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Top 15 Best Air Freshener For Car (Good Reviews & Guides) 2020

No matter how you look at it, it is enjoyable to sit inside the car that smells good. However, if the interior smells horrible, then it would become an odor nightmare to stay inside the vehicle. Most of the time, the profession or what a person does affect the smell inside the car. For example, if a person is a dog breeder, then the vehicle would surely smell like a dog. But with the help of one of the best air freshener for car, it would be possible to erase or cover that cars scent.

Top Picks for the Best Car Air Freshener on the Market

Many cars today have dedicated air freshener diffusers that are fitted on to the car’s dashboard. With this little device, the entire interior of the vehicle will be able to have a freshening scent. The scent would then equally travel inside the car, thanks to the help of the ventilation system the automobile has. The cars scent would then be smelled by anyone inside, and this will take effect at the front of the backside of the car. We recommend trying a mix of bamboo charcoal with a scent spray or an car air purifier.

1. Febreze Car Air freshener and Odor Eliminator

Best Car air seat odor remove good option

We have selected the Febreze Fabric Auto as our top pick because it is the best odor remover on the market. With its OdorClear Technology, it does not mask bad smells, and it clears any bad odors leaving a fresh scent. Most car fabrics are hard to wash or to keep clean. This auto air freshener will remove any cigarette smoke smells, pet, or body odors that are common in people’s vehicles that are used for working purposes. Best air fresheners for car seats, owners really recommend this brand according to latest reviews.

2. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag For Car

Best Upholstery cleaner that uses charcoal is good

Our second top pick goes to the Moso air purifying bag that consists of an activated charcoal deodorizer. This technology has no chemicals or no fragrances, making this product non-toxic and pet safe. The Moso Natural company provides a 100 percent natural product that absorbs odor and prevents mold and bacteria by reducing the moisture and pollutants from any space that is 90 square feet or less. These fresheners work good to remove odors in your vehicle. You never go wrong when you buy or you are purchasing a bamboo charcoal because it is an essential air freshener product.

3. FRIEQ Car Air Refresher and Ionic Air Purifier

Best of Best Natural Air Purifier good for cars

The FRIEQ ionic air purifier is an outstanding technology that produces over 4 million negative ions that will drastically improve the air quality in your cars indoor. Unlike other scent fresheners, this incredible article destroys odors caused by particles that exist in the air like mold, viruses, and bacterias. Also, It is known for its performance against cigarette smoke smells, other bad odors that are hard to get rid off. This is the best premium air freshener that plugs into the cigarette outlet of cars, and removes odors without using any chemical solution.

4. Natural Bamboo Charcoal Car Air Refresher Odor Eliminator

Activated bamboo charcoal purifying bag

The BasicConcepts company has great activated bamboo charcoal purifying bag that is also considered the most practical and safest solution to effectively remove bad odors in cars. It also cleans the air by clearing mold or any air-borne pathogens responsible for causing allergies. Not like the other scented car air fresheners, the bamboo charcoal air purifying bag cleans the air without any the use of any chemicals. According to this company, the purifying bag can be used for more than two years. To rejuvenate the product, all you have to do is place the absorbers under the sun for an hour. Really good for small cars, the bamboo charcoal freshener product absorbs bad odor and smell very efficiently.

5. Air Spencer Squash Scent Odor Absorber

Top CSX3 modern tech that clears bad odors in cars

A scented car product knows as the Air Spencer CSX3 car air freshener has an incredibly long-lasting fragrance among its competition. It comes with two pack refill cartridge with a high-quality citrus fresh scent. You can expect a range from two to three weeks before the cartridge to dry up. The CSX3 squash scent air freshener comes with a double-sided tape that will allow you to place the unit on the dashboard near the air vents for better disbursement. Really good for large cars, and this product provides a fresher car fragance.

6. Febreze Car Vent Clip Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator

Easy car air vents and air freshener (Good Fresh Air)

The Febreze car ventclip clears odor, and it is famous for its key feature the “vent clip.” This particular product allows you to snap on the air freshener to the air vents of the car. Also, the precise technology slowly releases a fresh scent eliminating odors for at least 30 days. It has an adjustable scent level to control the amount of intensity released. If you are seeking for a quick solution for bad smells on your car then the Febreze car ventclip is the way to go.

7. PURGGO Car Air Freshener

Top New Absorb bamboo charcoal good for cars

Another bamboo activated the charcoal product that absorbs odor and neutralizes terrible smells with a chemical-free auto air freshener. The PURGGO air purifier eliminates odors and traps particles inside the bamboo charcoal. This product hangs on the back of each car seat. Also, it is considered one of the longest-lasting product because it can be used for 365 days or more. After the complete lifecycle of this particular product, it can be used as fertilizer.

8. Ozium Smoke and Odor Eliminator Gel Car Air Freshener

Top Oil diffuser odor eliminator for cars

The Ozium odors eliminator gel has a twisted car that allows the user to release the fragrance on a consistent base. This product produces a long-lasting fresh scent, and it is ideal for small spaces. You can expect a lifecycle of a few weeks for each eliminator gel. The Ozium gel absorbs odor related to cigarette smoke and gets you car smelling clean. If you need to maintain the freshness in your car, this product helps cover up really bad smells adequately.

9. Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener Vent Wraps

Top new Tech Black ice for car air vents good

Little Trees is the most popular company among all air fresheners products. Everyone can relate to the colored tree that hangs from the rearview mirror. In this case, the company has developed a different product called the “Vent Wrap.” Also, this incredible freshener has the fragrance black ice that mixes a blend of woods and citrus scent, giving your vehicle two weeks of combined performance. The company has given the vent wrap an invisible character that can be attached to the car’s air vents. A combination of these four Little Trees vent wrap packs can provide a pleasant scent. Won’t hurt you cars vents.

10. Chemical Guys Air10116 Auto Air Freshener

Best New car air smell with this new air spray

When buying the Chemical Guys Air10116, you are getting a premium formulated fragrance that neutralizes bad odors. If you are seeking for a product that restores the new car smell to your vehicle, then the Air10116 is your best bet. It more than just an air freshener because it can act as an odor eliminator getting ride of body odors, pet, or cigarette smoke smells. Also, this upholstery cleaner works on all surfaces, including carpet, seats, and trunk. If you love the smell of car that comes straight out of the dealership, then try out this product. Best fresh smell scent for cars.

11. Meguiars G16402 Whole Car Air Refresher

Best and Top new car odor eliminating tech

The Meguiars whole car air purifier and odor eliminator remove bad smells instantly. With an extremely easy to use the application, the Meguiars G16402 can leave a new car aroma with just a one time use. Also, the technology removes unwanted odors and penetrates the cars interior ventilation system and spreads throughout the hardest to reach areas in your vehicle. If you are looking for a new car smell, the product can help you achieve it quick and easy. Amazing bad car air odor solution.

12. Citrus Magics Fresh Scent Air Freshener (Good Scent)

Refresh your cars fresh smell (Good air scent)

If you want to purchase an air spray that destroys bad odors with 100 percent natural ingredients, then the Citrus Magics Fresh Scent is the way to go. This product is an essential oil diffuser that can last four times longer than regular air sprays. Also, each bottle of this particular aerosol comes with six ounces of fresh orange fragrance that gets your car smelling delicious. We do not recommend the Citrus Magics’s spray to people that suffer from allergies or asthma because the scent that is released by this particular scented car air spray is overpowering. Great product for eliminating odors in any vehicle by a single application. Unique good citrus car air scent that you get with these air fresheners.

13. Pink Sands Yankee Candle Car Jar Ultimate Vent Clip

Best of Best Air Vent Clip Product (Good and Fresh Air)

This particular Yankee Candle Pink Sands vent clips package allows up to 6 weeks of fresh odor performance. It can easily be attached to the air vents to maximize the disbursement throughout the entire cars interior. Talk about a natural product to use the pink sands vent clip will be ready for use with an instant twist and adjustment of the intensity level you want to achieve according to your needs. With its clear windows, you can see when the vent clip needs replacement. Don’t hesitate to purchase the scent of this incredible car that can be attached to the air vents of your vehicle. For its quality and reviews, we consider the Yankee Candle a premium air freshener. Love the aroma on these vehicle air fresheners.

14. Earth Ionic Air Purifier and Top Odor Eliminator

New best air freshener with this Ionic car air purifier

The Earth Air Purifier uses a fantastic technology that was designed to remove and eliminate cigarette smoke odors from vehicles interior completely. Also, it can remove allergens, gases, pollen, dander, or any germs for you to breath clean air naturally. The Earth Ionic Air Purifier can be plugged into the power port, and it can be stored away quickly due to it’s sleek and compact design. With a 100 percent manufacturer warranty, this car air purifier can ionize air naturally without the use of any chemicals. Remove all bacterias and bad smells and breath clean air with the use of this car air freshener today. Amazing technology to remove bad car air smells.

15. PURE Premium Stainless Steel HEPA Filter Ionizer

Best of Best Way Eliminate cigarette smells in cars

Another powerful ionic air purifier by the PURE brand comes with a brand new slick design that has an LED light. With minimum sound, this odor eliminator can deodorize mold, pet, human odor, and more by generating the right amount of ozone levels. Also, this new car air freshener model includes the new 3.0 technology USB ports corresponding to the TYPE C USB for a fast charge to all Android and Apple devices. You can test the unit, and if you are not satisfied with the results, the PURE company says they can make things right with the money-back guarantee policy. Good new tech for car cigarette smells and odors.

Car Air Freshener Buying Guide

A car deodorizer can also uproot bad smells and enhance the cars scent. These can be accomplished with different aromas. Many are accessible to browse, giving you an assortment to suit your inclination. Uprooting foul fragrances and smells and keep you and also your travelers upbeat when riding in your vehicle. Attempting essential tips or thoughts can have a full effect on the nature of your car.

Types of Air Fresheners for Cars

There’s no need to let a wet dog smell sit on your vehicle. You should open a can of air freshener or spray the car with aerosol. With this simple action, the interior of the car would transform into something that would be friendly to your nose.


The first type is single-use car air freshener that can be used on time only after it is opened. Most are scented car air fresheners in the form of fragrant candles, essential oils or vent clip. It fills the air with a pleasant smell and needs to be replaced once finished. It is easily available in several variants.


Reusable car air fresheners are the second type have a scent release mechanism. The car fresheners have a filter that can be replaced while the device can be refilled with essential oils or liquid. This air freshener for cars focus on eliminating odors and are typically a little expensive but impart sweet fragrance for a long time in cars.

Unlike the old car fresheners where one has to hang them on the dashboard or open a can of car freshener, the car freshener dispensers used today are different. When it comes to containers, the scents used come as cartridges. Charcoal based products are the best reusable air fresheners.

If one wants a different scent or needs a new replacement, then they can be replaced easily because of its cartridge form. These cartridges may last for months, though it may depend on the freshener’s usage. When it comes to variants and costs, cartridge scents vary a lot.


The third type of car air fresheners is the Air Spray. It is a pure aerosol spray that can be used and stored easily. Also, unique products like the Febreze car air freshener can be used to eliminate the smell problem in a particular area. The application is manual when needed.

Air spray products are the most reliable air freshener for cars to remove bad odors or bad smells. Generally, the traditional car fresheners would be the best option if car freshener diffusers are impossible inside the vehicle. Fortunately, one can use a mounted car freshener, which comes in different brands.

If one doesn’t want mounted car fresheners, then other options are aerosol sprays. Both of these options come in different fragrances and are easy to use. It is even possible to make one, so long as one knows how to do it. Best for one time application.

Hanging smelling products

The Little Trees products have been on the market since 1952, and they were invented by a chemical engineer named Julius Samann. Also, they were designed to hang from the rearview mirror. Other brands have tried to implement new products, but the Little Trees have been dominating the hanging car market for decades now. Not the best solution for car odors.


Car air purifiers are becoming popular for their ability to remove cigarette smoke and other bad smells from cars. These type of purifiers do not use any chemicals. Also, the air purifiers will ionize air naturally so you can breathe clean air inside your car. The technology is super easy to plug and use. One of the best vehicle air freshener technology on the market.

Vent clip

These scented car air fresheners are designed to clip on the air vents of the vehicles. The vent clip is used to refresh your cars interior completely. The scent will spread throughout the entire car when the AC is turned on. Most products have a scent gel or liquid that tends to last longer to dissolve. Hence you get better overall performance with vent clips.

Where to Find the Best Air Fresheners For Cars?

Love this good elvis pic
Image Source: Pixabay

While driving a car, it is so essential that the insides need to be nice and clean as well as smelling beautiful. There are a lot of smells inside a vehicle that could be awful. How fantastic if one could get rid of them or otherwise hide those with a solid air freshener.

Damp odors from moist towels or carpeting or damp seats, and mainly whenever you have fetched the kids from swimming and by accident left the wet items overnight, and this is truly where the pong makes its presence felt.

The smell that is left in the car by cigarettes, dirty socks, as well as smelly trainers or dirty shoes, can be intolerable. Now the trick would be to get rid of most of these dreadful smells.

Check out on the internet from trustworthy online shop whether or not they have the product that can help you. You will be able to find many natural air fresheners online. Love most of our recommendations of the different vehicle air fresheners.

Finding the Top Best Car Air Freshener

The fragrance of a fresh out of the plastic new car can be incredibly charming. Shockingly, that scent can blur quickly if your car is not kept clean. Odors from garbage, soil, smoking, and so forth can influence how your car’s inside can smell. Keeping your car clean can stay away from this issue and keep smells out. This can likewise safeguard your new car fragrance.


Many items can enhance the aroma of your car. These can be things that clamp on to your air molding vent to ventilate the aroma all throughout the vehicle. You might have the capacity to utilize a car air freshener splash to shower; however, you see it fit the car. These can come in various fragrances and indeed relies on upon your inclination. Some of these items might have a cartridge that might require to be changed after a time frame.

Ease of use

Check the directions of the things you need to guarantee appropriate use. It is prescribed to have a perfect car inside heretofore to ensure better results. These items can, by and large, be found at car parts stores or car washes. They are made in advantageous little sizes to make it simple for establishment.

What air freshener suits you

You can incorporate heating pop, dryer sheets, or different formulas to keep your car noticing clean. Making your particular premium air freshener is additionally a plausibility. Research formulas online and investigation to discover what suits you the best. It is perfect to utilize something that will last and has to freshen up capacities.

Having a car air freshener can be exceptionally valuable for your car. It can keep smells out and keep you and your travelers cheerful when out and about. Your vehicle will be cleaner generally and will keep up a perfect fragrance and appearance. The primary concern, keeping within your car clean is the first line of the guard for keeping awful aromas and smells out. Including aromas or deodorizers will fortify the work you put in to keep up a spotless car.

Good Final Words About Fresheners for Cars

How do you determine, precisely what best car air fresheners are? You want one which will make sure that you enjoy a trip to town in the vehicle. A combination of the new activated charcoal and essential oil diffuser products will be a solid air fresheners combo.

Our dad’s car or anyone who has a car would often have a Little Trees dangling on top of the car’s rearview mirror. But this dangling accessory isn’t just for show but also to freshen the interior of the vehicle. Nowadays, it’s quite rare to see these car air fresheners in any car seat.

After all this, you will need very solid air fresheners for vehicles which are made up specifically for stinky cars interiors. Next time you are going to DIY clean your car buy car wash mitts, upholstery cleaner, and air spray fresheners. If you enjoyed our buyers guide follow any link to check price on Amazon. For more advice on car waxes, wheel cleaners, or car diffuser read our recent posts.

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