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How to Get Gas Smell Out Of Car? [10 Easy Steps To Follow]


Gasoline spills occur often. Leaking gasolines, spilled gasoline from gasoline containers, and gas spilled while filling utility machines such as lawnmowers, tillers, and other devices found around our homes.

Gas odors have a very strong smell that everyone notices, especially when it is on your clothes or in your car. So, do you know how to get gas smell out of car?

We have put together an important step by step DIY guide for you to follow. Also, after the guide, there is a list of tools and products you might require to have on hand to eliminate the spill completely.

We wrote the article thinking of simple and very accessible products that most people already have in their homes.

10 Simple Steps To Remove The Gas Smell

Remove gas smell from car infographic
10 Steps To Remove Gas Smell From Car.

When you spill gasoline in your car, for example, a container used to transport fuel for your lawnmower, it is important to deal with it immediately.

The gas smells from gasoline can cause light-headedness, nausea, and dizziness. You may also spill gasoline on clothing or shoes. The following are 10 simple steps consumers can follow when they experience a gasoline spill, and the car smells.

1. Locate the area where the gasoline spilled

The first step is to find or locate the source of the gasoline spilled in or around your car. If there is a fuel line or gas leak from the fuel tank, it may not be immediately obvious. If there is a leak, arrange for car maintenance immediately.

A leaking container, on the other hand, should be immediately noticeable and removed from the car before additional gasoline leaks into the car. The smell could also be emanating from your own clothes or shoes. Remove car seats, any clean clothes, and other items you may keep in the car.

2. Try to absorb any gasoline with a cloth

Absorbe the spilled gas with a sponge to reduce smellsTake an old cloth, rags, even paper towels to soak up any excess liquid. These items are usually thrown out, so do not use your best towels to soak up the strong gas.

Gasoline is very flammable, which means these rags should not be thrown in the garbage in your garage. Consider leaving them outside in a garbage bag open to the air to allow for evaporation.

3. Let direct sunlight into the affected area

The gasoline will evaporate, especially if the car is left in the sun. Roll down the windows and then open the trunk if that is where the spill was to allow fresh air to assist in removing the vapors and assist with the evaporation of the remaining gasoline. If there is a fuel line leak, have your car towed to a garage for repair.

4. Mix a carpet shampoo with water to create a solution

Three cups of water and one-half cup of carpet shampoo should be prepared and mixed well. Alternatively, dish soap in water can also be used if carpet shampoo is not available.

Vinegar, baking soda, and water mixed in equal parts is sometimes used if carpet shampoo or dishwasher soap is not available. Baking soda vinegar solutions can also be used.

5. Scrub the affected area with the mixture

Scrub the spilled area for getting rid of the gas bad smellsUsing the mixture discussed in step four, scrub the area with a rag or nylon brush. Since the rags and brushes will absorb the smell of gasoline, make sure these are items you do not mind throwing out after your finished. Scrub the cars upholstery area well to ensure the soap mixture penetrates deeply into the carpeted area.

6. Let the area air dry for a few hours

After rubbing the cloth car area with the soap water mixture, use dry rags to soak up as much of the remaining soap and water as possible. Leave the car in a sunny area with the windows down to maximize evaporation and air drying for a few hours. Again, the rags used should be thrown out after you finished.

7. Rub coffee grounds on the affected area

Vacuum clean the ground coffee to remove odor and smellOnce the area has dried, some folks will spread coffee grounds over the area. The smell of coffee replaces the smell of gasoline and also absorbs the smell. After one week, give your car a good vacuuming and cleaning. Many consumers suggest placing coffee grounds in the area before shampooing. Make sure you vacuum the area thoroughly.

8. Use kitty litter on the area

A different option, especially if the spill is on your driveway or cement floors in your garage is to spread kitty litter over the affected area. Kitty litter is designed to absorb moisture as well as smells. Leave it in place for a day or two and then vacuum up the kitty litter. For bad spills, repeat the process several times.

9. Apply odor-eliminating spray solution

Spray odor eliminator to reduce gas car smellThere are odor-eliminating sprays available on the market that may be of help to remove the smell of gasoline. Follow the directions on the can. You may want to leave the car windows open to help dissipate the smell. Let the spray dry and recheck to confirm if another application is required.

10. Use an essential oil diffuser for a preferred scent smell

Essential oils are available in a variety of scents that appeal to many different people. If the smell of gasoline is still present after applying all of the previous steps, using a mild essential oil such as lemon to mask the smell of gasoline in your car may help. While the smell is not eliminated, the smell of gasoline may be camouflaged until the smell fully dissipates.

Tools and Products That You Need to Remove Gasoline Odor

There are a number of products that many people keep around the house, which will come in handy should you have a gasoline spill in your car or garage.

1. Odor EliminatorZero odor eliminator to remove gas smell

There are great odor-eliminating sprays available that can be used to reduce the smell of gasoline after you have completed all of the cleaning steps mentioned previously.

2. Carpet ShampooHoover Carpet Shampoo To Clean upholstery and remove gas smell

Carpet shampoo can be used to clean the affected area. Dishwashing soap can also be used if carpet shampoo is not available. Just mix with water and follow instructions.

3. Kitty LitterKitty Litter works on eliminating gas odors on a car

Kitty litter can be used to absorb the gasoline as well as mask the smell of gasoline. Allow it to remain in the affected area and then vacuum the area.

4. Coffee GroundsCoffee ground is the best method to eliminate gas smells on cars

Spreading coffee grounds over the affected area helps to absorb the remaining gasoline and mask the smell as well. Vacuum the grounds after a few days.

5. Car vacuumCar vacuum comes in hande when removing gas smells and odors

You will need a car vacuum to remove the coffee grounds, kitty litter, or other material used to absorb the odor and mask the smell.

6. Bristle BrushUse a Bristle Brush to scrub the spilled gas

Consumers can use a bristle brush along with soap and water or carpet shampoo to work it into the carpet and absorb the gasoline spilled on the carpet.

7. Essential oil diffuserEssential Oil Diffuser will provide fresh scent and eliminates gas odors

Use your favorite essential oil in your car to mask the smell of gasoline and any other odors that may be present.

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Getting Rid Of Gas Car Smell F.A.Q.

Cleaning a classic car and removing gas odorStrong gas spills can be dangerous even if it is spilled from the lawn mower directly to the garage floors. Our readers have several frequently asked questions that everyone wants to know about. We have provided answers as follows:

Is spilled gas in car dangerous?

Yes, spilled gas in a car is dangerous. Do not smoke near spilled gas or in your car when spilled gasoline is present to avoid the potential of a fire. The strong smell can also cause ill effects in many people as well.

Open all of the windows to allow fresh air to enter the car’s interior and clear the strong gasoline smell. Park in the sunlight to assist with evaporation of the spilled gasoline.

Can my car light up on fire if I don’t clean it?

Over time the gasoline will evaporate and dissipate. However, sparks, smoking in the car, etc. can cause the gasoline to catch fire. Keep people well away from the area, park the car in a sunny area, and lower the windows to avoid any possibility of a fire or health-related issues arising.

Say Bye to Car Gas Smell and Fumes

Accidental gasoline spills often occur when consumers are transporting gasoline in containers in the cars for small engines such as lawnmowers. The smell can be overpowering and dangerous, as well.

Immediately open windows, avoid smoking, and use old rags, you can throw away to soak up the liquid.

A combination of carpet shampoo, cat litter or coffee grounds, essential oils, or odor eliminators should remove the majority of the smell or at least mask the smell until it dissipates.

Removing gasoline from a vehicle takes time. This DIY repair step by step article will help you clean the spill at home.

Try our simple 10 step formula, you will see that the result will be a fresh smelling clean car. To get rid of gasoline smell in a garage floor you can follow the previous steps as well.

It is important to remove the gasoline fumes as soon as you can. In general, cat litter and coffee grounds are perfect for eliminating the smell, and you might already have at home. They work great and can get the job done.

Last Updated on: October 6, 2022

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