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Best Fuel Injector Cleaner For Engine Parts [2023 Reviews]

Owning a car can be pretty tricky, especially when you notice that it is running differently. It can be tough to pin-point what exactly the problem is, and you do not want to have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on something that might not even be the problem.

If you notice that your old vehicle has a rough idle and not starting as smoothly you should consider adding a fuel cleaner into your engine system. Choosing one of the best fuel injector cleaner can not only make your mileage performance go through the roof but can also prevent other issues that may be very expensive to repair.

An injector cleaner is used to clean your engine of deposits that can make it difficult for your vehicle to run correctly. Over time dirt and deposits build up inside of your engine, and the right amount of fuel does not make its way to the parts of the engine that need it most.

Top 10 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and StabilizerClick Here
SEA Foam motor treatment Fuel System Cleaner and Fuel StabilizerClick Here
Lucas LUC10013 10013 Fuel Treatment Click Here
Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection CleanerClick Here
BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner Power EnhancerClick Here
Gumout Fuel Injector Cleaner And Fuel System CleanerClick Here

1. Royal Purple MaxClean Fuel System Cleaning

Maxclean Fuel additive and cleaner

The MaxClean from Royal Purple utilizes their state-of-the-art tech to clean both your combustion chambers and intake systems. This system cleaner works on gasoline engines as well as diesel, so it is a great way to improve fuel efficiency without changing anything about what you are currently doing.

It will increase your car’s horsepower by 2.6% on average while also improving engine performance because this good fuel injector cleaner was designed with that purpose – overall, it can really be an integral part of any driver’s routine when they want better fuel economy more than just for power boosts alone.

The MaxClean System Cleanser products from RoyalPurple have been specially formulated with high-performing proprietary cleaning agents who work wonders at removing carbon deposits found within your intake system. It improves the amount of air that is able to flow fully and freely as you are going down the road, allowing your vehicle to be more fuel-efficient in addition to increasing horsepower.

MaxClean works best in any gasoline or diesel-powered engine by using a powerful cleaning agent which dislodges contaminants found within all aspects of the combustion chamber. The perfect cleaner to maintain an engine, and it was designed with knocking and pinging in mind. It also helps eliminate build-ups that produce adverse effects on your engine!

2. Red Line Complete SI1 Fuel Injector Cleaner

RedLine Complete cleaner for Fuel injectors

Red Line Complete SI-1 is one of the best and most potent fuel injector cleaners on the market. With a proven 100 percent improvement record, this cleaner not only cleans dirty fuel injectors and intake valves but also reduces your need for an octane booster to improve gas performance.

This complete fuel system cleaner formula is also famous for off-road motorcycles, snowmobiles, turbocharged and supercharged vehicles. This fuel stabilizer is a concentrated fuel system cleaner that can work in both high as well low temperatures because it’s safe to use over again, which makes the Red Lines complete fuel cleaners one of our top picks!

One way to avoid problems with your fuel injectors is by keeping them clean and in good working condition with Red Lines fuel system cleaner, which uses cutting-edge technology aimed at breaking down carbon deposits on intake valves and fuel injectors while leaving behind a protective barrier.

The SI-1 does not contain any acetone, so you can be sure the chemical is safe. Compared to similar products, the SI-1 cleans better and leaves behind a protective barrier that prevents the formation of carbon deposits for a longer period of time than most other fuel additives.

3. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Injector Cleaner

Stabilize fuel and cleans fuel injectors

The Star Tron brand has an excellent cleaner called Enzyme Concentrate that prevents ethanol fuel problems. If you want to improve your fuel efficiency and stop those pesky ethanol issues, then the Star Tron Enzyme is for you. This cleaning product can be used to prevent future carbon buildup.

You will save time and money with this fuel injection cleaning formula. This formula can treat up to 512 gallons of gas, and it provides protection for two years. It is a clean-burning and emissions-reducing cleaner that increases power across all engines types.

Plus, this concentrated fuel injector cleaner is specially formulated to remove varnish, gum, and carbon buildup from a marine engine. It also eliminates bad fuel odors, and it breaks down over time deposits in the fuel system. It can be used with high-performance vehicles that run on gasoline or ethanol blends up to E85.

Improved engine performance and fuel economy are just some of the advantages of using this good fuel injector cleaner. You will also enjoy a reduction in maintenance costs because your engine will last longer thanks to the protection that this product provides for two years, regardless of miles traveled.

4. Lucas Oil 10013 Fuel Injection Cleaner

Lucas Oil Cleaner for Fuel Injectors

I was always worried about my car’s emissions and the effects that they might have on me while I’m driving. These concerns finally became a reality when Lucas Fuel reached out to me, telling me how their product could help with passing smog tests.

The best part is that it cleans those harmful pollutants. That means you’ll be able to breathe easier in your own home or office without any threat from toxic fumes even if you’re not at work anymore, for instance, because these products are so potent.

There really isn’t anything bad about this company either; they’ve been around since 1988, which shows some dedication there as well as a willingness to put out high-quality products that do what they’re expected to.

Is your diesel engine feeling sluggish lately? If so, you might need a fuel injector cleaner! With this fuel system cleaner, you’ll get more bang for your buck. The downside is that it only works with diesel engines. Overall one of the top fuel injector cleaners that can be used to clean those clogged injectors and it restores fuel economy.

5. BG 44k Fuel System Cleaner

Eliminate build ups on fuel injectors with the BG 44k cleaner

The BG 44k fuel injector cleaner is well known for a quick restore of the fuel efficiency and engine performance. Also, it’s known for increasing the combustion quality, and it can treat around 20 gallons of gasoline for every 11oz of product. Not only will it improve your engine’s performance, but it also helps reduce harmful emissions.

Most of the time, you don’t have to worry about your engine failing an emissions test. If you are having problems with the intake valves, the BG 44K fuel injector cleaners are considered one of the top picks to clean the valves and combustion chambers quickly.

Futhermore, it reduces build-ups and problems such as power loss, engine surge, and hesitation. The BG 44K contains no alcohol, so it is considered safe for O2 Sensor, spark plugs, and catalytic converters. Overall on of the best value injector cleaner formula that can help improve gasoline mileage on diesel injectors.

6. Chevron 65740 Techron Fuel Injector Cleaner

Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner

Chevron Techron Fuel is one of the top picks for your clogged fuel injectors need. This bottle is available in a 20-ounce bottle. These cleaners are developed to protect, and restore your entire fuel system. Another upside is that it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment, so you can feel better about using this cleaner.

The Chevron Techron concentrate plus fuel system can significantly improve lost fuel economy and help to make your fuel gauge sensor work more efficiently. It is supposed to have an effect for up to a year that can help with your acceleration and fixes any rough idles you may be experiencing. It is suggested that you add this product to your engine during an oil change every 3,000 miles.

This is a concentrated solution so you should only have to use this product one time, instead of having to clean your engine two or three to get desired results. It is also convenient that it comes in a 20-ounce bottle so you can be sure it reaches all the parts of your engine. Other fuel injector cleaners are much cheaper.

7. Liqui Moly Jectron Fuel Injection System Cleaner

LiquiMoly cleaners for fuel injectors

The Liqui Moly Fuel Cleaner is available in a 300-milliliter container that comes in a two pack. This fuel injection cleaner is developed to help with a vehicle that has problems starting, have an inadequate throttle response, and, of course, help with fuel economy.

Furthermore, the container of these cleaners come with a tip for simple application that makes it a great deal easier to apply to your entire fuel system. This cleaners for fuel injectors work better in conjunction with catalytic converters, or in a spark plug. You will get a smoother idle and also you will improve fuel economy.

It focuses a great deal on starting and throttle problems, and it can make Liqui Moly Jectron Fuel a much cheaper fix than going to a mechanic. An excellent feature of the product is its funnel-like tip that makes pouring simple.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about spilling and wasting this product. The cons of this product are that, although it comes with two containers, it is a small amount of fuel cleaner. You will most likely be having to get two of these packages to clean your system correctly. They try to make it seem as if you are getting more, when you are getting less.

8. Sea Foam SF16 Fuel Injector Cleaner

SeaFoam fuel injector cleaner for your car

Sea Foam SF16 is another very reliable cleaner available, and it comes in a 16-ounce bottle and has a little more fuel injector available than some other products. It has quite a reputation and is the fuel injector cleaner treatment that I find more people recommend than any other.

This fuel system cleaner is entirely petroleum based and is completely EPA certified. You can insert these fuel system cleaners to the carburetor of your vehicle and have deposits liquefy so that it can be cleaned out of your system.

One of the pros of this fuel injector cleaner is that it is entirely petroleum based and is healthy for most engines. It also has a good reputation, and I have personally witnessed the benefits of using Sea Foam. The size of the bottle is also another positive.

You should not have to purchase more than one bottle. It is also a one-time application, so many containers are not necessary to achieve higher engine performance. The cost of the product is too hard to beat, and it comes with an awkward lid so that pouring can be a little confusing.

9. STP 78577 Fuel Injection System Cleaner

STP fuel injector cleaner for your car

STP 78577 Cleaner is available in a pack of two 6 ounce bottles. Unlike other fuel injector cleaners, this product can be used with all gasoline engines. You can expect a better throttle response when you press on the gas pedal with a cleaner engine.

The 78577 Super Concentrated cleaner is a great product to have in your vehicle in case of an emergency. This product works with any automobile, snowmobile, marine craft, and even scooters. Also, this cleaner is made with a combination of different ingredients that require only one use to acquire higher fuel economy and engine smoothness.

These cleaners may be used in any gasoline engine, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong cleaner. The cons of this product are that the containers are tiny for a pretty high price. You will most likely have to purchase more than one to get your entire engine clean.

Finally, the answer to your engine’s prayers! This miracle fuel injector additive will help you beat those pesky injector clogs and restore lost power. You can use it safely on catalytic converters or oxygen sensors too. Achieve smoother idling and revamp your car’s gas mileage.

Best Fuel Injector Cleaners Buyers Guide

Fuel injectors are extremely prone to build-up due to their nature as well as the fact that they face some of the highest pressure in an engine. They are constantly being exposed and affected by factors such as heat, airflow, oxygen levels, humidity, etc.

As a result of all these stressors on fuel injectors, it’s not abnormal for them to develop rust and eventually start getting dirty. They work if you have a clogged fuel injector, and they can help reduce emissions coming out from the exhaust system.

Fuel injectors play an critical role in running your car because they are a bridge between a full tank of gas and the engine. Therefore, they are used every time you start your vehicle, and you should service them regularly.

Cleaning the fuel injectors of your automobile reduces the noise your vehicle’s engine block produces, keeps your MPG accurate, reduce emission output, and eliminates motor chatter. It is ideal to invest in cleaning your fuel injectors with the right cleaner to boost the overall performance of your car.

What are fuel injectors and can you clean them?

Fuel injectors are used to inject fuel into the combustion chambers of an engine. In fact, a fuel injector supplies the right amount of fuel gets to the engine in every cycle either when you rev the engine up or release the throttle. Initially, carburetors were used to inject fuel, but modern engines use fuel injectors because they are fuel efficient.

Do Fuel Injector Cleaners they work?

Fuel lines tend to get clogged up with extra fuel additives. Thus, making it essential to use fuel injector cleaners AKA (cylinder lubricant) occasionally. Below are some guidelines for fuel injector cleaning.

Purpose of  a Fuel Injector Cleaner

A fuel injector combines fuel and air, each differing according to its specific type of fuel. If your vehicle is getting low gasoline mileage, then chances are carbon buildups could be affecting the car’s performance. Potentially causing it to misfire or idle and not run smoothly.

Choosing The Best Fuel Injector Cleaners

Fuel injector cleaners differ according to the make and model of your car or truck. Here are some pointers before purchasing:

Fuel Injector Cleaner Car Advantages

There are many advantages associated with using injector cleaning fuel. It thoroughly cleans a fuel injector while providing your vehicle with improved fuel stability. You are helping to remove the car engine oil additives from the upper cylinder and combustion chambers as well.

When appropriately used, the cleaning fluid will effectively enhance the running performance of your car — giving it a quicker throttle response as if fresh from the showroom floor. Not only are these cleaners safe and easy-to-use, but they’re affordably priced as well!

Main Components of a Fuel Injector Cleaner

Polyisobutene (PIB)

It is a homopolymer of 2-methylpropene which has basing rubber. Its production is done using catalytic polymerization, which has a high content of isoprene and isobutylene and is very pure. A greatly controlled process is of benefit as it helps in securing a narrower molecular distribution weight. It is mainly used in food additives, electrical insulation in cables and wires, plastic compounds, and in cosmetics.

Polyisobutylene Amine (PIBA)

It is a long time polyolefin produced on technical sale. The patent in Germany was filled in 1931 and after that published in 1937. Other patents later came into place. It is mostly being manufactured to inform of a copolymer. Besides, it is common finding saturations present in the backbone. Thermoplastic elastomers are composing of outer blocks which are glassy and inner blocks which are rubbery.

Polyetherimide (PEA)

It is amino and made using primary amino group which is attached to the polyester backbone with its basement at ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, or by mixing both compounds. It is mainly used in epoxy, which is a curing agent. It is a colorless liquids and therefore ideal choice for decorative casting and coating business. Besides, its lower viscosity is essential for self-leveling and casting flooring business.

How to Clean a Fuel Injector

To clean your car’s fuel injector, you can either do it yourself or hire an experienced cleaner to do it for you. Here you can find a complete guide on how you can clean fuel injector:

  1. Buy a fuel injector cleaning kit – visit an auto supply shop and buy a cleaning kit which basically should contain a fuel pressure gauge, a hose, and a bottle of injector cleaner.
  2. Locate the fuel injector – since different cars have different types of engines, the layout may differ. Therefore, you can look into your instructor’s manual, read articles, or watch online videos to know where your car’s fuel injector are located.
  3. Disconnect the car’s fuel pump from the fuel injector – after detaching the pump, you can use a fuel return line or a U tube to safely return the fuel that’s contained in the tank to the fuel tank. Take caution to keep any source of fire away to prevent fire outbreaks. You have to disconnect the vacuum line before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Connect the cleaning kit – using a manual, connect the kit to the fuel port, and then start the engine. There should be no traces of fuel in the injector because the cleaning fluid might be flammable and the cap of the fuel tank should be removed to prevent carbon build up.
  5. Reassemble the fuel lines – after cleaning is done, remove the kit and reassemble all the fuel lines. Verify the components are installed correctly by testing or even driving your car for some minutes.

Before you start the engine, make sure the fuel pump is turned off and remember to verify the fuel pressure using the kit’s gauge to ensure that it matches the recommended pressure. The entire cleaning process should take 5-10 minutes for thorough cleaning. You should leave the engine to run on its own because it will eventually shut down on its own after the cleaner is used up.

Signs when you need to clean the fuel injector:

  • Poor idle
  • Poor car performance
  • Engine failing to reach the full RPM
  • Engine detonation or knock
  • Increased consumption of fuel
  • Starting issues
  • Bucking or surging under different throttle loads

Benefits of Using Fuel Injector Cleaners

Using an injector cleaner has the following advantages:

  • Reduces air pollution because your vehicle’s engine will have fewer carbon deposits
  • You will have a better gas mileage thus saving money eventually
  • Increases the dependability of your vehicle because it will not breakdown often or have costly repairs
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your vehicle’s gasoline and diesel engine
  • Your car’s engine has better performance because it has a clean fuel system
  • Easily clean a dirty fuel injector and prevents combustion chamber deposits

Tips on How to Use a Fuel Injector Cleaner

Before getting an injector cleaner, you need to research about the different types of injector cleaner so that you can make a perfect choice. Typically, injector cleaners can work on all engines, but there are specific cleaners which can work best in certain engines or cars. Therefore, researching and gathering useful information is crucial before making a choice.

After buying an injector cleaner, reading the instructions is highly recommended to avoid making any mistakes. If you are informed, you cannot make costly mistakes or waste a lot of time. Moreover, if you are not familiar with any of the steps of the injector cleaner, seeking help from a friend or a car expert is a better approach instead of relying on trial and error.

Products like the Chevron Techron 65740 work extremely good fuel injector cleaner for most car systems when they get a lot of carbon build ups. It is an aggressive formula that is known to be very effective among all other company competitors.


Cleaning your fuel injector cleaners can benefit your car, primarily if you use it combined with octane boosters. Check if the top picks brands like Red Lines, Royal Purple Fuel, and Sea Foam SF16 work with gasoline and diesel engines. These cleaners are excellent for keeping your intake valves, and intake systems clean.

You should also consider checking the head gasket sealer for a leak, or carbon build. Also, check your air filter, and spark plugs if you decide to go to a local auto car care. Most of these small issues can impact your engine performance. Cleaning your injectors can make a significant improvement to your engine and overall vehicle performance.

If your car fuel consumption is considerable, then you should take proper action to use products like octane boosters or fuel injector cleaners to maximize your gas performance. Not only will you see an improvement according to your monthly gallons of fuel consumption, but also the best fuel injector cleaner will deeply clean the entire fuel system. Follow our links for availability and to check the price on Amazon.

Last Updated on: January 11, 2023

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7 years ago

I am having problems with my fuel filter clogging up extremely fast on my 88 chevy suburban 350 1/2 ton with auto transmission. I changed filter this weekend and only got about 50 miles and it clogged again, needing renewal, I openened top of tank & it looks clean inside and fuel is very clean and clear. but when I change fuel filter, the fuel coming out of filter is cloudy white tinted – not clear. any ideas?

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