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Best 6X8 Speakers [Top Rated Reviews & Buying Guide] 2023


When it comes to high volumes, size matters. If you are looking for speakers that is both small and powerful, then you are just in the right place. Not all aftermarket speakers are the same. Some are more expensive than others, and they also have different features which might be important to you.

The best 6 x 8 speakers are an ideal choice if you are looking forward to upgrading or replacing your car’s factory speakers. You must know that the 6X8 car sound speaker maximally boost the car stereo’s overall sound, including clarity and distortion, because they are made with good components.

On the other hand, the industry is flooded with multiple 6X8 car speakers, and it can be pretty challenging to pick the best that is likely to provide an extraordinary great sound performance. Therefore, you must make sure that the device you are obtaining is of exceptional capacity. We will review the ten best 6 X 8 speakers in the market currently.

What to look for in 6×8 speakers?

The factory speakers are not always up to par when it comes down to potential. Especially if you’re upgrading your car’s audio system, the tone of voice should be reliable!

This article will highlight some important features for you to think about when purchasing new speakers in order for you to get an accurate sound reproduction out of your car audio system.

Sensitivity rating

Before acquiring your speakers, you think about its sensitivity. Furthermore, the sensitivity level you are likely to choose depends on your current head unit or car stereo.

Many factory-installed car stereos need speakers with a sensitivity of 90dB, while maximum powered speakers will need lower sensitivity levels.

Quality of components

When searching for the best 6 by 8 speakers, make sure that the durability of the speakers you desire are satisfactory.

Furthermore, look for high quality components of the surround, tweeter, and woofer cones if they are long lasting. The material used in the speaker’s manufacturing affects the mids and highs of the device. Ensure that you make a wise choice.

Power rating

RMS power handling make you knowledgeable on the amount of power the speakers you want to buy can handle. You must know that low-powered head units are not suitable for speakers meant to handle max RMS  levels.

In case the system features a strong, powerful external amp, you should find speakers that can handle equal intensity as the amp output. Choose a set of speakers depending on how much power you think you may need for your car’s stereo system.

Frequency response

The speakers frequency response range is measured in Hertz (Hz); this showcases the variety of tones it is likely to generate. Besides, the first number indicates how low your speakers can play and how deep the bass is.

The second figure stands for a higher frequency, which is the upper tonal range. A wider frequency gives you a more powerful sound your speakers can produce. The tweeters are in charge of reproducing the high frequencies.

Butyl rubber surround

Before you buy your 6 x 8 speaker, it is appropriate that you examine whether it features the rubber, which keeps your speaker secure. On the other hand, it also extends your speaker’s life; hence, it can serve you longer than you can imagine.

Polypropylene cone

You must evaluate these types of woofer cones (Polypropylene Injection Cone) when searching for your speakers because it gives it a beautiful impression and enables your music to resonate without any distortion.

Mounting dimensions

This factor plays a crucial role when it comes to installing your device. A great speaker with a mounting depth of 2.54 inches fits lots of vehicles. It also features a mounting kit, which makes the installation of your device easier.

Top 10 Best 6X8 Speakers

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch 6×8 Inches SpeakerClick Here
Infinity Kappa 68211CF 6×8 Coaxial Car SpeakersClick Here
Kenwood KFCC6895PS 6×8 Component SpeakersClick Here
Pyle PL683BL 6×8 3way Speakers For Car AudioClick Here
Cerwin Vega V468 6×8 - Best Speakers For BassClick Here

1. Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch – Best 6X8 Car Speakers

Rockfords Punch 6x8 3-Way Full Range Speaker

These are the best 6×8 speakers and they will produce a deep bass that is sure to impress. With an easy installation process, these are the perfect speaker upgrade for any fanatic who needs one!

Besides, these new speakers come as a pair of 130 watts. Likewise, the Rockford speakers have a dome tweeter with an integrated concealed crossover and a rubber surround to generate accurate frequency reproduction and maximum output.

Moreover, it has a FlexFit speaker basket, which uses slots for a better fit instead of using single-sized screw holes. These Rockford Fosgate speakers have a amazing overall quality and guarantees you a one-year warranty only if you purchase it from an authorized reseller.

The polypropylene subwoofer cone was designed to be light, rigid, and non-resonant. Likewise, the unit is great for replacing those worn-out speakers. Consider it when looking for the best speakers because it provides a full range sound, allowing it to deliver great sound.

2. Cerwin Vega V468 6×8 Speakers

CERWIN VEGA 6x8 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Set

The Cerwin Vega has a visually appealing design and is from premium material, making it fall among the best car speakers in the industry. This speaker produces a sound drivers love, and it has people’s heads turning with its powerful and clean sound production.

You must know that its beautiful design adds flair to the car’s interior. Bear in mind that installing this device is a breeze and is effortless; you only need three screws to install. This helps when you are trying to replace your existing speakers yourself.

Similarly, it has a mica-filled cone and a low-resonance composite basket for durability. These particular speakers function significantly on a low wattage because it has a sensitivity response of 94Db, which makes it distinguished among its entire qualities.

You can expect a solid output due to the speaker’s power handling. Its quality is attractive, and solid; hence many people opt for this speaker. Furthermore, it is hard for other speakers to compete with this device. The aluminum voice coil makes this speaker usable with stereo of a broader spectrum.

3. Rockford R168x2 Prime 6×8 Speakers

Rockfords R168X2 Prime 6x8 Inches Full Range Coaxial Speaker

The Rockford Prime 6×8 speakers will leave you 100% satisfied because of the high-powered system that it has. The sound is smoother thanks to its 2-way full-range speaker, which makes it a great fit for those who are looking to upgrade their blown speakers.

You must understand that this product incorporates an built in crossover tweeter and a speaker with 55w RMS/ 110w maximum power. This device comes with a 2.54 depth, and it is appropriate to say that they will have more force than your old factory speakers.

The silk dome tweeter is what enables this unit to deliver that sweet sound most car enthusiasts are expecting. It has undoubtedly excellent build quality with a year warranty, but this warranty is only valid if you buy this device from an authorized reseller.

Besides, they are also listed among the marine grade speakers because their design withstands harsh environments. This means they are more durable within your cars’ confinement. Make it your first choice and experience remarkable results with absolutely zero issues.

4. Infinitys Kappa 86CFX 6×8 Speakers

Infinitys KAPPA 6x8 2Way Car Audio Multi Element Speaker

The Infinitys Kappa 2Way 6×8 speakers contain a lot in store to offer. Furthermore, it is a durable pair of speakers, which has met the Harman Standard Reliability Testing to showcase its worth. You can achieve better performance when you combine them with an external amplifier.

These Infinity speakers comprise patented together with a single cone technology to give the glass fiber woofer cone extra surface to generate better bass quality. Its woofer finds assistance from an energetic UniPivot textile dome tweeter that is edge-driven, and it produces a well balanced sound.

Moreover, it also features oversized voice coils and has the potential to resist thermal overloads. Infinitys kappa 86CFX 2Way car speakers can handle high output/input, delivering audio with crisp details and smooth balance. One of the best car speaker in the audio industry.

You must know that this device has a crisp sound and features 100W to 300W RMS peak power handling. It also has a 2.5 ohms’ low impedance. The installation process is easy since it comes with all installation hardware and speed clips for easy installation.

5. Kicker 41DSC684 6×8 Car Speakers

Kicker 41DSC684 D-Series 6x8 400 Watt 2-Way 4-Ohm Car Audio Speakers

These are two way coaxial speakers. They feature a 6 by 8 polypropylene woofer plus a ribbed polyester surround. It has a half PEI dome tweeter with a range of 2 to 50 watts RMS and peak power of 200 watts. Overall it is a good car speaker that can produce more bass and better sound performance.

Plus, it has a frequency range of 45-20,000 Hz, 90dB sensitivity, and a top-mount depths of 2 5/16. It does not have grilles and features an impedance of 4-ohms. This device guarantees you a warranty of one year, and it works well if you are trying to change your factory speaker.

On the contrary, it comes packaged with eight-speed clips, eight self-tapping screws, four red plastic butt connectors, and speakers. Many people love this product because it delivers excellent performance.

Thus, make it your top speaker and get fantastic results. It generates a high-quality sound and enables you to enjoy your music smoothly. It is also very easy to install and set up. These car speakers have a good bass response, and they are very durable.

6. Kenwood KFCC6895PS 6×8 Component Car Speaker Set

Kenwood KFC-C6896P 6x8 Inch 360 Watt Oval Custom Fit 2 Way Car Speakers

If you are looking for the best 6 x 8 speaker, a performer for sound quality, try the 41DSC684 d-series. It incorporates advanced modern technology, and produces a detailed sound even when combined with a factory head unit.

The Kenwood’s performance series speakers feature a black steel basket, which enhances its performance. More so, its primary function is to minimize noise cancellation. Likewise, it incorporates tweeters, which helps it to generate excellent sound quality.

It has an impedance of 4 ohms with a handling 360 watts of RMS power output. Bear in mind that these 6×8 speakers produce a better sound quality sound that is clearer, more so when the music hits high and low notes, such as 63HZ.

However, it has 1 3/16 pp cone and a super tweeter, which handles its entire musical details. Moreover, this product contains an acoustic sound harmonizer as part of the design to enhance a smoother listening experience, more so when the music hits top notes.

It has a paper woof cone that is water resistent with a butyl rubber surround. You must understand that this cone has a modern radial rib pattern for maximized speaker strength and a more enhanced responsive bass. Lastly, this device is durable and long-lasting because of the rubber surround.

7. Kicker 40CSS684 6×8 3way Speakers For Bass

Kicker 46CSC684 CS-Series CSC68 6x8-Inch Speakers

In its technical specs you can find two different woofers as well as two separate tweeters. These speakers are usually installed far from each other to bring out the sound’s significance over the non-component speakers.

Besides, this quality speaker has 90dB sensitivity with a power output of 75 watts RMS plus a peak power of 225 watts. It has a speaker response of 40 to 21 000Hz. The 40css684 6×8 3way speakers are made from top-quality components since they use two tweeters.

Ceramic tweeters helped generate the highs, which can maintain the speakers’ clarity even on higher volumes. Similarly, the speaker’s surroundings are from top formulated foam, which helps deliver smooth sound. Therefore, if you want a 6 by 8 speaker with an exceptional build from top-quality material, get them.

They produce an excellent treble response and smooth sound. Thanks to these features it makes this device remarkable in the industry. Make it your priority today, and experience the full performance as you drive your vehicle.

8. Pioneer TSA688OF 6X8 Speakers

Pioneer TS-A6880F 6x8 Max Power A-Series 4-Way Car Audio Speakers

These Pioneer speakers have a peak handling power of 80 RMS rating and 350 watts a pair, making them suitable for many car owners. Furthermore, it incorporates 34 to 34,000 Hz frequency response and 88 decibels of sensitivity.

You must know that these devices are lightweight and feature multilayer mica matrix cones, which guarantee you enhanced dynamic range and bass. They have a sleek design combined with silver accents and some black coloring.

Likewise, these devices are waterproof, and you do not need to worry about any spills that might occur accidentally in your vehicle. In addition, these products usually work excellently with several factory sound systems.

Understand that these devices have an exceptional quality since they are from 100% quality components. To install them appropriately, you need an expert to experience fantastic results. It offers you a versatile playback as well as a dynamic sound range. Consider it on your list when searching for the best 6 by 8 speakers.

9. Pyle PL683BL 6×8 Speakers

Pyles Upgraded Blue Poly Injection Cone

These 6×8 three-way speakers have a frequency response of 70Hz to 20Khz with a structure of 40 Oz and a single neodymium film dome midrange. This speaker is packed with 91dB decibels sensitivity that is incomparable.

It has an impedance rating of 4-OHM, which covers the undersized wires in multiple cars. Besides, it comprises 1 ASV voice coil that maximizes the efficiency and performance during heavy-duty play through higher and lower functioning temperatures.

Moreover, it features 180 watts RMS & 360W peak power since it has a magnet structure of 40 Oz, as mentioned earlier, and 180-watt speakers guarantee you both high and low-end fuller range sound.

If you want speakers that are loud and clear, then go for Pyles PL683BL 6×8 three-way speakers, which have been combined with utmost care to generate a clear sound with good responsiveness. These speakers have a non-fatiguing foam butyl surround to enhance their durability and keep them secure.

10. Skar Audio RPX68 6×8 Coaxial Car Speakers

Skar Audio RPX68 Speakers

Skar Audio RPX68 200 watts peak 6×8 speakers are an excellent factory replacement speakers with maximum potential to generate robust, clear, and rich sound. They do a fabulous job on amplified power or factory radio power.

Moreover, they contain high quality materials, like premium rubber and microfiber paper cones. The design aspects enable it to produce excellent sound as well as long-lasting reliability. It is surprisingly at a very affordable price.

Bear in mind that it incorporates 20mm silk dome tweeters with premium quality. These speakers have a frequency response of 32-20,000 Hz, an impedance of 4 ohms, 210 max power per pair, 70 watts RMS per pair, and 92 dB sensitivity.

Most car audio enthusiasts who love upgrading or replacement of speakers usually opt for these speakers because they deliver good performance. Therefore, consider them on your list and have a similar experience. Thanks to their features for making them gain popularity worldwide.

Best 6×8 Speaker Buyer’s Guide

You must know that several specifications define whether the 6 x 8 car speaker you want to purchase is suitable for your vehicle. These factors also determine whether your going to get more power and better speakers.

Therefore, anytime you want to shop for 6 by 8 speakers, consider these factors. Below you will look at several factors you should always consider.

Pay attention to the power of your amp and the cone size before you decide which speaker system is best for you. Amplifiers are made with different wattage ratings, so if you use a small amplifier, make sure that it has enough power to run all the speakers in a full range.

If not already included in each package or selection on this page, there may be extra wiring required as well, such as banana plugs wire harnesses. Selecting a good set of cables also contributes in order for your system to sound great. Most experts will suggest not to use the cables that come with the stock speakers.

Lastly, make sure that the head unit is compatible with the speaker wire. If you are unsure about this, contact your car stereo retailer for more information on what types of cables and wiring to use. Getting this right will allow your car audio system to produce a louder and smoother sound.

How do I know if the 6×8 speakers are compatible with my car?

Finding a speaker that fit your car should not be a hassle anymore. In most cases, you need to enter the year, model, and make of your vehicle.

This will help you get a speaker that is compatible with your car’s speaker location. You can also seek help from the company to see what speakers are perfectly compatible with your vehicle.

Component Speakers vs. Coaxial Speakers

They both have a better performance. However, a component speaker is famous for generating perfect sound, and they are costlier than coaxial speakers. In terms of overall sound quality, consider component speakers.

Similarly, coaxial car speakers offer you perfect work, and they are easy to set up. If you are just needing cheaper speakers that are easy to install and are affordable, consider these speakers with good head units combination. Component speakers tend to be more pricey.


Can I replace my 6×8 factory speakers myself?

Yes, you can replace your speaker, but it depends on your car type. In most cases, all you have to do is pry up your grilles and swap out your speakers. On the contrary, some require you to reach the trunk and run a disconnection there.

Therefore, replacing these speakers greatly depends on the model of your car. However, it is ideal that you have some basic electrician skills and have at least two people helping you.

This will help you to correct wire your device and mount it. If you are not confident enough to replace it, get a professional to have it done correctly.

How do I know what cars use 6×8 speakers?

Most 6 by 8 speakers are used in many car models, especially Chrysler, Mazda, and Ford vehicles. If you are not sure that these speakers will fit your care.

Ensure that you go through your car fitment speaker guide. This will allow you to confirm your speaker sizes for its particular year, model as well as make.

Can 6×8 speakers be used as car door speakers?

Yes, this is because 6×8 speakers are an excellent speaker replacement. However, when you are buying these speakers, consider the speaker’s mounting depth. Shallow depth makes installation work easier since they need a little or no modification for your speakers to fit.

Likewise, the temperature in the interior of your car can be high than other components of your vehicle. This means you should buy speakers with durable materials that are strong to withstand maximum temperature.

Do 6×8 speakers need to get “broken in”?

No, but it is a popular misconception that your vehicle speaker requires some time to break in to function correctly. Remember that you do not require to play your speaker for a specified duration and a specific volume.

Ideally, it would help if you used them according to your needs and desire. You can play it at high or low volumes; it all rolls down to your preference. Try not to overplay your speakers because you can break them.


This review has 100% covered the top 10 best 6 by 8 speakers in the industry. They guarantee you good, dynamic sound quality making your car the best in town. Furthermore, these devices are pocket-friendly and deliver superb performance.

Make your choice today and purchase the best that meets your demands efficiently. Some home audio Bluetooth speakers are equipped with this size speaker. You can expect a good quality sound and a great bass response from all the above mention speakers.

Alpine speakers are also known for their performance and quality. However, they tend to be very pricey. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly speaker, then we recommend that you select anyone from this list as they all serve sweet sounds at a reasonable price point.

Last Updated on: January 11, 2023

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