Best Infant Car Seats

Over the years, car seats have grown to be more popular as more and more parents have taken caution and have recognized their importance. There are however different types of car seats that are available in the markets, and each one corresponds to a specific child age group or where some opine it is the weight of the child that gives the most decisive basis for getting car seat types. It is important that parents know this to get the right car seat that’s appropriate for their babies and their toddler.

For babies, the parents should get a baby car seat that’s rearward facing. This kind of car seat can hold the room for babies that are aged from birth up to 12 or 15 months, whose weight can be as heavy as 10 kilograms or 22 pounds until 13 kilograms or 29 pounds. Babies are more out of harm’s way if they are protected as they are facing the rear of the car and cosseted by the seat. With a rear facing car seat safely securing them in, they are cushioned from the bumps and jolts that the stirring car may go through. The seat shields and supports the head, the neck and the spine of the baby. It is preferred to place this rear facing car seats in the rear as compared to placing them in the front of the car.

It is advised never to place the seat in front when the car has passenger airbag as this could suffocate the child; hurting them instead of keeping them safe. It is recommended that you use rearward facing baby car seats for as long as your baby can fit on it. You will know your baby needs to move on to a bigger seat if her head is as high or even higher than the crown of the car seat or if her weight is or has already exceeded the maximum.

Car seats are an important things that you, as parents, should consider buying while still expecting. But with all the competitions on the market, it is often very difficult to decide on what specific brand or model to buy. You might be deceived by the superb packaging and outward appearance of a product, but being wise enough, this is not sufficient to help us choose or even consider a product.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the company, Graco. If you haven’t, well this company has only been known for producing only the finest baby products to cater our babies’ needs. Of course, quality doesn’t need to be expensive, and that’s one of the main goals of this company, quality, and at the same time, affordable. Graco has already produced a numerous number of models for car seats, but there are, of course, products that never fail to satisfy the costumers who bought them. Have you ever wondered what models they are? Read on to know what the best Graco car seats are!

The Baby Trend Flex-Loc (Under $250 per seat) is likewise a decent auto seat for children. This auto seat does not accompany the same number of components as Graco’s items. Leverage this item components is it is five point limitation saddle. Numerous folks favor this security highlight. This brand is as broadly sold as Graco’s.

The best evaluated child auto seat is the Maxi-Cosi Mico ( Under $200 per auto seat). This infant auto seat maker, breezed through government crash tests. In any case, proprietors of the item either cherish it or contempt it. The unit is bulkier than Graco’s and the Flex-Loc, which could get to be tricky for drivers with littler autos. Likewise this auto seat got low evaluations from NTSA for establishment directions. At $170, it is most costly brand of child auto seats available.

Graco Nautilus – This car seat is the best car seats Graco has ever manufactured. Many parents who have bought them are exceptionally satisfied with the product. It has received great reviews and good ratings too! This car seat is very secure especially that it has a 5-point harness for babies between 20 to 65 pounds. What’s more is that when he’s become older, you may convert the seat so easily into a booster seat when he’s over 65 pounds! That’s very convenient, is it? It will surely help you save a lot of money! This one is also very durable, making it available for longer use. You can also choose a lot of cute design from a variety of options.

Graco Snugride – The Graco Snugride is definitely one the favorites of most parents. You’ll surely love this one especially that it protects your child completely within its comfortable seats. This is also very affordable and can be installed very easily especially that it has an easy level indicator, helping you make sure the installation is right. Included also is a 5-point harness with front adjustments, EPS energy absorbing foam, and a 180 degree rotating canopy. There are lots of cute designs to choose from too!

Graco Highback TurboBooster – If you’re baby is between 3 to 10 years old, this is definitely the right car seat for her! Allowable height for this car seat is between 38 to 57 inches. This one is really meant for longer use especially that it can be converted into a backless booster seat. It also has a height adjustable head support to prop up your growing baby.

The car seats made by Graco are high-end products, but if you do want to get the best from them, then try considering the car seats above! You’ll surely be happy you’ve bought them! What matters to me is that they’re safe, and that other parents would recommend them as well. With high ratings, great features, and excellent quality, you can’t go wrong.

When it goes to car seat shopping, it’s not always easy. With several different brands, types, features, and neat patterns to choose from, a simple decision can turn into a few days of researching and deciding. I can honestly say Graco is a great brand simply because it’s highly rated, and because I’ve bought the Snugride for my son. It’s definitely a brand I would recommend to other women and/or parents.

This brand only creates car seats that will satisfy your baby’s needs. And if you are searching for the best one, try considering the car seats listed above, and you are assured of quality and utmost safety for your baby! A lot of mothers have bought them and they were satisfied. Now it’s your turn to protect your baby by buying only the best car seats from Graco!

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