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Best Electric Impact Wrenches (Reviews & Buying Guide) 2022


Removing lug nuts is a task that requires you to utilize an impact wrench. With the power of a battery behind them and not just from torque alone, these tools can loosen up those pesky bolts that are always giving us trouble in our daily lives.

A portable impact wrench that will provide the torque wherever and whenever it may be called upon is exactly what a person requires to get big jobs done efficiently.

Cordless drills and corded impact wrenches are vastly different in the amount of power they have, how quick you can use them, and other flexible options. A vast majority of these tools come with many specifications that vary by a brand to suit your needs best.

We’ve conducted an in-depth review of cordless impact wrenches versus their counterparts, so you can have all of your questions answered about which one would work best for you personally!

Suppose you are looking for an impact wrench that is efficient, and can get big jobs done quickly. Then here a few options to check out. Down below, you can find a list of some of the best impact wrenches in this article. Be sure to read our full review before making your purchase decision!

What to look for when buying an impact wrench?

The best wrenches for your needs depending on where you’re going to be using them. If you are mostly going to be using your impact wrench in a garage, then air impact wrench is perfect because of its power and high torque.

However, If your work is going to be mostly outdoors like landscaping and construction projects, then you might want to get an impact driver instead.

Listed and explained below are some of the things you will have to take care of to be able to arrive at a reasonable purchase:

Power Source

The power sources for wrenches differ from each other, and the best choice should be according to your needs. Power chord, battery, or compressed air are the most common power sources for impact wrenches.

A cordless impact wrench gets the electrical energy from a battery and basically cannot function without it. A cord impact driver, on the contrary, is getting all the energy from an electrical cord or another external source, such as a generator or outlet. The air impact driver will get energy from an air compressor.

Variable Speed Trigger

To guarantee some convenience in the course of use, you want an impact wrench that maintains or is operable via a special pistol grip. As its name implies, this triggering speed varies the speeds of the output in such a way as handling different applications smoothly.

It is a mechanism used in impact wrenches which have proven to be important to most people who use them, as the motor itself. A single moving part that can control just about every aspect of your tool’s performance if you know how to work it properly!

Torque Capacity

Torque capacity is the amount of torque that can be applied to a bolt before it breaks. It’s measured in foot-pounds (Ft-Lb) and newton meters (N.m). This measurement is going to be useful when you’re going to tighten nuts.

A less powerful tool will have a lower torque capacity than one with more power, so you’ll need to use caution when using them together. Knowing how much torque you have can help you make sure that your nut is tightened properly.

It is a very essential safety measure. You should have the right tools for any auto repair, and you need to make sure that they are powerful enough to do what needs to be done!

Forward and Reverse Torque

It is essential for the impact wrench to be operable both in the forwards and reverse directions equally. This is to cut down the effort you would need to drive your nails or fasten your joints.

The forward features help prevent over-tightening those stubborn nuts, while the reversing option is best for loosening tight objects. Furthermore, these air tools make it simple to break loose that bolt that simply won’t budge.

Wrench Inch Size

Lastly comes the inch size. This refers to the size of the bolts and fastenings that the wrench is ordinarily capable of handling and targeting. A good wrench has to be of just the right size you need for your chores.

It is important to have a wrench that has good power to weight ratio in order to be able to do jobs requiring more nut-busting torque. The most used sizes are the 1/2 inch and the 3/8 inch, but there are also wrenches in other dimensions. Now let’s move forward to our tool reviews.

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
DEWALT DCF880HM2 20Volt 1/2 Inch Impact WrenchClick Here
Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1/2-Inch with Friction RingClick Here
Ingersoll Rand 231C Pneumatic Impact Wrench Bare ToolClick Here
Bosch Freak Lithium-Ion Square Drive Impact Wrench KitClick Here
Trades Pro 837886 Drive Cordless Impact Wrench KitClick Here

Best Cordless Impact Wrenches

We have seen it wise to dedicate the entire scope of our discussions here to the subject matter of the cordless impact wrenches.

As we have already stated above, these cordless wrenches derive their power from batteries rather than the main’s electricity. It hence has the distinctive advantage of being mobile and operable in remote locations.

1. Dewalt DCf899HB 20v Max – Best Cordless Impact Wrench

Dewalt DCf899HB cordless wrench with lithium ion battery

The Dewalt 20v Max wrench model takes pride in its brushless motor. According to the manufacturer of this brushless motor, it delivers high nut busting torque, which helps for driving screws into the hardest materials in existence. It also has a sturdy design which makes it very easy to operate.

Quite an incredible power as it supplies 700 foot pounds of max torque, which is more twisting power than many other cordless models. The gadget weighs 5.8 pounds and causes minimal strain.

One of the best things about this impact wrench is the fact that it can charge in just 50 minutes with the fast charger. These impact wrenches deliver up to 20% more runtime per charge than other cordless wrenches on the market today.

The Dewalt DCf899HB 20v Max high torque impact wrench is priced at around $150 to $199 (street price), so if you are looking for cordless tools that will serve your purposes, be sure to try them out. Though they are pricey, this impact wrench is known for delivering on value.

  • Brushless impact motors
  • Available in hog ring and detent pin
  • Adjustable power for better performance
  • A bit pricey clients say
  • Heavy compared to others

2. Makita XWT08Z LXT – Best Compact Impact Wrench

Makita with brushless motor Impact Wrench Kit

Tasks vary in degrees of intricacy and difficulty. It’s only fair for the wrench to be alive to this fact. Well, this one comes along with a 3-speed selection rocker switch which allows it to tackle each task uniquely because of its speed variations that can adapt accordingly based on what is required during use!

It has a powerful motor that provides 740 feet pounds, which is more than enough to loosen up nuts easily. Weighing just under two pounds, its compact design is perfect for car enthusiasts who are getting into DIY repair to maneuver around obstacles easily.

Though it is not entirely new on the market, this wrench sets it apart from competitors because they rely solely on manual triggers for varying speeds. Its variable speed trigger mechanism allows them even finer control over their movements so they can reverse directions.

The user controls how much power their mini engine receives through a single triggering pistol grip which also prevents accidents by avoiding overuse or misapplication of force when reversing direction as well as preventing injury due to slippage in wet conditions. The only downside to this set is the price.

  • These power tools have fastening torque
  • Manufactured with a special impact motor
  • Over 700 foot pounds of maximum torque
  • Helps prevent over tightening
  • Light might be too powerful for small jobs
  • It is in the expensive category

3. Milwaukee M18 Fuel High Torque Cordless Impact Wrench

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Wrench that runs without air compressors

The Milwaukee M18 Impact Wrench is highly accredited for its immense power. Household and automotive tasks are handled thanks to their effectiveness expeditiously. It combines over 1000 pound-foot of torque with thousands of impacts achieved in a single minute when tapped.

Even the most stubborn lug nuts cannot match it. The M18 Fuel has a built-in LED work light. The impact wrench kit comes with a battery and the wrench. Plus, this Milwaukee power tool is highly accredited for its ability to complete tasks quickly and meets all standards and regulations.

If you want your bolts to stay tight for long periods of time, then you should consider using one with a high torque rating like this one here! This M18 Fuel has an impressive friction ring that allows you to loosen those rusted bolts.

You won’t have to worry about fastening bolts anymore! This device operates at ultra-fast speed (750 RPM), which makes it ideal for fastening with any type of nut. This unit weighs nine pounds, and it is considered one of the most compact tools on this list!

  • Amazing bolt removal mode feature
  • Fair price compared to other high torque models
  • Impressive 1000 pound-foot of max torque
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • A bit of noises
  • Need to buy extra battery packs

4. DEWALT 20Volt Max 1/2 Inch Cordless Impact Wrench

Dewalt 1/2inch Electric Impact Wrench

Removing wheel lug nuts has never been faster, thanks to this DEWALT 20 Volt beauty. The impact wrench is way more powerful than its predecessors and delivers more torque than other impact wrenches. Its torque rating peak at 110 ft-lb of maximum torque.

It only weights 3.4 pounds which makes it a lightweight gadget that can be easily carried around and used in tight spots. It offers the owner versatility in the battery, which they deem fit to power the gadget. The smaller 20V, 1.5Ah battery is ideal for light duties, while the 20V, 4.0Ah delivers greater power and is best suited for larger tasks.

This versatile impact wrench is compact, light, and very powerful. During its elaboration, it was tailored for professional usage, which can be attributed to its portability and long battery life. Remember to maneuver the impact wrench safely during operations.

Most experts love the impact sockets and that it has a 24 position clutch setting adjustable foot pounds (ft-lbs) torque settings. Outstanding versatility when operating various types of equipment or projects. Lastly, the dual-speed impact mechanism allows you to adjust torque and speed on the fly.

  • An excellent tool for small jobs
  • It’s a highly powerful, and versatile tool
  • Ergonomically designed for better performance
  • Good battery life, great balance, easy to operate
  • Arrives without a travel bag or battery charger
  • Discouraging prices

5. Bosch Freak Cordless Impact Wrenches For Lug Nuts

Boschs Cordless Impact Wrench

Considering the price, I’d say the BOSCH Freak is worth every investment. First, you will notice its compact design. In addition to that, the Bosch 18 Volt impact wrench releases a powerful punch. It has a quick-release friction ring to change sockets, and the structural makeup is also heavy-duty and long-lasting.

This cordless impact wrench can be used for a variety of tasks, including tightening nuts and bolts. With its high torque output of up to 300%, it’s easy to tighten even the most stubborn loose screws or rusted hardware. Plus, a dual-piston head with opposing wrench provides twice as much more torque!

The best part is that this cordless impact wrench has an ergonomically designed handle for the ultimate control. It does not compromise comfort or maneuverability, particularly in tight places. It can be correctly used by professionals and beginners.

On purchase, the wrench kit is accompanied by a charger, carry bag, and a battery. It’s ergonomically elaborated, which means it’s much lighter with a phenomenal grip making work more comfortable. The grip has been perfected to achieve a comfortable hold.

  • Wrench has a fastening torque
  • Light in weight powerful wrench
  • Amazing bright LED work lights
  • Has lots of nut busting force
  • Impact socket retention
  • Does not come with a battery meter
  • The light display can be much brighter

6. Porter-Cable PCC740B Compact Impact Wrench

PorterCable PCC740B Compact Impact Wrench

Are you looking for a wrench that can handle heavy applications? You have a suitable companion in this specific impact wrench. It is able to deliver over 300 foot pounds (ft-lbs) of maximum torque. You can loosen the lug nuts of any vehicle that is torqued to 115 lbs or more in less than 15 seconds.

It also has the remarkable added advantage of being able to work in tight spaces. Be prepared to expend tremendous muscle power, though! These cordless tools have impressive power, and their lightweight configuration is suitable for any hard worker.

A brief test of the impact driver, you will find rank it among the best tools for completing your car repair very quickly. However, this tool only comes with the impact wrench. You will need to buy the battery and charger separately. The tool is fantastic to work with. It can be used for filling deck screws and lag screws as well.

The 1,700 revolutions-per-minute complements this one. Its 20V powerful motor can operate at speeds from 0-1700 RPM. It experiences no-load speeds and generates enough power to complete drilling as well as driving applications. All the features put together will generate improved performance.

  • Hammer drills are very efficient and durable
  • Excellent wrench to remove lug nuts and bolts
  • Provide high RPMs for quick tightening
  • Best price for the cordless models
  • Handle type not as great as other impact drivers
  • Unknown breakaway torque

Best Corded Impact Wrenches

Though they suffer the limitations of a reduced range of operations, these impact wrenches are still reliable pieces of equipment to make use of.

They derive their power from mains electricity makes them all the more powerful. Let’s take a look at the best ones available today.

1. DEWALT DW293 1/2 Inch Impact Wrench

SuperExtreme impact wrenches

The high torque impact wrench has variable settings and delivers up to 345 pounds-feet of torque, giving you total control over your tasks. You can use it in both the forward and reverse directions or just one direction, depending on what’s needed for your project!

Dewalt 292 is an impact wrench that is recommended for any homeowner. It’s best to use for tightening nuts and bolts, with 345 ft-lbs of torque, whether in forward or reverse motion delivering speedy fastening. The ball bearings are constructed with 1/2 inch pins that connect tightly at every turn.

The front-end connection is a hard surface and seems to be durable. With a powerful motor running on 7 amp, its no-load speeds are 2700 impacts per minute and 2100 RPM! Placed in the middle of these specs is its soft-grip handle that provides great comfort for your hands as you work hard on your vehicle.

This Dewalt power tool is fantastic for those who have a low budget. It’s longer-lasting thanks to its gearbox that accommodates heavy use, and it has an output sound with the potential to be heard from blocks away.

  • A impact wrench that has adjustable power
  • It can be easily used by first-timers without much hassle
  • Huge 354 pound-foot killer torque
  • The power source is not from batteries

2. CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 1/2-Inch Heavy-duty Impact Wrench

CRAFTSMAN CMEF901 1/2-Inch Heavyduty Impact Wrench

Do you want to enjoy maximum nut busting force? We greatly invite you to try your luck with this specific impact wrench. It does come along with a hog ring anvil. This one makes for easy socket changes and thus contributes to your overall convenience.

Its compatibility with the Versa-track wall organization system further simplifies your operations. Most professional applications are strenuous and potentially harmful. You cannot rely on your ordinary impact wrench to tackle them.

It does feature an durable gear construction. This wrench has the durability and strength it requires to handle the most strenuous chores available. Plus, the 120 Volt 7.5 amp impact wrench has double insulation layers for safety. It delivers up to 240 ft-lb torque, 2200 RPM with no-load speeds.

Every minute experiences an impact of 2700. The housing is metallic and perfectly suited for durability. Also, this is an excellent tool for talking tough installations where there is no air compressor available. We recommend that you attempt your luck on this one.

  • You get lots of power and a killer torque
  • Heavy-duty impact wrench kit includes friction rig
  • This drive wrench kit comes with a high torque impact
  • Has to be plugged into an outlet when in use

3. Porter-Cable PCE211 1/2 Inch Impact Wrench

Portercable pce211 Impact Wrench Tool was built tought

Most experts are surprised as to how Porter-Cable can offer this outstanding PCE211 impact at a reasonably low price. Ever since its launch, the tool became an instant workman favorite.

The performance output begins with 2200RPM, not forgetting the 240 foot pound torque. An impact of 2700 is achieved every minute. Heat dissipated while in use is quickly shed off through its metal cast housing.

In the 7.5 power amp category, the Porter-Cable PCE211 forms the middle ground between the costly units with more exceptional specs and the less costly models with fewer features. This impact wrench is quite large, weighing roughly 7 pounds.

Also, the wire has a hook and loop strap, which keeps it coiled for storage. This no-nonsense tool is less expensive than other competitor brands. Has a 1/2 inch friction ring for securing the socket. There is a metal gearbox for additional durability. [/su_panel][/su_shadow]

  • A potent tool that gets your task completed quick
  • It has a 240 pound-foot max torque
  • It has an affordable price tag (best for the money)
  • The device is noisy

Extra Ingersoll Rand 2145QiMAX – Best Air Impact Wrench

Ingersolls Rand 2145QiMAX Air Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand employs up-to-date technology with its welded design for increased durability and performance. They also include a special clutch mechanism that can hold up against all sorts of forces that would try to loosen it over time. The power from the 2700 minute impact and 220 ft-lbs in peak torque is a force to reckon with.

It has a compact design with an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to use. In addition, the high torque impact wrench has a quick-release battery for speedy replacement. You can operate this tool in wet or dirty environments without any difficulties because of its water-resistant casing.

The small size of these air wrenches makes them amazing for use on tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas, and allows repairs to be much easier than with other tools. In addition, this device comes with three sockets (both metric and inch sizes), so you can work comfortably no matter what type of bolts are needed for your job.

This air impact wrench operates without needing electrical power because it runs off compressed air instead. It operates with an air compressor which means you don’t have to worry about using it on large projects such as construction sites that require multiple hours on-site each day.

  • Incredible 2700 impacts per minute
  • One of the most durable wrench on the market
  • Produces high levels of noise

Best Electric Impact Wrenches Complete Buying Guide

Finding the best cordless impact wrench is not simple. That is because the choice of the right one has a bearing on the kind of experience you are more likely to enjoy later on. There are few key factors you have to evaluate to make the right choice.

Let’s say you need to work on a project that requires higher torque for more power. If your impact wrench can’t produce the necessary torque to get things done, then you are gonna have a tough periods.

If you know you will be working at locations without access to power, then a cordless impact wrench might be the best option, but if your project does not demand high torque output or prolonged times away from an electrical supply like some job sites.

Cordless impact wrenches were initially created for small projects as they are best used for DIY jobs where you did not need to use them all day long. On the contrary, corded impact wrenches have a cord that plugs into the outlet, and you need to unplug in order to move around freely.

If your project is located near an outlet, then go with an impact wrench with a cord. They offer more torque than their portable counterparts. However, these wrenches typically make more noise than corded models, so some people might be disturbed by the sound your tool makes.

How do you determine the best impact wrench for your needs?

It takes a lot of research to determine which is best for you because there are so many options and brands out there. The most important thing to decide when purchasing a new tool is where it’s being used and what its required use has been designed around.

There are two types of these wrenches: cordless and corded.

Cordless impact wrenches have the advantage that they can be used in tight spaces because there is no power cable to get in the way. They also run on rechargeable batteries, so you do not have to worry about being near a power outlet when using them all day long!

If you’ll be working at locations where there’s no access to electricity like some job-sites or remote areas, then it might make sense to get a cordless impact wrench.

When using a cordless wrench, you will be able to apply the right amount of torque. If you apply too much torque, the nuts you are working on could break.

On the other hand, corded impact wrenches offer more torque at a lower price point and are usually lighter weight than their battery-powered counterparts. Apart from electrical drivers, if you already have an air compressor, you can also get a pneumatic impact wrench.

Battery Powered vs. Corded vs. Air Impact

When it comes to removing a nut, there are plenty of tools available for your use. Closely rivaling these fantastic impact drivers is the torque wrench.

The two differ mainly with regards to the uses to which they are devoted. With an impact wrench, you get to tackle fasteners with a engine-operated device. The torque wrench, on the other hand, handles the bolts and nuts by the worker applying all the force.

These three wrenches differ mainly with regard to the sources of power that give them the ability to operate. The battery-powered draw theirs from batteries, while air impact primarily uses mains electricity or an air compressor respectively for their operations.

If you work with a cordless impact wrench, then it can be difficult for some jobs that require constant starting and stopping of your tool or when working in areas where there is no power supply available since cordless impact wrenches do not have any significant power reserves.

Tips for Using an Impact Wrench

We finish off with some key factors to adhere to while using an impact wrenche:

  • Before use, select the correct socket set for the job properly
  • Maintain some tight grip at all times of use
  • Inspect the tool to see to it that it is in the best shape and form
  • Lubricate the moving parts for proper functioning
  • Carry out attachments and upgrades to keep pace with the emerging trends
  • Check out some of the tool reviews online for customer insights


You can use any cordless impact wrench to remove lug nuts and bolts, but finding the one that represents you and your repair shop can is not easy. Having such a tool makes your life easier when you need to fix a flat tire. All you need to do is lift the car with a floor jack.

After looking at the different options available for adjustable socket sets, we found that a wrench with an air impact is more durable and has better performance than one on that connects to the outlet.

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