Best Cordless Leaf Blowers Review

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Makita XBU02Z 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless BlowerClick Here
Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf BlowerClick Here
DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless BlowerClick Here
Worx WG575.1 AIR 32V Cordless Battery-Powered Leaf BlowerClick Here
BLACK+DECKER LSW36 Lithium Sweeper, 40-VoltClick Here

1. Makita XBU02Z 18 V Cordless Blower

Makita is the leaf flower that is powered by gas and has got more maintenance over the ones which works in electricity. They can actually be much harder for some of the individuals to start working with. For you to star the engine, you may need to pull cord so hard that can be strenuous for some of the individuals such as the ones who have some kind of shoulder injuries especially. This machine weighs to about 9.8 pounds and is not unbearably heavy nor much light too. The noise level of it was 96.7 decibels which is in line with other leaf blowers. It can be used without any worries of using hearing protection.

Makita has got very little amount of vibration and also is something that is very hard to even notice. This is something that most of the individuals find attractive with this machine.

It cannot blow the debris very far and it is also bit harder for you to start the machine for you to use. Best feature associated with Makita is the ability to use it without any kind of vibration at all, it is the best leaf blower to dry car. It remains smooth as well as comfortable to use.

2. Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower

Hitachi RB24EAP is a very compact leaf blower that is powered by gas. It has got a weight of 8.6 pounds and this is much light for people to use this around the yard. The blower obviously is compact but it can push 441 cubic feet of the air through tapered nozzle every minute. Air that is there from the nozzle can move with the velocity to about 170 mph. This is much lower speed compared with the other models that are there in the line up but it can be the best one which you can choose for a yard that is much smaller to consider. As it is lightweight it can be handled easily by the users. There is an auto return switch which can reset the on button so the blower can start quickly when you return. There is no manual for the user but you get a warranty of 7 years with this product.

Hitachi can back the leaf blower with the warranty of seven years. This is something that can be best for you to get what can actually work for you. Test unit can be received with the instructions.


DEWALT DCBL720P1 is one among the perfect leaf blower that you can find in the market. It do not leave room for any kind of mistakes in industry. This is a product that has got driven towards performance as well as quality. This is the model which can carry same standards. It do not need any kind of cord and so can allow much better portability. It even has got solid power and also has got very amazing speed for cleaning tasks that happens daily. This is an incredible product that you can know about.

This is the leaf blower which operates on battery and also allows to use that whenever you want it. You can use this product anytime and anywhere as long as the equipment is charged. It has got better capabilities so the blower can dominate the segment. It may not offer highest speed but can achieve 90MPH and is something much more compared to cleaning operations. The efficiency as well as durability of it is given with the motor that is brushless. It has all that necessary for solid operation.

It is not the mulchable for all. There are no mulching capabilities with it. It is built to work only on hard areas.


71cqwj0s-jl-_sl1500_53563683It is really much smaller but very powerful sweeper that is cordless. It is much easier for you to use and is also very quiet. It has got 66dBA of sound. The lithium ion battery is really very powerful and also can be used more than about 30 minutes before it starts losing power. This cordless sweeper is very powerful but it is best to be used with hard surface like walkways as well as patios. This needs to be used on the lawns but the grass need to be really short. If you really need to keep the lawn clean, then a corded blower or a gas powered one is the best and also efficient solution that you get.

It is portable and weighs just 4.1 lbs and the packet that you get may be really very small. It has got so many features with it. It has got a scraper with it that allows to loosed the matted leaves or the debris that are stuck on. There is also a speed control option with it.

This is the leaf blower that is much expensive. It can be used only for hard surfaces and not the one for lawns.

5. Black & Decker LSWV36 Review

Black & Decker LSWV36 Lead blower can easily make it possible for clearing the yard out of the debris very easily. The noise level of it is very low and may not annoy the neighbors. It do not weigh much so that your arms and back do not get much stressed with it. It has got the capability of blowing the leaves really so far away for making the yard work be done so fast and also quick than what you imagine. It can blow pile of the debris to about 17.5 inches. It is something that is at very farthest distance of products that we have tested. It is really at impressive distance. It can do that with the air speed of the 120 mph. It has got the ability to work in the power of battery and there is no need for you to worry about having cord of required length so that you can reach all tight spots and also corners in the yard or the driveway.

This product do not produce much noise and so can be used without any protection. The warranty of this leaf blower is very short compared to other manufacturers

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