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How To Fix a Dent in a Plastic Bumper? 3 Effective Methods


If you are looking to fix a dent in your bumper, then you are in the right place. There are many ways to do it. So, how to fix a dent in a plastic bumper? Most people do not know that you can actually remove dents by using methods that involve just some household items, such as a hair dryer or a plunger.

If the damage is serious, we recommend starting by using hot water or a heat gun to heat up the dent in your bumper cover. This is going to soften the plastic and make removing it much easier. If, by any chance, you don’t own a heat gun, then boiling water should be enough to get the job done as well.

When you are dealing with damages that are not too deep, and the plastic bumper is not cracked, then try the paintless dent repair method. In this post, we are going to go over the different methods you can use to go about fixing dents in a plastic bumper cover.

How to Inspect The bumper to Identify Which Method to Use

You can inspect the damage by gently tapping on it with a finger. If you notice that there is no sound coming from the dent, then this means that it’s not deep enough for an object-based repair like using a plunger or hair dryer, and we recommend purchasing paintless dent repair tools for the job.

When your bumper cover produces a clear “thunk” when you tap on it with your fingernail, then this means that some serious force was used to create this type of damage, so you will need other methods to soften the bumper by using heat.

The type of material that the bumper is made out of will determine which methods to use. Older cars with metal bumpers will be harder to repair, and we recommend you get help from a professional if you’re inexperienced.

Fixing a Dent In a Plastic Bumper Cover Using a Heat Gun

A heat gun is an excellent tool for removing dents in plastic bumpers and other materials. Heat guns are a versatile tool as they can be used to do many different things, such as melting ice, drying carpets, drying wet clothes, and more.

Removing a dent with a heat gun is not an easy task and should only be attempted by experienced professionals, or at the very least someone who is knowledgeable about how to remove a dent.

#1 Start by heating up the surface area

Start by heating up the dented area in a circular motion. Keep the heat gun about 12 inches away from the area. Continue going in a circular motion until the area is completely soft. Then wait for it to cool down before touching the dented surface area because it can cause burns if not careful.

#2 Apply outward pressure with your hand

Once there’s enough moisture in that spot, use your hands or an object and push outwards on the bumper until it the dent pops out. Sometimes when you are dealing with small dents, you won’t even need to push it out. There is a good chance that you will hear the dent pop.

You should be able to press on the area and pop the dent without any more problems. People tend to use either their hands, two by four, or a hammer as their go-to tools for this type of repair.

Get a Dent Out of a Plastic Bumper With Hot Water

Believe it or not, that thing that you use for unclogging toilets can also be used to remove dings out of your car. However, you will need to use hot water to loosen up the dented area and then use your hands, two by four, or hammer to apply outward pressure on that dent until it pops out.

When you pour the boiling water on the paint, you will need to wait a few minutes before proceeding to the next step. If patience is not your strongest asset, then you can also pour cold water on the back of the hole.

Tips to Consider When Using Heat

  • Make sure the heat gun is on low or medium setting
  • Heat up the dented area with the warm air
  • Apply pressure on the dent (with your hand, hammer, or other objects)
  • Use a circular motion to push it out
  • We recommend using small hammers with plastic tip
  • Protect your hands from the heat so you do not get burned

Remove a Dent From a Plastic Bumper Using PDR Tools

PDR tools are the most effective way to go about removing dings from your car. You will need to purchase a special set of tools and watch some youtube videos to understand how it works.

The process for removing a ding with PDR tools is rather simple. Start by locating the bridge puller, some tabs, and the special glue in the kit. Apply some glue into one of the tabs and place it over the dented surface. Then use the puller tool to pull the tab off and remove any remaining glue.

Repeat this process for each ding on your car’s plastic bumpers. This is one of the most effective ways to go about removing dings without hurting your car’s paint. And no, you will not scratch the paint surface either.

Would You be Able to Remove Dents Using a Vacuum Cleaner?

Using a vacuum cleaner is not as reliable and efficient when removing dings from your car bumper. It is advisable that you use the heat gun instead that is more effective.

This procedure will involve using the suction pressure of the vacuum cleaner to get the job done. However, you will need a super-strong device in order to pull any dings out of your car bumper. This method might work depending on the location, the amount of compressed air, and the size of the hole.

Tip: Don’t waste your time trying the dry ice technique.


Now you have a few options to go about popping out that dent on your bumper. There are plenty of services that you can find on google that can help you when you have no time to do this kind of repair.

If the damage is severe and you notice the paint cracked, then using any of these methods will not completely get the job done. You should call a professional or visit the service center to have them polish and paint the affected areas.

The use of a heat gun is by far your best option. Heating up the area in a circular motion will get you 80 percent there. Learn if you can use other methods like dry ice or PDR on our website.

Last Updated on: November 14, 2022

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