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Car Suspension Repair Cost & 5 Signs Of A Bad Suspension

Auto repairs can be costly, and suspension repairs are no different. To have a safe and efficient car, it is important to keep your suspension in good working order. Basically, car suspension repair cost is determined by the car’s make, model, and year.

The total cost of repairing a suspension system can be between $1,000 to $5,000. The car suspension cost and prices vary based on the vehicle type, replacement part costs, and the degree of difficulty or complexity of replacing them.

Coil spring replacement costs can be from as low as $100 up to $1,000 for some luxury vehicles. The typical cost of shock absorber or struts replacement is about $200 to 1,800. Ball joint replacement cost is about $100 to $300 for each one. While replacing control arms can cost around $200 to $1,000.

The average cost of labor for replacing any of these parts can be between $50 to $200 per hour. The time required to replace them also varies based on the vehicle type and the complexity of the job. Lastly, you need a wheel alignment that can cost anywhere from $20 to $400.

The first thing that you need to do is find the source of the problem. Once you know what is causing the suspension issue, you can then start to look at the cost of repairs.

What does suspension do for a car?

Before getting into the suspension repairs you are likely to face, it is important to learn the basics about suspension systems and what they do for your car.

Your vehicle’s suspension system is responsible for several things. It keeps your car comfortable by absorbing shocks from bumps in the road. Additionally, it ensures that your tires maintain contact with the road, providing good traction and handling. It helps to keep your car’s body level so that you don’t experience excessive body roll when making turns.

Over time, your suspension system will start to wear down. This can be due to a variety of factors, including normal wear and tear, driving on rough roads, or even hitting numerous potholes.

Signs of a Faulty Suspension System

Suspension replacement on a Toyota

When your car’s suspension is bad, it will start to offer you signals. If you notice that your car is sitting lower on one side than the other, it is a sign that you have a damaged suspension, and it needs to be fixed.

This can be caused by a leaking shock or strut or a broken coil. If your car is sagging on a side, it’s time to get your failing suspension checked out. Here are several factors that can indicate that your suspension system needs to be repaired or replaced:

#1 Very uneven tire treads

A common sign that your vehicle has suspension problems is very uneven tire treads. This can be caused by your shocks or struts not working properly.

When they are worn out, they will no longer be able to properly absorb the shock from bumps in the road. As a result, your tires will take on more of the impact, causing them to wear down faster on one side.

#2 The car bounces while driving

One of the most common signs is a “bouncy” ride. If you feel like your car is bouncing excessively when going over bumps, it may be due to worn-out shocks or struts.

When you drive over small bumps in the road, it feels like your car is riding rough. This could be because of a worn suspension which will make turning or slowing down almost impossible if the repairs are not made soon enough.

#3 Your steering wheel vibrates

Another sign of a faulty suspension is if your steering wheel starts to vibrate. This is usually caused by problems with shock absorbers.

As they start to fail, they will no longer be able to properly absorb the impact of bumps in the road. As a result, your vehicle will start to vibrate as you drive.

This can be extremely dangerous as it will make it difficult to control your car. If you notice this happening, it is important to get your entire system checked out as soon as possible.

#4 The car drifts during turns

One more sign of a failing suspension system is if your car starts to pull to one side while driving. When you have a car leaning to one side is usually caused by a broken coil.

If you make a turn and your vehicle begins to drift or perform dangerous swaying, come to a quick stop. You might also feel the vehicle drift when you’re turning. The shocks are no longer able to maintain the vehicle’s equilibrium against gravity during a turn.

If you’re experiencing any of the above-mentioned suspension problems, it’s time for car suspension repair to get the car stable and prevent further issues.

#5 Greasy or oily shocks

If you take a look at your shocks, and they appear to be leaking fluids, then it is an indication that they have been damaged and are in need of repair.

You will likely see grease or oil around the area where the shock meets the frame. This is a sign that the seals have been damaged and need to be replaced.

Leakage can also damage bearings and ball joints. So, if you see any fluids leaking from your shocks, get them replaced as soon as possible so you can have easy breaking and smooth turns while driving.

What affects the suspension repair costs?

The suspension repair cost will be based on the severity of the damage, as well as the type of vehicle you have. Here are a few things that can affect the overall repair cost:

#1 Your car’s make and model

The make and model of your car will play a role in how much it will cost to repair the suspension. In general, luxury vehicles will have a higher repair cost than economy cars or even an old car which uses a lower quality coilover.

#2 Damaged suspension parts

Replacing the front ball joints will have a different price tag than repairing a broken spring. The overall cost will also be different if you’re replacing all four shocks or just the front two.

Your mechanic needs to check all the suspension parts, including bushings, sway bar, pinion units, shocks, and coilovers, to determine the total repair cost for your car suspension so you can get back to driving on the smooth road.

#3 Specific garage labor costs

The labor cost for these types of auto repairs can range from $60 – $100 per hour. So, if it takes the mechanic two hours to fix your car suspension, you’re looking at anywhere between $120 – $200 just for labor. Of course, this will also be affected by your location. If you live in a big city, you can expect to pay more.

#4 Suspension replacement brand

The brand you choose for the suspension parts will also play a role in the total amount. If you opt for aftermarket or cheaper parts, the costs will be lower. However, if you choose to go with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, the bill will be higher.

#5 Car insurance coverage

Find out if your car insurance covers suspension repair before you take your vehicle in for service. In some cases, insurance companies will cover at least part of the repair costs.

However, it’s important to note that most auto insurance policies have a maximum coverage limit for suspension repairs. If the damage exceeds this limit, you’ll be responsible for paying the difference.

How much does it cost to replace the shock absorbers?

BC Racing Coilovers BR Series

Replacement parts have been known to cost from $250 to $580. The price of the part will also be affected by your car’s make and car model.

For example, a BMW 3 series will have different shocks than a Toyota Corolla. Some makes and models are also more difficult to work on than others, which may affect the labor costs.

If you are only replacing the shock absorbers, then the cost will be between $75 and $450 per shock. You will probably need to get your wheels aligned after replacing your shock absorbers. The repair cost for this will be around $100 to $200.

Typically you would want to replace both the front and rear suspension to maintain balance and stability and to make sure the car suspension problem does not occur anymore. It is also going to work hard to handle bumps and uneven road surfaces while providing a smooth ride.

Can you drive a car with a broken suspension?

Whether it’s a broken coil spring or a damaged shock absorber, you can’t drive a car with a suspension that is broken. This is due to the fact that a decaying or collapsed spring can cause sagging, which might lead to additional long-term damage.

You could have a few problems such as poor braking, uncomfortable ride, and reduced handling. Problems with your coil springs can put an uneven amount of pressure on your tires, which might lead to a blowout. So, it is advised not to drive a car with a broken suspension. It’s best to get the problem fixed before driving your car again.

What to do if I can’t afford the suspension repair cost?

Repairing a car can be a costly experience. Usually, it requires a fair amount of expendable income to sort out. Not everyone has access to expendable income, so what to do? Picking up an instant cash loan can provide the funds needed to make the car repairs and get you moving once more.

With brand new suspension coils, you’ll be able to experience a super smooth ride. You won’t have any problems with steering control as it will all come naturally, thanks in part to this enhancement. Plus, thanks to the wheel alignment, you’ll be able to enjoy greater fuel efficiency after your suspension repair.

Last Updated on: July 6, 2023

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