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How Often Should You Wash Your Car? [3 New Detailing Tips]


Some drivers arrange to wash their cars every day, while others may not wash their cars for a month. We have all seen the message scrawled on the back window, Wash Me. So, how often should you wash your car?

There are several considerations that may influence the average driver to wash their car as well as give it a thorough cleaning inside. There is the obvious aesthetic value. A clean car looks great and draws admiration from other drivers.

Occasionally there are bird droppings, and often dead bugs are spattered against the grill and windshield. This material can become baked on the finish by a hot sun and cause the finish to deteriorate if not removed.

Exposure to environmental issues such as road dust, salt, dust pollen, and air pollutants, including acid rain, might dictate that your car should be washed often.

Avoid waterless car washes if your car is particularly dirty. Rubbing your car with cleaning cloths and the cleaning solution may grid particles against your paint, leaving tiny scratches marring the finish.

How Much Washing is Enough and How Often?

Hand Washing a Dirty Car with one sponge is a must when cleaning a carCar owners who live near the ocean or in areas where road salt is applied may want to consider regular car washing, even daily if the car is driven daily. There are unlimited washes available from some car wash facilities. Salt can damage the finish, get into crevices, and cause the exposed metal to rust over a period of time.

Your car can lose significant value if there are obvious rust spots beginning to show. Protect the value of your car by washing it often. It is simple all you need to do is clean and wax your dirty auto frequently, and you will notice how the paint will look like new.

A car represents a considerable investment for most of us. At some point, most people trade it in for another vehicle or sell it privately to help pay for the next vehicle we purchase. A vehicle that has been well maintained, with no rust spots, and is spotlessly clean inside and out can always fetch a better price than one that does not.

Environmental threats also determine how often a car should be washed. Driving down dusty roads, construction areas, or left parked outside all of the time exposed to pollution may require a wash more often.

Tree sap can also be damaging your car’s paint. A vehicle parked in the garage for extended periods typically does not need to be washed that frequently.

How Often? Should Car Washing Be Weekly?

Many people do not have time to wash their cars. Using automatic car washes once a week to wash our cars can remove the dirt and grime built up commuting to work.

While the car is cleaned, pay attention to regular checks that are easy to do. For example, check the headlights, taillights, and tire pressure.

Many car owners enjoy hand washing their cars on the weekend. It is an opportunity to be outside enjoying the sunshine. Weekly car washings also prevent a buildup of grease, bug spatter, and bird droppings that may have accumulated.

Most cars today are protected by a clear coat finish. This finish protects the underlying paint from damage, however, even this clear coat can be damaged by bug and bird droppings that splatter across the finish.

Or Should You Monthly Car Washing?

Many drivers only use their vehicles on weekends for errands and social activities.

The remainder of the time, the vehicle is parked inside a garage away from the sunlight and other environmental issues that can damage the finish. Some experts recommend to wash your dirty car every week.

In this situation, a dirty car may need to be washed one or two times a month or even just monthly. Even parked in a closed garage, dust can still penetrate the garage and leave a fine coating that protects your cars.

A light wash either by hand or at one of the automated car washes can quickly make your car look great. Storing your car will allow you to wash it monthly. Make sure you clean the dirty wheels.

Do You Need Waxing and Car Protection

Many car owners are satisfied with having their car washed whenever it is dirty, has many bug splatters and/or bird drops on it. Most people understand that your car says a lot about the person driving it, and particularly a dirty car can give a negative impression.

Detailing and washing your vehicle keeps it clean and looking great. Waxing your car adds an additional layer of protection to the paint and clear coat. Waxes can last as long as four months.

Paint sealants can last up to eight months. It depends on the product, the ingredients used, and where the car is predominantly driven. Having your car detailed is a luxury many car owners prefer.

Whenever you apply a sealant or car waxes, always ensure that the car is clean. You do not want to lock in dirt and grime in the wax, and the process of applying wax protection may scratch the car if there is microscopic dirt still on the vehicle.

Many owners use a clay bar to remove these tiny bits of dirt. Auto detailing is seldom completed by the average car owner.

Car detailing should include an end to end thorough cleaning, inside and out, using specialized products and tools. Your car looks amazing, especially if the detailer is willing to perform light cosmetic repairs. Detailers typically do not do paint or body repairs problems.

Bugs in Car

Summertime driving usually brings out the tree sap bug, and if you are doing any serious driving, bug spatter builds up on your hood and windshield as well as side mirrors of your car.

Bugs can leave a rather unsightly mess that can also damage your cars finish. If you drive your car through the Florida Everglades you will need to detail your car ASAP.

Bug splatter is slightly acidic and can slowly damage your car’s paint finish even if there is a clear coat protecting the paint. Also, the hot sun can bake the material onto the dirty car, making it very difficult to remove. You may want to have your car washed a little more often.

Bird Drops In Cars

Bird droppings are also slightly acidic and can damage your car’s paint job. Also, when a car is covered in bird poop, it just looks gross and communicates a negative impression about the owner. Who leaves bird poop on their car? Only that want their car to look like a toilet.

If you have just had your car washed, you may want to take the hose and a damp cloth to clean the bird poop off your car. The sooner you clean the poop off the car, the less damage that is done to the paint job, and the easier it is to remove it. If your car has not been washed in a while, take your dirty vehicle to a car wash.

Why Washing Your Car Matters?

You can wash your Toyota or Civic vehicle for free when you canYour car is a large investment, there is a sense of pride when it looks great, and one of the most important is what your car says about you. There are a couple of the reasons consumers should consider why a clean car, matters.

A car purchase is one of the most significant purchases a person makes in their life next to buying a home. Cars depreciate over time; however, a car that is well maintained and looks great always fetches a higher price when it comes time to sell it or trade it in.

Most drivers feel better when driving around in a nice clean car. When you get in your vehicle the next time, and it is sparkling doesn’t it put you into a great frame of mind?

What does your car say about you? A messy, dirty car may convey the wrong image about you. Who wants to get into a messy, dirty vehicle? Do your friends decline to ride with you? Your girlfriend or wife may not want to take a chance with their clean clothes and your vehicle.

Vehicle Animal Infestation

Food wrappers, uneaten food, crumbs, and more can attract unwanted guests into your car, especially if you leave the windows open. Ants are notorious for finding food everywhere, and your car is no exception. Food can make you car look super dirty, and it would be tough to clean.

Once the ants have found a food source, the colony lines up to get at the crumbs and grease on food wrappers in your dirty car. You would need proper car washing often to keep animals away from your vehicle. A good coat of wax can prevent dirty from sticking to your car’s paint.

Mice are also attracted by food in your car and are small enough to squeeze through small openings. Mice are also attracted by the warmth of the car engine as well as the interior of the car. These rodents usually hide under the seats in a safe location where there are potential food sources.

Cleaning your car is important to avoid leaving wrappers, crumbs, and uneaten food in your car. During winter times dirty snow can stick to your car’s paint. It is recommended to take the time to clean and wax your auto prior to these winter weathers.

Dirty Interior Seats Cleaning Frequency

The entire inside of your car should be cleaned often and never leave food, food wrappers in your dirty car, or uneaten food. Keep your seats clean by vacuuming, especially cloth seats and particularly in the crevices, as well as under the seats.

We recommend to wash the interior of your car once or twice a month. It won’t take you a lot of time to clean your dirty auto. Use a mild cleaning solution on the seats and wipe the seats down with a microfiber towel.

If the seats are particularly dirty, you may have to repeat this step several times. Allow the fabric or leather seats to dry and then vacuum one more time. Don’t forget to vacuum under the seats to remove any additional material that may have accumulated under the seat.

Experts recommend protecting your investment by having the exterior of your car cleaned regularly, more often if your car is exposed to pollution, dust, or road salt in use. With regular washing you can up keep and maintain the resale value of your dirty auto.

Remove bug spatter and bird droppings immediately to avoid damage to your car’s finish and to protect your paint. A clean car communicates a great deal about the car owner, creates a positive impression, and even uplifts your mood. Bugs make the car look super dirty.

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Wrapping It Up

Consider washing your car inside and out! Don’t forget the interior of your vehicle. Detailing your vehicle ensures that the seats, dash, floors, and interior windows are sparking as well as the exterior paint and finish.

A clean interior reduces the chance of an invasion by ants or other creatures looking for food. Clean seats are much more attractive to passengers.

No one wants to get into a car with clean clothes with seats that appear to be soiled, especially with white pants or dress. Keeping your car clean is similar to regular maintenance, oil changes, brakes, and tire replacement.

Maintain your investment, keep a happy medium, and your dirty car running. Now you know how often should you clean your dirty car at home.

Hopefully you now you know how often you should wash your car. For more maintenance tips and other related articles follow our blog.

Last Updated on: November 3, 2022

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