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Best Bass Tube For Car [Top Reviews & Buying Guide] 2023


You might have a big and luxurious car, but have you enhanced its style texture inside to offer it a classic impression? This is achievable when you buy the best bass tube for your vehicle. Furthermore, you require an exceptional pair of speakers to listen clear as well as crisp.

Sometimes listening to music can be pretty boring, and you might venture into music, which requires woofers. However, woofers can occupy a lot of your space. Thanks to advanced technology because it has led to the manufacturing of bass tubes for the car.

Top 10 Best Bass Tube for Car Bass Sounds

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
KICKER CWTB 10 Inch Ultra Powerful Bass Tube Sub SpeakersClick Here
MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Car SubwoofersClick Here
Rockville RTB12A 12 Inch 600w RMS Powered Subwoofer Bass TubeClick Here
Bazooka BT8014 BT Series 8-Inch 150-Watt Subwoofer TubeClick Here
Alpine SWT-12S4 1500W Max Powered Bass Tube for Deep BassClick Here

There are numerous different types of bass tubes in the industry today, which guarantee you outstanding performance. Therefore, below is a review of some of the best bass tubes for the car.

1. MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Powered Car Subwoofers

MTX Audio RT8PT Universal Subwoofer Enclosure

If you require the best bass tube for your car, search no more because this product has you covered. Besides, it has been the leading device in the industry for several years. It has a 120 Watts RMS amplifier power output, and 8 maximum performance subwoofer is situated in a vented, carpeted enclosure.

Likewise, this product has RCA and high-level inputs for easy connection in any given system set up. This product is convenient because it comes with an external bass control to allow you to control the volume from the front of your vehicle.

Most car owners love this product because it is easy to install, worth an investment, durable, and long-lasting. If you are a bass tube enthusiast, this product will serve you best. Make it your choice and experience maximum performance.

2. Rockville RTB12A 12 Inch 600w RMS Powered Subwoofer Bass Tube

Rockville RTB12A 12 Inch 600w Subwoofer Bass Tube

Most car owners love this device because it is easy to install and it comes packaged with everything you might require; these include the bass tube combined with an in-built amplifier. With all these, your car will have a stylish and classic look. It incorporates a cylindrical shape, which gives it the desired output.

The Rockville RTB12A 12 Inch 600w RMS Subwoofer Bass Tube guarantees you an energized performance leaving you 100% satisfied. This product is durable because it is long-lasting. Besides, this product features two canvas straps and four steel mounting brackets plus Velcro fasteners.

Its tube is engulfed with the embroidery log, and it has a dimension of 12.75 x 22.83. Similarly, this product is powered by a subwoofer sub tube combined with the bass remote control, and it also has 600 watts peak/300 watts RMS.

Make it your choice today and experience maximum performance with absolutely zero performance.

3. KICKER CWTB 10 Inch Ultra Powerful Bass Tube Sub Speakers

KICKER CWTB 10 Inch Ultra Deep Loaded Trunk Mounted Tube Sub Speakers

This product comprises a thick ABS tube construction, which generates a durable frame perfect for deepest drum kicks. Moreover, it has a flexible vertical and horizontal mounting system that is compatible with different vehicle dimensions.

It is undoubtedly excellent because it has a bass reflex system, which boosts the low-end frequencies, capturing a fuller dynamic range. With the spring-loaded terminals, it produces a superb bass boom to a compact space.

This 10 inch sub incorporates an innovative heat management system to prevent your speaker from getting too hot, more so during heavy use. You must know that this device’s peak wattage is 800, and its optimal level is 400.

To capture a full dynamic range and improve low-end frequencies, you need to hear the bass reflex system and lows. This product is easy to install, and you can mount it anywhere to enjoy it maximally. Thus, thanks to its outstanding feature for making its performance exceptional.

4. Bazooka BT8014 BT Series 8-Inch 150-Watt Subwoofer Tube

Bazooka BT8014 BT Series 8-Inch 150-Watt Subwoofer Tube

It has a ported cylindrical enclosure plus eight subwoofers. Additionally, it comes packaged with a hardware poly woofer and mounting straps with a foam surround that is compressed. This product guarantees you a sensitivity of 102 Db8- 9/16 W x 10 1/16 H x 18 5/8 D and a frequency response of 39 to 1500 Hz.

You must know that this device comes with an enclosure of passive bass tubes plus an eight-inch subwoofer. Besides, the corner loading optimization offers you maximum bass performance. It has a 4-ohm impedance and has a maximum handling power of 150 watts. This device has a maximum efficiency woofer, which is reinforced and designed for use in bass tubes.

Additionally, it comes with straps for safe to guarantee maximum safety during mounting. If you need the best bass tube for your car, look no more and consider Bazooka BT8014 BT Series 8-Inch 150-Watt Subwoofer Tube. This product guarantees you exceptional performance.

5. Rockville RTB80A 400 Watt RMS Power Bass Tube Subwoofers for Cars

Rockville RTB80A 8 Inch 400 Watt Subwoofer Bass Tube

The Rockville RTB80A 400 Watt RMS Power Bass Tube contains 200 watts RMS/ 400 watts. Likewise, it has a vented enclosure tubular. It features eight maximum power woofer, which is vented in a tubular enclosure. Bear in mind that it also comes loaded with an integrated in-built 250 Watts Rated amplifier.

This product is covered in aviation-grade tweed durable, which is durable and has an embroidery logo. It also features a rear aero vent bass system and an adjustable bass cross cover. Moreover, it comes packaged with other accessories, such as a molded steel woofer grill, dual canvas strap combined with Velcro fasteners.

Additionally, It is a famous product because it guarantees you sufficient bass, it is easy to install, and it is lightweight. Therefore, consider this product when looking forward to buying one since it has fantastic features that stand out, and its build quality is outstanding.

6. Bazooka BTA6100 6-Inch 100 Watts Peak Amplified Bass Tubes for Car

Bazooka BTA6100 BT Series 6-Inch 100-Watt Amplified Tube Subwoofer

This product incorporates a warranty of one year. It comes with a strap for a secure mounting. Furthermore, it has a patented tube enclosure design, which is primary for corner loading, and guarantees maximum performance.

Bazooka BTA6100 features a dual voice coil subwoofer, dual-channel amplifiers, plus an onboard of 100-watt. Besides, it has a sensitivity of 103 Db18 3/8 L x 6 7/8 W x 8 3/16 H2-Ohm Impedance. Similarly, this device has the potential of fitting where most bass cannot fit.

The six-inch works remarkably behind the hatchbacks, trunks of Sedans, and the seats of compact trucks. This product is not limited to one can, but it is suitable for every car model.

Besides, it comes with straps for secure mounting, and it also offers you a limited warranty of one year. You must know that this product comes with a strap to enable you to mount it safely. It also guarantees you a top-quality sound.

7. Alpine SWT-12S4 1500W Max Powered Bass Tube for Deep Bass

Alpine SWT-12S4 1500W Max (300W RMS) Single 12 Inch Sealed Subwoofer Tube Enclosure

It has a maximum performance subwoofer peak power, primarily 15000W RMS power and 300W. In addition, it has an overall dimension of 12.75 x 26 frequency response and a 28-200Hz speaker impedance of 4. On the other hand, it has a sensitivity of 92dB /w and an Aline stitched logo, including the belt’s heavy subwoofer grill subwoofers and brackets.

Alpine SWT-12S4 1500W has 12 passive subwoofers SPK terminal voice coil sizes. It features a black enclosure tube carpet with an Alpine logo grille included. It has a solid quality, is easy to install, and offers you a fantastic bass response.

Thus, ensure that you consider this device when searching for your car’s best bass tube because it delivers 100% performance, and it is worth the investment.

8. Kicker 46CWTB104 TB10 Powerful Subwoofer Enclosure Car Audio System

Kicker 46CWTB104 TB10 10-inch Loaded Weather-Proof Subwoofer Enclosure

If your budget falls between a hundred dollars, this is the appropriate item for you. Investing in this product is not an issue because it is among the higher-end base tube system. Furthermore, this product guarantees you perfect power handling, hence generating quality bass in a compact package.

On the other hand, this product comes loaded with a second driver and a subwoofer of 10-inch. You must understand that this will react with the air pressure generated by the primary sub. Due to this reaction, you are likely to experience a bass response that is enhanced with no noise or distortion.

It comes with a tube-shaped enclosure from a robust ABS plastic material. You can install it vertically or horizontally in your car to keep it neat. Kicker 46CWTB104 TB10 Powerful Subwoofer has gained popularity because of its maximum outstanding feature that makes it stand out globally. Furthermore, it is easy to set up and affordable.

9. Alpine SWTS10 250w RMS 10Inch 4Ohm Bass Tubes Enclosure

Alpine SWT-S10 1200W Max (250W RMS) Single 10 Inch Sealed Subwoofer

The Alpine SWTS10 250w RMS 10Inch 4Ohm Bass Tubes has a maximum 1500w single 12 enclosure sealed subwoofer tube. Most users love it because it delivers maximum performance subwoofer. It features a speaker Impedance of 4 as well as a frequency response of 28 to 200Hz.

This product has an overall size of 26 x 12.75. Thanks to its outstanding features for making it gain popularity globally. It is famous globally because it is a practical and functional product. Moreover, it works as advertised and it does not cost you to install. In your search, consider this product; it guarantees you extraordinary performance.

10. Pyle 8-Inch Carpeted Powered Bass Tube Car Subwoofer System

Pyle 8-Inch Carpeted Subwoofer Tube Speaker

This product features 400 Watt power to allow you to enjoy your favorite music according to your preference and style. Similarly, it contains a rubber edge suspension, which finalizes your woofer enclosure system. It has a total dimension of 19.5 lengths x 11.5 diameters.

With the two aluminum voice coil plus a 4-ohm impedance rating responsible for compensating undersized wires in many cars, it minimizes distortion to enable you to enjoy a clear and crisp sound by generating the punch.

Additionally, it has a blue polypropylene cone, ideal for modern speaker construction, hence replacing blown or worn speakers. This product has a frequency response of 30Hz to 700kHz, and it is also easy to install. Therefore, choose this product today and experience extraordinary performance without any given disappointments.

Best Bass Tubes Enclosure Car Audio Subwoofer System Buying Guide

Now that you are pretty familiar with the best bass tube for a car, you need to consider the essential information you will require to make the right decision during your purchase. Furthermore, when you find out the factors, you need to consider them; this will make it easier for you to invest in a product worth it.

What to Look for When Buying Base Tubes?

Look for bass tubes that will allow you to adjust the sound pressure level either manually or via a remote control. The quality of the component speakers should be a priority. Also, look for rubber surround as a feature of the speaker.

Power handling

The base tube has many power ratings, but they are two essential power handling, primarily sensitivity and RMS power handling. RMS indicates what the speaker can handle while sensitivity in running comparisons and finding the appropriate subwoofer.

Frequency response

It offers you a range on how the low sub can deliver performance. However, how well your bass tube performs depends on numerous variables, such as the box type it is likely to be mounted on, but the frequency response plays a crucial role in performance.

Mounting straps

Most of the bass tubes come packaged with a mounting strap to enhance the entire process of installation. However, this also rolls down to a personal preference.

Easy install audio system

This depends on the audio system build of your car. In case you need a bass tube that is easy to build, it is ideal that you pre-build and remove the shelf component that picks enclosed subwoofers. After that, take your base tube, connect it to your car trunk and link it to the rest of your sound system, and you can start enjoying your favorite music immediately.

Price tag

Your budget is determining the kind of bass tube you are likely to buy. Therefore, if you have the potential to invest in a bass tube that will serve you for an extended period, you better opt for it. In case your price tag is fixed, it is better that you choose the best that suits your car and fits your price tag.

Materials build quality

Your bass tube’s build quality plays a crucial role since it determines how long it can serve you and whether it also delivers maximum performance. Thus, ensure that you settle on a bass tube with top-quality material, and its build quality should also be exceptional to make it deliver superb performance.

Difference Between An Active And A Passive Bass Tube

The passive bass tube features a driver, which is featured via the external amplifier. Moreover, their passive crossovers are internal. On the other hand, the active bass tube has a dedicated in-built subwoofer amplifier. Therefore, the best among the two rolls down to your desires as well as preferences.

Besides, it depends on the type of system you have. The passive bass tube requires that you purchase an external amp, but if you find it not ideal to buy, you can stick to an active bass tube. Choose a functional and practical product that meets your desires and delivers outstanding performance.


Do bass tubes sound good?

Bass tubes guarantee you a boomy bass, which is likely to sound louder and easily capture people’s attention. At first, it is sweet, but sometimes it cannot be very pleasant. Therefore, sealed enclosures and ported boxes produce a tighter bass, which offers a heavy punch.

Additionally, whether it sounds good or not, it rolls down to a personal interest as well as preference. You must ensure you pick the best bass tube in the market to determine how good bass tubes can be. In case you buy a perfect bass tube, it will offer you the best performance.

Will adding a bass tube improve your listening experience?

Yes, because it comes with several advantages. First, they accommodate a compact space in your car. Furthermore, it builds enables it to fit in your boot and against your back seat, which usually has limited space. On the other hand, when you require a lot of space, it is easy to remove.

Bear in mind that bass tubes smoothen the overall sound and do not cause any distortion to your entire music. Bass tubes are also outstanding in enhancing your listening experience because it improves performance at maximum frequencies. However, it is always ideal that you adjust your crossover frequency on your car stereo.

Do I need to buy a wiring kit?

Yes, you need a wiring kit for you to achieve your installation effectively. You must know that multiple bass tube does not come packaged with the necessary wiring kit. Therefore, ensure that you find and buy the amp wiring kit, which entails fuses and all wiring tools you require.

Are these subwoofers required to use car amplifiers?

Subwoofers work hand in hand in your car with the subwoofer amplifier. Moreover, the hardware you have plus the car audio system you build determines whether you need to find a separate amplifier for your subwoofers. Car amplifiers improve your car audio system. However, an active car subwoofer will be the easiest way to add bass sounds to your stereo systems without the need of an amplifier.


In case you require a suitable sound in your vehicle, you probably need the best bass tube. This in-depth review will help you select the best product that suits your demands. Companies like Rockford Fosgate offer a great underseat low profile subwoofer option in case you need a smaller sub.

Bear in mind that you need to consider several features mentioned in the review to find the best. This also helps you to understand the bass tube’s importance, especially in the symphony of sounds. With outstanding features, you can quickly improve the audio experience of your car. Make a wise decision and grab the best from your nearest store.

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