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Top 15 Best Snow Blowers For The Money (Review & Guide)


For most children and some adults, snow days are a day of pure fun. There’s playing in the fresh white snow outside to make amazing snowball fights or sifting through it for hours until you find that ball-sized chunk.

For those who need to get work done on these snowy mornings, though, their reality is different than what they might prefer; but there’s one thing we all have: memories from our childhoods when this was so much more important.

So, do you want to clear your yard in a quarter of the time it would take with just a snow shovel? The best snow blowers are capable of slicing through 19 inches of snow and flinging it 50 feet away or more.

Since a good shovel is unentertaining for anyone, your only option would be to get one with an electric motor built into the handle that can clear paths up to four times faster than if you were using just a regular old spade-like device.

Pick up a new snow blower this season and make your life that much easier. A precise snow blower will help you clear the sidewalk in seconds, making winter all worth it! Be prepared for when the snow falls next winter.

Consider options like the two-stage models, which utilize spinning fans to shoot out heavy slugs of snow while clearing smaller grains at the same time; they also have wider cutting widths than single-stage models for quicker results during bad weather days.

Best Snow Blowers For the Money

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Husqvarna ST224P 24inch Two Stage Snow BlowerClick Here
Snow Joe iON18SB PRO-RM Cordless Single Stage Snow ThrowerClick Here
Briggs and Stratton Dual-Stage 24inch BlowerClick Here
Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E 21-Inch 15-Amp Electric Snow ThrowerClick Here
Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm 30XP ThrowerClick Here

Snow tends to make tracks un-navigable and even hazardous. When a storm decides to fall, you will need a quick, safe, and efficient way of hurling the snow to a place less inconvenient.

The following list will guide you in selecting the right snow blower for your troubles. After spending over 19,000 hours researching on different models, we have come up with the following list of the best snow blowers:

1. Ariens Deluxe ST28DLE – Best Overall Snow Blower

Ariens Deluxe ST28DLE best snow blowers

The Ariens Deluxe ST snow blower has many specs to keep you safe and warm when snow arrives. The self propelled snow blower is made of steep steel with an iron gearbox, measuring 58 inches by 30 inches by 45 inches, and was specially designed for gas power.

It is equipped with a powerful 306cc Ariens compact AX engine that has 14-inch clearing width device that can tackle high output surfaces efficiently thanks to its size! Do you want to blow a lot of tough snow? Make sure you choose one with both good output and impact, like this one.

Impressive features such as the powerful motor combined with a 14-inch blade diameter auger make it exceptional. It is also wide enough for anything up to 28 inches in clearing width– suitable for large jobs! The Ariens snow blowers are not only powerful but lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Furthermore, you can move up to 72 tons of snow per hour with the turn of a knob that throws it 55 feet aside! It also has an auto-turn triggerless steering for one-handed operations, and an electric start button which helps you avoid manual pull cord start.

The Ariens snow blower is exceptional because it does not require lots of maintenance, and you get the job done using less time. The snow blower is self-propelled, and it is made of impressive steel with an iron gearbox, with air-tight chute control to direct the snow out where it needs to go for optimal efficiency.

  • Tackles huge quantities of snow per unit time
  • Generates awesome power to do its job
  • Its clearance is wide enough for effective impacts
  • The housing is tall and sufficiently tough
  • Interlocking handles allow for one-handed operations
  • Too noisy for the sensitive spaces
  • Demands excess manpower from you

2. TroyBilt Arctic Storm – Best Snow Blower For The Price

Extreme clearing path and heated handles snow blower

The Troy-Bilt Arctic Storm blower is a fantastic weapon for your winter battle. The rugged steel chute and serrated steel augers cut through snow in just one pass with 16 inches by 6.5-inch x-tracking tires can be used in all weather.

Plus, the Arctic Storm is suitable for those wanting to go on a winter adventure because of its dependability and powerful engine. The 4-way adjustable chute allows you to change the direction, making it perfect with wet or harsh snow conditions.

It is designed to keep you comfy, whether it’s a freezing situation. Compatible with both residential and commercial use, this two stage gas snow blower features heated handgrips for when the temperature starts dropping below zero (0º Celsius) as well as polymer skid shoes that allow you to grip on icy roads with no slipping.

What could be better than having a high quality snow blower that can blow all snow in the carport for you? This snow blower is able to tackle tough snowy areas easily. It has an eight-inch clearance, so it could work well on larger yards as long as they don’t have more than four inches of accumulation or taller bumps in them.

  • Provides ultimate comfort for all snow removal
  • Backed by a generous 2-year limited warranty
  • Powerful snow removal solution indeed
  • Higher consumption of gas
  • Inflicts greater utility costs on you

3. Husqvarna ST224P Snow Blowers

Excellent electric start technology for heavy snow

The Husqvarnas ST224 snow blower sports heavy-duty construction and a relatively powerful 208cc engine to help power you through winter. This snow blower is equipped with thick, reinforced impellers that are elaborated for action on the spot.

Once your impellers touch down on the ground, there will be high efficiency as they sweep all of those pesky piles aside! The handlebars are covered with thick, soft rubber for your comfort, and there are long grips for easy operation. Experts say this is the best gas powered snow blower due to its versatility.

One of the best features of this good snow blower is it has an electric push button to control the speed. It also has a fuel tank that you can see how much gas is left and a choke to start that engine. The snow blower provides an unmatched productivity even on the slickest and deepest of tracks.

The heated handle grips keep you warm in any weather, and the remote chute control deflector gives control over where to throw hard snow so that it can land exactly on top of a sidewalk and blowing far off from its intended destination.

Get ready for the best snow blower of your life. This two stage model has a cleated drive system that delivers unrivaled propulsion on slippery surfaces and is also works in deeper snow, so you won’t have to worry about getting it started because it starts automatically, courtesy of an electric starter.

  • Power steering is convenient to engage
  • Limits the accumulation of snow
  • Derives its power from Husqvarnas engine
  • Powerful headlights illuminate your path
  • Emits gases which are not good for the environment
  • Contains many disparate parts

4. Briggs and Stratton 1530MDS Snow Blower Purchase

Briggs and Stratton heavy duty blower

The Briggs and Stratton snow blower is a heavy-duty snow blower made of steel for durability. This popular frame has an auger to help plow the snow off your front porch while also avoiding any stones on the ground below that may damage it.

The gearbox is aluminum, so you can have more than one season with this model and not have to worry about its longevity or performance! Most battery-powered snow blowers struggle a lot in freezing situations, which is why this two-stage gas snow blower is loaded with an electric start for a quick and easy start experience.

With a powerful 306cc engine with 14.5 foot-pounds of gross torque PLUS 6 speeds and a steel scroll auger, this snow blower is a great addition to your house when you want a little peace of mind during those snowy months! You can adjust the discharge chute one a vertical and horizontal directions.

Moreover, this Briggs and Stratton snow blower is equipped with a full 29-inch wide path for clearing light snow from the backyard. It also has an intake height of 20 inches which clears off any other outdoor surfaces during really cold temperatures.

Is your search for the right now blower dictated by the need to blow snow on the outdoor surfaces? Now that the snow has finally melted, it’s time to tackle out your lawn. If you need something powerful but not as loud, use this snow blower model!

  • Delivers 14.5-foot-pounds of torque
  • Electric start for effortless starting
  • Powers through heavier snowfalls
  • Protects against defects in materials
  • Likely to hit you with snow
  • Requires constant maintenance and heavy lifting

5. Toro Power SnowMaster 824 QXE Two Stage Gas Snow Blowers

The Toro Power best gas heady duty snow blowerspick

The Toro Power Smart Snow Master is a snow blower for those who want to tackle large amounts of heavy, or icy snow on a regular basis in their backyards. The automated personal pace and electric steering make it easy to handle even the toughest surfaces!

You’ll be able to reach places you never have been able to before with this snow blower’s electric steering and self-propel system – which senses your movement speed automatically! The powerful 212cc engine makes this snow blower can hurdle snow up to 12 meters out of the way.

It is a blower that is equipped with a quick stick chute control system which allows you to quickly and easily change the discharge options. The angle is also adjustable, so that snow can be thrown up anywhere from 12 meters far from the blower! Experts consider this model to be be one of the top snow blowers of 2021.

Why use a shovel when you can own a snow blower? The Toro Power Smart two stage snow blower only features 24-inch width clearance for the perfect large or small patio. This model also includes a one-piece welded steel frame which is guaranteed to last.

In this era of innovation, it’s hard not to be skeptical about how long these throwers will really work! If you want to get the job done quickly and easily, try this quick fix. It’s not as good quality, but it’ll do in a pinch if all other options are out of reach for your budget or preference.

Try your luck on this one, as it is simpler overall to engage. That is because it lacks those sophisticated parts and components. You’re in luck because this snow blower is easy to use and even simpler than the other two-stage models. This model will make it easier for you to get your driveway cleared and not even breaking a sweat!

  • Relatively simpler to set up
  • Runs a long time on a full tank of gas
  • Lasts fairly longer than many gadgets
  • Boasts of exceptional workmanship
  • Fuel stabilizer for winter conditions
  • Not proper for hard snow
  • Performs poorly in the icy roads

6. Poulan Pro Two Stage Gas Snow Blower

Two stage blowers machine to forward speeds

The Poulan Pro snow blower is the right solution for shoveling those pesky piles of snow. Its powerful 254cc engine provides 12.5 foot-pounds of torque, allowing you to quickly clear your walkway with a single pass.

It is equipped with an innovative friction disc transmission that has six different speeds plus one reverse speed, so every job can be completed at top efficiency in no time at all. Plus, it is the perfect choice for snow removal during blizzards.

It is a two stage snow blower that features a comfortable grip handle that can be used to control the chute with one hand while also being able to steer it without any difficulty when working around corners or changing directions.

The two stage augers slice through tough, thick layers of snow and shoot them out from an enclosed side-mounted blade into a powerful vortex which helps propel your work forward in less time than you could imagine possible.

Plus, the Poulan Pro snow blower pick is fantastic for those that want to blow tons of snow. The console-mounted chute control allows you control of its angle, while experts love how it has a super slow operational speed so they can get all the work done without risk of injury or having their back give out.

  • Ergonomic handle and easy-to-use controls
  • This snow blower delivers a high velocity discharge
  • Exceptional single motion chute adjustment controls
  • Non-CARB compliant
  • Not for sale in California

7. CUB CADET 3X Heavy Duty Snow Blower

Snow removal blowers machine with patented tech

The Cub Cadet 3x 26HD snow blower has a trigger-controlled power steering which provides effortless maneuverability and unparalleled control. It’s also possible to turn with the press of a button – making it easier for you to maneuver on uneven terrain.

These gas powered models feature an exclusive 3x technology and a 12-inch induction accelerator, which quickly and effectively pulls slush through the ice, water, sleet, or even dirty mud like a turbo-charger. These three stage snow blowers are very stable thanks to the adjustable skid shoes.

More so, these three stage machines are for those who want a snow blower that has the durability to take on all weather. The 12-inch diameter auger in this three stage snow blower is constructed from heavy-duty, serrated steel and can be used effectively by people no matter what their skill level or how often they use it.

Keep your hands warm and on the wheel with heated handgrips. Choose between six speeds to navigate through icy conditions or two reverse speeds so you can back up as quickly as possible when necessary. Achieve better throw distance even in a gravel driveway with these three stage blowers.

The Cub Cadet 3x 26HD snow blower is the most powerful 21-inch snow blower in its class. With a fuel storage of 1 gallon and a 2-cycle engine, this snow blower lets you take on your biggest snow challenges. The auger and impeller fan of this snow blowing device performs well on paved surfaces.

It is equipped with an electric start which removes the need for hard pulls, gas fumes, or complicated choke systems, making it the simplest to use. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy this three stage snow blower. It’s engineered for all levels of users, including children with adult supervision.

  • Provides optimal visibility at any time of use
  • Works at a comfortable pace indeed
  • Accords thrice the strength and manpower
  • Faces winter’s harshest condition
  • Costs a premium to acquire
  • May be difficult to maintain

8. TroyBilt Storm Tracker 2890 Snow Blower

Snow Blower designed for gravel driveways clearing

The Troy-Bilt Tracker two stage snow blower is a dependable blower that clears large tracks of snow quickly and effectively. Powered by 277cc 4 cycle electric start engine, it’s can clear snowy trails, which are up to 28 inches wide and 21 inches deep in just one pass!

Plus, the Troy-Bilt snow blower is a sure way to protect your property from winter storms. The touch and turn power steering provide unparalleled control, making it easy for anyone with limited strength or mobility to operate the snow blower!

Why let the cold keep you from doing what needs to be done? If you haven’t had much luck cleaning your entrance during these harsh winters, but now I don’t have any worries, thanks to Troy-Bilt’s new heated grips that are comfortable while you work hard creating paths of safety on icy terrain.

Furthermore, this snow blower pick is packed complete with an extended 8-inch clog-resistant polymer chute control which keeps snow farther from you during storm removal and ensures that the area gets debris free.

The Troy-Built blower is equipped with snow drive, which keeps ten inches of track on the ground for optimum stability. The snow blower also has professional quality, and outstanding ratings. Lastly, the touch and turn power steering on this snow blower make it easy for anyone with limited strength or mobility to operate.

  • Provide ultimate ease and comfort for snow removal
  • Adjusts easily to the desired directions
  • Avoids blow back during usage
  • Heated hand grips for cold situations
  • This snow blower is only for the expert user
  • Takes up plenty of storage space

9. Ariens 920021 Compact Snow Blower

Best clearing widths snow blower

The Ariens 920021 snow blower is equipped with a robust 223cc engine powering an impressive 24-inch clearing width. The 11 inches auger can move up to 59 tons per hour, and the impeller is high quality, giving this unmatched snow blower performance in tough winters!

Additionally, the Ariens 920021 powerful snow blower is the optimal solution for deep snow and high winds. With a powerful engine, this snow blower can throw up to 40 feet away! You’ll have an easy time clearing your walkway with its interlocking grips design that allows you to use one-handed operation smoothly without having to hold onto anything else.

A foldable handlebar also means storage will be simple whether in tight spaces or not so much room available outside right now; The Ariens 920021 has got everything you need from start to finish when it comes down to blowing out drifts of heavy snow, fluffy flakes on top of the ice!

You’ll be able to watch the snow fly away in a flurry of style and grace with these Ariens 920021 blower drive gears! The remote chute control adjustment will allow you to change directions easily, while the six forward speeds and two reverse speeds make it easy for all conditions.

If you want a snow blower that will get the job done and be able to transport it easily, then this list is for you! These gas models are good for medium duty as well as positive reviews. If space or storage is an issue, choose one of these smaller, more compact blowers since they can do just about anything with ease.

  • Runs on a larger engine
  • Exudes greater power output
  • Compact and convenient to store
  • A powerful headlight brightens your path
  • Impacts a limited amount of space at a time
  • Lacking many vital parts

10. Snow Joe iON18SB PRO-RM Snow Blower

Top power single stage snow blower

The Snow Joe single stage snow throwers sports a lightweight design weighing in at only 32lbs making it able to quickly clear sidewalks. These single stage blowers are powered by a 40v 5.0 Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery which allows up to 70 minutes runtime.

A strong 500W brushless motor increases battery efficiency, optimal performance, and motor life. The sturdy steel auger with two rubber blades allows these cordless snow blowers to cut a path 18 inches wide by 8 inches deep without scratching the surface.

Choose this single stage snow blower electric model for your steep slopes, and decks as it is compact and well-tuned for just that. Being simpler, it also negates the need to put too much effort. Additionally, these electric models are able to move 495lbs of light snowfall per minute.

A 180 degrees auto-rotate chute throws snow up to 20 feet apart and allows you to change the direction of the snow discharge. The Snow Joe snow blower has no pull cords, tune-ups, gas, oil, tangled extension or carbon emission cords. These are the best electric snow blowers to clear small tracks, and paved surfaces.

  • Allows for hassle-free operations
  • Derives its power from the batteries
  • Operates quietly all the while
  • Does not pollute the environment
  • Has a shorter lifespan
  • Costs a lot more to operationalize

11. Husqvarna ST230P Two Stage Gas Snow Blower

Snow Blower works best when throwing the snow to long distance

The Husqvarna ST 230P has a trigger control autoturn steering feature that makes these blowers unique. With a 30inch of snow width, these two stage models can feed the snow into the housing, and it is chute control by the unique branded blade.

Also, the potent Husqvarna ST230P snow blower is equipped with an electric starter and dual LED headlights for ease of use. If you are trying to get a comfortable snow blower that allows a smooth clearing action, then this snow blower is your best blower choice or pick.

For cleaner snow removal outcomes, you want a two stage snow blower of this kind. This one is created to channel the snow far apart from you while in use. The electric starter feature will give you peace of mind when starting your blower on shallow temperatures.

Additionally, their clearing system works to perfection when it comes to slippery surfaces. Other features like the trigger power steering will allow you to have excellent maneuverability and 180 degrees turning. Plenty of power for a large home depending on how much snowfall you get.

  • Starts without the batteries
  • Headlight illuminates for easy dark operations
  • The tires enable extra good grip
  • Impedes the accumulation of snow
  • Likely to obstruct your easy movements
  • Demands excessive storage spaces

12. Snow Joe iON24SB 2-Stage Snow Blowers

Snow Joes iON24SB Two Stage

Snow Joe iON24SB is a top-rated eco-friendly model from the above-mentioned company which demands their model as the world’s first dual stage battery-powered snow blower. By combining the performance and power of gas snow blowers,

Additionally, this model provides a simple and advantageous operation without any gas and cord. Snow Joe iON24SB is the best-in-class residential snow blower which is suitable for removing snows from the sidewalks, large gravel driveways, steep slopes, and walkways.

Snow Joe iON24SB has two 40v 5.0 Ah replaceable and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which definitely an innovation from Snow Joe’s ® innovative, powered by their new EcoSharp® technology. These two batteries can supply around 40 minutes of silent power and emits zero percentage carbon in the environment.

Thus it is 100% eco-friendly. The product has a 2500 W powerful brushless engine which can rotate the sophisticated cordless dynamo to increase the battery efficiency. For the best engine performance, they have adopted one new load sensing technology.

Like most snow blowers, this two stage snow blower has some steel augers which are capable of not touching the ground just because of the scraper bar at the base of the unit and can remove 1000 pounds of snow per minute.

By simply pushing a button with your fingertips, we can start the snow blower instantly, and we can witness the exceptional snow-grinding performance in an integrated push-button display.

Model provides specially manufactured assist tires mainly for the winter-weather which can provide maximum traction. The 180-degree adjustable shaft can easily throw the snow stream up to 32 ft away from the blowers.

The attached LED headlight of the device indicates the direction and speed selection. The model has some extraordinary specifications due to which the company demands as the best cordless blower. Despite the size, these single stage snow blowers can seriously blown snow.

  • It is straightforward to use
  • You don’t need any rocket science knowledge
  • Clears 1000 lb of snow per minutes
  • Batteries require recharge frequently
  • Takes longer to start

13. Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E – Best Electric Snow Blower

SnowJoe Ultra SJ625E Snow Blowers

With the slow onset of the winter season, get ready to clean your small driveways again. The Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E is the apt leaf blower which could counter snowfall in your entrance path. This is the latest upgrade to this edition and hence delivers lots of improvements.

This is an easy-to-use blowers machine. It is powered with a 15-ampere electric motor. The rated snow clearance is 800 lbs of snow per minute. Plus, it brings all terrain traction and easy to glide wheels for rough tracks.

The electric snow blower has a handy auto-turn steering 180 degrees rotational snow disposing of the chute. You can adjust the chute and set the direction in which the snow will be discharged. The chute deflector can be set at a specified height for the releasing of the snow stream.

Also, It is equipped by a sturdy steel auger. There are two rubber blades that can clear a path of 21 inches width and 12 inches. It is fitted with all terrain wheels. Additionally, they deliver a smooth motion which enables you to maneuver this model easily.

You need not be worried about any form of damage to your walkway. The scraper blade scrapes the snow clear without causing any damage. After going through a lot of reviews, I decided to purchase the model SJ625E. Unlike my previous blowers, this was powered electrically and not by gas.

A big plus; since there is no stress involved when clearing the system of fuel. It had snowed previously; the snow was thick. I found it extremely useful in clearing the driveway, and light dusting. Being lightweight, I could quickly run several rounds with this model to finally get the snow off my driveway.

The lightweight is useful for women as well to maneuver the device. There had been 12 inches of snow blocking my driveway. It is great to use when you need to clear more massive amounts of snow with ease. After using it, I noticed that you are able to move two decks of 6inch snow faster than you will be able to remove one deck of 12″ snow.

Please remember to get an external 12 gauge 15-ampere cord to negate any excess voltage drops. Otherwise, the device engine will burn out. This electric snow blower is really easy to control, and you can get the snow out from the cracks. Consequently it can be used for light dusting.

The scraper blades have sufficient clearance and control so as to not damage the pavement underneath the snow. After giving it a go quite a few times now, I find this cordless snow blower extremely handy and powerful. It is accurate; it can be easily controlled; the excellent rate of clearing width.

  • Reputable snow blower brand that is easy to use
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • LED light gives the option to clear driveway at night as well
  • Powerful and accurate single-stage electrics blower
  • Snow blower has a lot of power to clear up to 12 inches of snow
  • The cord keeps hanging freely along the sid
  • Does not work well if you have heavy snow

14. Briggs and Stratton 1696619 Two Stage Gas Snow Blower

Briggs and Stratton Two Stage Gas Snow Blower

The Briggs and Stratton 1696619 is essentially an ultra-modern blower that is both designed and manufactured by Briggs and Stratton. The 1696619 is a medium-duty blower with dual stage capability. It is the product to purchase if you are looking for a blower that is both efficient and aesthetically appealing.

Additionally, this two stage model can prove to be invaluable on days of inclement weather during winter that is characterized by heavy snowfall. The following insightful information about the blower from Briggs and Stratton clearly indicates how amazing this blowers are. Hurry up while stocks last as they will be available at friendly rates.

This fantastic snow removal equipment from Briggs and Stratton has an array of exciting specifications that sets it apart from other blowers currently available today. This blower only has a weight of 189 pounds. This makes it very possible to transport or relocate it.

Plus, this gas powered snow blower is capable of clearing a path that is 27-inch wide as it is equipped with an intake height of 20 inches. The gas powered snow blower is ideal to clear large snow from a majority of outdoor surfaces and even sidewalks.

It has a potent 1150 series engine with a 250cc performance and outputs 11.5 foot-pounds of useful torque. Such incredible engine power easily triumphs over heavy snowfalls. It has a three-year limited engine and equipment warranty. This implies that the manufacturer is very sure of the quality of the product and longevity in service life.

Experts love the convenient electric start system that requires minimal effort to none. This is complemented by a friction disk drive system. The disk drive system is characterized by two reverse and five forward speeds. These work in tandem with a 12-inch scroll auger made of steel material. This only requires the simple push of a button.

Plus, the snow thrower measures 56 × 29 × 43 inches. This is a reasonable size at it allows the blowers machinery to fit even in small spaces. The free hand control allows the blower to be driven with only a single hand as the other hand controls the buttons.

It has efficient steel reversible skid shoes that simplify snow plowing. It, therefore, makes plowing through snow a fun and enjoyable experience regardless of the prevailing weather. The manufacturer designs and services it’s in more than 100 nations. This gives this product a global outlook as it can be serviced anywhere on the whole globe.|

Open panel chute and dash mounted cute rotation simplifies the process of removing undesirable weather from areas around the house. This is accompanied by a single LED headlights and 14-inch by 4-inch tires. This state-of-the-art blower is anything but not short of advantages.

  • These two stage models are not too loud when operational
  • All functions are in fantastic working condition
  • Manufactured by a well known company
  • Lacks comprehensive instructions and illustrations
  • Disadvantages associated with packing mistakes

15. Troy-Bilt Vortex 2890 Three Stage Snow Blower

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2890 Machine with good ratings

If you are looking for the quality blower  and cleaning up your garden backyard and the frontage, then you have reasons to find this article interesting and informative. There are dozens of brands of blowers available right now, and choosing the right one is not an easy task, to say the least.

Amongst the many brands and models available, there are reasons to believe that choosing Troy Bilt Vortex 2890 three stage snow blower could be a good idea. This snow blower has many attractive functionalities like single hand chute control, and heated hand grips.

We will look at a few essential features and specifications and then decide whether it is worth having this for the purposing cleaning width and throwing. We are hopeful that the review will help customers to have a reasonably good idea about the reasons why this snow blower could offer sufficiently good value for money.

Amongst the various exciting features, is has the ability to clear walkways filled with snow quite quickly.  This is because it has the ability to clear large snow in walkways of 28 inch clearing width and further it also can dig out snow which is embedded with 21 inch and that too as it passes along.

The snow thrower comes with a highly efficient and powerful 357 cc 4-cycle OHV electric start engine. This goes a long way in getting rid of large areas of snow quickly, effectively, and efficiently. The snow blower also has a four-way chute and pitch control. This indeed allows the users to manage the direction in which the snow is being thrown.

It can quickly move through thick layers of snow. This is possible because of the 16 x 6.5-inch tires. The tires are designed primarily to plow through thickest of snow effortlessly. Hence it is quite evident that winter months will no longer be depressing and painful when you have this snow throwing machine available with you.

The snow thrower comes with a dimension of 48.2 inches x 30.8 inches x 32.4 inches and weighs 283 pounds. The four cycles overhead engine with 4-cycle OHV comes with a powerfull motor which can generate 357 ccs of raw power.

It also has the unique Vortex 2890, which helps to create the best of Touch and Turn power. The snow blower also comes with a two-year limited warranty for the blowers machine as a whole apart from the 4-year warranty for the gearbox.

It has quite a few advantages and benefits. One of the most obvious advantages is the fact that it covers a reasonably wide area and also a decent range when it comes to cleaning and removing snow. Therefore in one stroke, it is possible to get rid of snow by almost 95% using this device.

  • Tires have stability and are well balanced
  • It can run continuously for 3 hours
  • Very efficient and productive
  • Get one depending on the amount of snow to clear
  • Best value for money only when it’s a lot of snow

Best Snow Blower Buying Guide

If you stay in a area which receives more feet of snow every year and you get a good-sized pathway and or patio area or sidewalk, a snow blower which can handle 6 inches or more of snow may be valuable the investment.

Snow blowers offer quick and effective snow removal. If you live in the country which receives more snowfall, a snow blower is a machine which can be a time and labor-saving substitute to shoveling snow.

For this, you want to purchase the right snow blower. You should know the types and features of the snow blows before you buy. If you get some knowledge about snow blower, it will be easy for you to buy the best one. For example, a corded electric snow blower might not be the best fit for you.

With so many different models and manufacturers of great snow blowers, getting the right blower for your needs may prove to be a little challenging. That is why we came up with a list of thing you should put into consideration before getting your very own blowers.

Snow blowers stage type

The stage type is a crucial factor to consider when getting a blower. When it comes to residential homeowners, there are only two stage types recommended, single and two stage snow blowers.

Single and two stage blowers are ideal for driveways made of concrete, cement, asphalt or any other solid and smooth surface. The two stage snow blower, on the other hand, is great for driveways made of loose stones or gravels.

Power source for blowers

The snow blowers power source is also a vital factor to put into consideration. With snow blowers, there are usually two power sources available to choose from; the electric source or the gas power source.

Electric powered blowers are ideal for narrow driveways shorter than 50 feet. The electric power blowers are smaller, cheaper, and less potent than gas power blowers. Gas-powered blowers are perfect for wide driveways over 50 feet long.

Minium Snow Clearance width

This factor will depend on where the snow-blower will be used. Full driveways, for example, will require you to invest in a gas power blower as they are more powerful and have a higher clearance width of snow. An electric power blower will come in handy in a narrow driveway. The snow width clearance is crucial when buying a blower.

There are several models and features available, so getting knowledge about the device is very important. To help you to buy the best unit, we are giving a piece of detailed information.

What is a snow blower?

A snow blower is a machine that blows snow from residential driveways, and sidewalks. These snow blowers are manufactured in several sizes, power levels, and come with many features that make them more comfortable to control.

Snow blowers for residential use are manufactured in various clearing widths, power levels, and offer features such as chute controls, handle warmers, drift cutters, electric starters, variable speed control, power steering dual LED headlights and more.

There are many features to consider when buying a snow blower. Using a snow blower is much preferred compared to using snow shovels to clear large snow. They include single stage snow blower, two stage blowers, and recently three stage snow blowers.

How long do they last? The overall lifespan of the blowers is determined by three main metrics. These are:

Frequency of Use: A blower that is used repeatedly or regularly will generally last shorter than that one, which is used occasionally or less frequently.

Structural Makeup: The materials that are used to make these blowers also have a bearing on the longevity of their services. A strong, and stable blower lasts longer than a weaker one.

Weights of the Snow: Also, the weight of the snow determines the overall lifespan of the blower. Too weighty snows have the tendency of inflicting damages on the blowers and rendering them obsolete too soon.

All factors considered a typical snow blower that lasts 15-25 years. This is assuming that the use is moderate, and there is proper maintenance. Customers claim that the single-stage gas throwers tend to last the least out of all the blowers.

Snow Blower vs. Snow Thrower

Using ratings machine on a driveway for snow

These terms are often used interchangeably; however, the term gas blowers refers to single stage snow blowers while the term snow-blower refers to two and three stage devices. A single stage snow blower has an impeller which collects the snow and throws it all in one single action.

While a snow blower uses augers to collect the snow, pushes the snow into the impeller, which then throws the snow out the chute. Multi-stage snow blowers tend to be more extensive, more expensive, and have more gadgets available for consumers.

A snow thrower means to a single stage snow elimination device which picks up the snow in a single motion and throws it out. The word single state explains the truth that the snow is removed in one single action.

The auger scoops up and feeds the snow to the impeller that blows the snow. The snow blower portion appears relevant since the impeller works as a fan.

How to Choose A Snow Blower

Choosing the correct snow blower for your use depends on several considerations. There are many snow blowers on the market to choose from. How much snow do you typically need to clear?

What kind of snow is it – powdery or heavy snow, your budget, where will you put away the machine and are you capable of operating the machine? We delve into these issues in a little more detail.

Clearing path

Smaller blowers are more comfortable; however, they also typically have a smaller clearing width as well. If you have a large area, or long driveway to clear, wider, more powerful snow blowers shorten the time it takes to remove snow.

Amount of snow

Snow throwers are usually used in situations where the snow is light and not too deep, no more than six to twelve inches. Larger snow blowers are needed when the snow is heavy, and there is lots of it.

Consider how much snow you receive, how often, and how deep it can be. Storm trackers can sometimes supply information on average snowfall accumulations along with the type of snow collected.

Snow varies with depth. Not any blower you pick at random may handle the depth of snow you have in mind. That is why you must factor the depth as well.

Desired Frequency of Use

How often do you want to engage the blower? Is it for occasional, one time or repeated use? A durable blower will be necessary for repeated applications. Anything works for any other circumstance, though.


Lastly, you have to factor the costs also. Compare the prices of the various blowers on the market and settle for that one, which falls well within your own budget space.

Features to Look For In A Snow Blower

There are a variety of features that make your job easy to clear snow much more manageable.

If you are dealing with heavy snow in accumulated snowdrifts or lots of snow left at the end of your driveway by the snowplow, drift cutters, electric starters, headlights, autoturn steering, heated handles, chute controls, and track drives can make your snow clearing work much more comfy.

Residential snow blowers also are available in various sizes and engine capabilities. These snow blowers vary in width and engine horsepower.

Drift Cutters

Drift cutters are steel bars attached to the snow blowers housing that cut through high drifts leaving a straight edge that does not collapse after you pass. They can reduce the number of times you need to pass through the same area.

Electric start vs. key start

Plug in an extension cord and depress a button to start the engine or turn a key is a natural alternative to pull starting a machine. It is much more comfy, especially as your machine ages or needs a tune-up.


Headlights provide an illuminated path when you need to clear snow after dark as well as ensure additional safety for operators clearing snow along the side of a roadway. Many are now LED’s which provide more ilumination than traditional headlights.

Autoturn steering

Larger snow blowers are heavy and difficult to maneuver unless you have auto turn steering features built-in. Press a button or lever, and your machine automatically begins to turn in the desired direction. This feature is often referred to as a snow blower with power steering.

Heated handles

Even with heavy warm gloves, your fingers and hands can become frozen, especially in freezing cold conditions. Hand warmers prevent your fingers from frostbite through radiated heat from the snow blowers.

Track Drive

Track drives provide better traction with more surface area making contact with the surface underneath. The track is a rubber textured track providing better maneuverability and traction.

Clog Clearing Tool

The clog clearing tool is used to clear heavy snow from the auger or the impeller. Always turn the machine off before using this tool and never place your hands anywhere near the auger or impeller to avoid potentially serious injuries.

Chute Control

Chute controls allow the operator to rotate the metal chute and redirect the angle of the metal chute while blowing snow without needing to stop the machine or leave the operating position. They can be operated by moving levers or moving a joystick.

Type of Snow Blower by Power Source

Snowblower pick that work for your backyard vila

There are several kinds of snow blowers, which include corded electric snow blowers, cordless electric snow blowers, and gas-powered snow blowers. Electric blowers are typically better for smaller areas and light snow conditions. Gas powered snow blowers can operate for more extended periods and handle large areas with heavy snow conditions.

Electric Snow Blower

These are typically lightweight machines suitable for clearing snow on decks, short sidewalks, and driveways. A cold weather extension cord is required. They are virtually maintenance-free. There are no oil changes, fuel fill-ups or tune-ups needed.

The electric snow blower is usually smaller and more versatile. They can be an excellent power snow clearing machine with the right snow conditions. Electric snow blower does not depend on gasoline for power.

But they avail a six to twelve amp cord that you can plug into regular wall outlet about 150 feet away. These blowers are maneuverable in tight areas; however, you should often be careful of the cord due to the reason accidentally cutting by it can be a safety risk.

All electric blowers are considered as single stage devices. This shows there is one auger for scooping and throwing snow. These blowers generally throw snow twenty to thirty feet away. They can clear ways twelve to twenty inches wide and move two hundred to nine hundred pounds of snow for one minute.

These machines feature an electric start; hence, there are no cords to pull. The power arrives in packages, which is easy to store. Electric can be durable like gas power, so several electric devices are available with two-year warranties in the market.

Cordless electric snow blower

Cordless electric snow blowers are battery powered and have all the benefits that a corded machine has without the cord. They do need to be charged before operating. However, some consumers may find they need to have an additional battery available to complete snow clearing.

These types are known as cordless electric snow blowers that are battery operated. Since these blowers are powered by battery, hence there is no requirement for an extension cord, and this model does not want to be prepped like a gas powered blower.

You would be amazed that these battery powered versions are so powerful. They can operate as efficiently, and they are decidedly quieter. They take up less area to store them, leaving you lot of space in the garage.

The only negative point about these battery snow blowers is that the battery wants to be recharged on a regular basis. The time period of the battery will be based upon the quantity of snow you are attempting to clear, the area you are clear and the battery size.

Gas powered snow blower

Gas snow blowers are available in a variety of engine sizes and snow clearing capabilities. The gas powered snow blower generally come with more features, have higher and wider clearing capabilities, and are used for more in-depth and more torrential snow conditions.

These snow blowers are available in a single stage, dual stage, and triple stage formats. The gas powered snow blower also has a greater throwing distance due to more powerful engines. Gas snow blowers are very famous among people because of the fact that they are straightforward to use. There are a number of gas snow blowers available in the market now.

Two-stroke snow blower

Two-stroke engines need you to combine the lubricant with the gas in right quantities, and most of the people prefer to eyeball it. They are so noisy, and exhaust gases smell very hard. Four-stroke engines have not these problems.

Four-stroke snow blower

Four strokes also called as four-cycle engines contain an individual compartment for lubricant. Therefore you do not want to measure certain things out like a scientist. These snow blowers are available only with four-stroke engines.

The two-stroke engines you will see are the old machines If you are tired of combining oil and sniffing fumes, then it is good to look for a four-stroke model gas blower.

Single stage snow blowers vs. Two stage snow blowers

Before we answer that question, we shall look into the parameters that determine the most suitable blower for your use:

Size: These blowers differ in size. Overall, the single stage is the smaller of the two. It is hence more convenient to make use of. At the same time, it requires limited space to mount and store.

Blowing Capacity: A single stage snow blower has a blowing capacity that is smaller and less effective than the two stage blower. For this reason, it may not really handle thicker and weightier counterparts.

Operational purposes: To tackle a single stage blower, you need limited expertise. For a two stage blower, you have to possess and put in place extra expertise.

From the foregoing discussions, we can state that the single stage is mainly useful for light everyday home use and tasks. The two stage, however, tackles more sophisticated and strenuous chores.

Final Words

There is always the option of using a snow shovel, but why waste all that time and energy? The above snow blowers do the same work, but as with everything, some blowers do a better job than others.

We recommend checking the layer of snow your dealing with and how you want to be using the snow blower. Then check out our list of snow blowers to see which one is best suited for your needs. Read customer reviews and consumer reports to get a feel of human feedback.

There are certain things you have to check while buying the snow blower with a credit card. How much snow do I want to clear? For a small amount of snow like eight inches, single stage devices are sufficient. For heavy, choose two stage units, and try to get a long power cord if you decide for an electric model.

How big a place do I want to clear? For more minor pathways single stage, for more sixty feet driveways, select two or three stage device. What type of snow do I want to remove? Now you know how to get the snow blowers direct from the fabric.

For light snow, single stage units, for wet snow, two stage unit and for heavy and wet snow, use three stage units. Read our post tire chains for snow reviews and shear pins of our Pinterest account. Pick one out of the best snow blowers list above.

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