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Best 0w-30 Synthetic Oil For Quality & Performance [2023]

Do you want your car to achieve optimal performance at all times? If so, you need to use synthetic oil rather than the conventional oils, which were a popular option in the past. This is very important since synthetic motor oil is shown to deliver an improved performance that ensures maximum engine performance.

However, many manufactures are making 0w-30 motor oil. Because of this, it becomes quite challenging to decide the ideal synthetic oil to use. If you’re stuck on which synthetic oil to go for, here’s an in-depth review of the best 0w-30 synthetic oils on the market.

Top 10 Best 0w-30 Synthetic Oils

RankingsNamePrice and More Details
Liqui Moly 20204 Special Tec V Synthetic Motor OilClick Here
Castrol Edge Professional 0W-30 Advanced FormulaClick Here
Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy Full SyntheticClick Here
Motul Eco-Clean 8100 API SN High Mileage OilClick Here
Mobil 1 ESP Engine Performing 0W-30 OilClick Here

High mileage motor vehicles would require a special motor oil. Before choosing one on this list, make sure you confirm with your owner’s manual to see if the viscosity 0w-30 is compatible with your engine. We have researched and talked to several industry experts to come up with the best oil list possible. Here’s the list of the best you can find on the market:

1. Liqui Moly 20204 Special Tec V 0W-30 Synthetic Oil (Best 0w30 Oils)

Liqui Moly 20204 Special Tec V 0W30 Motor Oil

When looking for solid 0w-30 motor oil that guarantees exceptional engine performance, look no further than the Liqui Moly 20204 Special Tec Viscosity 0W-30 motor oil. This motor oil is an ideal choice for both petrol and diesel engines with or without turbochargers, Valvetronic, multi-valve technology, and intercooling or diesel particle filters (DPF).

Additionally, this engine oil is fully synthetic and is meant for the newest generation of vehicles. It comes in a design that’s ideal for low HTHS (High-Temperature High Shear) viscosity oil and low friction. Moreover, this oil has the full approval of Volvo, and it guarantees reduced fuel and engine consumption, thereby promoting fast engine lubrication.

Since this full synthetic oil is highly fluid, it does an excellent job to reliably and quickly lubricate all the engine’s moving parts even if the winter temperatures fall significantly. It also does an excellent job minimizing fuel consumption. Furthermore, it incorporates the inventive combination of base oils produced by the newest additive technology and synthesis technology. Therefore, this ensures excellent engine lubrication while simultaneously minimizing fuel consumption.

2. Castrol Edge Professional 0W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 06244 EDGE 0W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

If you want your car to deliver the best performance at all times, then the Castrol Edge Professional is the perfect pick for you. It’s for this reason that most manufacturers recommend it. This low viscosity synthetic oil is designed using fluid titanium technology, which alters how oil behaves when exposed to high pressure.

Using this synthetic oil is vital because the greater pressure causes the oil more stress and consequently increases the friction. This happens due to the increased metal to metal contact, which lowers performance and increases wear. With this oil, this increased friction is minimized, thereby allowing for an improved fuel economy and greater horsepower.

This oil also offers better performance to the conventional oils in aspects such as wear protection, volatility performance, and thermal stability. The titanium technology also offers deposit control protection and anti-wear, which both aid in improving the engine’s strength and performance. Therefore, you should opt for this full synthetic oil since it’s an excellent choice while driving in the toughest possible conditions.

3. Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy Full Synthetic Motor Oils SAE Viscosity 0W-30

Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This Mobil 1 motor oil is also among the best 0w-30 synthetic oils on the market because it prolongs the engine’s life and improves the fuel economy. It capably achieves this because it guarantees excellent protection from five elements, which cause damage to your vehicle’s engine. Moreover, it useful in safeguarding the protection of vital parts of the engine for a maximum of 10,000 between oil changes.

When using this Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil, you’re guaranteed exceptional engine wear protection thanks to a technologically advanced formulation. Your engine also gets to enjoy superb internal engine heat protection plus low-temperature traits. Therefore, this offers ultra-fast protection and rapid cold-weather starting. It also contains even synthetic oil molecules that minimize friction, and this consequently helps to prevent sludge and deposit buildup.

With the Mobil 1 advanced fuel economy full synthetic motor oil, you enjoy control over the oxidation. It’s subsequently helpful in averting oil breakdown; hence why it’s an excellent option for all kinds of modern cars. This includes supercharged diesel and gasoline multi-valve injected engines incorporated in SUVs, passenger vehicles, light trucks, and light vans to high-performance turbocharged vehicles.

4. Triax Synergy SRT 0W-30 Synthetic Oil – Best For Engine Protection

Triax Synergy SRT 0W-30 Full Synthetic

Are you searching for an innovative high-performance synthetic motor oil that offers excellent protection across different driving conditions and excellent performance? If so, the Triax Synergy SRT synthetic oil is the perfect pick as it is designed to offer the best performance for both ordinary consumers as well as professional mechanics.

This full synthetic oil is made from 100% synthetic-based oils, which is combined with High Phosphate Retention ZDDP and CRP technology additive system. As a result, it capably delivers remarkable friction and wear reduction for a generally improved performance. It also is specially formulated to prevent any damage to the engine and LSPI (Low-Speed Pre-Ignition) events.

You should opt for this synthetic motor oil because everything it contains is netter and amplified. Therefore, you are provided with longer drain intervals, improved fuel economy, reduced wear, better oxidation resistance, thermal stability, and soot control. Moreover, it guarantees viscosity stability, friction characteristics, engine cleanliness, and shear stability, thereby promoting better engine performance.

5. Mobil 1 ESP Engine Performing 0W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil

Mobil 1 121218 0W-30 ESP Synthetic Motor Oil

If you want a synthetic motor oil that provides your vehicle’s engine with wear protection, super cleaning power, and better overall performance, look no further. Therefore, using this Mobil 1 motor oil helps maintain the efficiency of emission systems for both petrol and diesel cars. It also does a fantastic job of extending the lifespan of the car’s engine.

This Mobil 1 synthetic oil effectively cleans all the dirt from the engine by preventing the formation of deposits and wear even at high temperatures and harsh driving conditions. For this reason, using it in extreme cold temperatures is recommended as it still flows smoothly even in the first few seconds.

The continued use of this Mobil 1 synthetic oil also helps ensure your car’s engine continues performing as though it’s new. It does this by reducing the wearing of cylinder bores and piston rings, guaranteeing your engine’s outstanding condition. These many appealing features are the reasons why it meets and exceeds the expectation of most car manufacturers.

6. Red Line 11115 High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

Red Line 11115 Motor Oil Viscosity 0w-30

When searching for high-quality synthetic motor oil, the Red Line high-performance synthetic motor oil is an excellent pick. It’s an ideal choice for light trucks, passenger vehicles, and performance cars. The use of this oil provides you with superb friction reduction and wear protection across a broad range of operating environments.

Using this synthetic oil offers the engine with cleanliness, excellent drain intervals, best protection, and increased efficiency. It also has high detergency, which offers better cleanliness and promotes prolonged drain intervals. This product also reduces evaporation a lot more than other synthetics, thereby leading to better ring seal and efficiency.

This synthetic oil also comes blended with polyol ester base stocks, which contain natural-grade characteristics, which prevents unnecessary additives that inhibit lubricity. It also provides greater oxidation resistance and high-temperature stability, which intensifies hot metal lubrication than other synthetic oils. Therefore, you need not opt for any other synthetic oil to be guaranteed of outstanding and reliable performance.

7. Liqui Moly Longtime Plus 0w-30 Synthetic Oil – 5 Quart

Liqui Moly 0W-30 Longtime Plus Synthetic Engine Oil

In your search for the best 0w-30 synthetic motor oil, the Liqui Moly Longtime Plus is one that you must consider. This synthetic oil was designed specifically for VW cars, which have a prolonged maintenance interval for the models launched after 2000, as well as the VW Lupo 3 l TDI. The use of this synthetic motor ensures your engine is clean at all times.

When using this oil, you should expect to realize a fall in your fuel consumption by 2.5%. You can use it for modern passenger cars that have diesel and petrol engines. In addition to this, it’s suitable to be used with and without pump-injector systems as well as turbochargers.

While using this synthetic oil, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It also comes with a quick a special formula designed for cars with a turbocharged engine. It also provides optimal protection against wear and is excellent for cold starts, making it suitable if you live in an extremely cold weather region.

8. Motul Eco-Clean 8100 API SN High Mileage 0w30 Engine Oils

Motul 5L Synthetic Engine Oil 8100 0W30

When looking for a high-quality motor oil, you’re bound to stumble upon the Motul Eco-Clean 8100 API SN high mileage. This product is a Mid-SAPS lubricant recommended for the new Euro 6, Euro 5, and Euro 4 engines that need an ACED C2 lubricant with an SAE 0w-30 viscosity grade.

It also incorporates a full-synthetic fuel technology that makes it an appropriate choice for many car models. This includes the Land Rover, Jaguar, Ford, Fiat, Chrysler, to mention a few. Furthermore, it’s an ideal choice for vehicles that feature a 4-stroke engine type, and it’s rated as ACEA C2 according to the ACEA standards.

With this oil, you get a product that’s 100% synthetic, meaning it’s of exceptional quality hence best-suited for your vehicle. Therefore, if you’re still conflicted about which is the best 0w-30 full synthetic oil but, the Motul Eco-Clean 8100 API SN high mileage is undoubtedly a great choice. When using it, you never will experience any performance issue in your car.

9. Valvoline Pro-V Racing Oil SAE 0W-30 Synthetic Blend Oils

Valvoline 0W-30 Pro-V Racing Oil

Valvoline brand is known for making high-quality products, and the same is the case when it comes to the Valvoline Pro-V Racing Oil SAE synthetic oil. When using this oil, the engine of your car gets added protection against breakdown even in harsh conditions. This is achieved since it contains premium base lubricants and additives of exceptional quality.

The continued use of this product provides you with improved fuel efficiency. You should thus opt to continue using it and get to save your hard-earned money. All this is achievable because the Valvoline Pro-C Racing Oil is created using low-friction technology. It also contains additional detergents which assist it in protecting it from deposits and sludge.

When using these motor oils, your car’s engine is provided with additional wear protection. This plays a huge role in safeguarding the engine’s parts to keep it running as though it’s new. Furthermore, it’s compatible with other full synthetic oils as well as conventional motor oils. It’s for this reason that you should make it your go-to choice when searching for a good full synthetic oil.

10. Pennzoil Platinum Maximum Power 0W-30 Full Synthetic Oils

Pennzoil Maximum Power Full Synthetic 0W-30 Motor Oil

Last on our list is the Pennzoil Platinum Maximum Power full synthetic motor oil. This product goes through a special formulation, making it compatible with many high performance vehicle brands, including Porsche, Audi, VW, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. It incorporates the PurePlus technology, which plays a part in converting the pure natural gas to the base oil.

This consequently plays a part in improving the temperature properties, reducing friction, and improving the stability compared to conventional manufactured from crude oil. It’s designed to be used both on light-duty diesel vehicles and passenger cars. In addition to this, it’s best suited for high performance vehicle models, and this qualifies it as one of the best 0w-30 synthetic oils.

With a continued use of this synthetic oil it provides your car with an improved fuel economy due to reduced friction of moving engine parts. It also offers wear protection that’s far superior to if you opted for the conventional oil as well as cleaner pistons. Moreover, this synthetic oil offers you great performance even in high temperatures.

Best 0w-30 Synthetic Motor Oils Buying Guide

The choice of the best 0w-30 motor oils can be a hard one to make due to the many options available. If you’re having trouble choosing a pick, there are several factors you need to consider to help out with making out which one best suits your needs.

These factors include additives, viscosity grade, cost as well as mileage. With these factors take into consideration, you’ll be able to make an informed choice as to which synthetic oil is the best option.

What to look for when buying 0w-30 oils?

In your search for the best 0w-30 motor oil, there are various factors you need to consider to determine which one suits your needs. These include;

Fuel Efficiency

If you’re looking to save your hard-earned money, you should opt for a 0w-30 syndetic oil that guarantees you improved fuel efficiency. This, in the long run, saves you a lot of money as opposed if you opted to use conventional oil. Moreover, the best 0w-30 motor oil with viscosity 0w-30, on top of improving fuel efficiency, increases the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine.

Engine Wear Protection

Usually, full synthetic oils offer enough protection to your car’s engine components, thereby allowing it to function properly. The reason for this is that the 0w-30 motor oil does an excellent job cooling, cleaning as well as lubricating the engine, thereby guaranteeing perfect performance at all times. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for SUVs, trucks, cars, and other vehicles.

Handles Extreme Temperatures

Among the best aspects of synthetic 5w30 oil and 0w-30 motor oil is that they’re affected insignificantly by extreme cold or hot temperatures. This is unlike conventional oils, and it’s because of this that you should always opt for synthetic oils instead. The reason for this is these lubricants are resistant to break down caused by friction or heat and also flow much better in the cold.

Different types of oils explained

There are different kinds of oils available, and before you choose the right pick, you first need to understand the differences. Here’s an overview of how to distinguish these different types of oils.

 Conventional oils 

This refers to lubricants that have been directly obtained from crude oil. It comes with superb properties that enable it to offer lubrication at extremely high temperatures. As it does this, it still does a good job preserving stability for an extended duration. Therefore, conventional oil is basically the refined crude oil which has been drawn from the surface.

Semi-synthetic oils 

Overall this oil is a mixture of conventional mineral oil and fully synthetic oil. Using semi-synthetic oils provides you with better performance than if you used pure conventional mineral oil. If you’re on a budget, it’s a better option than semi-synthetic oil since it’s available at a lower cost while simultaneously delivering dull synthetic oil.

Synthetic oils 

It is mineral oil only but undergoes extensive lab treatment, making it considerably better to the mineral counterparts. During this process, the mineral oil gets broken down into basic molecules that help remove any unwanted impurities to an extremely great degree. This oil offers excellent performance in hot and cold conditions and also have better properties compared to others.

Benefits of synthetic oils with viscosity grade 0w-30

Synthetic oils with a viscosity grade of 0w-30 are fully synthetic motor oils that capably improve and enhance fuel economy thanks to its reduced friction attributes. This is the case due to its properties such as oxidation and thermal stability, a balanced component as well as low-temperature requirement. All this plays a part in improving the engine’s fuel economy.

The use if the 0w-30 oil is especially popular for modern engines. This is because the engines are nowadays designed to run hotter and smaller in size. Therefore, its reduced viscosity offers protection to vital parts of the engine, whereas offering other advantages such as extreme temperature tolerance and fuel economy.

Tip: Read our best 0w-20 synthetic oil post when looking for 0w-20 motor oil.


So, how do you choose the best synthetic oil? Understanding the difference between 5w-30 synthetic oil and 0w-30 motor oil should be a good start. The lower the first number is, the thinner the motor oil would be. We also recommend reading the American Petroleum Institute guide.

What 0w-30 synthetic oil improves fuel economy?

If you want to improve fuel efficiency, the best 0w-30 full synthetic oil should be the Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy. Using this synthetic motor oil formulation, you get to improve fuel economy and engine efficiency compared to higher viscosity oils. It’s for this reason that this oil is preferred as a substitute to the greater viscosity oils by Asian, American, and European automakers for icy weather.

When using the Mobile 1 0w-30 Advanced Fuel Economy, the engine also enjoys improved protection. This is achievable because this 0w-30 motor oil meets or exceeds the set industry standards while outperforming the conventional oils. As a result, the use of this synthetic oil leads to superior engine protection, which also aids in improving the driving experience.

How do I identify the different oil change intervals?

If you wish to identify the appropriate interval, the first thing to do should be checking the owner’s manual. This is the recommended way of telling how often to do oil changes, instead of listening to the opinion of persons who most likely hope to profit from the oil change. It would be best to inspect your motor oil levels each month to identify whether oil change is needed.

You need to know a few signs that assist you in identifying if the oil needs to be changed. These include a fall in the oil level, heightened engine noise, excess vehicle exhaust, higher mileage than normal as well as irregular oil texture. Moreover, it would help if you inspected whether your car shakes more while idling, continuously shows the check engine light, or produces ticking sounds as it starts to know whether oil change is needed.

Which 0w30 oils do the best job of protecting your engine?

If you want to guarantee your engine with superb protection, the Triax Synergy SRT 0w-30 synthetic oil is a perfect choice. This is because, on top of providing excellent performance and useful across different driving conditions, it still does a great job protecting your car’s engine.

It manages to achieve this since it contains a CRP technology additive system plus High Phosphate Retention ZDDP. This plays a part in reducing wear and friction levels, thereby protecting the engine from damage and improving its overall performance.

Do synthetic base oils produce less exhaust emission?

Yes, synthetic base oils play a part in reducing exhaust emission. This is because these full synthetic oils have a lower viscosity, which translates to reduced friction and, consequently, lower fuel consumption. Therefore, because synthetic-based lubricants are less viscous, they take up less energy used by the moving parts while the fluid is being pumped in the engine.

This reduced viscosity plays a part in lowering the emission of harmful gases into the environment. This, in the long run, helps in promoting environmental sustainability.

What is the difference between 0w-30 and 5w-30 oil synthetic?

The formula for these two types of lubricants is very similar. For 0w-30 motor oil, you can expect a kinematic viscosity range of 10 to 12 at 100 degrees Celcius, and a kinematic viscosity range of 59 to 63 at 40 degrees. Overall, 0w-30 is thinner than 5w-30 and generally lower the viscosity the thinner the oil.

Additionally, you can expect better fuel economy from a 0w-30 than 5w-30 motor oil. The 5w-30 will have a better fuel economy when you compare it to higher heavy-duty viscosity grade lubricants.


The search for the best 0w-30 oil is, without a doubt, confusing due to the many options available. If this you had an issue identifying which one best meets your needs, reading through the article has been of great help.

We also have a post that talks about the top reviews of 5w-20 motor oil. You can now confidently go ahead and choose one which you feel best meets your needs. Contact us or leave a comment for motor oil advice.

Last Updated on: October 20, 2023

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