How to Choose Your Next Favorite Toy: A Zero Turn Mower


As springtime approaches, it brings with it one of the happiest times of the year. Flowers are in bloom, mammals come out of hibernation, the weather starts warming up and the sun starts shining for a little longer each day.

Unfortunately, springtime also brings lots and lots of growing grass. That’s right, it’s time to fire up the lawnmower and get to it, that lawn won’t cut itself! As a matter of fact, if you’re not quick about it, you might find yourself having to cut your way through a suburban jungle.

Ariens 915223 IKON-X – Best zero-turn lawn mower

Is your aspiration to own a lawn mower that gives you motivation to mow your lawn always? The Ariens IKON-X has all the excellent qualities you desire. It offers speed, comfort and excellent performance simultaneously which we will explore more in this article.


  1. A v-twin powerful engine that does not emit noise. This engine is manufactured by Kawasaki. The engine possess a 23 horsepower.
  2. The cutting deck (of superior steel material) is just amazing. You will fall in love with it upon discovering it is 52 inches wide. It houses three cutting blades.
  3. Hydro transmission which makes riding this lawn mower a walk in the park. Whichever direction you pursue, it will be possible to do so by employing the controls to take full control of each wheel individually.
  4. A large fuel tank that can comfortably store gasoline gas of approximately 3.5 gallons.
  5. Modifiable cutting height that can be reduced to as low as 1.5 inches and increased to a maximum of 4 inches.
  6. Brilliant 6mph speed.

Reasons why this lawn mower stands out in the market

This lawn mower is a manifestation of efficiency and power at its best promising fitting attendance to all your mowing needs. Neither the terrain, the size of the lawn nor the type of grass matters when you are using this lawn mower. You will also be able to purchase it because it is offered at quite an appealing price.


  • An extremely high performance engine. The engine has the power to traverse all kinds of landscapes. No matter the magnitude of messiness in your lawn, this engine will still perform a splendid job.
  • Maximum maneuverability power. This is demonstrated by the dual wheel hydro transmission. Mowing around obstacles becomes an easy operation. The task is also performed without spending a lot of time on it.
  • Increased lifespan. The decreased amount of time spent on mowing translates into a decreased workload for the engine. This renders the lawn mower the ability to resist the effects of wear and tire since its strong quality is retained.
  • High end productivity. You will enjoy each moment you trim your lawn since more area is mowed in less time. One hour is enough to mow close to 2.8 acres of land. The high standard engine and the zero turn technology boost the speed.
  • Long uninterrupted mowing tasks. Since the fuel tank can hold plenty of gas, a mower can embark on mowing for long periods of time before the need to refuel arises.
  • Comfort is guarantee. If you dream of comfort when mowing, this lawn mower will make your dream a reality. The seat which is 15 inch in height is comfortable enough to offer a rider a fulfilling experience. The control grips which are form padded facilitate mowing without feeling fatigued.


  • Environment unfriendly
  • The lawn mower has one major disappointing attribute. It releases pollutant materials that lead to air pollution.

With all the extraordinary qualities that the Ariens IKON-X has, you can be certain of diligent in mowing your landscape. It is worth the acquisition.

What Are Zero Turn Mowers?

Okay, enough with the imagery. I think you get the point. Taking care of your grass can be a real hassle, however with the help of some new technology, you can find yourself getting it done, in no time with next to no hassle at all!

Zero Turn Mowers are the latest iteration of riding mower technology and bring a whole new level of comfort and convenience to curating your property. Zero Turn Lawn Mowers are equipped with steering levers that control both rear wheels of your mower independently.

This means you can turn with incredible ease, as compared to your traditional riding mowers. No more awkward 15 ft. turns or missing patches because you swung too wide. Now your mower can practically turn on itself.
So now that we know what the rave is about, let’s see what matters when you’re looking for the right mower.

Selection Criteria

When you’re on the market for your new mower, there are a few criteria that absolutely need to be thought about. The first among those is cutting width.

Cutting Width

Cutting width is foremost on the list of things to think about when selecting your cutter. There are a few standard ranges among mowers, the lowest begins usually at 32 inches and ends at 42 inches. Mowers in this category are on the cheaper end and are made for cutting up to 1 acre of land efficiently.

Trying to use a 32 to 42-inch mower to cut 2 acres would be incredibly inefficient, since most mowers in this category have small engines and don’t move very fast (Although we’ll get into speed a little later on.)

If you’re looking at dealing with a 1 to the 2-acre plot of land, you’d be much better off buying a cutting width of 46 to 48 inches. As you can see just by the numbers, the mower covers a much bigger surface area per stretch.

The final class of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers begins at the 50-inch mark and continues up to 72 inches and in some cases, even more. These mowers are most efficient on lots of land 3 acres big or more.

Now that we’ve looked at cutting width, let’s take a look at the next criteria, Horsepower.


If you’ve ever looked at any car commercial ever, you’ve heard of horsepower before. But what is it exactly?

A horsepower is a unit of measure created by scientist James Watt that describes how much work an engine can do in a minute. Specifically, 33,000 ft.-lbs. of work in one minute= 1 horsepower. Which means that back in his day, 1 horse, could lift 330 lbs. of coal over a pulley in one minute.

Horsepower seems a whole lot more impressive, now right?

At the low end, zero turn mowers begin at 10 horsepower, which is best suited for smaller lots of land. This is not to say that they can’t handle a larger lot, but you’ll spend a lot more time on the mower than if you had a bigger engine.

The next step up, we’ll call “mid-range mowers” and this category begins at 15 or 20 hp and caps out at 29 hp. So, they are pretty powerful, while being small enough to be domestic. These mowers are best suited for lots of land up to 2 acres big.

Finally, we’re into the big leagues, mowers in this category are usually professional and used exclusively on massive plots of land, 3 acres big or more. The horsepower range begins at 20 and caps out at a whopping 36 hp, which is immense for a mower.

These mowers are faster moving than most and can plow through tough to cut grass in no time whatsoever. So, unless you’ve got a large lot of land, the amount of fuel required to push these big boys will be way too high.


The durability of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers is determined largely by how well constructed their decks are. In smaller, more domestic models decks are stamped as opposed to welded together. Stamped decks won’t matter for occasional use on a small lot of land, (1 acre or less) like your yard or estate, especially over only a couple of years.

Deck durability becomes a major factor when mowers are used more frequently for bigger projects. Landscapers may choose to use a commercial-sized mower if they’d prefer a longer lasting machine. As long as it’s in the budget, however.

Smaller mowers will give homeowners satisfying cuts and a fun ride around the yard for a few years before they come even remotely close to needing massive repairs.

Before you choose your mower, give serious thought to all these criteria and make sure that your budget, land size, and tolerance for mowing all line up with the perfect model.

Benefits of a Zero Turn Mower

Having a Zero turn mower, cuts your trimming time in half, without a shadow of a doubt. Usually, lawn mowers require a fair amount of space to turn and line up the next pass- at least if you’re trying to be efficient and tidy.

If you’d prefer having a zig-zag lawn, then go crazy!

I’ll let you in on a secret, sometimes I just go wild at first, then follow up with a surgical lawn trimming. It can be pretty fun to let loose. You should try it just to shake up your mowing routine.

In addition to making the process faster, Zero Turn Mowers are far more fuel efficient than their regular counterparts, since they need to burn less gas on turns.

Finally, Zero Turn Mowers have incredible maneuverability and thus, allow you to do things that a regular mower just can’t. Got a kid or a pet you need to dodge last second? Your chances are far better off with a Zero Turn Mower.

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