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Best 3.5 Speakers For Your Sound System (Top Picks)


Changing car audio systems is the most cost-effective renovation you could make to your car’s stereo system.

However, finding the best 3.5 inches speakers is not an easy task. The huge selection of 3.5-inch car speakers offered online, and offline suffices to earn your mind-boggle.

That’s why we have assembled this guide to help you find the most efficient vehicle 3.5-inch speakers for your vehicle. Even though 3.5-inch speakers seem small, don’t be fooled if you think you may not be getting enough volume.

These best 3.5 car speakers work with sufficient power handling to provide max sound output. Further, the subwoofer can improve lower frequency notes too much higher frequency music. The tweeter also converts the high notes into the music.

Nonetheless, when we talk about picking the top 3.5 inch speakers, you may be confused about getting numerous models and brands. It’s also a big challenge to find out the best ones as there’s no shortage of options. Let’s look at the top ten best 3.5 inch speakers in the market.

What to Look for in the Best 3.5 Speakers?

Buying car speakers to improve the sound quality of your vehicle is a wonderful decision. Why? That’s because everybody loves great music. Nonetheless, there are a few things you need to look for before you make your final decision.

For instance, the speaker’s power is very important for small units. That’s the determinant of how loud your car audio system will be.

It’s measured using RMS ratings to tell you what to expect. Choose what’s most suitable for your needs. However, a little more is a good decision, as you never know when you require the extra.

Further, peak power must be considered at the same time, as that provides the max output power the component speakers can widstand when it’s connected. Bigger is often better to prevent blowing the speakers up with the stereo or amplifier you have in your vehicle.

Compatibility is also a major factor to keep in mind. Ensure your audio equipment is compatible with the existing space accessible in your vehicle and can endure the weather where you reside. Remember that cold and heat must be carefully factored into that to prompt your decision.

Top 10 Best 3.5 Inch Speaker For Sound Quality

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Polk Audio DB351 3.5 Car SpeakerClick Here
Infinity Reference REF3022CFX 3.5 speakersClick Here
Rockford Fosgate Punch P132 SpeakerClick Here
Boss Audio Systems 3.5 Inch Car SpeakersClick Here
Skar Audio High-frequency Range SpeakersClick Here

Any of the following sets of speakers would be a perfect buy. Much of it comes to your personal preference.

Like with any products out there, you can get some great speakers if you are eager to shell out some additional dollars. Still, there are awesome products for the money.

#1 Kicker 43DSC3504 High Power 3.5 Car Speakers

Kicker 43DSC3504 3.5 Car Speakers

The Kicker 43DSC3504 tops this list for its great design, making it simple to install in any automotive space. The foam surround, which comes with these speakers, they are treated to endure the harmful UV radiation.

Kicker has also made these speakers with an extended voice coil. That coil technology assures unmatched audio quality. The tweeter that comes with these speakers is designed with minimal protrusion.

You can achieve high volumes thanks to its oversized voice coils that are capable of handling more power. Amazingly, the cone is rubber injected to minimize vibration and distortion while playing your favorite music.

You can enjoy its thin mounting hardware profile. Not only would you be able to tackle the mid-range frequencies, but also a little of the lows. One of their best features is the threaded inserts on the back of the speakers that allows easy installation.

#2 Infinity REF3022CFX High Audio Quality Car Speakers

Infinity Reference REF3022CFX 3.5 75 Watt Speaker

The Infinity Reference REF3022CFX speakers provide the complete combination of high-sensitivity rating, and continuous power handling capabilities. It features polypropylene woofer cones supported with a hi-roll rubber surrounding cone, allowing for powerful performance from such a small speakers.

These speakers provide excellent clarity, thanks to its ½ inches balanced textile dome tweeters, bringing out all the details in your car audio systems without minimal distortion and harshness.

It can also handle approximately 25 watts of power RMS. These three-ohm speakers combine along with the speaker wire in your car, so the car stereo sees real four-ohm impedance. You get a bit more volume out of the sound system.

If you’re looking for a coaxial speaker that can fit in tight vehicle space, then grab this one. Achieve a clean sound output thanks to its high-energy strontium magnet that’s designed for peak performance.

#3 Kicker 46CSC354 3.5 Inches Speaker Cones

Kicker 46CSC354 3.5 Inch

The Kicker 46CSC354 is magnificent. With this great build quality and excellent sound quality, they are good  speakers available at this price point. These speakers will expose all the details that your muddy-sounding factory-installed speakers could not start to produce.

These speakers have a polypropylene speaker cone along with a polyester foam surround. Their 1.5 inches PEI balanced dome tweeters handle the instrumental and vocal details that will bring your music to life.

It’s also rated for a sensitivity rating of 88 decibels and can handle 30 watts of RMS. They will sound fantastic running off a factory radio or aftermarket speakers, but they come into their own when attached to an external amplifier.

The power output on these speakers are much better than what you would get from a factory-installed speakers. The build quality is great, and you can improve the aesthetics of your car’s interior.

#4 Pioneer TS-A878 3.5 Inch Speakers

Pioneer TS-A878 Speakers

The Pioneer TS-A878 delivers on all fronts, making them the top pick for many audiophiles. These quality speakers offer full, crisp sound quality, whether they are paired to an outboard amplifier or a simple head unit.

These 3.5 car speakers do not pack the same bump as bigger speakers, but these 3.5-inch speakers hit that sweet spot for the treble sounds. It strikes the ideal balance between optimal sound quality, and size.

Furthermore, these speakers also have built-in two-way crossovers, keeping the mid and high frequencies flowing to the correct drivers for well-balanced audio clarity throughout the audible spectrum.

You’ll notice that the sound produced by these speakers is far superior to most factory speakers. They are compatible with most Volkswagen vehicles which makes them suitable for them . When they are combined with an external amplifier, the results are impressive.

#5 Rockford Fosgate Punch P132 3.5 Speakers

Rockford Fosgate Punch P132

The Punch series from Rockford Fosgate combine value and power. These OEM speakers come equipped with a responsive polypropylene woofer cone combined with a butyl rubber surround that endures hours of high-volume jams.

Despite being expensive, these speakers can reach as low as 120Hz. In short, these speakers do not provide the complete spectrum of depth that the competition may present to you. They deliver a 120Hz to 22kHz frequency response and 85 decibels sensitivity.

The P132 provides a clean and clear quality sound with decent bass without giving too much power. They sound well balanced and are worth your consideration when looking for a replacement for your factory speakers to improve the sound quality.

You will notice how these speakers are able to move more air than others within this range. The sound reproduction is decent and clear, but you may need a bit more power to drive them in order to get high volumes.

#6 JBL GX302 Higher Quality Speakers

JBL GX302 3.5 Inch Coaxial Speaker

These 3.5-inch coaxial speakers look very aesthetic and produce quality sound. JBL employs what it calls Plus One technology to make the woofer cone bigger than it really is, offering it a good sound experience in the mid-bass ranges.

The JBL speakers also have edge-driven balanced tweeters expanding their range in higher frequency response, so you will hear more of your sound. Their low impedance of 2.3 ohms enables it to draw more current from the amplifier, giving more clarity.

Nonetheless, it can’t provide a continuous power supply for the 2.2-ohm technology inside the pairs. They can also handle an RMS of 50 watts to 150 watts RMS at the peak, offering you only the best experience.

These JBL speakers have an impeccable power output and great sensitivity, but they lack the bass you would get from a dedicated subwoofer. This will be noticeable when you listen to music at a high volume on your car stereo.

#7 Kenwood KFC835C Dual-Cone Speakers

Kenwood KFC835C 3.5-Inch Round

Kenwood puts design uppermost without straying into form over function. These understated speakers look the part, but the crisp quality sound across every frequency is their main selling point. They may not be the strongest, but these mini speakers won’t disappoint.

The brand is a heavyweight in the audio industry, and those dual-cone 3.5 inches will guarantee you have amazing sounds as the backdrop to your road trip. These speakers are reasonable despite a rugged build and a broad, balanced sound quality.

With these highly sensitive speakers, you will get the volume you need without even drawing down too much power for the double win. They have a low power rating with the ability to handle only 15 watts of RMS power.

Suitable for those car owners who are looking to produce a good performance on those sounds located in the high-frequency range. Not only would you be able to boost the high frequencies, but its woofer provides you with the extent of mid-frequency sounds.

#8 JL Audio C2-350X Budget Speaker Set

JL Audio C2-350X Budget Speakers

The JL Audio C2-350X is made to provide wonderful sound and features a good replacement speakers for factory speaker wires. This speaker is made to deliver unmatched efficiency with a smooth mid-range response and deep low frequencies.

A great feature of these speakers is the integrated crossover. Further, the crossover filters audio frequencies and guarantees the woofer and tweeter reproduce frequencies they can handle, thus reproducing balanced sound.

It’s worth mentioning as well that the woofer cone is loaded with Mica. You see, Mica improves the strength and rigidity of the speaker cone. The speakers come with a polyether foam surround as well.

The mounting hardware on these speakers is well done. You can expect them to last you for quite a long time as they are expertly made and designed with optimum power handling capabilities. Concor an overall great sound when you are trying to replace the factory-installed speakers.

#9 BOSS Audio Systems CH3220 3.5 Inch Car Speaker

BOSS Audio Systems CH3220

The Boss Audio Systems speaker is built as a two-way speaker. It comes as a pair at a reasonable price range. Every speaker features extended voice coil technology to provide efficiency even at extended playtimes and high operating temperatures.

The speakers also feature a mounting depth of 1.5 inches. The shallowing mounting depth makes it simpler to install in limited spaces. Every speaker in the pair is also made of a poly-injected cone that’s highly flexible yet durable and resilient.

More so, the speaker’s surround is made of a durable rubber material, which is both strong and flexible. It resists harsh weather elements and is impermeable to air, enabling optimal speaker performance.

Other key features that come with this speaker include the Hi-roll rubber surround and solid mounting hardware. The surround is designed to optimize speaker efficiency and reduce harmonic distortion. You can expect the speakers to have a good frequency response.

#10 Skar Audio Elite Coaxial Car Speakers

Skar Audio Elite

Here’s a much budget-friendly option for you that certainly impresses. These 3.5 coaxial speakers will offer you balanced, powerful sound that is good to compliment your rear deck and door speakers’ output. Thus, you will be completely immersed in a pleasurable setting of sharp highs and defined punchy lows.

The Skar Audio speaker is famous in today’s market. These speakers deliver great sound thanks to their one-inch PEI Dome tweeters and IMPP carbon-graphite composite cone woofers. They do not need a huge amount of power to run as they are somewhat efficient.

When it comes to efficiency, these coaxial speakers are rated for a sensitivity rating of 84 decibels and can handle 60 watts of power on a continuous basis. They allow more air resulting in a high volume and low bass response.

The speakers also come with a poly injection cone and an ABS housing; the combination is not only durable but provides maximum power output. With their 120Hz – 22kHz frequency response range, these speakers are said to have a good balance of highs, mids, and lows.

Best 3.5 Car Speakers Buying Guide

These speakers are the best replacement for your stock speakers you can find for your vehicle, but they’re not made the same. To avoid distortion or blown speakers and amplifiers, make sure your new speakers have a power rating that matches the stereo in your car.

The depth presents you with the type of production you get with the 3.5-inch speakers. Bass, low and high pitches must be looked at. That which is most variable and can endure extended periods will offer you the best durability and performance.

If you are planning to keep the factory head unit, then your best choice would be the full on component speakers, but if you are planning to change your head unit or amp, choose standard speakers because it is the only way they will work for you.

If you want only the frequencies located on the low spectrum of the frequencies without changing much of your system, look for a replacement speaker that has a higher power handling capability to produce a high power output and bass response.

Key Features of Great 3.5 Car Speakers

Choose speakers that are well known in the car audio industry to avoid disappointments. Each of them has some pros over the other and an equal share of shortcomings. Here are your 3.5-inch car speakers buying guide.

Quality of materials and design

Various speaker manufacturers utilize various materials and ideas. It’s essential that the design of your 3.5-inch car speaker is ideal for your needs and the materials utilized to create it are of the best quality.

Be keen to guarantee the magnet, coil, cone, surround, and speaker basket is made of durable materials to guarantee that you don’t need to buy a replacement sooner.

A built-in crossover is a must when getting 3.5-inch speakers, but the effectiveness of this feature shouldn’t be taken for granted. Make sure the voice coils are insulated to guarantee the speakers are well protected.

Compatibility and ease of installation

You’ll like a stress-free speaker to install. After all, the last thing you’ll like is struggling with the entire installation procedure.

The best speaker is one that’s simple to install and one that comes along with installation hardware.

Power handling

The best speaker is one that can handle a huge amount of power from the amplifier or receiver without distorting. Nonetheless, be aware not to overpower the speaker to prevent damaging it completely. Consider the amplifier or receiver’s power before buying them.

Peak power – Peak power is the absolute maximum you can get from the speakers. Thus, a vanity metric is not relevant under listening conditions.

RMS power – The continuous power rating is measured in watts and reflects the speaker’s power at a listenable and reasonable volume. It’s also the number counting on the power front, indicating the type of treatment the speakers can handle continuously.

Frequency range

You’ll want to hear all the details in your music. Right? Hence, consider a speaker that supports a wider frequency range so you can enjoy all the frequencies.

Consider a two-way speaker to take advantage of full-range sounds, such as lows, mid, and highs. Make sure the 2-way speaker you pick has an integrated crossover to guarantee the frequencies are filtered to the correct drivers.

Price range

Apart from the above factors, you must also consider your budget. It’s vital to purchase a full-range speaker within your budget. However, you should not compromise on quality over price.

You should be overcharged as well. Pay for what the speaker is worthwhile, keeping the overall quality in mind.


It refers to how much sound the speakers could get from the power they get. Speakers with a higher sensitivity rating of more than ninety decibels make the ideal fit with lower-end systems.

You could cut back on the sensitivity as the system becomes more elaborate for better results.

Full-range speakers vs. Component speakers

You have these two options with car speakers for quality output: full range or component. You’ll get everything you need in a single basket with full-range speakers (also known as coaxial speakers).

The woofer deals with the lower, and the tweeters deal with the highs. Such are often supplemented with mid-range drivers. On top of that, full-range speakers are the choice if you like to swap out your speakers with minimum fanfare.

Meanwhile, component speakers provide a personalized solution to car audio with crossovers, tweeters, and woofers separated. You will also end up with more direct and livelier music, but that comes at a price.


To sum up, 3.5-inch car speakers are a great addition to your car’s sound system. It has brought significant revolution and enhancements in the past few years.

However, unless you have the highest-end and latest car, you may like to upgrade the car’s audio system. Thus, pick from the best brands of 3.5 car speakers and live on the music. Pioneer speakers are a great pick to power up your car audio system.

One of the best things about these small speakers is you can get hold of some amazing examples at keep prices. Combined with easy and fast installations, it means you can throw those annoying factory speakers and stock speakers.

Last Updated on: July 7, 2022

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