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Are you a cosmetic mechanic and looking for a specialty tool for your work? Well, slide hammers and dent pullers are best for cars external repairs. Minor accidents don not always necessitate the replacement of exterior panels. And at times, you will need to use specialized tools such as dent pullers and slide hammers to restore a flush surface on exterior panels. And so, are you undecided on which tool to use? Read on.

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
WHDZ Auto Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Tools Silde Hammer T Bar Hail Damage Remaol KitClick Here
Tool Aid 81200 Midi-Weight Slide Hammer Dent PullerClick Here
Super PDR DIY Car Auto Body Dent Removal Repair Tools KitsClick Here

Top 10 best dent pullers

1. WHDZ Hail Repair Glue Puller

The PDR hail slide hammer and is made with ergonomic grips for maximum pulling power and works with all dent pulling tabs.

The paint-less Dent Repair Tool is made of polished aluminum and can quickly repair auto body dentsIt is easy to use and hence can remove the dent by yourself.Spiral slide Hammer T-bar Paint-less Dent Repair PDR Glue Puller does not damage the original paint.Working with 4 Size Aluminum Glue Puller Tabs is suitable for the dent of all kinds of flat metal such as auto washing machine’s doors and refrigerator.


It’s the advantages of simple operation that is repair the dent directly for you, easy to control, Safe on all painted Surfaces, and never mar your auto metal surfaces

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for WHDZ Hail Repair Glue Puller on Amazon.

2. OEM-TOOLS 25922 -Dent Puller Set

The item weighs 22.6 poundsThe product measures 24 x 9.4 x 4 inchesFully dropped hammered steel accessories for strength and durabilityThe dent puller comes with sorts of attachments to assist get rid of dents in hard to reach areas.

The set includes:

  • 12lb hammer,
  • slide hammer shaft,
  • slide hammer handle,
  • deep hook,
  • slide hammer adapter,
  • short hook,
  • claw,
  • door edge tool,
  • sheet metal screw and holder,
  • straight driver hook and chain and nose piece with screw

Comes in blow-mold storage case.


· Highly durable due to its steel accessories


· It’s costly

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for OEM-TOOLS 25922 Dent Puller Set on Amazon.

3. TEKTON-5635 10-lb. Slide-Hammer Dent Puller Set- 13pc.

It has pull dents, straighten panel edges, and body panels 10lb pliable steel slide hammerThe item weighs 17.8poundsThe product dimension is 8.2 x 24 x 4 inchesTubular steel-shaft with knurled grip for sure graspForged and hardened pullers, steel hooks, and attachments- fully hardened alloy-steel attachments.The puller does what it is designed to do quite well but it can’t pull out a badly caved in fender.


· It has good handle for sure grasp


·The slide-hammer is heavy with removable handle.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for TEKTON-5635 10-lb. Slide-Hammer Dent Puller Set on Amazon.

4. Tool Aid 81200 Midi-Weight Slide-Hammer Dent Puller

Offers excellent balance with 5-lb slide-weight on plated, solid, 5/8″ shaftExclusive soft damper vinyl grip with hole absorbs shockSupplied with body hook of heavy duty air-craft steel for pulling creased panels and edges.

It measures 24.8 x 3.9 x 3.4 inchesOverall product weighs 8.2 pounds


· The pullers are too light


· Slugger slides are too heavy

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for Tool Aid 81200 on Amazon.

5. DIY kit from Super PDR

Another kit from Super PDR. A great addition to this kit is the scratch pen, which makes it easy to conceal superficial scratches on your car. The glue gun in this kit is surprisingly high quality, considering the total price of the kit.

Pros and Cons:

  • Lots of different tools means that you can handle almost any dents
  • Glue gun is well-made
  • Cigarette adapter for the glue gun is too fragile
  • Instructions in the kit are not detailed enough
  • Line board is too fragile

The kit contains:

  • 1ps Scratch Pen
  • 1pcs LED Reflector board
  • 1pcs NEW Dent Lifter
  • 1pcs 2 in 1 T bar
  • 1pcs Mini T Bar
  • 1pcs car charger Glue Gun
  • 20pcs Blue glue puller
  • 12pcs Black glue puller
  • 4pcs yellow puller tabs
  • 10pcs red puller tabs
  • 1pcs silver tap-down Hammer
  • 1pcs Rubber Hammer
  • 1pcs Metal Tap-Down with 9 heads
  • 5pcs white Nylon Tap Down
  • 1pcs Alcohol Bottle
  • 1pcs Clean cloth
  • 1pcs Introduce Guide
  • 1pcs Black Tool Box

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for  Super PDR DIY Kit on Amazon.

6. Heavy-Duty 18-Pc 13-Lb. Dent Puller

Combination steel construction puller with 5 lb slide hammer.

Blow mold case.

It weighs 15pounds.

Combination steel construction puller with 5 lb slide hammer.


· It does accept other slide hammer attachments.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for Heavy-Duty Dent Puller on Amazon.

7. SuperPDR 22 Pcs Paintless Dent Repair Kit

This PDR kit has lifter hammer with a suction cup that brings back the dent to the desired level after just a few attempts. The lifter hammer has padded feet to ensure support and achieve the maximum pulling effort. It has a well thought out design mainly tailored for door dings as well as hail damage. The lifter hammer has an aluminum body and a stainless steel adjustment knob. The hand unit is easy to control while removing the dents. It includes all the essential accompaniments such as glue sticks.

Removes dents with ease
The glue sticks are very strong in stickiness

Has no instructions thus requires some time to get the hang of it

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for SuperPDR kit (22 Pcs) on Amazon.

8. Wcaro® Automotive Paintless Dent Repair Tools

The dent repair tool does not damage the original paint. With the Paint-less Dent Repair tools, restoring your car to its original condition is much easier than you can think. And removing the dents from your vehicle by DO IT YOURSELF should give you a sense of achievement. PDR benefits a lot. It’s effective for the vehicle’s paint hasn’t been broken or cracked.Slide hammer is more powerful for Paint-less Dent Repair as it conquer big dent.

Different Size tabs for Slide Hammer or dent lifter, for all Glue Pullers. The tool is easy to control, and everyone can remove the dent. It includes 12 free puller tabs and 2 heads metal tap down, and Dent Lifter for Baking varnish free dent repair. It is suitable for the dent of all kinds of flat metal such as the surface of automobile metal plate and the washing machine’s metal plate.It dimension is 14.2 x 3.9 x 4.3 inchesIt weighs 3.8 pounds


It has the advantages of simple operation as it repairs the dent directly for you. And thus cost is inexpensive.

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for Wcaro Automotive Paintless Dent Repair Tools on Amazon.

9. Super PDR®29Pcs Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits

Silver Slide Hammer with 28Pcs Glue Puller Tabs professional for Auto-Body Dent Repair Removal.

Perfect for Door Dings and Hail damage as it work on big dents.

High quality PDR tools suitable for the sheet metal processing of automobile, Motorcycle Body, refrigerator, and washing machine.High Quality paint-less dent repair tools

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for Super PDR 29Pcs Paintless Dent Repair Tool Kits on Amazon.

10. Super-PDR 51pcs

This kit is made of colorful stainless steel tools that get the job done with great ease. It is suitable for any kind of flat metal be it washing machine or automobile metal plate. Each tool is made with tempered high carbon steel to ensure durable and effective results.

This PDR kit includes various drawing gaskets in an array of sizes to suit any dent size. The dent lifter is very easy to control. Super PDR tools are meticulously examined and certified for Rockwell Hardness, which is prevalent in all the tools as you work with them.

The kit includes a rubber hammer, pro tabs, rubber shovel, glue sticks, dent lifter among others.

Well-built tools
51 essential tools

May require prior PDR skills

=> Click here to view pricing and availability for Super PDR (51 pcs) on Amazon.

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