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Best Under Seat Subwoofer [Top Reviews & Buying Guide] 2023


Adding a sub plays a crucial role when it comes to enhancing your stereo system. Most car owners seek to upgrade their stock audio with subwoofers, stereos, and other tools available in the market.

Every car owner has the responsibility to learn a lot about the car’s system in an attempt to do it the right away, for an optimum sound experience and the longevity of the woofers in which they invest.

However, most customers do not know that there is a better and more convenient way to have a powerful subwoofer that also has an integrated amplifier that properly matches the subwoofer.

The answer is simple, get yourself an under seat subwoofer. If you are looking for great price, and a plug and play tool to thump up your audio system, this is the right place.

Here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 best under seat subwoofers on the market today, from the best manufactures, and at the best prices that there is on the market.

Top 10 Best Under Seat Subwoofers For Cars

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Rockford Fosgate P30012 Punch – Best Underseat SubwoofersClick Here
Kenwood KSC-SW11 – Best Option for Optimal Bass BoostClick Here
Cerwin Vega Mobile VPAS10 – Best Under seat Sub for Deep BassClick Here
Rockville SS8P – Best High and Low-level Sub with Built-in AmpsClick Here
Pioneer TS-WX130DA Powerful Bass Sub With Slim DesignClick Here

1. Rockford Fosgate P30012 Punch Under Seat Subwoofers

Rockford Fosgate P300-10 Punch 10 inch Car Subs

Key Features

  • Fatigue resistant and low pass filter
  • Proprietary subwoofer optimized
  • Adjustable bass boost EQ
  • Detachable Power/Ground connector.

Rockford Fosgate P30012 Punch subwoofer is a stellar closed-loop woofer covered with industrial heat-activated vinyl to ensure optimum excecution between the woofer, and the enclosure. With its optimized motor magnetics, the extended pole and bumped vented backplate, and the thermal and over-voltage protection, this subwoofer ranks high for its superb efficiency.

The P300-12 powered subwoofer is an “all-in-one” woofer for those who want to add bass to an OEM radios and have a spacing-saving, minimalist tool. It comes with a 12” subwoofer in a sealed enclosure.

For heavy users, the design delivers a dual tear and fatigue resistant poly-cotton spider with woven tinsel leads and optimized motor magnetics, and a bumped vented backplate. Rockford Fosgate has been a symbol of superb audio systems for decades. Vehicle owners find this subwoofer very valuable because it leaves out the hassle of matching a complete car stereo.

The “quick connect power plug” woofer is easy to install, so you only need to run power, ground, and a clear signal from the source to get it going. This sub has a durable exterior that resists scrapes and bumps while in the trunk or cargo area. One of the best underseat subs, it’s priced at an affordable price range.

2. Kicker 11HS8 Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer

Kicker 11HS8 car audio powered subwoofer sub enclosure hs8

Key Features

  • Outstanding 150 Watts of power
  • For small and compact locations
  • Internal subwoofer and subsonic filter
  • Velcro fasteners and nylon straps

At three inches high and barely 14 pounds, the Kicker 11HS8 distinguishes itself for being one of the easiest and lightest underseat subwoofer models, setting a high standard in low end sounds. Kicker Hideaway has an 8-inch subwoofer that satisfies almost all drivers who want to add bass for a good listening experience yet not making the vehicle doors shake.

The quick-connect power plugs add another step of comfort for those who just want to buy and connect this little monster and move forward with their routing. For such, the under seat car subwoofer has velcro fastened nylon straps for safe installation and simple but fast removal.

Some of these features include a remote bass control, an adjustable low pass crossover, two automatic turns on options, and a tweeter crossover. Also, it comes in a stamped steel basket and a vacuum polypropylene cone for remarkable quality. Best of all, the Kicker 11HS8 compact integrates with pretty much any factory or aftermarket head unit.

3. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Compact Powered Subwoofer

Alpine electronics pwe-s8 Subwoofer

Key Features

  • Multi-functional side panel with low pass filter
  • High-excursion low frequencies subwoofer
  • Auto-sensing speaker level inputs
  • Cast aluminum enclosure
  • Thermal protection circuit short

Alpine PWES8 carries a high-excursion powered subwoofer housed in a cast aluminum enclosure that also have a built-in amp. The compact design measures just 13.5 inches long and 9 inches wide, which makes it great for under or behind a seat installation either in a SUV, or pick-up truck.

This subwoofer has one of the most complete side panels, which gives the user the ability to access the Phase, Gain, LP Crossover, and the remote sub level controls.

It comes with a particular harness that plugs into the built-in car amplifier, where you also connect the power. This woofer is easy to hook into your car’s head unit through the RCA or Auto-sensing speaker level inputs that are located on the side panel.

Besides the portability, the subwoofer is engineered in a cast aluminum construction that provides durability, long-lasting yet strong audio volumes at 120 watts of continuous power, and a max of 240 watts. Experts like the PWES8 for anybody who wants to add low, punchy, and accurate bass to their stock radio without compromising space.

4. Infinity Basslink SM Under Seat Subs

Infinity Basslink SM Subwoofer

Key Features

  • Sub comes with class D built-in amplifers
  • Fit Slim-profile enclosure in trucks
  • Energy-efficient and a Subsonic filter
  • Shallow-profile subwoofer driver

Infinity Basslink SM powered subwoofer is all about providing optimum bass sound in ultra-compact profile design, fitting any vehicle to supplement your stock stereo. The ampilfiers that power the subwoofer creates very minimal heat and doesn’t need much current from the vehicle’s electrical system.

The intelligent electronic design of the Basslink SM employs high-pass filters and limiters that deliver exceptional quality. The sub has visible and flexible EQ adjustments for level control adjustments to the car stereo. Meanwhile, its bass boost control allows you to counter peaks or dips in bass frequencies in your car’s acoustic environment.

One of the top reasons drivers acquire this subwoofer is because of its energy-efficient amplifier, which keeps the subwoofer cool and operational while powering the slim car subwoofer for extended periods. The high-pass filters and limiters ensure an outstanding bass sounds for a clean bass made for tight spaces.

5. Rockville RW10CA Underseat Subwoofer

Rockville RW10CA 10 Inch Subs

Key Features

  • 800 Watts peak power and 200 watts
  • Sub has a PWM Mosfet power supply
  • Auto turn-on technology for inputs
  • A short and thermal protection circuit
  • Low-level RCA input and a slim design

The Rockville RW10CA 800 Watt 10-inch is a slim subwoofer that offers a great sounding bass at a fantastic value. Also, the thermal protection provides long-lasting bass without the worries of overheating. It comes with a MOSFET power supply and high-level inputs with auto turn-on technology for maximum power.

It delivers great value in such a slim (2.7 inches thick) and compact woofer that pretty much fits into any minimal space of your vehicle. The clear, crisp, and great bass response has earned its place as one of the top under seat subwoofers in a very easy setup that saves you time and money.

The RW10CA peak power reaches 800 watts and 200 watts RMS. It comes with a low pass crossover filter, phase control, and bass boost, and the inputs and outputs are on the side, which makes it fast and easier to install, even for beginners. This 10-inch sub is one of the only slim subs on the market that is CEA compliant, which assures to deliver the power it claims.

6. Kenwood KSCW11 Underseat Subwoofer

Kenwood KSCW11 Underseat Subwoofer for Your Car

 Key Features

  • 75 watts of RMS & peaks at 150 watts
  • Thick voice coil and heat resistant
  • Rigid aluminum enclosure for deeper bass
  • Preamp RCA inputs and variable phase control
  • Front metal grille and a compact size

Kenwood KSC-SW11 subs were manufactured for limited spaces and a decent amount of bass. The compact, low profile sub fits under a car seat or trunk. No external amplifier is needed because this is a powered subwoofer with a built-in car amplifier that offers 75 watts of RMS and also comes with remote bass control and power wire harness.

These subs are packed into an aluminum enclosure, a newly developed damper to improve durability, and a wired remote where you can control the volume, frequency, and phase. Kenwood gives you the biggest thump possible without any rattles.

Additionally, this small powerhouse from Kenwood produces a low-frequency response equal to a larger subwoofer, which also fills the mid-bass that your factory speakers can’t handle. It does make your mirrors and hits the tones and bass kicks of many music genres like hip hop or heavy metal.

7. JBL Basspro SL Under Seat Active Powered Subwoofers

JBL Basspro SL Active Powered Subs

Key Features

  • 125 watts of power and peaks at 250 watts
  • Built-in efficient Class D amps
  • Sub has an adjustable input sensitivity
  • Wired remote control (optional)

JNL Basspro SL is high quality, and premium build subwoofer that’s very popular to absolute beginners because the connectors at the back are straight forward and marked, which makes it the easiest to install. The power output peaks at 250 watts and 125 watts of RMS, and it works with a wired bass remote controller for optimum convenience.

The sub remains cool even when it is played at high volumes, drastically reducing the risk of thermal issues. It has a standard sub cone inside for an impressive punchy, deep bass that fills the entire car. Provides a soft start turn-on, a speaker-level (high-level) inputs with audio sense auto-on.

Bass SL under seat active powered sub comes with a crossover control and flexible EQ adjustments. Moreover, the high-pass filters, limiters, and input features ensure outstanding excecution and installation versatility. If needed, this slim woofer can be nicely mounted in the trunk, yet delivering enough bass and balance that improves your overall sound experience.

8. CerwinVega Mobile VPAS10 Under Seat Subwoofer

CerwinVega Mobile VPAS10 Underseat Subwoofer

Key Features

  • 200 watts of power for deeper bass
  • Comes with a variable low pass filter
  • High-level and RCA inputs
  • Delayed soft remote turn-on and good bass boost
  • Thermal protection and subsonic circuit

Cerwin Vega is an award-winning company that has the ultimate all-in-one subwoofer with its mobile VPAS10 version. The subwoofer comes in an aluminum heat sink encased with built-in amps that fits any vehicle’s under the seat. Overall, a tight bass sub that has a unique subsonic filter.

Furthermore, this subwoofer is impressive for such a small design. The overall quality surpass anybody’s expectations, and it has convenient adjustment controls that are easy to access. The subwoofer is very well built and improves your stock radio. A remote bass level control is included.

Additionally, the Cerwin Vega mobile VPAS10 fills in the sounds on the low part of the frequency range without overpowering the factory speakers. Experts love these subs because they are so compact yet outputs a powerful bass, a remarkable sound quality, and a higher level of fidelity. Plus, the adjustable inputs allow you to customized the settings.

9. Pioneers TSWX130DA Under Seat Subwoofers

Pioneers TSWX130DA Underseat Subwoofers for Cars

Key Features

  • Remote phase and bass modes remote
  • Aluminum cone design for deeper bass
  • Digital bass control for dynamic mode
  • Sub has thermal protection circuit

Pioneer TS-WX130DA is a compact easy to install compact subwoofer with an integrated amplifier that has 50 watts of the nominal output and reaches 160 watts at its peak. Its aluminum cone is specially elaborated for acoustic suspension enclosure.

The model carries a digital bass control, one of Pioneer’s top technologies developed to tailor frequency response and increase audio quality. Without any doubt, this car audio subwoofer best feature is the digital bass control, which has dynamic listening modes, which enhances the overall optimization and tunes the output to fit several musical genres.

The ultra-flat enclosure is made of a tough polyurethane skin, making it resistant to scratches and allowing luggage stacking without hurting the subwoofer nor altering its sound output capabilities. It can fit under seats, behind seats, or inside small storage compartments and still deliver a tight, robust, and high-power bass. If needed, the subwoofer can be removed with ease.

10. Kenwood KSCPSW8 Underseat Subwoofers

Kenwood KSCPSW8 Underseat Subwoofers for Cars

Key Features  

  • Underestimated 150 watts of RMS
  • Thick voice coil and heat resistant parts
  • Magnetic Circuit and variable low pass filter
  • One of the best wired remote control

Kenwood’s KSC-PSW8 powered car sub delivers impressive bass in a compact design that reproduces a great bass response while fitting under the seat of almost all vehicles. The rigid enclosure of this 8-inch subwoofer eliminates rattles and has a wired remote for easy bass control.

The speaker output produces 150 watts RMS ant includes a 16.25′ length harness with power and turn-on wiring and mounting brackets. Moreover, and if it comes with 18-gauge ground wires. It also includes a RCA inputs for connecting the subwoofer to an aftermarket stereo via RCA cables.

The Kenwood KSC-PSW8 subwoofer has a rotary volume control (inputs sensitivity) that allows you to match the inputs of the subwoofer to the output of the head units. It lets you hear the lows, especially in tracks with deep bass lines, which makes it a great complement to your stock radio.

Furthermore, the enclosure of the KSC-PSW8 is constructed entirely out of a durable material, which provides ample strength to withstand most impacts and vibrations.

The rubber edge molding helps to absorb shock that could occur if the subwoofer was bolted directly to the floorboard or the driver’s seat bottom. It also delivers a low-frequency punch thanks to its variable bass boost and phase control.

Best Under Seat Subwoofer Buying Guide

Under seat subwoofers are primarily used because of space limitations. Nevertheless, they are created to provide excellent audio quality, outstanding mid and low crisp bass, great control panels, and customization options.

This particular woofer is also very popular for those who want a complete package. That is the subwoofer, the enclosure, which in this case, is an aluminum cast, and in most cases, an amplifier.

The compact and convenient size of an car sub allows for easy installation in the vast majority of vehicles.

If you are looking for cost-effectiveness, and easy installation, we recommend that you look at some of the options listed and find the one that best fits your needs.

What to look for on a under seat subwoofer?

Before you get one of the options on our list, there are some aspects to consider because they differ in specifications, RMS power, and control options, just to name a few differences.

If you are wondering about the features to look for, here are the seven most important aspects.

Adjustable input sensitivity

Choosing a subwoofer is only half the work. You need to make sure that they are properly set up, positioned, and equalized to have the best loud bass.

When buying or setting up the underseat car sub, which comes with a built-in class d amplifier, check if there is a knob located on the back or side of the tool.

To give you an idea, the input sensitivity is the maximum voltage strength of an input signal that an amp can handle while producing high-quality sound.

Be aware that if the signal’s voltage exceeds the input sensitivity of an amp, the subwoofer reproduces a distorted sound.

Ease of installation

Under seat subwoofers are specially manufactured to be installed under most car seats. You may be able to install them on your own without the help of an expert.

People embrace this type of subwoofer because it is a cheap subwoofer that upgrades the radio. It has side panels, and some of them also include strap-on and braces to quickly attach them to the under the seat or the trunk.

RMS power handling

RMS is the most important measure when we speak about sound volume and performance.

First of all, let’s start with the basics. RMS stands for “root mean square” and refers to the amount of power that a particular handles continuously, without any distortion or blackouts. If you push the tool far away from its capacity, you could damage the subwoofer.

Even though the RMS is always lower than the peak power, which speaks to the amount of power that the sub can handle for very short periods, this the key when it comes to performance.

Drivers pair their RMS power handling with an amp that produces the same RMS output for best results. For example, a sub that has an RMS power handling of 800watts is paired with amps that can push 800 watts of RMS.

Now, when it comes to under seat car sub, this is NOT a problem because the built-in car amplifier has the same RMS paired for optimum performance.

Shallow mount

Not all under seat subwoofers offer an all-in-one solution for users.

The shallow mount woofer is a small yet powerful subwoofer that does not come with a built-in audio amplifier to just hook it and move forward with your life.

The Pioneer TSSWX2502 is an example of this type of under seat sub, which, by the way, is not part of the our list. The comprehensive list of the best under seat subwoofers does not contain shallow mounts.

Frequency response

Bass frequency response 20 Hz refers to an audible vibration measured around 20 hertz. A sub is designed to reproduce these frequencies.

Typically, the range of human hearing can detect bass sounds around a frequency response 25/ 120 Hz. You will see how different audicular devices respond to frequencies within that range on a frequency response chart.

It is a key aspect to consider when selecting an under seat car sub or any other subwoofer that replicates audio.

Expert sound technicians recommend limiting the frequency response to 100 Hz or less for much better sound performance.

Quality of the sound

Speaking about the quality of the sound, this is the end goal of every customer or user that is looking for, in this case, from an electronic device.

In this sense, the best sound quality is typically an assessment of fidelity and accuracy. However, the quality of your car sub depends on multiple elements, like the quality of the equipment, the way it is set up, your car stereo, and even the type of wiring you use.

Make sure that you properly install your subwoofer and follow the instructions in the manual. Every brand supplies key guidelines for you to achieve the best sound output possible.

Passive vs active subwoofers

There are just two types of subwoofers: active and passive.

As you know, a subwoofer reproduces the low-frequency sounds (also called as the boom) in an track. Depending on whether you have a passive or active subwoofer, it is going to determine how thumping or enjoyable that boom is.

The difference between these subs simply means that one contains an amplifier, and then the other doesn’t. The passive subwoofer does not have a built-in amplifier. In contrast, the active subwoofer does come with an amplifier.

An under seat car sub has a built-in car amplifier, which enhances and brings out the thump from the subwoofer for a rich and much more enjoyable sound.


How big should your subwoofer speaker be?

A key feature of a car sub is the size, as they are designed to fit, precisely, under the seat of the car.

The sizes of the most subwoofers of this category are between 6 and 9 inches. Nevertheless, you should always double-check and measure the dimensions of the under seat and revise the dimensions of the subwoofer before purchasing.

The size or how big it should be will depend on taste and fitting measurements. The most important aspect is that the one that you buy fits under the seat of your car.

What are the best subwoofer brands?

The best brands, not only for an under seat car sub, are the ones that have the longest history in the industry. That shows user trust and innovation, two major elements of a good brand.

However, you should not rule out newer brands that have made success over the last few years. It’s all about the quality and the user’s feedback. We believe that the best subwoofer brands are Rockford Fosgate, Alpine, Pioneer, and Kenwood.

Which vehicles are suitable for under seat subwoofers?

Any automobile is suitable for an subwoofer because all vehicles have that particular space.

Most car owners that buy this type of subwoofer have a sedan and put the subwoofer under the seat. However, the sub is a perfect solution to improve the bass level and is convenient for SUV’s coupes, hatchback, convertibles, minivans, and almost all vehicles available.

You just need to ensure that you are under the seat have the proper space for the specific sub that you are going to use.

Does an under seat subwoofer come with a built-in amplifier?

Almost all under seat car subwoofers come with a built-in amplifier. That is the beauty of the subwoofer.

The intention is for you to have an all-in-one solution for your car’s audio system. That way, you can save time, space and, most importantly, have a bass-thumping tool to listen to your favorite beats without breaking the bank.

Do under seat subs work with a factory head unit?

Brands know that comfort and functionality are the top reasons for those who purchase an under seat car sub.

A well-designed under seat sub works with factory stereos straight from the box because both input converters and external input converters come with the subs.

The “plug-and-play feature” is what drives users who don’t have time to set up a system nor want to purchase new equipment to replace their car’s sound system.


Deciding to purchase an under seat sub is highly appropriate ad convenient when you are looking for a solution that provides the right amount of bass, no matter your vehicle’s year or type.

An under seat sub enhances the sound quality and makes trips more pleasant, whether you are going to your work across states. These subs can fit under the car seat without any issues. You can now choose the best underseat subwoofer for your situation.

In the end, when you buy an under seat car sub, what you are getting is the ultimate sub or minimalist sound tool created to pump a good sound located in the lower part of the frequency range. If you still want more low end, you will need a bigger sub.

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