falls under Class D amplifier, meaning it is suitable for all kinds of cars. It can perfectly fit into a small car or big truck.

Some of the best features are the 4-gauge ground connectors, MOSFET power supply, infrasonic filter, RCA outputs, 12dB octave crossover with differential circuitry, speaker level input, and thermal sensing. Amongst these essential features, this amplifier boasts a huge power supply.

This is a small and compact amplifier; however, it has the ability to overshadow the sound system around it. It has the ability to produce up to 1200watts in a 1-ohm load with no worry of harming the electrical system.

#2 Pioneer GM-D9701 2400W Monoblock Amplifiers

Pioneer GM-D9701 2400W Monoblock Amplifiers

If you search for enough power to improve your car stereo, then this one is for you. This is one of the best car amplifiers available.

Regardless of how you configure your amp, you will still have 2400 maximum watts with GM-D9701 which can surely please your power-hungry subs.

It comes with a bass boost, making it the decent choice if you wish to slam up your audio more. GM series provides more attention to small details. It also boasts its superior chassis with a durable and rugged design.

In spite of its compact size, it has the ability to provide the utmost power. It has a wired bass control remote and MOSFET power supply that has the ability to remove all secondary feedback circuitry.

Additionally, It has LED indicators for protection and power settings. It comes with a superior build and makes use of a tough aluminum alloy heat sink, variable low pass filter, RCA level inputs, and nickel-plated screw.

#3 Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000W Mono Amplifier

Kenwood KAC9106D 2000W Amplifiers

The KAC-9106D 2000W is one of the best car amplifiers that can surely please your hunger for power. If you are looking for an amplifier with a slim and sleek design, this is perfect.

With regards to design, this monoblock amplifier has a pretty cover panel which comes with a big logo of Kenwood on its surface. At the top is a LED indicator that adds beauty to the whole appearance. It has a MOSFET power supply of 2000 watts.

This amp has an infrasonic filter, variable low pass filter as well as speaker level output. The low pass comes with a frequency response of 200Hz and up to 50Hz with infrasonic.

The bass boost is one of the best and amazing features of this monoblock amplifier. It can offer up to a +18dB boost at 40 Hz. When it comes to the quality of sound, this one gives a loud yet very clear sound that will make you enjoy a long drive.

#4 Planet Audio PL1500.1M Class D Amp

Planet Audio PL1500.1M Car Amplifier

State of the art Planet Audio PL1500.1M is a remarkable budget mono amplifier available. It has 1500W, and it’s a class A/B mono amp, meaning it combines efficiency and high-quality sound.

It is armed with high and low-level inputs. It has a variable low pass crossover that you can utilize to set the audio by your choice. The additional bass EQ switch offers up to a +12dB boost.

This is also integrated with a switchable bass boost, which enables you to alter the low bass. The variable gain control features allow you to adjust the amount of signal which is going into the receiver and to your amplifier.

Furthermore, this amp is not too big, so it is ideal for all types of cars, whether it is a truck or a small vehicle. These car amps work great for those vehicles that have an upgraded electrical system.

It is also integrated with remote bass control and is available with six years warranty. In general, this is a good choice that doesn’t break your wallet. It also has an amazing Mosfet Power Supply.

#5 BOSS Audio Systems R1100MK Single Channel Amp

BOSS Audio Systems Amp For Sound Quality

BOSS, in general, has an awful reputation amongst some audiophiles; however, the Audio Systems R1100MK is an excellent budget mono car amplifier and also comes with a wiring installation kit. It is a class A/B amplifier with 1100W max power at 2 ohms or 550W at 4 Ohms.

It is also integrated with MOSFET power supply- an electrical switch that allows the flow of electrical current and also for IC controlled protection circuitry.

The amplifier itself is compact to fit much anywhere. This is also integrated with low and high-level inputs, switchable bass boost, variable low pass crossover, thermal overload speaker, variable input gain control, as well as power and protection LEDs.

What is more, you get a remote subwoofer control for added convenience. This is a remarkable single-channel amplifier for its price, which must please most users who do not need anything more powerful.

#6 Planet Audio PL3000.1D Monoblock Amps

Planet Audio PL30001D Car Amplifier for Bass

Another entry from Planet Audio is the PL3000.1D. This is more powerful than the previous one. It comes with multiple RCA inputs so that you can reproduce audio files from different types of devices.

It is also integrated with some powerful and state-of-the-art features. But, the best thing is that this Class D technology can be purchased for a low affordable price.

These monoblock amplifiers have a maximum power of 3000W at 1 ohm, 750W at 4 ohms, and 1500W at 2 ohms. With this amount of max power, you can achieve high-level inputs on a wide range of frequency responses.

This Class d amplifier comes with a MOSFET power supply capable of removing any secondary feedback circuitry. Meaning it is capable of dishing out power when required for specific subwoofers without coming across hardships like overheating.

One interesting feature of this amp is its capability to strap two PL3000.1D amps and double the power which is being delivered to the subs, efficiently reaching 1500W power at 2 ohms.

It also comes with a variable subsonic filter and a low pass filter. This will assist with filtering and tweaking the sound as well as the frequencies to your choice.

#7 Kicker CX400.1 Class D Amplifier

KICKER CX400.1 400 Watt With High-Level Inputs

If you need clean bass, the Kicker CX400.1 Mono Car Amplifier is the best choice. This works great and will surely power your subwoofer.

This amp is assured of producing 400W RMS, so meaning it will give a full and loud bass output. It offers 300RMS at 2 ohms and 150RMS at 4 ohms.

You can’t turn off the crossover setting, and it just goes up to 250 Hz. It stops once the key is switched off, and it is enabled for a high-level input. Also, this class D Mono Car amplifier has an optional remote control.

Even if it might not be superior to other models, it provides a relishing traveling experience. You will also be concerned about compatibility, so it is safe to say that this product works with approximately each car stereo system worldwide.

It also needs less space due to having upright mounting exceptional hardware. One of the best features is the subsonic filter that allows you to remove those unwanted muddy sounds caused by a poorly sealed enclosure.

#8 Taramps’s HD 3000 Deep Bass Car Audio System

Taramps HD 3000 Watt AMP

Experts are impressed with the output that HD 3000 audio system is able to deliver. This amp is integrated with a variable bass boost that allows you to fine-tune those low-end frequencies with ease.

It is recommended to use a high-quality wiring kit when installing these mono amplifiers. This amp from Taramp’s is considered one of the best. It has 3000 watts that enable it to create marvelous bass with quality sound.

The class D monoblock amplifier comes in 1 ohm, 2 ohms as well as 4 ohms. This is esteemed to work ideally on 2 ohms. The HD 3000 is also compatible with all cars due to its lightweight and small design, which makes it simple to fix.

Plus, it is an ideal choice for offering vast bass if your electrical system is upgraded. It is a remarkable amplifier with regard to bass and voice. So, if you need a versatile class D amp, choose this one.

If you are into high-quality bass, the Taramp’s HD 3000 might be perfect for you. This offers a massive blast of bass, which will make the ride more loving as well as throaty.

#9 Rockville dB15 6000W Monoblock Amplifiers

Rockville dB15 6000 Watt Amp for Bass

This is a trusted brand, and no doubt it is included at the top. The company is also confident in their manufacturing which they offer 90 days money-back warranty.

This is a high amp with 6000W peal output, 1500W CEA rated power, and 3000W RMS output. With the capability to receive multiple RCA inputs, this makes it easy to reproduce multichannel audio files.

All dB series amp is CEA-2006 compliant, which makes it easier to match and compare with other amps compliant to CEA. This works effectively at 2 ohms and is stable at 2 ohms.

It is integrated with Optical Coupler Technology, and packages take account of bass remote, amp, wiring kit, a birth sheet with powers, manual, warranty, and mounting screws.

This class D monoblock amplifier will surely meet your needs as the manufacturer is very much confident that they have made something exceptional. In case this amp doesn’t meet your expectation for any reason, you can ask for a full refund.

#10 Audiopipe Mini Class D Amplifier 1500W

Audiopipe APMN-1500 1500 Watt With Remote Bass Level Control

This mini-class D technology amp from Audiopipe is another relatively reasonably priced amp that provides a relatively good boost to the listening experience.

Audiopipe developed this mono amplifier with a wide frequency response of 25-30kHZ, and it employs an 83% efficient power supply. The best part about this monoblock amp is that it has a power of 1414W at 1 ohm, 540W at 4 ohms, and 964 at 2 ohms.

There’s also a 0 to 12 dB variable bass boost that makes it easy for you to control the output voltage. The selectable frequency allows you to tune it according to your preference.

It comes with a remote bass level control that is integrated into the amp. It is armed with a low pass filter and subsonic filter, which assists in filtering specific frequencies. Having a remote control is always a good addition to a good amplifier.

This a good amplifier with a three-way IC controlled protection frequency including overload, thermal, as well as short speaker protection as well as dissipation of heat.

Plus, there is also an aluminum allow heat sink. It is small in size, making it perfect for all types of cars. It is also super lightweight and produces good quality sound.

Best Budget Mono Car Amplifier Buying Guide

Purchasing the best budget mono amplifiers is not always easy. However, if you need to know a bit beforehand, you will be better prepared.

When choosing a car amplifier, there are several key points that need to be understood in order to get the best possible amplifier for your needs. One of the things you should look for is that the amp comes with an integrated variable bass boost feature.

This will allow you to have more control over the amount of bass that is outputted from the amplifier. Additionally, if you are looking for an amplifier to use in your racing car or a competition vehicle, then you need to make sure that it comes with a CEA-2006 certification.

Another spec to look for is a subsonic filter. This will come in handy whenever you would like to have less power or have it at a certain level. The subsonic filter will prevent the amp from using more power than it needs in some frequencies and produce a less distorted sound.

Last but not least, look into the amps RMS and Peak Power Output. The higher the output you need, the more money you will be spending on an amplifier (and vice versa). Aside from features, there are other things you need to keep in mind when buying a mono car amplifier.

Manufacturer Specifications To look For

For decades some monoblock car amplifier companies have sold their units with disgracefully high power outputs on the box.

There are instances that these have been simply unbelievable for a low-cost or budget-friendly car amp.

For instance, hardly anybody would think that an amplifier with a size of 12 inches by 12 inches could generate around 1000W of power.

However, for first-time buyers who are not aware of it, it is a confusing and misleading thing to try to know. That is what this article was made of, to assist you with.

Should I Get Certified RMS Power Ratings?

Realistic power rating makes use of the RMS label that is an electrical engineering expression to stand for “root mean square,” a numerical way of stating the useable, actual power that an amp is able to produce continuously.

The mystification comes from manufacturers applying the peak power rating that isn’t representative of the real amount of power the product can drive your car speakers or subwoofers with.

Imagine a modest-sized auto with a speedometer that goes beyond 200mph. Can most average vehicles really drive that fast?

Therefore choose a mono car amplifier with proven RMS power. A lot of manufacturers utilize misleading power numbers like peak or max.

RMS power is the rating you will have to know. If possible, looks for a product that has been tested and proven to deliver. The CEA-2006 ratings assure business-certified as well as dependable specs.

What are the standard CEA-2006 Specs?

In year 2000s, the CEA or Consumer Electronics Association made a standard to assist buyers with this.

Manufacturers of amplifiers whose specifications are listed as compliant to CEA-2206 have power ratings as well as performance specs that are reliable. Not all manufacturers offer this; therefore, it is vital that you are very careful when buying.

In case the amp manufacturer does not include the specs with some kind of standards like this or very thorough information instead. Basically, you will just need to trust or anticipate that the RMP power and specs are correct.

It is vital to know this as budget amps often are not compliant with CEA-2006 and still, at this point, utilize peak or max power ratings on the packaging and sales information.

The best mono car amp uses a class D design. For less heat and power draw as well as compact size, class D monoblock amp cannot be beaten.

This type of amp utilizes a more effective amp design to run cooler compared to the previous class A/B amps designs.

What are speaker level inputs?

Multiple speaker level inputs are a must for those who want to achieve great sound quality our of their amplifier. They can be used to connect an amplifier with your factory radio or aftermarket device that does not have low-level inputs.

Moreover, they allow you to use the signal coming from speaker outputs as source material. These type of connections offers more versatility and power than traditional RCA cables do. They are also known as high-level inputs, and typically they allow you to have more control of the volume.

On the other hand, Low-Level inputs, also known as RCA inputs, are used for amplifying the signal from an external device like a CD player or tablet. Line level connection is made with RCA cables, and it can come in handy if you want to install more than one amp into your vehicle without having any physical space limitations.

Most factory car audio systems do not have low-level connections, so these must be added on if you want more power or different sound quality for your music player of choice!


Picking the best budget car amplifier can be hard, particularly if budget is a problem. Luckily, the music and audio industry has given the market lots of choices of low-cost or budget-friendly products.

Now, you can easily buy a suitable choice without breaking your bank account. Still, you can take pleasure in a loud, clean sound with high-quality amplifiers at a low price.

But, to find the best for an affordable price, it is vital to read some reviews and research on the item that can meet your listening requirements.

Last Updated on: January 11, 2023

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