Different options available to connect your phone to the car stereo


Are you searching how to connect my phone to my car stereo? Connecting a mobile device or a Smartphone to the stereo in a car is a best method to snoop to music podcasts and audio books while driving. There is a best ways to achieve this.

Connecting with USB:

If you own a newer car, it may really contain USB featured in to the stereo. This must work with lot of ipods and phones and really will let you to get the audio on the phone by the native car stereo edge. This is best because in number of cases it will let you to keep the eyes on the road rather than of dealing a phone a when driving, that in most of the cases is illegal.

Connecting by auxiliary in:

This has turned fixed in latest car stereos, permitting you to link any appliance that can play audio system to the stereo. This will not let control of the equipment by the car stereo but is easy to perform. Simply avail an 1/8 to 1/8 auxiliary cable and attach it from the phones headphone to the stereo’s aux contribution.

Attach with Bluetooth:

Certain cars are available with Bluetooth designed in to the stereo and when the car contains, verify the owners guide to check-out how to join it with the phone. Such as the auxiliary choice, you will not get control of the device by the stereo interface, but it perform provide extra convenience. It is wireless and so will attach to the stereo when you enter in to the car. Number of stereos contain built in mics to manage hands free phone calls also. If the stereo does not contain Bluetooth feature, there is a Bluetooth car kits which will offer you this performance.

Cassette adapter:

This may seems to be old, but for the ancient car stereos, this is a best method to incorporate your phone.

FM transmitters:

This is one of the best methods to put together the phone in to the older one without a straight method to connect. Mileage will differ, because it is based up on whether or not there are numerous radio stations in the place crowding the dial.

Aftermarket stereos:

You can often receive a complete new head phone that contains certain latest modern features and it may not be so costly. Here are lot of best alpine head devices that begin at around hundred dollars.

Methods of getting music:

There are two methods to recreate music from a mobile phone by a stereo in a car. One can connect the mobile phones outlet to the auxiliary on the stereo or when the stereo in the car supports it, the mobile phone can be linked like a heavy storage device hence the stereo can convert the messages directly. Either option contains benefits and demerits and that one a specific user selects based up on the requirements and needs.

Mass stereo device:

Next choice is to avail the phone like a mass storage appliances. In this, the stereo consider the phone like it would like other device and just play back the tune saved on in the similar method it will from the USB stick or memory card. While this choice does not offer access to the playlists the car owner may possess, it does let the utilization of the vehicles audio controls instead of those on the device that is highly secured. Next benefit of this choice is that in most of the times the mobile is able to get intensity from the USB that enlarge the playing time as well as shows that a passionate listener may not want to charge the phone the time they exist of the vehicle or danger losing battery at a long trip.

Four kinds of connections:

To do connection between the car stereo and the phone, the owners contains four choices two wired and wireless. Every wired choice needs own cable, but the wireless choice relies on the mobile phones constructed in Bluetooth abilities or FM transmitter when it contains one.

Voice recognition:

Because of the question for raised road safety, certain stereo receivers are designed with voice detection. The receivers avail a built in software package and microphone to interpret the voice of the user. The notion is that the owner can restrain the stereo by not taking the hand from the steering wheel.

Hand-free calling:

If the stereo supports the blue tooth, it is now possible to avail the present Bluetooth to create hands free mobile phone calls by the stereo. This adds protection; means the car owner do not want to worry about taking a headset. The audio device itself acts like a headset.

Purchasing a mobile phone to stereo adapters:

If you are planning to connect the mobile phone to the stereo in the car like a music basis, it is simple to find the required hardware on stores. Whether you are finding for a FM transmitter or cable or still a new cell phone or stereo receiver, you want to perform is make proper search. After you have got results, you can avail the sort out on the sidebar to restrict the listings and choose the best one that satisfies your needs. After you have decided what you want to purchase, then you have to know which of the well established sellers you like to purchase it from. You can easily get the right seller by checking the different seller’s profile. You can see the feedback, policies and procedures, shipping location etc. After making your research, it needs some clicks to obtain the proper device on its method to you.


There are lot of options available for you when you are searching how to connect my smartphone to my car stereo like ranging from simple such as attaching the auxiliary contribution and the headphone jack to pairing wirelessly on the Bluetooth. For people who need higher capability and get the stereo and cell phone to facilitate it, consider Bluetooth that offer higher flexibility like the capacityto make your hands free to attend calls.

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