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Best Infant Car Seats (Review & Guide)


Car seats have become more popular as parents have taken extra caution and have starter to recognize their importance. There are however different types of car seats that are available for different prices, and each one corresponds to a specific child age group or where some opine it is the weight of the child that gives the most decisive basis for getting car seat types. It is essential that parents know how to pick the right seat that’s appropriate for their babies from the best infant car seats that are available on the market.

For newborn babies, parents should get an infant car seat that’s can accommodate and protect their child. They are many kinds of car seats that can hold newborn infants from birth up to 16 months. Expect that these seats can carry infants with 13 kilograms or 29 pounds or less. Also, babies are better protected when the car seats are facing the rear of the car.

When using a rear facing car seat, you can expect to improve the safety of your child. Some of the following seats that we reviewed are cushioned and have extra side impact protection. The overall seat looks and safety features are crucial, especially when they support the head and the spine of the newborn baby. When using a car seat, try to place them on the back seat, and avoid placing them in the front seat of the car.

Top Infant Car Seats For Babies

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Chicco Fit2 Best Rated Infant Car Seats Click Here
Britax Bsafe Ultra Best Overall Infant Seat For CarsClick Here
Graco Snugride Click Connect Car Seats Click Here
Maxicosi Mico Max Plus Seats For InfantsClick Here
Chicco Keyfits Compatible With On-the-go Travel systemClick Here

It is advised by experts to avoid placing the infant car seats in the front passenger side of the car. The passenger airbag can deploy when accidents happen, and this could suffocate your newborn baby. Proven crash testing for cars can show you that you are hurting them instead of trying to keep them safe.

We also recommend that you use rearward-facing baby car seats for your child until they can fit in them. After a while, your baby will require to move on to an overall bigger seat that can protect their head. If their head is higher than the crown of the car seat, then most likely, your child might need a new car seat to improve their security in case of a crash.

Car seats are essential for every parent that is going to be traveling with a child in a car. There are plenty of competitors on the market, and it is often challenging to decide on what brand or model to buy. You might be deceived by the looks of the product packaging, but that is why we decided to this help you with reviewing the following products:

1. Chicco Fit2 Best Rated Seats On The Market

Chico fit cool Infant car seatsThe Chicco Fit2 features a two stage base which converts from infant to toddler position. This feature makes it easy to keep the infant car seat rear facing for the first couple of years. Also, the Chicco fit2 car seat offers more upright position with adjustability. It also provides enough leg room for little babies up to 24 months without taking up car space.

A force-multiplying SuperCinch tightener that helps any parent to find a safety fit with little to no effort.  Also, it comes with an elite soft fabric material that can be washed with cold water, or placed on the washing mashing with the delicate cycle option combined with mild soft detergent. This pick is compatible with a really good stroller system that is sold separately by Chicco.

The base of the Chicco Fit 2 features a reclining angle leveling  and two bubble level indicators to achieve the desired angle on the toddler car seat. A stabilizer bar increases surface contact between the base and car seat for added support. Also, the Chicco fit2 is fitted with premium Italian fabrics with good looks and they are soft, comfortable, and machine-washable.

2. Doona Infant Car Seat

Doona elite infant car seats and strollers looks like soft seats

The Doona car seat features integrated wheels so that it can quickly transform from a car seat to a stylish push travel system for your child. This car seat has passed safety tests as both a stroller and an infant car seat. Also, the Doona’s handle extends upwards, ready to push. Overall, we love the Doona seats memory foam headrest and breathable fabric.

Furthermore, the Doona car seat is suitable for parents who are in and out of their cars a lot and parents who fly on airplanes often. A wedge is included to make the seat flatter short term for a newborn. Also, the Doona booster car seat comes with a complimentary seat protector or car seat covers.

Versatility is one of the elite features of these Doona infant car seats. Not to mention that these models are also Aircraft Approved from FAA and TUV to travel with an amazingly soft texture and washable fabric. Added to this is the fact that it comes with three different layers of protection against side impact.

3. Chicco Keyfits

Chicco soft good car seats with high safety base

The Chicco Keyfit car seat features spring-loaded leveling foot, which helps achieve the desired base angle when it comes to installation. Other features include two bubble levels that can verify if the base is leveled during the installation process. The LATCH technology helps any parent accomplish a secure and tight fit with less effort.

One of the features we love is the removable body support for newborns and infants. Also, the Chicco Keyfit car seat is compatible with Chicco strollers for on-the-go travel system convenience. With a wide variety of soft textures and colors, these seats are considered one of the best.

When it comes to easy installation, the Chicco Keyfit has overall great positive feedback from features like looks, car safety, and stroller compatibility. The installation is as simple as clicking the base into the metal bars that come standard with all cars. Also, little to no effort, you can pull the straps on the base to secure a tight fit. After this, the infant car seat just clicks into the base.

4. Safety 1st Onboard Infant Car Seat

Safety 1st easy to install really nice infant car seats

The Safety 1st car seat is lightweight and features one-hand fold making it suitable for travel. This car seat’s one travel system allows for a seamless transition from car to stroller. The quick click technology secures the LATCH-equipped car seat to the stroller without disturbing the baby.

Also, the Safety 1st car seat came complete with exceptional side impact protection and added back and neck support for newborns. An oversized canopy with flip-out visor and peek-a-boo window provides adequate airflow and shade during sunny days. A five-point harness accommodates children from 5 to 35 pounds.

Keep in mind these car seats have a big base, so make sure your car has enough space to fit on the rear. Overall these Safety 1st seats have gone through different crash testing procedures from every possible angle to make sure your newborn child is getting the best security and safety seat. Expect to secure a baby that is up to 35 pounds. 

5. Britax Bsafe Ultra Best Overall Infant Car Seat

Looks like overall good and safe car seatThe Britax B-safe car seat sports the SafeCell system, which includes a steel frame. Also, it consists of an energy-absorbing base and a V-shaped tether to minimize seat rotation. The SafeCell system also includes staged-release stitches that slow and reduce forward movement in the event of a collision.

We also love the Britax B-safe car seat features like the ventilated mesh soft fabric that improves airflow. The padded head-rest and a padded seat ensure added comfort. A Safe Center LATCH makes it easy to secure the car seat base while the rideshare-ready enables safe installation. The B-safe infant car seat comes complete with two layers of max side impact protection.

You can find that these Britax-B seats have a smart newborn pad that you can remove in a very easy way. The shell was designed to maximize your child protection in case of a crash or accident. Also, looks are really modern, and you have a wide variety of colors to choose from. If you are thinking of traveling, they are compatible with a few travel systems, including Britax B Agile, Duallie Strollers, and more.

6. Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat

Uppababby has really nice looks with soft elite base

The UppaBaby Mesas infant car seat is suitable for infants from 4 to 35 lbs and up to 32 inches in height. This infant car seat is designed with a smart, secure system that makes installation and detachment easy in just seconds. The Uppa Baby Mesa features an adjustable headrest with integrated extra side impact protection for your baby.

Storage pockets are included for harness buckles. This car seat is designed to attach to VISTA and CRUZ strollers without having to purchase any extra adapters. The SPF hideaway canopy provides optimal ventilation for your infant. Furthermore, these infant car seats come with an elite base that provides extra safety and a really nice looks combination.

For a car seat, this particular carrier model show to be very lightweight, which helps for those parents that cannot carry much weight. We also love the fabric what UppaBabby uses for their products. Most of the texture is really soft, and it is reinforced with EPP foam to provide extra safety and protection for your baby.

7. Peg Perego Primo Viaggio

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Top Infant Car Seats for BabiesThe Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant seat is designed with contoured steel backplate which minimizes flexing and reduces forward movement. The shaped base provides extra stability in any seating position. The Peg Perego car seat can be used as both a rear-facing car seat for children of 5 to 45 pounds and forward-facing car seat for children of 22 to 65 pounds.

The side impact protection mechanism can be adjusted to 10 different positions ensuring the best and safest fit. Energy-absorbing foam is fitted throughout this car seat to protect your child’s head and torso from impact forces. Can’t deny that the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio has really good looks combined with safety features like side impact, and smart front buckle angle.

8. Stokke Nuna Pipa

Nuna Pipa infant car seats showsoft and safe materialsThe Nuna Pipa Lite LX car seat is designed to be ultra-light. This infant car seat sports an integrated SPF 50 sun canopy with a unique mesh window to provide optimal ventilation for your baby. The Stokke Pipa car seat is fitted with an adjustable five-point harness, and the looks are really fantastic.

We love the Stokke Pipa car seat stroller because it is designed to work both as a car seat and as a stroller seat without the need of adaptors. This car seat is best suited for babies of up to 32lbs or 32inches. The Nuna Pipa infant car seat comes complete with side impact protection for maximum safety.

9. Maxicosi Mico Max Plus

Maxi cosi infant car seats with good looksThe best-evaluated child auto seat is the Maxi Cosi Mico ( Under $200 per auto seat). This infant, the auto seat maker, breezed through government crash tests. In any case, proprietors of the item either cherish it or contempt it. The Maxi Cosi unit is bulkier than Graco’s and the Flex-Loc, which could get to be tricky for drivers with littler autos.

Likewise, this auto seat got low evaluations from NTSA for establishment directions. At $170, it is the most expensive brand of child auto seats on the market. We love the sideimpact protection feature from this product. Also, the texture used to build these Maxi Cosi seats are really soft and good quality.

10. Graco Baby Trend Flex-Loc

Graco infant or baby car seats with security and safety features

The Baby Trend Flex-Loc (Under $250 per seat) is likewise a decent auto seat for children. This auto seat does not accompany the same number of components as Graco’s items. Leverage this item components is it is a five-point limitation saddle. Numerous folks favor this security highlight.

Also, this brand is as broadly sold as Graco’s. Over the years, you have heard of a company called Graco. This company has been focused on producing the most beautiful baby car seat products to protect and provide safety to our babies. The main goals of the Gracco company are to provide high quality and affordable car seats to the public that are simple and really easy to install.

Graco has already produced an infinite number of models for car seats. Most of these products have passed different crash tests to satisfy the costumer’s needs. Have you ever wondered how they managed to produce such good products? Graco’s seats have overall thousands of reviews that can back their baby products.

11. Graco Nautilus Safety Seats For Infants

Best sold graco car seats with impact safety

The Graco Nautilus safety seats are the best car seats Graco has ever manufactured. Many parents who have bought them are delighted with the product. It has received great reviews and good ratings too! This car seat is very secure, especially that it has a 5-point harness for babies between 20 to 65 pounds.

What to do when a child becomes older, and you can’t convert the seat for him to fit on? These seats allow you to convert to a booster seat when your baby is over 65 pounds! That’s extremely super convenient, is it? It helps you save a bunch of money changing car seats in the long run!

This particular Gracco model is also very durable, protecting your kid for a prolonged time. There are plenty of cute designs from a variety of options with really good looks. Overall we love all the seats security features and the easy install process that you get when you purchase this elite car seat.

12. Cybex Aton

Cybex atom is a very safe car seat with baseThe Cybex Aton M car seat features integrated linear side impact protection system that effectively absorbs forces ensuring maximum protection for your child. This car seat comes complete with an 11-position height-adjustable head-rest which enables perfect fitting of your child. The integrated no-rethread harness makes installation easy. The featured European belt lockoffs routing provides safe installation in a car or taxi without the need of a car seat base.

Also, the Cybex Aton M car seat is Travel System ready with CYBEX and other strollers using a car seat adapter. This car seat sports Safe Lock Base featuring anti-rebound design LATCH system and height adjustable Load Leg for extra stability and safety. The Cybex Aton M is suitable for children of up to 18 months. This particular product is known as one of the safest infant car seats on the market.

13. Graco Snugride Snuglock With Base

Good car seats middle buckle

The Graco Snugride click connect is definitely one the favorites of most parents. You’ll surely love this one, mainly that it protects your child entirely within its comfortable infant car seats security features. This particular Gracco model is also very affordable and can be installed very quickly, especially that it has a manageable level indicator, helping you make sure the car seat installation is done right. As the baby grows you might have to replace the car seat depending on your child’s height.

Included also is a 5-point harness with front adjustments, EPS energy-absorbing foam, and a 180-degree rotating canopy. There plenty of cute designs to choose from too! When it goes to car seat shopping, it’s not always easy. With several different brands, types, features, and neat patterns to choose from, a simple decision can turn into a few days of researching and deciding. Furthermore, the product has an adjustable base allowing you four different positions.

I can honestly say Graco is a great brand simply because it’s highly rated, and because I’ve bought the Snugride for my son. It’s definitely a brand I would recommend to other women and/or parents. We love the base on these seats that can be installed really easily, and they allow you to buckle them down for extra security. Also, expect to protect your child for up to 30 pounds according to the manufacturer notes.

14. Evenflo LiteMax Best Seat For The Money

Evenflo car seats for the moneyThe Evenflo Litemax DLX car seat is built to be lightweight and easy to carry. This car seat is suitable for children of up to 24months. The adjustable head-rest accommodates growing children for a little longer. Easy-to-slide harness straps enable instantaneous adjustment for baby’s growth without removing and re-threading harness straps.

One feature to look for is the SafeZone Load Leg, a telescoping support leg with easy-to-read indicators help stabilize the seat base for minimal movement. A plush head & body pillow, and ergonomic handle deliver the on-the-go comfort for both yourself and your baby.

15. Graco Highback TurboBooster

Elite Graco Infant car seats with really good looks

If your baby is between 3 to 10 years old, this is definitely the right car seat for her! Allowable height for this car seat is between 38 to 57 inches. This one is really meant for more prolonged use, especially that it can be converted into a backless booster seat. It also has a height-adjustable head support to prop up your growing baby.

The convertible car seats made by Graco are high-end products, but if you do want to get the best of the best, then you should consider these car seats! You’ll surely be happy you’ve bought them! What matters is that they have been designed to be super safe, and thousands of other parents have recommended them providing a full review. With all the high ratings, features, and good quality, that you can’t go wrong on.

Top Infant Car Seats Buying Guide

No cargo is more valuable than your child. Because of this, your child’s first car ride may prove to be nerve-racking. You can calm some of your nerves and fears by getting a good infant car seat. An infant car seat is a seat designed specifically to keep your child safe during car rides.

What is an Infant Car Seat?

The typical infant car seats are those who have been designed specifically for infant babies that haven’t reached the weight and height limit. These car seats are becoming extremely popular due too the new models that are really easy to install, but also they provide extra side impact safety for your babies.

Choosing Infant Car Seats For Your Baby

Your child’s car seat is among the most important purchases you will make as a parent. We do not recommend getting a second-hand infant car seat as it may be compromised and end up putting your infant at risk. The rise of technology has brought about advancements in infant car seats in terms of construction material, design, and more.

With all the options to pick from, selecting the right infant car seat for your needs may prove to be a daunting task. To help you with this necessary purchase, we did extensive research on the best infant car seats on the market along with factors you need to consider before purchasing one.

Tip: You can include your stroller and infant seat in your baby registry list.

Key Features For in Child Infant Seats

Not every infant car seat is built equal. With enough options to choose from, picking the right car seat for your child may not be as easy as it seems. The following are crucial factors that you will need to consider before getting an infant car seat.

Easy installment

No one wants to deal with annoying seat belt lockoffs mechanisms. Two-hand required handle folding, a frustrating latch connectors or clumsy chest clips multiple times a day. A good infant car seat should be easy to install and detach.

Safety features

Since your child is the most precious cargo, you’ll want to pay extra attention to the car seat’s safety features. For instance, the car seat should meet the Federal Safety Standards and Requirements.

Some infant car seats come fitted with larger cushion near the head and shoulders for side impact protection. Most new infant car seats feature an anti-rebound bar that is designed to reduce rotational forces during a crash.

Easy to use clips and Latch system

You will be using a chest clip and harness each time you put your baby in their car seat. It is advisable to pick buckles and chest clips that are easy to use. The clips and harness should be natural enough to use without having to check for instructions on the manual. A latch installation is more secure.

A sound latch system should be easy to use and should not require superhuman strength to fix or detach. Instead of clip-style connectors, we recommend you pick out push-on connectors. Push-on connectors are easy to use and will save you sweat and tears.

Seat base

A good infant car seat should have a seat base that is easy to attach and detach. Easy to connect seat bases come in handy when you to switch cars often or when you don’t want to wake-up your sleeping baby.

Easy-to-clean and Practical fabrics

Every parent knows that babies can get pretty messy at times. You will want to be cleaning the infant car seat at least 2-3 months to rid it of the sweat, drool and diaper leaks. We recommend picking a car seat that is machine washable. You should also look for car seat covers that are easy to remove and replace.

Tip: Recommended post  on How to Clean Car Windows to have a clear view while driving.

Types of Car Seats For Small Child Babies On the Market

There are several types of car seats in the market today. Some of the various types include;

  1. All-in-one seats – All-in-one car seats have been designed to grow with your child. These all-in-one car seats can be transformed to accommodate your child’s weight and height as they grow. All-in-one car seats also work as booster seats. With this seat, you can go from rear-facing to forward-facing to booster seat.
  2. Rear-facing seats – Rear-facing seats are also called infant car seats. Rear-facing car seats are specifically designed for infants. These car seats always face the rear end of the vehicle and can accommodate your child only up to a certain height and weight.
  3. Convertible car seats – Convertible car seats are built so that they can transform to accommodate your child as they grow. Convertible car seats can change from rear-facing to front-facing depending on your child’s weight and height.
  4. Booster seat – Booster seats are designed to be used in a forward-facing position. Booster seat’s minimum weight requirements range from thirty to forty pounds. Booster seats can be used up until your child is old enough not to need it.
  5. Travel system – A travel system is a type of pushchair well-matched with a carrycot and rear-facing car seat. Most travel strollers will bring a baby carrier for ease of use.

Infant Car Seats vs Convertible Seats For Newborn Babies

• Well, the difference is Infant car seats are specially designed for infants. Infant car seats are used by the baby from day one until they reach the seat’s weight or height limit. Infant car seats always face the rear or back of the vehicle.
• Convertible car seats are designed to transform from rear-facing seats for infants to forward-facing car seats for children who have grown up to about 70 pounds. Unlike infant car seats, convertible car seats do not require a base.

Other Things Related to Newborn Babies Auto Seats

An infant car seat is among the most important investments you will make. The best infant car seat not only protects your baby but also provides comfort for your bay as well as convenience to the parents. Buying a second-hand car seat is not advisable as it may be compromised and might end up putting your child at risk. Selecting the best infant car seat for your needs may be a bit challenging. With the information above, you can comfortably go and shop for the best car seat suited for your needs. Check these features that can really help you save money and be safe:

  • Shoulder Straps – This particular feature helps adjust the infant belt paths to make sure that he or she is secure.
  • Baby Monitors – Not all seats will provide this feature, but rumors say that in the near future almost all of the car seat-stroller will start including baby monitors as an option.
  • Weight Limit – You need to understand how much weight can the car seat and stroller handle.
  • Level – The level indicates if your car seat is installed at the perfect height and weight.

Tip: Baby Jogger City Tour Stroller Combo is one of the best traveling strollers on the market.

Best Final Words

Make sure that you purchase an overall infant car seat that can be installed without the base. Seat combos that allows you to proper install the seat to a car that does not have the base using the seat belt and not to the latch connectors. You can go to the national highway safety administration website for more information on how to install a car seat properly. Another great source is the American Academy of Pediatrics website.

Not all strollers can fit all cars. Before making a final purchase check if the seat or stroller compatible to the car seat. Depending on how many inches tall the stroller is going to determine if you can fit it in your truck. Also, get a car seat that has great HIC scores to prevent any head injury in case of an accident.

Once you get those test results your learning curve starts. Ease of installation is something to consider because you are going to use the car seats regularly. If you have more that one baby you can get double strollers. Getting pregnant for the first time will require you to learn lots of new stuff, and we hope this newborn car seat buying guide can help you make a better choice when selecting your car seat and stroller. Take extra caution when purchasing old used car or vehicles if you are going to be driving with an infant.

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