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Best Car Audio Subwoofers For The Money (Reviews & Guide)


The car subwoofer is accountable for creating balanced and crisp and more bass in your audio system. The quality of the music is directly proportional to the superiority of your subwoofer.

Aside from big bass, the best subwoofer can the low frequencies and makes the music fuller and deeper. In most instances, car stereo systems don’t come with subwoofers set up.

If you are a music enthusiast or lover and want the most excellent experience while driving or boost sound pressure level, then this is a vital addition to your auto.

There’s nothing like having a banging subwoofer in your auto, which makes the whole thing vibrate. On the other hand, with thousands to select from out there, it can be hard to look for the best one.

So, we will provide you with tips to assist you in finding the best subwoofer for you. We will also help you find the right one and take the quality of the audio system to a higher level.

We have taken the time to compile a list of the ten best car  audio subwoofers. They are all different products with different price tags. So, you are going to be certain to find the one that is right for you.

First, let’s take a look into some of the crucial specs you need to know to find a quality subwoofer.

What to Look For in A Car Audio Subwoofer?

If you want more bass to shake that vehicle, it is essential that you purchase subwoofers that surely will put a boom into your car audio system.

When buying a subwoofer, it is vital that you look for high-quality components and how they will affect your listening experience. Here are the key features that you need to look for in a high-quality component sub:

Power handling

If you want to assemble the best car stereo system and something that really booms, then you need plenty of power handling. Make sure to focus on watts RMS power ratings.

This measures constant power handling. Ensure the audio sub can handle at least your amps output power. A powered sub offers great audio to your car sound system.


This one goes along with the power in order to obtain superior sound quality and high output. A subwoofer with higher sensitivity ratings needs less power to generate the same level of sound as models with lower sensitivity ratings.

Frequency Range

The lower part of the frequency range displays how a low subwoofer may be played. Remember, though, that the real performance of the audio sub can depend on many variables, such as the type of box it is mounted in.

Type of Enclosure

The kind of enclosure the sub is mounted affects the sound quality generated. As a whole, sealed enclosures provide the most precise and deepest sound, while the ported enclosures, bandpass enclosures, and vented enclosures produce more volume.

Voice Coil

Voice coil is also a vital factor to consider. Dual voice coils subwoofers are renowned options amongst audio fanatics who like more flexibility in wiring sound systems.

Dual voice coils are used in DVC subwoofers, which contain two separate voice coils and connect to a shared cone and cylinder. A single voice coil is used in conventional subwoofers.

Rubber Surround

Back in the day, rubber surround suffered from “suck-back,” on which a vacuum inside the box performs on the surround that causes it to overturn at higher excursion levels.

Experts have since learned from this now, and it is an uncommon incidence. Modern rubber usually lasts longer. However, it is less compliant than foam. Rubber surround can be made more stiff and sturdy than foam.

The subwoofer cone is made of tough Polypropylene and comes with a rubber surround. It’s a superb quality subwoofer that is heavy due to its durable as well as sturdy construction.


4-ohm impedance is a standard rating for many subwoofers on the market. On the other hand, 8 ohms, 2 ohms, and dual voice coil types have become commonplace.

If you have selected a subwoofer, search for the one that will go along with your sub when it comes to impedance and power rating.

There are wide arrays of amps on hand, so you must not have any issue looking for one, which will bring out the best in your car system.

Top 10 Best Car Audio Subwoofer

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Orion HCCA122 Dual Voice Coil SubwoofersClick Here
Rockford Fosgate P300 With Power Handling 300 Watts RMSClick Here
Rockville RW10CA – Best Subwoofers With Sealed BoxClick Here
MTX Audio Terminator – Best Sounding SubwooferClick Here
JL Audio 10w6v3 D4 – Best Car Subwoofer For Deep BassClick Here

Here are the top 10 best car subwoofers available on the market today. We will be going to give you the highlights of the features of each car subwoofer in order to help you come up with the best choice.

#1 Rockford Fosgate P300-12 300-Watt Amplified Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 12 Inch Sub

The Rockford Fosgate P300-12 car audio subwoofer is a good way to effortlessly and quickly add bass to an audio system for your car. The best thing about this sub is that it is adjustable, budget-friendly, and most of all, very powerful.

It is available in a custom sealed enclosure, offering crisp and deep sound regardless of the music you play. The device comes with a remote control bass level included and a whopping 300 watts peak power handling.

This is an amplified subwoofer that features Kevlar-reinforced paper pulp cones as well as a StampCast basket that has venting. There’s also an overvoltage and thermal protection that makes sure absolute efficiency and safety.

It is powered by an integrated class D amplifier and has a remote bass level control. In short, this is a well-designed product with high maximum output power for better sound and is very convenient to use.

Rockford Fosgate is indeed a good addition to your car sound system because it generates loud and clean bass. It is also surprisingly lightweight, and this can translate into many years of use.

#2 MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D – Best Subwoofers

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D Dual Car Subwoofers

If you need a high-quality car subwoofer that is available in a sealed enclosure, but you don’t have enough to buy a high-end one, worry no more as the MTX Audio Terminator Series is here for you.

This is considered one of the best car subwoofers you can buy without spending a lot of your money. This state-of-the-art audio sub is perfect for anyone planning to put in deeper bass to their auto without spending a lot.

The woofer cone is made of high-quality polypropylene material. On the other hand, the surround is made of tough and durable rubber.

The twelve inches enclosure is dual, sealed, easy to fit, and very solid as well. This also looks amazing and will enhance the appearance of your car’s interior.

Ruggedly made using 5/8 inch MDF as well as black carpet that is aviation-grade, this fits the design of any audio.

When it comes to sound quality, this sub box produces loud, crisp, and clean bass, depending on the music you listen to. It has a broad frequency response of 10Hz to 150Hz and has a two-inch voice coil made of aluminum.

#3 JL Audio 10w6v3 D4 Component Subwoofer

JL Audio 10w6v3 D4 Car Subwoofer

If you are researching for the best subwoofer that provides a remarkable cost value balance, look further than JL audio 10. This is by far one of the best car subwoofers available for your car audio systems.

This car subwoofer from JL Audio generated high-quality bass and excellent sound quality as a whole, offering a powerful music experience. DMA is JL Audio’s proprietary Dynamic Motor Analysis system and is intended at improving dynamic motor behavior,

The JL Audio car subwoofer is made of a tough material filled with a polypropylene cone. JL Audio is not heavy like other powerful subs available, which is reflected in the excellent accuracy and response of the product.

It comes with an Elevated Frame Cooling design for enhanced power handling and reliability. Experts recommend purchasing a custom-made subwoofer enclosure that meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

Also, the JL Audio basket is made of a tough cast alloy that gets rid of distortion. This results in a deep and clean bass that has a remarkable transient response; it generates music in such detail that you will feel like your preferred albums are brand new once more.

In general, JL Audio is the best car subwoofer that performed superbly is well-built and assured to last for decades to come. It is also an excellent performer with high sound accuracy and efficiency.

#4 Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 Dual 2 Ohm Car Subwoofers

Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 Car Subwoofer

This is a superior and high-quality 150-watts RMS car subwoofer, which comes at a very low price. It is the best car subwoofer for those with budget constraints.

These car stereo speakers will surely give you an unmatched music listening experience. . As not all cars can accommodate deep subs, this one is easy to install, fit in a limited depth car as it is shallow. In spite of being a shallow mount, it provides a remarkable booming bass and clear and loud sound as a whole.

Like other car subwoofers from this company, this one also comes with a Kevlar-reinforced paper pulp cone as well as a StampCast blanket that has venting.

It has 2.66 inches mounting depth ( considered one of the shallow car subwoofers available), and it is extremely lightweight that making it perfect for most standard autos. It has 150 Watts RMS power handling and an aluminum woofer cone.

When it comes to bass and sound quality, they are top-notch, particularly for a shallow sub and low price. The sound that the sub produces is clear and loud, and the bass is quite deep and punchy.

#5 Polk Audio DB1242DVC 12-inch 4 Ohm Car Subwoofers

Polk Audio DB1242DVC Subwoofers

If you are searching for extremely powerful yet low-priced audio car subwoofers that will give you a booming ba, then this one is for you. State-of-the-art Polk Audio DB1242DVC is waterproof, durable, and provides superior deep bass regardless of the music you are listening to. It also enhances low frequencies.

This is the best car subwoofer integrated with Dynamic Balance technology for amazing bass reproduction and comes with non-corrosive fiberglass reinforced ABS basket and waterproof surround.

The woofer cone is made of high-quality Polypropylene and integrates holes for drainage. It comes with just a little over 300 watts of RMS power handling, and it can boost those low frequencies like no other.

When it comes to the exterior, it is fog, salt, as well as UV tested; in short, this is a well-made sub that you can use in boats, cars as well as other marine vehicles.

When it comes to sound or audio, it offers clear and full-range audio, which includes low bass. Polk Audio is the best budget car subwoofer for those looking for amazing sound quality.

#6 Kicker 11HS8 8-Inch Hideaway Car Subwoofers

Kicker 11HS8 Hideaway Subwoofers

State of the art Kicker 11HS8 is a very lightweight, compact as well as self-powered subwoofer that is particularly made for small and tight spaces.

Even if ultra-compact, Kicker subwoofer reproduced superb audio quality, particularly deep bass, therefore it is a perfect choice for anyone planning to bring their car audio system to a higher level without consuming too much car space.

When it comes to sound quality, this car subwoofer provides ideal bass reproduction, which is deep and hard-hitting. This Hideaway subwoofer is only three inches high and measures 14 inches long, so you can fit it easily behind your car seat or anywhere else you find it expedient.

This unit comes in a sealed enclosure with an integrated amp and remote bass control that enables you to fine-tune the levels of bass easily and quickly. The quality of the audio is superb, particularly considering the compact feature of this small subwoofer.

Plus, it is considered one of the best car subwoofers due to its deep, clear as well as loud bass, which is a surprising feature with regards to a small audio subwoofer. And has 150 watts peak power output.

#7 Rockville RW10CA 10-inch Slim Low Profile Subwoofer

Rockville RW10CA 800 Watt Subwoofer

If you need a subwoofer that is lightweight, compact, self-powered as well as produces remarkable deep bass, look no further than the Rockville RW10CA 10-inch subwoofer.

This is considered a low profile sub but considered the best slim subs available on the market today, particularly for this low price. The sub comes with one of the best-sealed enclosures that helps any car enthusiast to produce great audio quality.

Even if on the thinner and smaller side, this sub manages to pack many amazing state-of-the-art features, which take account of thermal protection, short protection circuits as well as overload protection.

It is also integrated with adjustable input sensitivity, soft delayed remote turn on, etc. What is more, this sub also stands out from the rest due to the integrated amp.

In spite of its small size, it has the capability to reproduce loud, clean, and deep bass sound, which will really vibrate as well as shake your mirrors.

Overall it is a quality subwoofer that can produce great sound in a small enclosure and is perfect for cars, trucks, vans as well as boats. In general, the audio is very clean and tight; therefore, it is a remarkable cost value sub available today.

#8 Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Subwoofer

Kenwood KSCSW11 Compact subwoofer

If you have limited or small car space and you need a lightweight and small sub that can be added in small and tight spaces, this one is for you.

You can fit this under a car seat or anywhere you find it expedient. This sub from Kenwood is an ideal device for that- enclosed, compact as well as very lightweight, this small sub is easy to install anywhere.

It has a speaker basket made of steel, while the surround is made of rubber materials. Despite its small size, this sub has a good power handling of 150 watts peak power; therefore, it can produce decent quality sound.

When it comes to the enclosure, it is made of aluminum material with a dimension of 8 ¼ by 5 1/8 inches. There is no need for an external amp.

It is also integrated with a remote bass control; therefore, it is very easy to use. Even if this is small, yet it offers nice quality sound. It has loud, deep, and decent bass.

#9 Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12-inch Sealed Enclosure Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-WX1210A 12-inch Sealed Enclosure Subwoofer

If you want enclosed subs but do not want to give out a lot, then Pioneer TS-WX1210A is a perfect choice. Enclosed with an integrated class D amplifier as well as 350 watts RMS power, this sub provided a good value for your hard-earned money.

This amazing device comes with a cellulose fiber cone as well as a urethane sound. It has a super-wide frequency response of 20 to 125. Additionally, it has a sensitivity of 93 dB and impedance of 4 ohms.

This means you will have a clean and nice bass that will vibrate as well as a rattle when loud enough. The enclosure is made of durable plastic, and it is also carpeted so that it does not scratch your car’s interior.

In general, the sound is extremely good, particularly for its price- loud and clear bass sound with amazing output as well as pitch definition, regardless of the music you are listening to. This is sealed in a solid, albeit a little thin enclosure with a gray carpet finish.

#10 Orion HCCA122 12-inch DVC 2 Ohm Subwoofer

Orion HCCA Black Coil Subwoofer

Do you need a good subwoofer that has superior power and bass response and is within a reasonable price point, then this one is for you. It has a frequency response of 2500 watts RMS power, peak power of 5000W, and this audio sub is considered the most powerful one available.

It reproduced superb, clear, and big bass sound, which will take your audio system to a higher level. It is a compact, solid, and very efficient car sub.

The sub cone is made of tough Polypropylene as well as comes with a rubber tri-radius surround. It’s a superb quality sub that is heavy because of its durable and sturdy construction.

Nevertheless, it is easy to fit in any car’s trunk. One remarkable feature of this sub is the audio quality –because of the enhanced voice coil cooling technology. The sound of musical instruments is clear.

This is also small and will not take too much space in your car. It is a perfect sub for those who are looking for a combination of great power handling and amazing sound quality.

Best Car Subwoofer Buying Guide

If you know what kind of subwoofer for your car stereo system you would like to buy, comparing specifications can be helpful in making a choice. There is a huge range of features you need to keep in mind.

You will notice that we have mentioned some of the specifications to look for in our previous car subwoofer reviews. When you are trying to upgrade your car’s sound system or just looking for a better listening experience while driving, the best place to start is by looking for a subwoofer.

Most OEM audio systems do not come with a subwoofer, so if you are looking to improve the low-frequency sounds in your car, adding a subwoofer is a great place to start.

The subwoofer enclosure or subwoofer box is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a subwoofer. Also, the subwoofer enclosure is the housing that the sub sits in and plays into the car’s audio system. There are three types of enclosures: ported, sealed, and bandpass.

Other crucial specs that you should evaluate are the power handling, frequency range, and cone material. The power handling on a subwoofer is the maximum amount of power the sub can handle before it blows out or overheats.

A higher power handling means that your sub will be able to play loud and long and won’t blow at normal volume levels. The frequency range is the range of frequencies that the subwoofer can play. A wider frequency range means that the sub can play a wider variety of music.

Other Things You Must Know About When Buying 

If you are searching for the most excellent and superior component subwoofers, you will have to remember these things:

A precise and powerful amplifier because it powers the sub and assists it to obtain clean, loud audio.

A well-built and designed enclosure because can greatly affect how low the sub can go,

One sub, as quality performance subwoofers generate audio with the direction you can’t locate, but if you purchase subwoofers of lower quality, you might need two or more.


It is always best to pick superior materials. For example, many auto audio experts find the expensive aluminum cones to be the best; however, some materials will provide you with high-quality bass for a low price.

The best car subwoofers are made of Polypropylene. This is a cost-efficient favorite on the market at this point. It’s a material that ensures that your speaker will function effectively when powered with a high-power amplifier.


The brand does really matter sometimes. The best car subwoofer brands offer bass with no distortion.

A perfect speaker will be less expensive, too. If you are a newbie and purchasing your first audio system, we suggest that you should select a “well-known company” because these brands have their reputations in the market to maintain.

Choose a reputable company that has a subwoofer that can be mounted in free air. This will eliminate the need for an enclosure, which can be difficult to find or build, especially if you are not experienced in carpentry.

Amp needs

Another vital thing to consider in the best car subwoofers is the amp because you’ll need an amp that perfectly powers your sub. Purchasing a very much powerful amp can damage the subs and might damage your auto.

Your subwoofers will have an RMS power rating that serves as a guideline of what power amp you must purchase. Automobile audio experts suggest you never go beyond this limit.

Choose your external amplifier with care to make sure the subwoofers are receiving the most excellent power they can.


You need to ensure that you plan your budget beforehand. To power the car subwoofer, you’ll need a speaker wire, amplifier, wiring kits as well as other install accessories. There is a huge difference when it comes to price between branded products and products which are not popular.

Design or Style

A subwoofer design is also a factor to consider aside from powerful sound, quality, and power. Make sure you get one that goes along with the interior of your car in order to make it more inviting. A vented enclosure is the most common one.

Subwoofer Size

You will just need a sub or two, which will give enough sound for your car speaker system.

For example, if you have a small compact auto, there’s no point in investing in big subwoofers because they’re not required for the most excellent bass impact, and they might not fit, even if you cover it with a steel mesh grille.

A preferred on the subwoofer market is the 8 inches sub because it is small to fit in an average-sized auto without sacrificing too much sound system quality.

What is the best subwoofer size for your car? Well, the best subwoofer size is the one which fits in your car, one which you are able to power properly and fit your budget.

If power, budget, size, and space are not a problem, 12-inch subwoofer size is exactly what you need. If it doesn’t work, choose a 10-inch subwoofer size.

Here is a quick breakdown of the subwoofer sizes:

8-inch is the most commonly used subwoofer size. This is ideal for fitting in most car spaces.

10-inch subwoofer speaker is more common for those who love deeper bass; however, they still want a compact subwoofer.

12-inch subwoofer is the most popular size for car radio, and it is perfect for those who want a superior bass.

15-inch subwoofer size is quite large and also less common.

18-inch sub size is considered more for competitions and typically requires more power to function well.


When choosing a subwoofer to set up in your car, you have choices to think about: you may decide on a single voice coil subwoofer or a dual voice coil subwoofer.

Voice coil is a vital component in a sub. There’s a cylinder in subwoofers known as “former” that is accountable for accepting currents from the amps.

This is part of a better reaction that produces changes in air pressure –resulting in sound production. The voice coil is a coil of wire draped around the former.

The difference between these categories of subs is the number of voice coils in the subwoofer.

Some other key features to consider are remote control, peak power, and materials.

Professional vs. DIY Installation of Car Audio Systems & Subs

A lot of car subwoofers available are easy to install or set up. All you need to do is follow the installation guides which come with the product.

Usually, you will need some tools like clamps, screws, amplifier, screwdriver, enclosure, etc. It all depends on the kind of subwoofer system.

Always consider a powerful amplifier to get the most out of your subs. If you’re not confident enough to install the sub yourself, you may hire a professional to do it for you.

When installing a car audio system, price is always a concern, but don’t let it deter you from getting the finest bass sound for your vehicle.

Is 300 watts RMS peak power enough?

For professional use, NO, 300 watts RMS peak power is not enough.

You need an amplifier that can deliver more power than the RMS rating of your subwoofer. Look for a subwoofer that has a power output of 500 to 1,000 watts RMS.

However, if you are just a beginner looking for a good quality sound without spending too much, 300 watts RMS peak power will be enough.

Just make sure that your car can handle that power and you have an amplifier that can deliver it.

Do I need an amplifier for my new subwoofer?

Remember, a powerful amplifier is a key to getting the most out of your subs, so don’t forget to factor that into your budget. And always consult with a professional if you are not comfortable installing the system yourself.

With the right subwoofer and amplifier in place, you’ll have deep and powerful bass shaking your car’s cabin in no time!

When you’re looking for a new subwoofer, it’s important to find an amplifier that will be a perfect match for the sub. The amplifier should always have a higher wattage output than the subwoofer.

The only time you won’t need an external amplifier is when you purchase an active subwoofer that comes with an integrated amp.


So what do you want in a good subwoofer? Sound quality and a reasonable volume level. How about the subwoofer size? Not bulky but well-made. A subwoofer that will surely lift the bass frequencies without blowing your socks off.

To achieve a better quality sound, try adding an amplifier to your car stereo speakers. Before doing so, you will need to identify how much power you will need for both the car speakers and the new subwoofer. Hopefully, this guide can help you find the right one for your car music system.

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