How Does A Hybrid Engine Work?


A hybrid car is a combination of gasoline power and electric vehicles. Therefore, it is a product of gasoline and electric vehicles. The combination of the two vehicles brings up a hybrid kind of engine. The cars known as (HEV’s) they use the benefit of gasoline engines and electric motors that when brought together and configured to improve some qualities of the car. These include an increase in power, fuel economy and or additional auxiliary for electric devices. The question is how does a hybrid car engine work? This problem is especially true for those interested in environmental issues.

804fbd0301ec0cb84cd059848b3f52ed_mediumHybrid car engines work in a way that due to the added advantages of powering accessories that include an alternator, air conditioner, and a power steering pump. The car’s engine is as small as ten to twenty horsepower and made to run at just one speed for highest efficiency. Due to the size of the engine, it can produce enough power necessary to move the whole car. This enables the car to continue charging the batteries even when it is standing still or decelerating. The availability of the gasoline allows the engine to attain great mileage giving it ability like no other.

16ssd-toyota-prius-v-hybrid-engine-system-940x529Hybrid car engines use a high technology that enables the car to regenerate braking. The availability of the electric motor causes wheels to slow down due to its application of resistance to the drive train. The energy generated thereafter functions as a motor and functions as a generator produces. The energy converted not wasted since it is stored in the battery for later use. The drivetrain combines the Availability of the electric motors helps the engine to increase power and assist in overtaking, accelerating and hill climbing. This enables the hybrid to run on a small engine, which is more efficient.

Hybrid car engine- Atkinson cycle

Atkinson engine cycleThe latest in hybrid engine production is the Atkinson cycle engine, originally patented in the United States of America at the end of the 19th century. The modern Atkinson engine cycle is not very different from the old one. To understand the function of the new one logic has it that one has to understand the working of the old one (otto cycle).This is because it turns its crankshaft twice in a four-stroke cycle. It also has a delay in intake of the valve timing, which is much more the same as the Miller cycle. The Otto cycles crankshaft is built on a different axis and its connections made by levers. This made the piston revolve four times. The four- stroke process took place once other than twice, which made the valves not to open directly from the crankshaft.This process led to the ignorance of the functions of the camshaft. The making the Atkinson cycle engine was to counteract the original by making the compression stroke shorter than the power stroke. This reduces the expansion ratio to a smaller ratio. Therefore, the engine can attempt a reversible adiabatic process, which the amount of heat transferred after the combustion process is zero.

The modern at Atkinson engine is part of the hybrid engine, originally developed by James Atkinson. The regeneration of the engine into a new gave it a new name. The Atkinson cycle, engine has made a comeback and produced a greater efficiency. It uses the engines ability to alter the timing of the valve. Their opening, closing take longer, and starts back up on the compression strokes thus less energy is consumed and therefore do not force the piston up. The Atkinson engine works better at low RPM, the gasses available in the cylinders coordinate changing from time to time. This has made an electric motor producing maximum torque the best partner for this engine. Most of the Mazda manufactured cars contain the Atkinson engine, augmented by a supercharger that enables their small two and half-liter v-six produce enough power and economizes on fuel.

The engine uses the heat it gains from burning fuels to increase the pressure that in turn forces the piston to expand and move the air where the compression begins. The Atkinson cycle specifically has an aim of releasing the pressure in the combustion chamber at the end of the power stroke forcing it to be equal to the atmospheres pressure. With the combustion process in place, any available air allows greater expansion and therefore more energy changes from heat to mechanical energy that in turn makes the Atkinson cycle engine to be more efficient.

The Atkinson’s engine cycle is in many hybrid cars today, which include Toyota, Honda, and Ford. These cars are easily within the reach of ordinary people meaning that more and more people have access to fuel efficient vehicles. This type of access to fuel-efficient cars is necessary when it comes to conserving fuel and our environment. More companies should adopt hybrid engines just as these businesses do. For instance, Ford uses a double overhead-cam engine and its fusion with other hybrids enables it to haul less weight and therefore economize on the energy used. It, therefore, covers great mileage on the highways than any other vehicle on our roads today. In fact, it can travel up to seventy-five miles per hour, and it allows the electric motor to do a lot of work. This enables the gasoline engine to work alone.

Toyota Yaris HybridToyota is also making tremendous strides when it comes to hybrid engines and more specifically, the Atkinson engine. The worldwide manufacturer, with an asset base of $377 billion, is promoting the hybrid engine through the Toyota Aygo (Yaris). This Toyota model comes with a 1.3 liter Atkinson engine that takes advantage of a high compression ratio i.e. 13.5 helping it to achieve over thirty-eight presence thermal efficiency. This is not a major step in fuel efficiency, but it is a good step towards the right direction. Manufacturers and consumers now realize the futuristic value of hybrid engines championed by the Atkinson engine. They know understand that these engines do more than just reduce fuel consumption and protect the environment. Hybrid engines lead to instant torque and cut costs when it comes to maintenance. It is time for people to understand how does a hybrid car engine work? The information mentioned above can help them to understand how it works.

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