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Best 15 Inch Subwoofer (Reviews & Guide)


Do you have a road trip in mind? You need an excellent soundtrack to enjoy your journey. In this case, you can use a subwoofer in playing any genre music so that you enjoy a clear sound and spine-tingling bass. However, since there are so many choices, you might find it challenging to choose the best 15 inch subwoofers that meets your unique needs. A subwoofer that measures 15 inches is a large one. But if you’re looking for one that produces enormous amounts of bass, then this is the best option for you.

Although the 15-inch subwoofers are large, it does not mean that your car would weigh more. When choosing a subwoofer, you should consider impedance, the number of coils, type of enclosure, frequency range, sensitivity, power rating, and sturdy construction.

Top 10 Best 15 Inch Subwoofer For Your Car

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Skar Audio EVL15 D2 2500 Watt SubsClick Here
Rockford Fosgate P3D2-15 Punch P3 SubClick Here
DS18 EXLB152D 2000 Watts Powerful SubsClick Here
KICKER S15L7 Dual 4-Ohm Square SubsClick Here
Power Acoustik MOFO152X SubwooferClick Here

When you start searching for a 15-inch subwoofer for your car, you should consider one of the top 10 best 15 inch subwoofers since they have all the features that can meet your needs.

1. Skar Audio EVL-15 D2 15-Inch Subwoofer 2500 Watt Max Power

Skar Audio EVL-15 D2 15 Inch Subwoofer

Key Features

  • 1250 Watts RMS power of peak output
  • Competition grade sound quality
  • 86.2 dB sensitivity of low end frequencies
  • High temperature voice coil sound system
  • Solid product with paper cone speaker

Skar Audio EVL-15 D2 can deliver incredibly powerful and accurate bass due to a variety of advanced design features, making it unique. The EVL-15 D2 subwoofer features a high-temperature 3-inch voice coil and a heavy-duty high roll surround that allows it to reproduce low tones with ease. As a result, you will enjoy high-quality sound.

The peak power of the Skar Audio EVL-15 D2 subwoofer reaches 2500W with Rms power at 1250W. With a sensitivity of 86.2dB and 20Hz to 250Hz frequency response, the speakers provide powerful car owners’ powerful performance. At just 2 ohms impedance, this speaker offers the highest quality sound.

Comes with a matte outer ring and a black with a shiny circular center offer the subwoofer a luxurious look. The Skar Audio speakers include a voice coil and heavyweight roll surround, which is primed for high temperatures. Also, there is a single damper with a 2-layer spider that keeps the speakers cool for constant bass play. Overall these are the best 15 inch subwoofers for the price tag.

2. Rockford Fosgate P3D2-15 Punch P3 DVC Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P3D215 Punch P3 Subwoofers

Key Features

  • Outstanding 600 watts RMS power handling
  • Nice build quality 2-Ohm voice coil subwoofers
  • Black aluminum design with unique dust cap
  • One year warranty included this car audio system
  • Nickel plated terminals with 10 AWG cables

Rockford Fosgate has been designed to stay strong even when the bass gets hot. In this case, the subwoofer features a rigid anodized aluminum cone that holds its shape through a heavy play while it stays responsive and light. The subwoofer uses a unique technique in attaching the oversized rubber surround to the cone. As a result, it increases the available area up to 25%, making it easier for more air to be released with bigger bass.

The dual 2-ohm voice coils of the subwoofer can allow you to wire it for a 1-ohm impedance so that you get maximum power output. You can also get a 4-ohm impedance when you are not using multiple subwoofers. The subwoofer works well in a ported or sealed enclosure. Therefore, you can choose the kind of bass that you want for your system.

The subwoofer has an aluminum cone that acts as a giant heat sink by directing heat away from the copper-clad aluminum voice coils. There is a special venting that keeps the voice coils cool, ensuring that you get consistent bass performance. Additionally, the subwoofer features a bumped backplate and an extended pole piece, leaving more room for a heavy excursion. Overall, 1200 watts max power handling with a unique cooling system.

3. DS18 EXLB152D 15-Inch 2000 Watts RMS Powerful Subwoofer

DS18 EXL-XX15-2D 15 inch subwoofer

Key Features

  • Superb 2000 watts RMS power handling
  • Over the top sound quality improvement
  • Rubberized edges and fiberglass dust cap
  • Paper cone design with treated build quality
  • Handles wide frequency ranges without breaking

It has three high-quality ferrite magnets of 102 oz, which produces a wide range of tones and can handle high power at high volumes. The magnets are cushioned with two conex spiders. The subwoofer delivers a maximum power of 4000W with RMS power of 2000W at dual 2-ohms voice calls.

The subwoofer has a large frequency ranging between 44Hz to 1300Hz. It’s enclosed in a red aluminum frame. The surrounding edge is made of foam, with the cone driver designed using glass fiber and paper. As a result, the subwoofer is durable and versatile. As a result of high-quality materials, the subwoofer produces cleaner bass.

The incredible sensitivity level of 92dB makes the subwoofer the best choice, especially for high bass or EDM music. To prevent the subwoofer from overblowing, you will be required to play continuous bass at a low volume between 8 to 10 hours before you can crank the volume to maximum power.

4. KICKER S15L7 15-Inch Subwoofer Dual 4Ohm Square Subs

KICKER S15L7 15-Inch Subwoofer

Key Features

  • Great 2000 watts max power handling
  • Unique patented square bass subwoofers
  • 88.56 dB sensitivity for car audio bass notes
  • One of the best subwoofers design sound system
  • Polypropylene cone to handle loud sound

This subwoofer features a unique square shape, which makes it unique. It has a max power of 200W and a dual voice coil subwoofer that works at 4-ohms. Therefore, you should expect to see four input/output ports on the basket. The frequency response of this subwoofer ranges from 18Hz to 100Hz. It has a sensitivity of 89.4dB that keeps dark and low.

You can put the subwoofer in a sealed or vented casing since it can handle both configurations without any issues. Also, the subwoofer is made of standard design that is resistant to wear and tear. The surrounding is designed using high-quality rubber, stitched to the cone, and then glued in place.

The surrounds have ribbon reinforcements at the corners. As a result, the cone will flex naturally without causing any unnecessary tension. The subwoofer has an aluminum cast bucket, which reduces its overall mass, ensures zero interference with the magnets, and provides better heat dissipation. Overall the best subwoofers for squared setups.

5. Power Acoustik MOFO152X Subwoofer 15-Inch Car Audio System

Power Acoustik MOFO152X subwoofer

Key Features

  • Amazing 3000 watts max power handling
  • Flex fit basket with a chromed backplate
  • Aluminum voice coil reinforcement
  • Nickel Plated car audio subwoofers
  •  Achieve loud bass volume on a budget

A subwoofer that can handle a max power of 3000W and an RMS power of 1700W. It has strontium ferrite magnets that weigh about 340 oz. You can alter the subwoofer between 2-ohms and 4-ohms. The woofer combines the shades of black and blue to create an eye-catching combination.

The subwoofer is covered with a UV coated foam that protects it from distortions and makes it lightweight. It has a sensitivity rating of 87dB, which is higher than average. Although it is large, it does not have any cooling issues since it has a heat sink with a patent-pending design. Therefore, even with high power levels, the subwoofer will still provide stable performance.

Additionally, the voice coils are royal blue, making the subwoofer have a fantastic look. It has an aluminum cast heat sink, ensuring that it has low temperature when in use. Its dust caps are designed with aluminum stiffeners. Its cone has a mixture of paper and polypropylene that ensures that it provides high-quality sound at high excursion due to less cone flex.

6. American Bass XFL1544 15-Inch Dual 4Ohm Competition Subwoofer

American Bass XFL1544 15 inch sub for a car

Key Features

  • Standard 1000 watts RMS rating bass power
  • Big dual 4-ohm car audio bass speakers
  • Best surround foam to protect the cone
  • The speaker weights a total of 37.2 pounds
  • This one fits most standard 15” baskets

American bass made this subwoofer with Kevlar-reinforced paper cones that are combined with a cast aluminum basket. Its surround is designed using a high-density foam for increased durability. Additionally, the surround offers the unit clear sound while it makes it lightweight. It has a high-roll foam surround.

Once you buy the American Bass XFL1544, you will enjoy a dual 4-ohm subwoofer that has continuous RMS power of 100W and max power of 2000W. The amount of power produced can offer head-turning bass. It has a mounting depth of 8.46 inches that can securely hold it in position.

The subwoofer has a 3-inch aluminum voice call that acts as a safety measure to prevent damages due to overheating. Besides high power handling, the subwoofer also has a boot cooling motor design with a rubber gasket and rubber magnet that assists in cooling it and holds up for a more extended period, especially for lengthy playbacks.

7. Rockville RVP15W8 2000 Watts 15-Inch Pro Subwoofers

Rockville RVP15W8 15 inch subs

Key Features

  • A whopping 1000 watts peak power
  • 100 dB sensitivity of overpowering output
  • Accordion cloth surrounding the cone
  • Stamped steel basket provides much power
  • Wide 25 Hz to 1500 Hz frequency response

The Rockville RVP15W18 is designed using treated paper that is reinforced with fiber for additional stiffness. This particular feature allows you to crank up the volume without suffering excessive distortion. The subwoofer has a frequency response spanning from 25Hz to 1.5kHz. It implies that it can extend beyond the upper bass region into midrange frequencies.

It has cloth surrounds, which are quite stiff. As a result, you will not worry about excessive cone movements. However, the cloth surrounds are not very durable, like the rubber surrounds. The subwoofer has an RMS power of 500W per subwoofer. Its maximum power is 1000W. It implies that you can get an ear-splitting volume regularly.

The subwoofer has a sensitivity rating of 100dB, implying that you do not require a lot of power to get loud volume. With a high impedance of 8 ohms, the subwoofer does not stress the amplifier as it draws power. These subwoofers have an outstanding design, not to mention one of the best reputations on the audio industry.

8. Pyle PLPW15d 15-Inch 8000 Watts Dual Voice Coils Subwoofers

Pyle PLPW15d 15 inch subwoofers

Key Features

  • Expect 2000 watts of maximum power
  • One of the best 4-ohm subwoofers
  • Steel basket comes with a black color
  • Good sleek designed 95 oz. magnet
  • Works with different enclosure types

The 15-inch subwoofer has a peak power of 2000W and RMS power rating of 1000W. As a result, the subwoofer is ideal for loud bass, as it cannot distort. The subwoofer comes with a push-down terminal to connect the speaker wire. Moreover, the push-down terminals are spring-loaded to hold the speaker wires tightly as they enhance audio quality.

It’s a high quality subwoofer that has a 95oz magnet that enhances its bass performance. Additionally, the subwoofer has a sensitivity rating of 95dB that ensures that it produces high-quality sound. The surround of the subwoofer is made of foam that is specially treated for improved durability. It has a black steel basket.

Pyle PLPW15d subwoofer is also designed with non-fatiguing suspension technology that enhances its performance. Additionally, the subwoofer has two voice coils, each having an impedance rating of 4 ohms. As a result, you can enjoy high flexibility by wiring the subwoofer as 8 ohm or 4 ohms. Notably, the four-layer dual voice call resists corrosion so that the subwoofer lasts longer.

9. Soundstream T5152 2600W Tarantula 15-Inch Subs

Soundstream T5152 15 inch Subwoofers For Cars

Key Features

  • One of the hardest-hitting subwoofers
  • Amazing 2600 watts of maximum power
  • Polyether surrounding material for the cones
  • Aesthetic and eye-catching design
  • 88 dB of sensitivity with 2-ohm dual coil

The subwoofer boasts of a maximum power of 2600W and an RMS power of 1300W, which implies that you will enjoy a lot of bass. It has a dual 3-inch voice coil of four layers that have an impedance of 2 ohms. The voice calls can withstand high temperature but, at the same time, offer a high bass sound that is required.

Additionally, the subwoofer has directly connected wire leads, T-yoke, and an over-saturated 12mm top plate for enhancing low-frequency dynamics. There is also a double stitched cone that is made of high-density polyether foam surround. The foam surround is highly flexible and ensures that the subwoofer has high flexibility. The dual-poly cotton suspension of this subwoofer dampens any violent accelerations.

The 15-inch subwoofer has a 9.25-inch mounting depth that you can use in mounting into a 4-cubic foot ported or 2-cubic foot sealed box. It has an over-strengthened motor structure that makes sure that the subwoofer has high magnetic strength. It has high-temperature tolerance adhesives that enable it to resist thermal failure.

10. Planet Audio AC15D 2100 Watts Car Subwoofers 15-Inch

Planet Audio 15 inch subwoofer for cars

Key Features

  • Works with both sealed and ported enclosures
  • It comes with a great polypropylene cone
  • It is a dual 4-ohm voice coil with a 2100W max
  • Very demanding product and hard to get
  • The manufacturer provides one year warranty

The subwoofer has state-of-the-art construction with aluminum voice calls, foam surrounding, polypropylene cone, and stamped basket. The stamped basket provides a rigid and robust platform that allows the listeners to hear clear music. These features provide longevity and strength to the subwoofer. The subwoofer can handle a peak power of 2100W, ensuring that it produces a more subtle and softer bass sound.

As far as deep bass goes, the subwoofer has a low resonant frequency of 25Hz that can allow you to experience the lowest and deepest bass frequencies in any music you play. The foam surround is flexible, thereby ensuring that the subwoofer has high efficiency. The subwoofer is the best for individuals who like listening to low range bass music like R&B.

It has a high sensitivity of 89dB, which implies that less power is required to produce high sound than other 15-inch subwoofer models. The voice calls can withstand high temperatures but, at the same time, maintains its fatigue and strength features. However, this one would help if you built an enclosure for the subwoofer.

Best 15 Inch Subwoofer for Cars Buying Guide

Purchasing a car in and of itself is never enough. To get the most of the cars when traveling from one area to another, you have to incorporate a music system in it. A car subwoofer is a great addition to any sound system that will help you to achieve that end properly. Before you choose one, we explain all that pertains to it below.

What to Look For When Buying 15 Inch Subwoofers

What to look for when buying a subwooferMost people tend to avoid checking the specs of a sub. This is something that you should not avoid. Understanding the pros and cons are going to help you choose the right sub for you. The factors below will aid in picking the most suitable 15-inch subwoofer:

Frequency range

This refers to the range of frequencies within which the system may produce the necessary sound output. A great system has to operate within a wider range of frequency for your maximum convenience. Check out this rating on the packaging of the item you have in mind.

Number of voice coils

It is the voice coil that provides the motive force to the cone of the loudspeaker in response to an induced magnetic field. The force and its interaction with the cone are what generates the sound output. A higher number of voice coils gives rise to louder sound outputs and vice versa.

RMS power rating

The RMS power rating is the amount of power that the amplifier can generate or the speaker can handle. You want a machine whose rating is higher, as this implies greater output. Be mindful of the energy consumption also though, to minimize the utility expenses.


A great machine has to be accompanied by a generous and comprehensive warranty. The purpose of such a warranty is to safeguard you from any losses or damages that may arise for a limited duration after purchase. Definitely, the longer and more comprehensive the warranty is, the better.


These pieces of equipment are generally too expensive. You cannot afford to purchase a new one every now and then. That is why you want to insist on that which is similarly stronger and more durable. Check the parts and the components that make the equipment up to ascertain this.

Built quality

How the parts and components are constructed also matters a great deal. A great machine has to be made of strong materials and properly fastened to prevent premature damages. All the parts ideally have to be certified for greater levels and degrees of reliability. You yet again would not want to spend too much to have your way.

Benefits of buying a 15-inch subwoofer

When it comes to a sub, make sure you understand the benefits of adding one to your current sound systems. Listed and explained hereunder are two of the leading benefits of the 15-inch subwoofer:

Exceptional Sound Quality

The subwoofers do produce exceptionally high sound quality and outputs indeed. Its constituent sounds of the musical outputs can be clearly heard in the backgrounds. They hence go a long way in seeing to it that you stay away from all forms of ambiguities and strains that may arise with use.

Immersive Sound Output

Other than the high-quality sound outputs, these subwoofers also produce the immersive sounds. Put differently: the sound outputs are able to or seem to appear or emanate from all the sides of the car that they are installed in. Yet again, they minimize the distortions and the ambiguities that may potentially arise.

Different types of subwoofer

Inside of an subwoofer by PioneerThere are three main kinds of subwoofers in vogue today. These are:

Competition-grade Subwoofer

This kind of subwoofer handles more power than the ordinary or conventional subwoofers. It is hence largely suited for the professional undertakings and large scale operations. These could include open-air address and the larger gatherings that require exceptionally power apparatus. Expect also to pay more to afford it hence.

Underseat Subwoofer

As its name implies, this one is mountable under the seats of the cars. Thus, you have it for your consideration and subsequent use if you are short on space. Notwithstanding its compact size, the item is still capable of imbuing exceptionally high sound outputs to your car’s interiors.

Enclosed Car Subwoofers

The enclosed car subwoofer is one that traps some air that subsequently acts as a shock absorber. The air in return lets the piece of equipment to reproduce the low frequencies in ways that are more accurate than your ordinary subwoofer would naturally do. It hence expends fewer utility expenses overall.

Top Brands That Produce High-quality 15-inch subwoofers

At present, these three are the top brands that manufacture the best high-quality 15-inch subwoofers for bass:

Skar Audio

This is a leader in the manufacture of a vast range of car audio equipment. Examples of these are the speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers. Also, the company is a world leader in matters of innovation and the development of superior gadgets. Set your eyes on this one hence to stay afloat always.

Rockford Fosgate

Generally, this is a great brand of quality audio speakers for cars. The speakers tend to last longer while at the same time exhibit higher quality of the sounds and the elements that be. Though expensive, you are really certain to get the value from the last coin you spend.

Power Acoustik

If you are seeking the most comprehensive subwoofer that money can possibly purchase, the Power Acoustik could be the one to set your eyes on. Its parts and components are truly rich in strength and last longer. As part of this longevity, you should also expect to incur fewer repairs and maintenance.


Getting an audio subwoofer for the first time is not an easy task. Build quality is one of the features that you must evaluate to add the best sound. If you are looking for the best 15 inch subwoofer for your car, you’ll probably run into some of the following questions:

Is a 15-inch subwoofer louder than 12-inch subwoofers?

YES, it is! The 15-inch subwoofer is generally louder than the 12-inch subwoofers due to the following reasons:

Higher Power Rating

Such speakers bear a higher power rating as they are able to exude a higher power output. That makes them the better option for those gatherings that are larger and well beyond the scope of the normal speakers. These include parties and other outdoor events.

Greater Volume Output

Also coming along is the benefit of the greater volume output. The volumes of the items are higher than the 12-inch subwoofer. By choosing to work with them, you get to enjoy the benefit of greater clarity of the sound outputs and limited strains on your ears.

What is the best subwoofer for deep bass?

The Rockford Fosgate p3d2 it is! A number of benefits stem from the use of this subwoofer. Top among these is the unique spider venting design. As per this design, the item maintains the motor at a temperature that is cooler to give you periods of unparalleled performances.

A brand new hybrid stamp-cast basket, on the other hand, exists to strengthen the entire system in such a way as to minimize the resonance ad the weight you may have to bear as you go about the handling and engagement of the same. All these are good for your car use and applications.

Difference between 2-Ohm and 4-Ohm?

In a nutshell, the ohm is a measure of resistance i.e., the drag that the electrical currents encounter on their way as they travel within the circuits. An inverse correlation exists between the level of resistance and the sound output of the subwoofers overall. A lower resistance gives rise to higher sound output and vice versa.

That means the 2-Ohm subwoofer is likely to produce more sound output than the 4-Ohm subwoofer. It also consumes less electrical power by virtue of allowing a greater flow of the current than is the case under conventional appliances.

What does dual voice coil mean?

From its name, one thing stands out: that the dual voice coil comprises two voice coil. Thanks to this arrangement, the appliance is capable of managing the output to two stereo channels via a single speaker. This creates a sound output that bears the stereo trait but from one location.

The dual voice coil thus maximizes the available power that the amplifier ejects and also generates a fairly higher degree of options for you to leverage and subsequently make use of. To add to that, it also expedites the attachment of many accessories thereafter. In light of this, it is truly multipurpose to handle and use.


WOW! You now have the insight and preparedness you need to appreciate these pieces of equipment fairly well, don’t you? With the knowledge we have provided, we now trust that you may go ahead and choose the most suitable appliance for your engagement and car, can’t you?

So, which one should I pick? In case you wish to buy a new 15in subwoofer, all the above 10 best 15 inch subwoofers highlighted above can be the best options for you. Every subwoofer that is reviewed has outstanding features. Therefore, you should consider the above models if you are ready to buy a new car subwoofer so that you can enjoy a dynamic bass to your car stereo system.

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