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Best Car Sun Shades (Review & Buying Guide)


Today’s world has UV sun rays that you can’t run away from. When you’re driving a car; you can dissipate the sunlight’s heat by turning the car’s air conditioner on. On the other hand, when your car is sitting under the sun for a long time, it is likely for you to find your cars interior super hot. In this article, you can find a review of the very best car sun shades on the market that you can use to keep your cars interior cooler.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of window sun shades that can block the sun’s rays and protect the interior accessories from your car. Most of the new shades are made with UV reflective material. Other key features to look for when buying a car sunshade are easy storage, installation type, and warranty.

Our Top Picks Among The Best Car Sun Shades

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
OASMU Windshield Sun Shade Car Window Shade Windshield Sunshade 210T UVClick Here
Magnelex Windshield Sun ShadeClick Here
Enovoe Front Window Shade With Mesh fabricClick Here
EcoNour Car WindshieldSun Shade For Cars Side WindowClick Here
BDK USA Eagle Flag Auto Windwhield ComboClick Here

Choosing the right car sunshade can be tricky business, which is why we have compiled a list of the top car sun shades for you to select from.

1. OASMU Auto Window Shade for Standards or Medium Size Car Windshield

Block the sun and keeps you car cooler sun shades

Protecting your vehicle from sun damage is not a challenge anymore. The OASMU shade could reduce the number of harmful rays that deteriorate the dashboard of your car. This particular model provides the potential of safeguarding your auto from the sunlight with its reflective material.

Apart from blocking the UV rays, the OASMU offers other excellent features likes lightweight, dustproof, and scratch-resistant. At a very affordable price, this front window protector can be an ideal gift for any family member. By far the best car sun shade for the money that is available now.

2. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade For Cars SUVs Trucks

Protect vehicles interior sun shades

The EcoNour car sunshade is constructed with high quality and durable nylon sun blocking protector screen. The nylon material keeps the interior of your car cool while protecting you against harmful UV rays. This sunshade is designed to pop out and fold up when not in use quickly. Also, the EcoNour sunshade is compact and can fit even in your vehicle’s door pockets. This sunshade comes with a money-back guarantee.

The sun’s harmful UV rays will cause the interior of the car to deteriorate. By purchasing the EcoNour windshield shades, you can prolong the life of your dashboard, and reduce the overall amount of heat. With this product’s fantastic design, you can store it on the side door pockets of your car’s door. Also, this product is not like the old accordion model, and it can be easily installed and uninstalled in a matter of a few minutes.

3. A1 Shades Windshield Sun Shade UV Protection

Block harmful Uv rays sun shades

The A1 car sunshade is made from durable nylon material and is easy to fold up and store away when not in use. A1 shades come in 7 different sizes meaning there is a size for every vehicle. Also, this car sunshade is designed to protect you and the interior of your car from UV rays. The A1 car sunshade is best suited for large vehicles like an SUV, truck, or minivan.

By purchasing the A1 car sunshades, you can eliminate the burning sensation that you get when you get into your vehicle on a very sunny day. It has a folding design that allows easy storage in small spaces, and it brings a bag that is good to reduce visibility every time you decide to store the product. We love that these sunshades have universal compatibility, and they can fit most standard or big size vehicles.

4. Magnelex Windshield Sun Shades For Full Size Cars Trucks

Protect your cars steering wheel sun shades

The Magnelex Windshield cover is constructed from high-quality 210T reflective polyester material for maximum durability and protection against heat and UV rays. The Magnelex has an extra-large sunshade that is best suited for full large cars like SUV’s and trucks. Also, this sunshade is designed to install and fold easily.

A free storage bag and steering wheel cover sunshade come with the package. Overall the Magnelex sunshades are a good product to decrease the amount of heat that comes into your vehicle via the front windshield of your car. Also, this brand provides a sizing chart that allows the user to find a perfect fit for their car.

5. Shadeit Windshield Sun Shade With Reflecting Fabric

Best Car Sun Shade For The Money UV rays protector

The Shade-It company produces an excellent front windshield cover. When it comes to the best car sunshade on the market, we consider this product to be our top pick among its class. With a proven barrier system that blocks 95 percent UV reflection of the sunlight, it makes total sense for anyone to get this particular product.

It uses 210T double-sided nylon, which is considered the most durable material on the market for UV light protection. This blocker not only protects you and your family from the sunlight, but it is also designed with a spring motion feature for easy folding and storage. Also, the ShadeIt brand is known to use good quality materials.

6. Pro Shade Sunshield Car Windshield Shade

Easy to store and to install UV rays visor

Shade Pro’s car sunshade is designed with a particular 210T reflective nylon fabric that is thicker and more durable than usual car covers or sunshades. This car sun shade reflects the sun’s light and heats away from your car. Eventually, this keeps the cars interior fresh while protecting you and your vehicle’s interior from harmful UV rays.

Another important thing is that this Shade Pro brand product is designed for easy installation and removal features. This original product includes folding capabilities that allow you to store it in your vehicle’s trunk when not in use. According to the manufacture’s specifications, this vehicle’s sun shade is capable of maintaining a cool temperature inside of your car.

7. Alien Sunshade Jeep Wranglers Unlimited 4 Door JKU

UV rays top visors for Jeep to travel long distance

Your 4×4 Jeep Wrangler could be the best truck that can operate under any weather situation. The problem with the Wrangler is that you constantly need to remove the hardtop roof if you want to enjoy the truck entirely. Once the roof is removed, then you will have too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Here is where the Alien SunShade can help reduce the amount of exposure from the sunlight. It was specially designed for the Wrangler models to use without the necessity of lowering the windows for installation. The roof cover comes with a front windshield attachment and bungee cords to quickly tie to the side roll bars.

8. Ohuhu Car Sun Shades

With reflecting fabric it keeps the sunlight out

The Ohuhu blocks UV rays sun visor protector and keeps the vehicle fresh and cool. When looking for a durable shade that protects the dashboard, the Ohuhu sunshades are the answer. All the indoor accessories of your car will be protected by this brand designed the visor. It uses a fabric that reflects the rays and regulates the temperature of your car’s interior. Also, the Ohuhu is easy to set up and store.

With a one size fit all design, this particular product can fit most cars on the market. We recommend always to measure to make sure the windshield protector fits your car. If you are looking for a cheap solution to block the front window UV light, then look no further, this brand provides a really affordable option when it comes to sunshades. Verify that the size fits your vehicle windshield because it might not fit bigger cars.

9. Enovoe Car Window Shade (4 PACK)

With polyester material and a mesh fabric sun shades

The Enovoe car window shades have a dual-layer and mesh fabric design which protects from the sun heat and glare as well as block over 97% of harmful UV rays. This sunshade features a static cling technology, which makes it almost impossible to fall off. The Enovoe car sun shade is easy to twist and fold when it is time to store it.

This inexpensive car shade also comes with a lifetime money back guarantee warranty. These car’s sunshades are explicitly designed with intentions to protect your child when you travel on long road trips. Among all side window visors, the Enovoe brand leads when it comes to producing a reliable product with good quality materials.

10. Jomolly Car Window Shade – 2 Pack For Babies

Cartoon window visor sun shade good brand to buy

The side window shade mentioned above is an adorable cartoon type of protector that is design for children. It is new and improved with a fantastic suction cup installation mechanism that contains a total of eight cups to reinforce the security when installing and make it easy to use. Say by to all those harmful UV rays when traveling.

Also, the Jomolly brand was focused on creating a lightweight and long-lasting product that protects children and pets from the harmful UV rays. Furthermore, it was designed to serve as a universal fit to be used on most cars available on the market. These visors come with a bag for easy storage in case you don’t need to use it.

11. BDK USA Eagle Flag Auto Sun Shade (3 PIECE)

Universal Fit and protect from sun damage

You should consider getting the USA Eagle universal fit for UV protection whenever your truck’s interior dashboard or steering wheel getting damaged by the sun’s rays. These sunshades are manufactured with Aluminum foil material, which makes it easy to install and put away with ease.

To keep your car’s interior cooler and have excellent UV protection from the sun’s light anyone should acquire these beautiful front window visors. This American designed shade is unique when you are traveling on your car or truck. Also, they are designed with a foldable system.

12. Starlight and Sunny Easy Simple Stick Window Shade (2 PACK)

Two pack sun shades for back windows

This item is the perfect fit if you are looking for a lightweight pair of side window shades. The Starlight product will block the UV reflective light stopping any glare from computers, tablets, or phone screens. It comes with two pieces for both side windows, and it brings a suction cup system for easy installation.

Furthermore, if you are looking to block the most potent sunshine reflection, then this product will probably maintain any car cooler on the inside. A combination of a window tint with a pair of Starlight window shades will be more than enough to protect your family from harmful UV rays.

13. TFY Universals Side Window Sunshade

Side Window Durable Fabric sun shades

The TFY comes with one of the most effective UV reflective material amongst all side window shades for cars or trucks. You’ll get road charms tones associated with almost zero side sun’s rays while you’re traveling. Also, this universal fit is undoubtedly not hard to install, but instead, this item will quickly block UV rays flow coming in from the side of the car or truck.

Investing in this item right now will be a good choice if you are looking for ways to protect your child’s personal care from the sunlight. Also, please verify that the size fits your vehicle because although it is a universal side window product, some users have had issues with installation. We do like the way they fit, covering the exterior and interior, forming a small shield to protect your child.

14. Auto Sun Shade For Car SUV Trucks Minivans by Kribin (Set of 4)

Auto Sun Shade For Car SUV Trucks Minivans by Kribin

The Auto shade product is one of our top picks because if the product’s ease of use. Purchasing that car or truck sun’s rays blocker can be the best approach that one could take to keep the heat out of your car. Even if you don’t live in the sunshine state, you need to consider buying a windshield protector for your side windows to keep the sunlight out when you go on road trips. Amazing side sun shades for your automobile.

For materials, brand quality, and overall specification, the Auto Sun Shade is a great option. Also, a three-piece package that uses a static cling to secure when it comes to installation. Although it is a small product, these sunshades can block the exterior sun light that harms your baby when you travel long distances via road. You can think of them as small shield visors that are continually protecting the rear of your vehicle.

15. AlphaShades Car Windshield Sunshade Nylon Polyester Material

Standard car sun shades

When it comes to purchasing a front window cover that has the best fabric in the market, the AlphaShades is the most recognized brand in the market with its nylon polyester material. These front windshield sunshades work great on higher temperature cities. Also, the foldable option is way better than the old accordion visors.

This particular sunshade product was design with an easy to use a folding mechanism that can be stored away easily and quickly. The Alpha Shades car windshield offers a 100 percent money back guarantee in some of their products. At no risk, these windows shades are the universal fit for those looking to keep their steering wheel cool.

Car Front and Rear Window Sun Shades Buying Guide

For the majority of people, their automobile is one of your most valuable possessions. You will go to the ends of the world to make sure your car runs well and looks great. Many people tend to overlook some simple maintenance steps that help keep your vehicle in optimum working conditions and looking great. Getting the right sunshade for your car is 0ne of these simple steps.

What to look for in a Car Sun Shade?

A lot of drivers tend to underestimate the power of UV rays. When you leave your automobile out in the open with the sun beaming down on it, the heat gets trapped inside your vehicle, significantly raising the temperature inside. This makes it uncomfortable to get inside the car and almost impossible for young children and babies to settle in. UV rays also cause damage to the interior of the vehicle. A pleasant car sunshade can be used to avoid all these inconveniences.

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Benefits of Using a Car Sun Shade

Car sun shields provide a lot of advantages, including the following:

  • Cooling down your cars interior – Car sun shades come with a reflective material, which reflects the sun rays and keeps your car’s interior cooler. A good quality sunshade can bring down the temperature inside your vehicle by up to 50 degrees. By using a car shade, you can keep your car cooler and protect your cars dashboard.
  • Block the sun harmful rays – UV rays from the sun tend to be harmful to both kids and adults. A good sunshade can help protect you and your children’s’ skin from cancer-causing UV rays during long travels. The awning also keeps the sun out of your children’s eyes.
  • Protects your interior from damage – Long period of exposure to sun rays can cause a lot of damage to your car’s interior. UV rays tend to fade the console and dashboard as well as crack the steering wheel. A good car sunshade can protect all your interior components from the harmful UV rays.

Things to Look For

Every product will have different features that will separate them from the pack. Look for good quality materials, and a foldable feature that allows easy storage.

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Key Features of a Good UV Quality Car Sun Shade

Buying a car sunshade can be a daunting task. It may seem like a simple reflective piece of fabric, but getting the wrong awning for your vehicle can be costly not to mention a waste of time and effort. Below is a list of the key features or factors to consider before purchasing a car sunshade.

  1. Fabric – The material used in making the sunshade product is a critical consideration. A good sunshade material should be resistant to peeling and tearing. The car shade material should also be thick and reinforced with a metallic surface or a silver lining for reflecting sunlight out. A good base material used in making quality sun shades is nylon polyester.
  2. Easy to store – Since sun visors can’t be up all the time; you will need to be able to store your sunshade when the time comes. Ideally, you want sunshades that can be easily removed and stored in your car for easy retrieval when you need them. We recommend sunshades that use fold and twist technology like this allows them to be conveniently stored even in small spaces like under the seat. The front windshield foldable sun shades can be stored in the included pouch.
  3. UV Reflective – You want your sunshade to reflect light and heat away from your car. Using an exterior right canopy could take it a step further and protect you from the harmful UV rays. Young children and babies have delicate skin, and therefore, a high level of UV protection is critical. A good quality shade blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays.
  4. Perfect fit and Easy to install – You will need a foldable sun shade that is an ideal fit and is easy to put up and take down. You don’t have enough space to fight and struggle to set up your awning. We recommend you know the dimensions of your car windows so that you can get a perfect fit sunshade that installs and uninstalls quickly and easily.
  5. Warranty – Despite being an inexpensive product, several car sun shades come with decent warranties. An excellent limited warranty gives you peace of mind that you are making the right buying decision. When purchasing a sunshade for your car, make sure to check the packaging to see what type of warranty you will be getting. Some products will include a moneyback guarantee clause with the purchase.

Different types of Sun Shades for Cars to Check

There are different types of sun shades for cars including; front window shade which protects the interior of the vehicle when parked in an open space. The side window shade can be used even during travels to help keep the sun rays out. Rear window shades are also suitable for keeping the interior safe and more relaxed. Window tint is also an active type of sun shades and is useful all year round. Cartoon shades also protect you, your children, and your vehicle’s interior from harmful sun rays but have cartoon imagery for added aesthetics and appeal. Keep in mind that you need to look for both front windshield windows, and side window visors to achieve a cooler temperature.

The windshield shade is the best way to protect your vehicles interior. Most of the time, a universal fit product that includes limited warranty will protect your cars dashboard and steering wheel from severe damage. Also, it is crucial to evaluate the different types of window shades or ways that you can block UV rays in order to find the perfect fit according to your needs.

Front Window Sun Shades – When you hear the word car sunshade, this is what people usually imagine or relate to. The front windshield shade is considered the most common sun protection product when it comes to the coveted shade windshield. A combination of a suitable UV Reflective fabric, easy to use, and reasonable storage features will make a perfect fit for your car.

Side Window – Parents that are looking to protect their children from the sun while driving will need to purchase side car shade. For the side window shades, it is best to buy a shade that uses a static cling technology to attach to the window. Other types of shade models will cover both sides of the window. If you decide to purchase these types of shades, make sure your car is compatible with the model to ensure that they fit cars dimensions.

Window Tints – The ultimate goal is to protect your interior accessories from the sun. Getting your windows tinted can be another way to reduce the amount of UV that enters your car. Before you get your windows tinted, you need to review the current state laws. Make sure you comply with the current tint laws.

Cartoon Shades – If you are looking for a sun protector that adds a color tone to the interior of your car, then a cartoon shade can be a good option for your vehicle. Most of the cartoon side window shades come with suction cups or static cling technology for installation. This technology makes it extremely easy to install the shades keeping the suns damaging UV lights from damaging the interior accessories.

Good Old Sun Shade Conclusion

When it comes to purchasing a sun shade windshield cover, you should consider getting a car sun shade that has easy storage, flexible installation, money back guarantees, and nylon polyester fabric. You can check latest price or buy from amazon prime by following our previous links. A universal fit usually works for SUV Trucks Minivan type of vehicles.

Leaving your vehicle in the open sun brings uncomfortable heat inside your car as well as damages the interior components and exposes you to harmful UV rays. A good quality sunshade is a good investment. The previous window sun shades we have reviewed above are the best in the market and will protect both you and your automobile from the suns glare.

Some suction cups are not that great when it comes to securing a product. When buying a windshield sun shade check for the type of suction cups, material, easy installation feature, and more. For more automotive tips or information about cleaning your front windows follow our blog.

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