The Top 10 Best Electric Impact Wrenches


After conducting a comprehensive search on the top 10 best electric impact wrenches on the market that are capable of getting the job done efficiently, we were able to arrive at 10 options. They cut across different brands and manufacturers and vary in power, cost among other features.

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
DEWALT DCF880B 20-Volt Li-Ion 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench KitClick Here
Tradespro 837886 14.4V 3/8" Drive Cordless Impact Wrench KitClick Here
Bosch 24618-01 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Square Drive Impact Wrench KitClick Here

Best cordless impact wrenches

The Trades pro 837886 14.4 3/8” Drive Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

The Cordless Trades Pro 14.4 Impact Wrench is highly accredited for its immense power and compact design. Household and automotive tasks are handled expeditiously thanks to its effectiveness. It combines over 100 pound-foot of torque with over 3000 impacts achieved in a single minute when tapped. Even the most stubborn lug nuts cannot match it. The device has a built in light. The set comes with a charger, battery, wrench and the carry case. This Trades Pro power tool is highly accredited for its ability to complete tasks in no time and meets all government standards and regulations.


A great tool for small jobs and comes at a fair price.


Several issues arise concerning its quality and the loud motor noise.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the Tradespro 837886 14.4 3/8 on Amazon.

DEWALT DCF8808 20-Volt Li-Ion Half-Inch Wrench Impact Kit with Detent Pin

Tightening or removing wheel lug nuts has never been faster thanks to the DEWALT DCF880B. The impact wrench is way more powerful than its predecessors and delivers more on power output. Its torque ratings peak at 110 ft-lbs. weighing only 3.4 pounds this lightweight gadget can be easily carried around and used in tight spots. It offers the owner versatility in the battery which they deem fit to power the gadget. The smaller 20V, 1.5Ah battery is ideal for light duties while the 20V, 4.0Ah delivers greater power and is best suited for larger tasks.


It’s a highly powerful, portable and versatile tool.


Arrives without a travel bag, battery or battery charger.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the DEWALT DCF8808 on Amazon.

Craftsman C3 Cordless 19.2 V Impact Wrench Driver Kit

A brief test of the Craftsman C3 Impact driver you will find rank it among the best tools for completing your job very quickly. The kit comes with two 19.2V Die-hard battery packs. Also inclusive is a bag, socket adapters and screwdriver bits. Its 19.2V powerful variable-speed motors permit a 0-2500 RPM. It experiences no load speeds and generates enough power to complete drilling as well as driving applications. Generally, the tool is regarded as a delight to work with. It can be used for deck screws, lag screws and TrussLoks.


Good battery life, great balance, easy to operate and comes at a great price.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the Craftsman C3 on Amazon.

Bosch 24618-01, 18-Volt, Lithium-Ion powered half-Inch Impact Wrench Kit

Considering the price, I’d say this product is worth every investment. First you will notice its compact design. In addition to that, the Bosch 18 Volt Impact Wrench releases a powerful punch. This power delivery does not compromise on comfort or maneuverability particularly in tight places. It can be perfectly used by professionals and first time beginners. The grip has been perfected to achieve a comfortable hold. On purchase the wrench kit is accompanied by a charger, belt clip and a couple of Lithium-ion powered batteries.


Its compact design means it’s much lighter with a phenomenal grip making work easier.


Does not come with a battery meter and the LED light display can be much brighter.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the Bosch 24618-01 on Amazon.

DEWALT DCF883M2 200-volt MAX Lithium Ion 3/8-inch Impact Kit with Hog Ring

This versatile cordless wrench is compact, light and very powerful. During its design it was tailored for professional usage which can be attributed to the portability and long battery life. It’s quite costly but delivers on value for investment. The gadget weighs 3.4 pounds and causes minimal strain to its user. The lithium ion powered battery provides 33% more power than its market competitors.


Light in weight with three bright LED lights mounted.


The price is discouraging to many prospective buyers.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the DEWALT DCF883M2 on Amazon.

Best corded impact wrences

PORTER-CABLE PCE210 Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil, Half-Inch

Am still surprised as to how Porter-cable can offer this outstanding PCE210 Impact at a fairly low price. Ever since its launch on 1st July the tool became an instant workman favorite. The performance output begins with 2200RPM not forgetting the 240 pound-foot torque. An impact of 2700 is achieved every minute. Heat dissipated while in use is quickly shed off through its metal cast housing. In the 7.5 power amp category, the porter-Cable PCE210 forms the middle ground between the costly units with greater specs and the less costly models with fewer features. Pros Very powerful tool that gets your task complete in no time.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the Porter Cable PCE 210 on Amazon.

Kawasaki 841426 Half-Inch Impact 7.5-Amp Wrench

For those without an air impact wrench at their disposal, the Kawasaki half inch drive 7.5 amp wrench can unbolt the most rusty and stubborn bolts and nuts. The power from the 2700 minute impact and 220 ft-lbs in peak torque is a force to reckon with. The device is long lasting thanks to its metallic gear box that comfortably accommodates heavy duty use. This Kawasaki power tool is perfectly suited for homeowners.


Has an affordable price tag

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the Kawasaki 841426 on Amazon.

DEWALT DW292 7.5-Amp half-Inch Wrench which comes with Detent Pin Anvil

The Dewalt 292 wrench delivers 345 ft-lbs in torque whether in reverse or forward motion delivering a speedy fastening. Its ball bearings have been constructed with 1/2inch pin connects. The front end connection is all metal and can be accredited for its durability. A powerful motor running on 7 amp provides no load speeds of 2700 IPM AND 2100 RPM. Placed in the middle is its soft grip handle.


Does not have a strong electric impact.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the DEWALT DW292 on Amazon.

GM Performance Parts, half Inch Drive, Electric Impact Wrench (GM2813)

The 120 Volt 7.5 amp impact wrench has double insulation layers for safety. It delivers up to 240 pound-foot torque, 2100 rpm with no load speeds. Every minute experiences an impact of 2700. The housing is metallic and perfectly suited for durability.

This is a wonderful tool for talking tough installations where air compressors are unavailable.


Can be easily used by first timers without much hassle.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the GM Performance Parts GM2813 on Amazon.

Hammerhead HDIWO75 7.5 AMP half-Inch Impact Wrench

This impact wrench is quite large weighing roughly 7 pounds. The wire has a hook and loop strap which keeps it coiled for storage. This no nonsense tool is less expensive than other competitor brands. Its powerful 7.5 amp motor offers over 240 ft-lbs in torque – perfect for weighty duty. Has a half inch friction ring for securing the socket. There is a metal gearbox for additional durability.


It does the job quietly and effectively.


The device is noisy

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for the Hammerhead HDIWO75 on Amazon.

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