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How to Keep Mice Out Of Car? [5 Best Ways To Keep Them Away]


Mice are always on the lookout for food and a warm place to nest, especially when the weather becomes cooler. A warm car left parked in the garage or on the driveway can be an attractive location to visit and establish a nest.

In addition to looking for food, mice may also crawl around electrical wires and even chew through plastic insulation, creating a potentially dangerous safety situation. Storing your classic car without a cover for long periods can be another attractive nesting place for mice.

5 Best Ways On How To Keep Mice Out of Car For The Money

If you suspect that mice or rats are living in your car, or even in your garage, it is time to take action. Avoid procrastinating. The longer you wait dealing with rodent infestations, the more damage the mouse in your car can do to your car or the contents of your garage.

They could even find a way to get into your home, which is an even worse situation. Here are a few perfect and classic ways to keep rodents or rat pests out of your auto:

1. Using Mouse Traps For Car

If you suspect a rat is living in your car, use traps that are designed for rats. Mice traps are typically too small and do not do any damage to the rat or prevent rats from entering the car. There are humane rat traps that can either entrap the rat or electrocute the rat.

Never touch a dead rat, tip the trap into the garbage can and release the dead rodent.  Rat traps are the oldest play in the book when it comes to removing rodents from the inside of your auto.

Mice Snap traps

Using a mice snap trap will keep rodents outThere are a variety of snap traps available on the market. A snap trap triggers when the mouse steps on the trigger and usually kills the mouse instantly. We suggest you remove the mouse and mouse trap immediately to avoid squeamish reactions by car occupants.

Use plastic gloves to protect yourself from diseases often carried by rodents or other rat pests . Auto experts use this traps to prevent fire damages caused by your auto’s wires.

Mice Glue traps

Mouse glue traps to keep mice out of carGlue traps are typically nontoxic with a large surface. These traps are pre-bated and easily disposed of. Place the trap in your car under the seats or in other areas where you may have seen mouse droppings.

Always check the traps every time you enter the vehicle to avoid the unnecessary yuck factor from the rest of your family. A less effective trap, but still used widely to control rodent pest on Countries where auto shops have low budgets.

2. Ultrasonic repellers

Repellents keep mice and rodents outsideUltrasonic repellers emit a high-frequency sound that is supposed to repel a variety of pests. Several online sites suggest that these units are ineffective. Many units have insufficient power to affect rodents, and the range is to short.

Many pests do not show any reaction at all to these devices. Out of all the ways to keep rodents out, the ultrasonic repellents are the least invasive. A perfect way  to keep rodents away from pickup trucks without the need of traps.

3. Rodent Scent repellent

Rodent scent repellent can be use for keeping mice out of carRodent scent repellent like peppermint oil, oil derived from cloves, and cayenne pepper can be soaked in cotton balls and left in your car, under the hood or in the trunk to deter mice. The cotton balls may need to be replaced several times a week to maintain the smell.

Car owners may not be able to tolerate these smells. Mothballs are also used with limited success. Also, some scent repellents are not recommended to use inside of the auto where the owners suffer from allergies.

4. Pest steel wool

Pest Steel Wool is sometimes used to block holes where mice com into carsSteel wool is sometimes used in combination with plaster to prevent mice from entering homes through small holes. There are numerous locations for mice to enter your car, and most owners find that steel wool and plaster is not practical. Steel wool by itself is not a deterrent since the mice can chew through it.

5. Dryer sheet

The smell dry sheet will keep mice out of your carThe smell from dryer sheets may work for a short period; however, in most cases, mice are curious and investigate, especially if there is food nearby. Don’t waste your dryer sheets and look for other, more effective solutions. Smells from your garage or car can easily overpower the smell from dryer sheets. Perfect way to try to keep rodents out if you have this product on your house.

Tips For Keeping Mice Out of Car Without Spending Money

Car owners who are concerned about rats getting into the interior of their cars should always avoid leaving food items in their car, keep windows and sunroofs closed and reduce clutter in the immediate area of your car. Rats are often found near garbage bins. Avoid parking you auto in the vicinity.

1. Keep Sunroof and Windows Closed

If there is something in your car that is attractive to rats, and you have left your windows open, you are asking for visitors. Even food smells from past meals consumed in your vehicle can attract rodents into your car. Keep the windows fully closed. Even leaving the auto windows open an inch or two is sufficient for rodents such as rats to squeeze through.

2. Park Your Car Indoors

For most car owners, parking your car inside a secure garage will be sufficient. Plug all potential entry points into the storage area and avoid leaving garbage inside near your car. The main objective is to make it as unattractive to mice and rats as possible. Plug small holes with steel wool and a plaster or silicone combination. Do not store natural foods such as birdseed inside your garage.

3. Remove Food Sources and Clutter

If your vehicle is parked outside near garbage bins, there are going to be mice, rats, and other rodents in the area. Storing garbage inside where your car is parked is another attraction for mice and rats looking for a food source. You certainly do not want mice in your car, garage, or worse in your home. Clean up clutter and store garbage in sealed containers.

4. Clean the surroundings

Car owners concerned about mice or rats getting into their cars should always keep their cars immaculate. Never leave food wrappers, uneaten food, and avoid eating food in your car if possible.

The area immediately around the car should also be absent from garbage and food sources for rodents. Park indoors, if possible, in clean, well-lighted areas. Keep your windows closed and remove all clutter in the immediate area.

Is There A Natural Repellent To Keep The Mice Out Of the Cars Engine?

Cayene pepper scent keeps rodents outThere are a variety of natural rodent repellants discussed online. Some may work, while others must be used in very strong doses to have any impact at all as mouse deterrents.

There are potential side effects to humans and pets. For example, ammonia can be harmful to pets and children. Also, do you want your car smelling of ammonia or some other mouse repellent?

Peppermint oil

Many folks have tried peppermint oil as a mouse repellant inside and around their vehicle. The oil can also be placed in cotton balls and left inside the car. You may need to add more oil several times a week to maintain a strong enough odor to repel mice from your car. Oils repellents are a perfect for pest control, especially when it comes to rat or rodents.

Cayenne pepper – Best Natural Way

Cayenne pepper also is used by many people to repel mice. You may also need to replenish the pepper several times a week. Be careful to avoid breathing the pepper or getting it on your hands. Keep it well away from children. Also, even thought rodents hate this smell, we recommend to try a less invasive way like a mouse trap first. A scent product can be effective in cases where there is no children living in the area.

Why Do Mice Get Into Vehicles?

Mice may get into automobiles looking for food, warmth, and a dark place to hide. Cold weather can act as an extra incentive for little critters to look for warmer places to build a nest, and your warm car engine compartment is perfect for their needs.

The sun can heat your parked car as well, and if there is a food source inside, your car may have everything needed for the mouse to survive. Cookies, chips, and other food sources inside your auto can attract any rat. Here are a few ways how mice get into a vehicle:

  • Steering column
  • Sunroof
  • Cable holes
  • Open windows
  • Air Vents

How to Check For Damages When You Find A Mice On Your Car?

Check out damages from mice on wiresIt may be difficult to tell if there is a lot of damage at first. If there are mice in your car for any length of time, e.g., a car stored over winter, it is almost 100% probable that the mice have chewed on electrical wires, perhaps the seats and other areas.

Look for shavings from wires, seat material, and other nesting material laying on the floor under your car or inside the car. Check the wires of your auto engine to prevent a fire.

Wire Damages

Mice love to chew on electrical wires. This process removes the insulation around the wire, leaving the metal exposed to the elements and corrosion. Exposure to moisture may cause a short circuit, and corrosion may cause the wire to not conduct electricity.

Your car may not start, or your engine may not run smoothly. Other systems may gradually fail over time.  Also, some auto materials that can get in contact with damaged wires can cause a fire. It is very important to repair these auto damages as soon as possible.

What Are Some Other Preventive Tips To Keep Mice Out?

  • If mice are in your car, do not hesitate to remove these pests. Use traps and dispose of dead rodents while wearing medical gloves. Mice carry a variety of diseases, and of course, there is the yuk factor.
  • Park your car indoors or well away from garbage bins. Always keep your windows and sunroof closed to prevent mice and rats from entering the interior of the car. A dirty car says a lot about the owner.
  • Keep the area around your vehicle and inside your vehicle free of clutter and food items such as wrappers and crumbs. Avoid eating inside your car, as well. Do not procrastinate, take steps to get rid of mice and other rodents immediately.
  • You may need to call a pest control company if you have a large rat and mice infestation. You will find that taking this step is saving time for you. Also, a pest control company might be a smart option when your dealing with a huge infestation.
  • Dealing with mice can get annoying after a period of time, but if you apply some of the previously mentioned techniques, you would not have to deal with them anymore. Bird seed, moth balls, and mouse trap are just a few effective ways to get rid of mice, rats, and other rodents.
  • Make sure you read out the popular articles section. Keep those rodents away from your car engine to avoid saving time repairing damaged wires.

Keeping Mice Away Summary

A mouse trap is design to trap and kill rodents, but the traps need to be installed in the perfect place to be effective. If you use a pest control company, then you can file a claim if the rodents keep crawling your pickup trucks.

Also, we believe that ultrasonic repellents are perfect to keep rodents from coming inside the auto. Traps and scent products might no be effective to prevent a fire caused by damaged wires.

Additionally, outsource pest control services if the infestation is too much. They have smart systems that are proven to work. However, if your not dealing with a huge infestation, the previous tips mentioned would be enough to get the job done.

Next time don’t leave cookies or other materials inside of your auto.  Do auto insurance have fire coverage for damage wires causes?

Last Updated on: October 6, 2022

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